i should probably start training for something

Starting the 30 day shred tomorrow. Aka in like 5 hours so I should probably go to bed. I did the first ten days of it like two years ago but then got injured from something else and never finished it. I think it will be a good way to get back into things again. And I remember even those ten days really helped increase my stamina.


Fuck, those miles were hard. So. Much. Pain.

And the “daylight” did nothing for me. How am I supposed to work on my base tan? Rude, Salt Lake. Just rude.

3.0 miles.


11:27 pace.

lolol - that’s almost 30 seconds/mile slower than I’ve been running. Talk about dead legs.

ALSO: I forgot to bring water with me. “It’s only three miles,” I said to myself. “I drank 124 ounces of water at work today,” I reasoned. #lolnope I dehydrate SO quickly. When I got home, my fingers were sausages and the ring that normally fits was stuck. Would not budge more than you see in that photo.

But fear not! I pounded some water when I got home, and after that, bathing, redressing, and putting some food in my person, the ring can be removed.  Oh! And the bruises on my shins are from all of those cleans yesterday. I like the barbell nice and snug against my legs when I lift.

Now: I am off to go explore SLC a bit and see a documentary, because the nerd life doesn’t slow down for yopros.

I had to write something for J2′s drunken date night (x, x). To be honest my inner tinhatter is still waiting for these photos to emerge…

It’s when Jensen starts kissing random fans on the forehead that Jared should probably start to worry, but he’s too drunk to care. They’re weaving their way through the crowds on sixth street, stopping every now and again to chat to the groups of guys and girls who recognise them and want a photo or a quick hello, or the two hundred bucks that Jared impulsively peeled out of his wallet to give to a giggly blonde who was celebrating her birthday (perhaps). Sometimes people just yell “SUPERNATURAL!” or “SAM AND DEAN!”, and Jensen offers them a drunken salute or a whoop. They’re deeply inebriated, both of them, loaded up on a long day’s drinking in the sun, floating on a warm sea of friendly sociability.

So, it’s not surprising that when one peppy little girl pops up and asks for a picture, Jensen follows up the weight of his arm around her shoulders with a kiss to the forehead that dissolves into a laugh. Jared takes in the spectacle, is amused, but is too busy trying to keep his feet to do more than offer a smile. The ground has grown unsteady beneath him, swinging in big circular rotations that switch direction disorientingly just as he moves to counter them.

As they walk away from the girl, Jared clutches at Jensen’s shoulder, seeking stability. Jensen stumbles immediately and the two of them end up crashing into another group of kids, who recognise them pretty quick and greet them with noisy enthusiasm.

“I love you guys!” says one of the girls.

“Yeah, love the show,” echoes a guy in a tank top, and Jensen folds the both of them into an expansive embrace.

“We love you too,” he says. “We love you.” He kisses the girl on the cheek, the guy, and they’re both laughing but some of their more sober friends are looking a little perturbed.

“Okay,” Jared says, tugging at the back of Jensen’s T-shirt. “Okay, stop assaulting people with your face. It’s time to go.”

Jensen swings around, wide-eyed, and beams. “JAY!” he says. He looks back at the girl. “He’s my best friend, you know. I love him.”

The girl’s laughing, nodding. “Can I get a picture of you two?” she says.

“Sure,” says Jensen, “I’ll give you something to look at.” And then suddenly it’s Jared he’s kissing, right on the mouth, and the kids are cheering and Jared is fairly sure that this is something they aren’t supposed to be doing in public, but he’s fuzzy-drunk and so wobbly that really the only thing he can do is cling tight to Jensen’s T-shirt and hope that they don’t fall over.

It’s a long time before Jensen steps away, stumbles, and then regains his balance. His face bobs bright in Jared’s vision. “That was awesome, man,” he says. He’s right.

Then Jensen looks backwards, out and around at the little crowd of girls that has gathered, cameras high. “Okay, you guys,” he says. “You got your picture, and I love you. Now scram. This one’s just for us.” And he wraps his arms around Jared again.