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How MP100 Paces Character Development

from a storytelling standpoint we’ve gotten so used to seeing characters who have a set number of traits that they stick to. if the main character is an energetic boy who’s all about friendship he’s going to be happy, carefree, and protective of his friends no matter what the circumstances are. if the mentor figure is wise and eccentric they’ll have a few gimmicks to their personality, but when their student needs advice they’ll have just the words for them too regain motivation. stuff like this is going to be established in the beginning so that the readers have a foundation to chew on while future story beats reveal ‘true natures’ or ‘new environments’ to further develop those characters.

it’s easier to completely overturn character’s personalities in chunks because there are clear divides between ‘this is Bob before they were changed’ and ‘this is Bob after they were changed’. readers don’t get confused and/or disoriented by seemingly contradictory actions of characters, and the author can easily keep track of where their creations are in the narrative.

character development and personality establishment are not stagnant in real life, though. people aren’t magically changed in a day; it’s a slow, gradual process that takes time and effort. it’s the reason i love it when a bad guy slowly becomes good over a long, arduous process spanning over thirty episodes or two books.

look at mp100! mob is a kid characterized as motivated and determined to reach his goals, yet he is also constantly beaten down emotionally by the circumstances surrounding him. he’s someone who’s repressed his emotions but can be very expressive at the same time. reigen is a man introduced as a shady, ambiguously moral mentor figure who doesnt always have the answers for mob’s problems but manages to help his student keep his head over the water. ritsu loves his brother but he’s also jealous of his brother. teru’s changed from his selfishly-using-his-powers ways but that doesn’t mean his act is all cleaned up, he still does messed up things, but he can do good for others as well. so many times, the text tells us one thing when the character’s actions say another, but the audience is meant to know that both sides of the characters are equally present and valid. they’re almost constantly in an in-between between their ‘old’ selves and their ‘ideal’ selves.

call it ‘inconsistent’ if you want, i admit ONE never wrote his mp100 characters with every single nuance of their personalities in mind. but goddamn if he doesnt make them realistic and compelling. 

Blog Takeover

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Okay, so since quite a few of you enjoyed my last takeover with Rick and Daryl, I have decided to do another one! It will take place on the 30th and 31st of October (so maybe you could ask some Halloween related questions?) However, I can’t decide who should takeover, so I thought I would let you lovely people decide who you would like to see. Your choices are below:

TWD: Rick and Daryl

TVD: Stefan and Damon

TO: Klaus and Elijah

SPN: Team Free Will

MCU: Steve and Bucky

TW: Scott and Stiles

Tagging some people who might be interested: @zoesmama2024 @mpwriterus @justaclumsybrunette @bane-is-my-masked-bitch @metxphysicxl @thesisterabigail @imperialnova @23aprliee @ice-wolfie @jesslovesfandom @grimesftwinchester @smilexcaptainx @nerdflash @thewomaninblack20 @sarahlikeslove @omgopalsapphire @mancamonster @thesecondraidxx @my-little-fangirl-world @supernatural-cheerleader @micamaloley @supernotnaturalcas @melting-like-silver @yaszx @feelmyroarrrr @lawfulg00d @theoneandonlysaucymo

I can’t wait to see who you guys pick!!

platonic lance and allura headcanons

  • lance: hey allura how’s it [allura who has not slept for 2 days turns around and glares] lance: lowers finger guns
  • lance: but how have you not seen the notebook allura: i’m a fucking alien 
  • [allura turns around, hitting lance in the process] lance: ow you fucking slashed my cornea with your waffle cone ears
  • [lance falls out of the healing pod into allura’s arms] lance: we have to stop meeting like this ;) allura: we could if you would stop getting your ass kicked 
  • allura lets lance braid her hair and brush it. it relaxes her and lance is just like :0 bc he gets to touch her absolutely beautiful long hair. it’s a privilege.
  • allura gives lance a hard time because she knows he has the potential to become a wonderful pilot and a great paladin. the blue lion chose him for a reason and she trusts wholeheartedly in its judgement
  • it’s really easy for allura to throw herself completely into her work and she’s graetful becaue lance always reminds her to take a step back and relax
  • lance is used to listening to coran talk about altea because they vent to each other a lot about being homesick and he finally extends that to allura and allura is pleasantly surprised and flattered by how much lance knows about altea and how good he is at listening
  • blue shirt is allura, lighter shirt is lance

Theme 03 - Oh no!


Live Previews: First & Second ▼ Codes

Now we’re gettin somewhere. I decided to try and do something vaguely redux edit-ish. I like it quite a lot, and unlike my previous things this should work properly! No bugs! (as far as I know pff) Plus lots of customization!


First preview - Sidebar’s artist is here (transparent version  here), background pattern is from Cocorini!

Second preview - Sidebar’s original artist is Pixiv ID 1078707, and background I believe was made by this person.


  • Navigation icons and 4 custom links
  • Two different options for how the custom links work.
  • A big ol’ transparent image (you choose where it goes)
  • Avatar in description
  • You can also choose where posts go.
  • 250px, 400px, or 500px posts (choose only one please!)
  • You can change selection colours, and hover text colours.
  • You can change your cursor, favicon, and the music player gif.
  • Custom tag preceder (e.g. Tags:, Tagged as: Filed Under:, etc.)
  • Billy music player (optional- u can get rid of it) - Credit to Fukuo!
  • All the colours are customizable.

Please don’t remove the credit~

If using this, a like or reblog is greatly appreciated! uvu

  • So Far Gone
  • Thousand Foot Krutch

(So Far Gone)

Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!



GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam


Danai Gurira photographed by David Urbanke  for Harper’s BAZAAR

“It’s something I’ve constantly found shocking—all this astounding talent amongst black woman that never gets to be seen or heard." 

Okay everyone!

Now, I know we are absolutely excited over moving into the FTWD fandom, but we should respect the fandom’s tags and all. I went to the FTWD tag and Fear The Walking Dead tag, and they both were filled with Alycia, Alicia, Lexark, and Clexa stuff. I think it’s totally fine to have ADC and Alicia Clark in those tags, but the other stuff, not quite so much because they aren’t a part of the show. Let’s try to not cross The 100 related tags into FTWD’s tags. The original fans of FTWD might get irritated. We should make up a new tag for crossovers, if it’s needed.

An example:
• Post contains Alicia Clark and Elyza Lex.
–> Tag this under Lexark and Clexa. DO NOT TAG ANY FTWD.

Let’s discuss this so we can find a way not to possibly irritate any FTWD fans. Thanks!


Chap.247, part 1, [ 2 ]

  • Aries:Stephen 'Godfather' Ferrando
  • Taurus:Antonio Espera
  • Gemini:Rudy Reyes
  • Cancer:Mike Wynn
  • Leo:Craig Schwetje
  • Virgo:Evan Stafford
  • Libra:Nathaniel Fick
  • Scorpio:Brad Colbert
  • Sagittarius:Ray Person
  • Capricorn:'Doc' Bryan
  • Aquarius:James Trombley
  • Pisces:Walt Hasser