i should probably work on that whole being on time thing

so 2016 is over  &  honestly it’s been  ????    a hell yea r okay.    this year has been  kylie voice    :    the year of realizing.    i’ve lost a few friends and made new ones and got some new interests  &  realized shit abt myself that i need to work on which  ?    happens with everyone lmao but this is meant to be positive  !    i’m kinda close to my first 100 here  &  2016 is over so  !    a positive way to end the year. 

MAIN SQUAD    :    being here means i consider us to b hella close.    if ur here it means i love you with my whole heart  &  would die for u and my day was probably made at least  once  while talking to you.

@softmabels  :  lmao of course i was gonna start w/u lucas  ?    literally how many times can i talk abt how great you are before i run out of things to say  ?    you know everything i’ve ever said abt you and you’re honestly one of the closest  &  best friends i have on this hellsite.    its been so great knowing you  &  i’m never gonna forget that it literally took me a year to start talking to you. out of the 2 years we’ve been friends  &  the three i followed ur mabel it literally took me one whole year to start talking to u and now ur like one of the ppl id literally kill a man for ok ilysm

@wisdomrisen  :  syd  !    you also know of my love for you l mao i remember following you back in july and you were  ?    my first pip i think.    you’re such a wonderful writer  &  it’s been so great, seeing you write different muses and get better and your icons are the Prettiest ok.    you’ve had 2 deal with me moving so many times  &  i love our kids  (  as well as the times uve literally made me  CRY  over angst  )    but more importantly i love u  ?    i hope we get to write with our new muses ok 

@skilledquill  :  tbt to april    …    you were  ?    my first alexander, i think, when maria was her  OWN  blog, wow.    ok, but em, for real    ….    you’re  ?    one of the most mature ppl i’ve ever met on this hellsite  &  your writing has literally improved my own quality of writing.    we dont talk as much anymore or write but never forget that i love u with my entire being

@soughtdream / @evidentwit / how many blogs do u have  :  no rlly like….how many blogs do u have winter i dont even know.    i didnt realize how hard it is to write angelica until i actually  tried  to do it myself like…damn thats a difficult muse you got there  ??    but its not even just angelica.    every single muse you write, you do so so well alright  !    i love plotting with you and just talking with u in general tbh, a Good Egg,,,if u rlly do make rowena hmu and we can have gay hogwarts founders o k

@suntrusted  :    va l…the secret is out. ur the irl peggy schuyler and we are all Blessed to have you in our lives  ?    &  by  WE  i mean like.    the entire human race  TBH.    you’re such a sweet person and you write peggy  &  maria  &  all your muses so well    ….    you just capture all your muses voice’s so well,  ESPECIALLY  peggy but that’s because you  are  peggy.    you are    ….    literally sunshine ok and we’ve been through together  &  i just.    have a lot of love for you okay  ?    literally one of my favorite ppl ever,,,, 

@inscreamingcolcr  :  charlotte what do i even  BEGIN  to say about you  ?    you’re such a genuinely nice person and one of the best parts of 2016 for me, i’m so  !    glad I got closer to you and started to talk to you.    you’re such a genuinely nice person, my Wife, i’m so happy i got to know you, I hope 2017 is as soft  &  nice as you ok ily with my Whole Heart


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im pretty sure i may  /  may not have forgotten some ppl, whoops  ?    but just know i love you all  &  i hope that 2017 treats you guys well  !

tbh the whole concept that writers try and push onto batman of him being this greatly feared presence in gotham city, like maybe for teenage shoplifters or small time thugs yeah but…. most of the rogues have been around the block for a while. they’ve probably seen batman in the early days working on his intimidation voice. they’ve seen rainbow batman. they’ve seen batman adopt a small army of children. plus the rogues just do not. give. a fuck. they’re gunna be tagging batman in their post-heist twitter selfies. they’re gunna be chatting to mcdonalds drive thru workers. they’re gunna be going to the mall and probably using the subway bcos they aren’t going to be sitting in dark rooms rubbing their hands together and thinking of ways to rule gotham all the time. and as long as they aren’t breaking the law, bruce just has to sit their and deal with it. if he tried to pull off the whole “i am a bat, fear me!!!!” thing most of the rogues would just laugh in his face at this point.

It’s the last day and also Deku’s birthday, so. Also I promised more of the Villain!Todoroki AU so here’s that too. (Multitasking!) This is a sequel of sorts so read that first!

tddk week day 7: endings/beginnings

From the start, Izuku knew that being in contact with villains could put his life in danger. They were dangerous, volatile and didn’t respect the law. Even Shouto, who Izuku has slowly grown close to, was still capable of truly evil things like freeze a whole truckload of money and then set it on fire in the middle of one of the hero rallies.Villains did what they wanted to do, and Izuku couldn’t comprehend most of their choices.

