i should really actually remake this

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WAS AWESOME (some spoilers ahead)

Best live action remake so far!

Awesome new songs! And oh so nostalgic score!

I loved seeing how really underrated and disliked Belle is in the town

I loved Belle and the Beast’s backstories

Le fou is a great gay character and people who are bitter about him being “a villain” should give him a second chance because (SPOILERS) he actually changes his way of thinking, sees Gaston for the worthless fucker he is and gets to dance with the crossdressing man (the crossdressing scene happens went the wardrobe dresses 3 men, 2 run shouting but 1 leaves smiling cause he likes his dress and that scene was really cute!)

I loved the credits scene with each character appearing one at the time

I prefer the animated movie and the animated characters but this movie adds important and awesome details and you should all see it

Ditching the ball (Brooklyn Beckham imagine)


Today is the most important day in my career as a waitress. The famous Beckham family was holding a extremely prestigious ball. Only the richest of the rich were gonna be there and my job is to hand out food to guests.

“Y/N the event is starting soon make sure everything is perfect.” My manager ordered.

I nodded before scurrying off and checking every table to make sure everything was in the right place. There were a few very minor mistakes but I managed to fix all of them.

Soon after, people in dresses and tuxedos fill the ball room. It looked like something from movies. The grand orchestra’s music filled the room along with some chatter. “Excuse me mam what are you offering on the menu today?” A lady with slicked back hair asked.

I carefully listed the items. “I’ll take the lemon chicken with medium steamed carrots.” She stated.

The rest of the table ordered and I went off to the kitchen to get the food. I grabbed three plates of food which was all I could hold and walked out the kitchen. As soon as I stepped out the kitchen into the ballroom a brown haired boy bumped into me making me drop all the food on to the freshly cleaned floor, and some on my shirt.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” He apologized.

"It’s fine sir, if you’ll excuse me I have to go tell the chiefs to make it again.” I replied, picking up the plates.

"What about the mess?” He asked.

"I’ll tell the janitor to clean it.” I responded.

“I’m really sorry. Should I get you a new shirt?” The boy questioned worriedly.

That would be great but I have tables to serve and I really have to tell the chefs to remake the food before somebody yells at me.” I slightly laughed.

The boy shook his head. “It’s fine I’ll tell my mom what happened to me and you won’t be as much in trouble.”

My eyes widened. “You’re Brooklyn Beckham.” I murmured just now realizing that.

"Sorry what did you say?” Brooklyn asked.

Nothing. Not to be rude or anything but where would I get a new shirt and come back here in time to serve?” I questioned.

"People love me. I’m sure I could get someone to get the shirt off their backs if I wanted.” Brooklyn joked.

I chuckled and stood up. “We should really solve this problem before we end up getting side tracked.”

"And by the way, I don’t think you could get someone to actually give their shirt up.” I added, jokingly.

Brooklyn raised his eyebrows. “Bet.” He stated.

I opened my mouth to speak before my manager came out of the kitchen. “Y/N get back to work or you’ll be fired.” He yelled.

I looked over at Brooklyn and he was gone. I sighed and went into the kitchen and told the chefs to remake the food. The janitor came and cleaned up the mess, and I served more people but got odd started because of the extremely noticeable stain on shirt.

Brooklyn came running to me and I seen a pink jacket in hand. “How did you get that?” I asked, while balancing dirty plates from a table on my arms.

"Told you I could get someone to give me a piece of clothing from them.” He shrugged, now taking a couple plates and followed me into the kitchen.

We sat the dirty dishes in the sink before walking into the ballroom again. I slipped the jacket on and zipped it up. “Thank you Brooklyn.” I smiled.

"You’re welcome y/n.” Brooklyn replied.

"How’d you figure out my name?” I asked.

Name tag.” He simply stated.

I laughed a little embarrassed. “Shouldn’t you be hanging out with the extremely fancy people and not with the waitress?” I questioned.

Brooklyn shook his head. “They’re boring. You’re a lot more interesting.”

"Thanks, but I do have to finish serving the table in the back.” I sighed not really wanting to serve anymore.

"Ditch with me.” Brooklyn shrugged.

"My boss will rip my head off and tape it to the ceiling!” I exclaimed.

