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  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal

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Hey Darling!! I was just wondering if you would ever write something in Stiles's perspective about Derek's death....LOL I'm sorry for the Angsty askXDXD

Derek is dead.

It goes around in his head as he drives from Quantico to Washington.

Derek is dead. Derek is dead. Derek god damn Hale is god damn dead.

Stiles racks his brains for the last time he saw Derek; for a memory he can focus on instead of the god damn road leading him to Derek’s body.

It was June. Five months ago. When he first moved in to Quantico, Derek came down from Washington and they walked along the river, exchanging stories. Derek had been in New York, finally settling the Hale estate with a lawyer so far removed from Beacon Hills he felt that he could trust them. He’d been wearing a lilac t-shirt that Stiles couldn’t stop staring at him in, couldn’t stop wanting to pluck at the sleeve, touch Derek on the arm, brush his fingers against Derek’s. The two of them had nearly died together a dozen times, and Stiles still hadn’t been able to bring himself to touch him.

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are you a shrek wlw or a bee movie wlw ?

mutual appreciation post bc i hit 300 💕💞💕

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More trans Keith headcanons!

-As a child, before he even knew what trans was or that he even was a boy, he tried really hard to be like other girls. He tried to imitate what other girls would do like play with dolls or even obsess of ponies and things of the sort. He just didn’t understand why he wasn’t like the other little girls so he tried to imitate them to fit in and not be “weird”

-Even if he tried to fit in with the girls, he still wanted to be “one of the boys”

-Once he got his hands on some craft scissors and chopped off all his hair, it was a terrible jagged cut, with no way of fixing it aside from just buzzing it, but he felt so much better. No one was really happy with him though

-When he got into the garrison, he had everything legally changed over. He changed his name to Keith on his birth certificate.

-He bought tons of binders and started T. The Garrison was even nice enough to help fund his transition

-Unfortunately, he became a paladin of voltron before he could get top surgery and he only brought the clothes on his back (the one binder)

-Keith usually keeps an extra binder in the pouches on his hips, but due to spontaneity, he didn’t have any on his random space trip to the castle ship

I’ll probably come up with more eventually, these are just the ones that I’ve been thinking up for awhile. I also am trying to work on a fanfic with trans Keith in it. Like, people, do you understand how much I love trans Keith??? I’m always down to talk trans Keith

@buckyflowercrown I hope that you enjoy these haha these are just some that I’ve had in mind for some time now


Punk!Michael Imagine

Summary: He was everything your dad hated, everything you were never supposed to associate with. Though it’s something about the way his lips feel on your skin that create a longing you’ve never quite felt before. But when trouble ensues, as it usually does when you’re close with Michael, you’ll have to choose between the mysterious punk boy and the future you’ve worked so hard for. 

A/N: I’ve been writing this for the past week and it turned out way longer than I thought but you guys voted to have one long piece as opposed to two parts, so grab a snack and get comfy cos you’ll be here awhile…anyway I hope you enjoy:)

~Approx. 7.8k words~
~Warnings: Light smut, mentions of drugs, swearing~

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Must Love Cats- Chapter Two

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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lyn-for-the-win  asked:

Hey!! I'm the one who drew that anime squip au that the anon is referring to and would like to make it clear that I did take this idea from the script,, it's not original at all?? Just a stupid thing I came up with and I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding !! Personally I got very excited that someone else drew it and 10x better you're so wonderful

HHJFKJG I’M SRRY U FELT THE NEED TO GET INVOLVED but i’m glad i didn’t end up unintentionally ripping someone’s idea off?? but Yikes what an event………….thanks for saying smth tho jgkhkk