But thinking that was probably his mistake.

Shouto promised him that no harm will ever come to him from the villains. They worked against the law but everyone that helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation had a certain level of goodness that shone. They had a code of their own, and Shouto personally promised that they will stick by it. The Creator, for example, showed up as promised and did not do anything bad when she met with the kids who wanted to meet her. (Being able to make anything from thin air was the most magical quirk in most of the children’s eyes.)

Earphone Jack, when called upon, did a private concert for the teens who admired her coolness. Tsukuyomi also showed up once in the middle of the night for the kids who wanted to meet him.

All the villains did as promised, and Shouto always pulled through. (Nobody asked to meet villains like Tomura, so there was never a problem about actual murderers being called upon. Izuku was glad at least that children instinctively knew where the line was, despite having quite the skewed perspective on heroes and villains.)

In the end, what Izuku should have been worried about were the heroes.

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LL string orchestra AU

I have been working on this for twenty-seven years take it away from me. LONG POST AND LOTSA YOUTUBE MUSIC LINKS AHEAD

Hanayo is first desk cello and is constantly in awe of Umi’s superhuman subdivision skills, and of course Hanayo being Hanayo is always doubting herself at the start of a performance. But if there’s a slow cello solo, half the time Umi just raises her hand and goes “I think Hanayo should play this one.” (Half the time Umi will win this argument, half the time the conductor will go “no, I put you in that position for a reason. stop.” Hanayo’s never sure which outcome she prefers because on one hand, solo!! On the other hand, solo…) When she’s calm and comfortable, and she can settle into the music, she’s probably the best at bringing out that rich cello sound. Her vibrato is probably the best in the whole orchestra. Voted Most Likely to Accidentally Stab Herself In the Foot With Her Endpin, but is the only one that manages to avoid cello injury her entire high school orchestra career.

Rin could have been on cello with Hanayo (best desk ever), but. Please imagine Rin on the double bass. IT’S SO BIG AND SHE’S SO SMALL. And because she’s probably the only double bass (having two or more double basses in one orchestra lol better luck winning the lottery) she can play as loud as she likes and no one will care!! She’d probably struggle most with intonation since her hands are pretty small and she always overshoots when changing positions, but damn if you can’t make out the thump-thump of the double bass over the entire orchestra. Soloing every performance yeaaah
The band keeps stealing the tall chairs, so half the time, Rin has two choices: a) balance on top of three chairs stacked and play from there; or b) stand. And I am infinitely amused by the image of Rin trying to drape herself over the double bass. (Sadly there are not many double bass concertos in existence for her to play)

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Okay, but can we talk about Wanda’s bedroom please? Like I’m not going to act like I know a whole bunch about Sokovia, but going by Charlie Spencer going there to build affordable housing and the gray skies and the small feel of it, I’m going to to say it’s not even close to being Wakanda or even Queens. And Wanda and Pietro probably spent most of their time protesting and only working enough to get paid to take care of themselves. So can we please discuss how the first thing you see when entering her room is a guitar with a music stand? Does she already know how to play or is Clint teaching her over Skype because HawkDad teaching his baby Wanda to play instruments is so important to my sanity. Or the accent pillow and random plush thing next to her bed like Tony is so high class that he’s giving her Feng Shui advice because that’s like Chinese/Japanese furniture magic and she have alien God magic so it should all be in sync. And let’s not forget the Avengers isn’t a government paid organization so Tony probably went with her to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and had to remind her she has a king sized bed at home, no, you can’t get that, it’s only made for a full. And her laundry basket is right next to her dresser across from the door, so Sam can probably just go in there if the door is open and dump her laundry into his basket and walk right back out because he’s done this a hundred times now. There’s the little garland thing above her bed that was definitely a woman’s touch, like after Sokovia when she became an Avenger Natasha bought it for her to spruce up her bedroom because Tony hadn’t taken her shopping yet and it looked like a gray prison cell with a flatscreen. Oh, and don’t get me started on the globe on her desk with little paper sticky notes on it where she’s probably charted where she’s been to on missions. There’s probably a tiny little heart where Sokovia used to be or a M for Maximoff. Or maybe she couldn’t stand staring at it so she scribbled out Sokovia while crying.

Or worse, don’t get me started on how she may or may not have pictures of Pietro or her parents in her new room. How she wishes she could add this panther claw necklace to her collection of souvenirs in her room. How Tony frequently stands in her room and sits down in a corner and curls his arms around himself because Wanda’s “in the Raft” and he can’t get the image of her out of his head–like a lot of images haunting him.