Brooklyn back off to the kitchen then came back a couple minutes later. “There, I convinced him to let you go, and still paid.” He stated

My mouth dropped. “How?” I asked.

“I’m likable. And it helps my dad is David Beckham.” Brooklyn replied.

"Anyways, there’s a McDonalds up the street we can go there if you want.” Brooklyn added.

“Sounds good.” I agreed.

We arrived to the McDonalds and ordered our food. “You know it’s my first time at a McDonalds.” Brooklyn stated.

<p>I blinked a couple times in shock. “Are you joking?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I’ve always had Chefs.” Brooklyn responded.

The called our order and we ate and talked. About half an hour later his dad was calling telling him to get back to the ball. "Well y/n we should do this again. Can I have you’re number?” He asked.

I nodded and pulled out my phone and we exchanged numbers. “Let’s go before my dad kills me.” Brooklyn stated, half joking.

We hurried out and scurried back off to the ball. That was the first of many McDonald’s trips for us.

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Spoilers for BATB

I hate the live action remake of batb. I hated everything but Dan Stevens. But Emma Watson proved herself once more a very poor actress. She was no belle, she was bitchy and arrogant. Most of the costumes were really bland. Especially the yellow ballgown. All the backstories about how belle’s mother died was over the top, I only felt it was a distraction from the actual plot. Though I liked the bar scene,they should have done more with Gaston’s character. 
the singing was ok. Most new songs are unnecessary. And I find it weird that costumes were historically accurate, but the village is multi cultural?
And having the enchantress show up at the end was cheap

Anyway the moment I came home, I watched the original and the Christmas special to save my childhood  

Writerly Rant on Interstellar

I watched Interstellar last night and holy cow!!! I was speechless when it was over. I did not expect it to be so heart-wrenching! I cried like at least six times!!! Ahh!! It was so well done. Writerly Rant below for anyone interested (don’t feel like you have to read it, also, there are spoilers):

Emotional Impact: All great stories have a strong emotional impact. Science-fiction and Fantasy specifically work off a sense of wonder. They evoke wonder in their audience. Interstellar did that brilliantly from the beginning of the movie to the end, and awesomely balanced the awe of the unknown with the horror of it. But, of course, it also has a powerful emotional impact in a more personal ways such as …

The relationships: The relationships between the characters were brilliant, and the way they change through the story were totally heart-wrenching. When Cooper has to leave his family, and Murph refuses to say goodbye, it creates really strong tension in the audience. See, if Murph and Cooper would have made-up before he left, that tension would have been released, but instead, the writers amplified it by leaving it not only unresolved, but by taking advantage of the parent-child relationship that was going on, and the unknown future of Cooper. Tom’s relationship with Cooper also grew to be heart-wrenching to as we see in his videos he ages over 23 years, and in the last video assumes his father is dead, and he only made the video to say goodbye, to help him let go.

The Stakes and Costs: The stakes in a story are what are “at stake.” So for Interstellar, it’s the life of the human race and the lives of each of the astronauts themselves. Well, lots of stories are like that. BUT, in Interstellar, the *costs* for achieving victory were EXTREMELY HIGH, in materials, in time, in lives, and in personal life, and the movie did an excellent job of taking advantage of all that and showcasing that. We feel throughout the film that people’s lives are on the line, we feel the urgency as supplies run low, and when Cooper misses 23 Earth years after his first trip to a planet, we feel the personal cost of him missing out on his kids growing up, all in a matter of hours. We feel it even more because we know how much getting back to Earth quickly meant to him.

The Try/Fail Cycles: In writing, a try/fail cycle is the main character’s attempt to resolve the problem. There are at least three in every well-written story. Often the main character will fail the first two, but not always. In Interstellar, the first try/fail is the first planet they visit, the second try/fail is the second planet they visit, and the third try/fail is the black hole. Well, you want each try/fail cycle to be bigger and have a higher cost than the last try/fail cycle (which Intersteller did) BUT, it’s crazy because the costs of the FIRST try/fail cycle were so high! Every hour on planet #1 is equivalent to 7 YEARS on Earth! So they have to try to get in and out in under and hour–which is still 7 years of his children’s lives that Cooper misses. By the time they get on planet 1, the astronaut who was taking data had just died minutes before and the data is missing. Then we have several complications slowing them down, threatening their lives, and taking up time. They are stuck there for about 3 hours, and one of their men die. By the time Cooper gets out of there, he has missed 23 Earth years, and has to relive all of them within minutes via video messages his kids send. By having the audience and Cooper watch the videos all within minutes, it creates a really potent, emotional impact. At this point, I’m freaking out, because this is only the FIRST try/fail cycle, and the costs were already flipping high–we still have two more try/fail cycles to go and I’m wondering what the freak the writers did to make the next two even more powerful.

