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I want more Cult Joseph if your up for it! How bout him trying to get a trans!ballet crush to join him! It's a weird request but I love BALLET!

[I wasn’t quite sure of what you were asking but I tried my best!]
The air resonated with the soft sound of Hildegaard von Bingen. Pattering of footsteps occasionally hitting the wood floor below. They gracefully moved their body with little effort, breathing easing itself to a pant. The music came to a stop and they joined it, whirling around to see as to why.
No one else was home but them, and Joseph leaning against the doorway. He had paused the Bluetooth speaker and stood erect, a small smirk across his face, “I suppose you don’t mind I stop by do you?” “Of course not, that’s why I keep that key under the rug,” they plopped onto the couch and started to undo their ballet flats. “So what brings you over Joseph?”
“Wanting to visit is a reason enough.” Wink. Joseph shut the door behind him and sat across from his crush, his face in its usual at peace demeanor. “You were practicing, how’s that going for you?” They looked up at Joseph and smiled,  “Quite well actually,  I haven’t been having any problems with my technique.” “That’s wonderful,” He inched foreward and clasped his hands, “I think it’d be a shame if that went to waste. Your talent that is.”
“It’s fine, no need for it to be.”
“I can assure you, there’s a king who’ll love what you do,” the atmosphere grew uneasy around them.
“A king?” His crush let out a laugh, “I don’t know if I’m worthy of royalty.”
“You are, I can reassure you that. There’s a cause I want to talk to you about,” Joseph rose and approached them. He placed his hand on the side table and went into a lean. His crush shifted uncomfortably, quite confused.
“Ahah what’s this cause?” They laughed nervously. Joseph stood up straight and gestured with his hands, “A wonderful place one this world ends. Please join me, I’d love to have you there with me.” His eyes hazed over in an ominous vibe.
Joseph’s crush abruptly stood up, easing Joseph backwards and towards the foyer. They nervously inched closer to Joseph. “Yknow I should probably start whipping up dinner,” they put on a grin and opened the door, “I’ll be seeing you later alright, Joseph?”
“That’s fine..” The door shut on Joseph, he let out a pained sigh. A shame, what a shame. The ominous atmosphere lifted and he started his walk home, “I’m so sorry about that.”


my sinning time has come, the transformation has started, there’s no way to stop it

Here’s a little something I made for this askblog (which is really cute let me tell you) and thought about putting it here too

Long story short, the way Gaster stretches (and tilts his hips) is a really nice view to Sans and I’m totally up for that headcanon

Okay but imagine Kelly sucking Nick’s dick early on an trying to deep throat him, but getting the angle a little wrong and gagging a bit and pulling back to try again and Nick looks down at him, all concerned and asks if he’s alright. And Kelly wipes a hand over his mouth and starts giggling, and he’s trying to hide it, but Nick’s frowning at him and growls, “What?”

“Your dick’s a choking hazard.”

And Nick just stands there in disbelief as Kelly tries to pull himself together. Finally Nick rolls his eyes. “Should I be insulted because that’s the warning they put on toys with small parts?”

And just as Kelly is starting to finally get a grip he starts laughing again.