So, by making the first try/fail cycle cost so much, the writers have skyrocketed the cost of the next two try/fail cycles, which MUST be higher than the first. And they are! They set the bar high in the first try/fail and jumped over it in the second and third.

Also, they made each try/fail cycle very different from each other, so it wasn’t monotonous. Each cycle had different kinds of conflicts (for example, the first had a conflict with nature, the second had a man vs. man conflict). And every second is intense, and I’m shocked about some of the HUGE conflicts the writers had in there AND managed to resolve!

The Midpoint: The Midpoint in a story is the middle part of a story, where something happens and “everything changes.” This is often done through a shift in context. We get a glimpse of something, often what the antagonist is “really” doing and the context of the story changes and hikes up suspense. Interstellar shifts the context for its midpoint (when Dr. Brand is on his deathbed) , but it was crazy because the context shifts in such a way that the main character’s goal (“Plan A”) is revealed to be a complete facade. He was never meant to succeed at Plan A! It was all a lie–which feeds into and changes Murph’s relationship with him, and also changes Amelia’s relationship with her father, and changes the entire story.

The Ending: K, then, the ending of the movie took me way further than I had even conceived was possible for this story (giving it a nice surprise). It exceeded my expectations. It exceeded what the story had set up. Everything going on with Murph’s ghost and all that–I thought it would come into play at the end, but on more of a metaphorical and thematic level or something (I’m thinking of the movie Signs) tied in with some scientific explanation about the gravity there (I kept wondering if it had to do with love after Amelia speech about it). I was not expecting it to actually, literally relate to Cooper and science. O_o And the context shifts again, as we discover who “they” are.

So, as you tell, I really liked the movie. I thought people only knew how to make remakes these days. ;) And now that I’ve written like a high school paper on this, I should end it. Christopher and Jonathan Nolan wrote the story and my mind was blown by their storytelling expertise.

“It really bugs me when people say that the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland was a horrible remake. If you think about it, it wasn’t even really a re-make and is actually closer to the book than the 1951 film in some respects. I love both films and both films have their own style and beauty. I think people should stop being so critical and appreciate what a beautiful and poetic film it actually is.”

I really think the next Pokemon games should be another remake of generation 1 again because let’s be honest leafgreen and firered are for GAMEBOY ADVANCED and it’s time to see Kanto updated.

Also think about it. This could make a reboot for the os as well…after xy is done Ash could go home and then go on a journey again with Brock and Misty. It could do so much to bring his character full circle. They could totally finish his story where it began–in Kanto. They could actually age him and give him and the original characters some closure. And if in the case they come out with another generation, they could introduce a new hero (maybe Ash’s kid or something).

Ok these two arts are making me laugh because it’s like those “YOU” “ME” pictures..

Like look at 16 y.o Zack there looking fine, nicely filling out his perfectly fit SOLDIER uniform with no stupid unnecessary addons, all like:

And then there’s 21 y.o Cloud….

Just look how big that leather belt thing is on him!! It was so big he had to cut the damn thing and add another belt through it so it would fit!  And you can’t even see the other set of belts that hold his pants because he has to wear it so high! And look how huge those pants and shirt are on him! 

Like I know Zack couldn’t really get him any SOLDIER uniform his size, and those might have even been a size bigger than Zack’s, but if that’s how Cloud was dressed in the OG then I assume at some point he actually looked at himself in the mirror and went “Ah yes, I look so cool! just like a 1st class SOLDIER!”, meanwhile he was just going around looking like this: 

Never realizing those oversized SOLDIER uniform just look absolutely ridiculous on him and he should probably change clothes.

Like I know they will make him look cool in the remake, but I sure wish they would use that Dissidia design, cause that would be hilarious.

anonymous asked:

I'm all for equality, but don't you think that changing 'Annie' shoves under the carpet the oppression of the Irish? It would be like years from now, taking a film about the Apartheid, keeping the same story but substituting the black people for a group of people who are being oppressed.

No, I don’t think that comparison really holds water. Annie is not ABOUT the oppression of the Irish. Annie BEGAN as a daily comic strip in the mid-1920’s, and it was ABOUT Little Orphan Annie’s adventures as a poor child in a rich world, and was so popular it was eventually adapted into a musical in the 1970’s, and then a musical film, etc etc etc. It is SUBTEXT that Annie was (at least visually) Irish, in a time when there was a clear bias towards Irish people. Annie’s appearance reflected the bias of the time and challenged it; here we have a young, Irish, orphan girl who can hit harder, sing louder and dance better than the best of them, and the people who loved the strip, the musical, the movies (etc etc etc) were forced to see Irish people in a new light, at least in small ways.

This is the power of representation in media. 

Today, in terms of a REMAKE, it makes sense that if the film was to be set in present time, that the oppressed race represented by Annie should be Black; I shouldn’t have to convince you of that fact, just read any current headlines regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that the events of Little Orphan Annie never actually HAPPENED. It’s not a biography, or a historical documentary or a period piece. It’s a fictional children’s musical. The Apartheid REALLY HAPPENED and there are hundreds, thousands, millions of people who are still affected by it. It wouldn’t make sense to make a film about a historical event just to change all the facts around. (Even though these kinds of things DO HAPPEN in films, it’s called whitewashing, and it sucks)

That’s why this comparison makes no sense.  

And finally, no matter what happens with Quvenzhané Wallis portraying Annie in 2014, every other iteration of Little Orphan Annie is still gonna go on existing. This new production isnt ERASING the old ones, OR their meaning/historical significance.

It’s just important to remember that Annie is NOT a real person, more like she’s an ICON that can be used and alterered, both to tell a story, and to create change.

based, once again, off one of those cool au prompts from a post: “i run the night slot on campus radio and some jackass keeps calling in to insult my music taste and request high school musical songs instead”

“….and that was the from the Broadway classic Wicked. I hope I’m not the only one who just got chills,” says Kurt, speaking into the microphone in front of him while slipping his headphone off his right ear. “Next up, I’m going to do a 180 turn and play you some of that indie, hipster crap my best friend is always forcing on me - and you know, it’s pretty good. So this is for you, Elliot.” 

Kurt plays that track next and sits back in his chair, going to the campus radio Twitter page to see if any requests have come it. Despite the fact that he runs the night slot - 10 till midnight - there are a group of people who are always listening and occasionally request a song or two as they are burning the midnight oil studying. 

Nothing has come in so far, but it’s early still. 

“How did everyone like that one?” Kurt comes back after the song as faded. “I was honestly surprised when I liked it too, not going to lie. Up next - oh. Hey, what do you know, we have a caller.”

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blue night radio ♡ 161002
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(on infinite’s “can u smile”) jonghyun: the next song is full of emotions, and is really beautifully composed as it brings out the acoustic feel really well. there’s actually an original version of this song but, today, we’ll listen to the remake. it’s by the same artist, but it’s re-written into a different version (of the same song). it’s infinite’s song; it’s called “can u smile”. for this song, i’ve heard it live before on a broadcast program. it’s a really good song. i thought: “what is this? why’s the song so good?” of course, i like infinite’s songs, but it was really great when the members sang this live. so, i thought i should look up the song as soon as possible, and found that there was actually more than one version (of the song). the original’s kind of more like a dance song, but this version’s rewritten (to a more different style). it’s a song that i listened to often. the lyrics are really good. it’s a song that shows off infinite’s powerful vocals and portrays the lyrical emotions well. let’s listen to infinite’s “can u smile” [… (after song finished) …] many people know infinite mainly for their outstanding performance (skills), but they also have many lyrical songs like this one. if you’re interested, feel free to search them up.

what tumblr “feminists” hear: I hate feminism

what I’m really saying: modern feminism is awfully flawed and particularly now when transphobia and misandry are the core of the movement, when there are actual problems which need to be addressed in non-UK, US countries. In the end it becomes toxic as it becomes more mainstream, allowing radical feminist ideology to be the norm, when rad fem was always frowned upon. Feminism was/is/should be a movement of equality not a satire as if we’re in a remake of Women in Revolt.