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I walk the paths of familiar mountains with one I care for at my side,
and let the silence of falling snow carry us to a distant liminal space.

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*sees a cool post* oh wow cool wonder what’s on that person’s blog *goes to their blog* damn they got a good blog *reblogs a post* OH shit they do art too oh my gosh *reblogs that* fuck wait I should probably slow down *continues liking/reblogging their work* okay,, now I really gotta stop *click* they might think I’m creeping their blog *click* wait- *click* shit- *click* well shit I fucking liked and reblogged their whole fucking blog. fuck.


I’m really tired in general and I’ll be really busy for the next few months because of the YOI tarot (I’ll have to ship out 470ish packages sobs), getting ready for Metrocon (I’ll be at table O17!!!), plus some more zines including the shukita zine I’m hosting so I thought I might as well go on an official hiatus. I’ll probably be reblogging some shukita art over from my art blog @kurapixel​ but I definitely won’t be answering asks for a while. I’ll leave the askbox open until it starts to get unmanageable.

Also, here’s a cropped sketch of my piece for the shukita zine!

Thanks so much for all the support, everyone!

quick lil thingy to celebrate 400+ followers :0

rules are simple; reblog this before the 1st of april and see what happens

no more then 3 reblogs per blog (this includes if you have multiple blogs)

of course, you’ve gotta be following me for this so

1st place winner will get colored picture of a character of their choosing (probably gonna be cheeb cuz that’s all i can draw)

2nd place winner will get a cheeb of a character of their choosing (line art)

3rd place winner will get a quick little sketch of a character of their choosing

anyways, results will be announced on april 1st. have fun!

Should I participate to the Grelliam week or just give up being a Grelliam artist?

Sorry I’m usually not a negative person and I will probably end up deleting that blog in a few days but, I really feel down at the moment. Is my art that bad? I barely have likes and reblogs on my Grelliam arts compared to other people, who deserve it of course. Some Grelliam artists here are truly amazing, that’s why I’m wondering, am I still important here?

There are things you need to know, even if justifying myself by talking about my life makes me sad. Drawing is not easy for me. I have countless health problems, it hurts my arm to hold a pen. It takes me between 6 and 11 hours to achieve a drawing, and I usually have to wait 2 weeks before I can draw again because drawing gives me tendinitis. So that’s why I don’t draw often, drawing for me is an effort and that’s why feedback and support are important for me to be motivated. I don’t mind being in pain if it makes people happy, but I feel like it doesn’t. And seeing that I make efforts and suffer to contribute to this fandom for nothing, really upsets me. I’m sure nobody really likes my art. I’m sure nobody saves my drawings on their computer. Nobody messages me inbox sweet words like most of you have. I really feel like a piece of trash right now. So just be honest with me. Does my art suck that much?

Meet the artist!

(I guess?? man idk I got a new icon and figured why not :/ )

This is a self portrait of me, just got a haircut so that’s cool.

Hello! My name is Morgan! I don’t care what you call me pronoun or name wise, but I am genderfluid, and asexual panromantic. I often like to procrastinate my homework by doing illustrations and other forms of drawing. I am also currently attempting to learn piano.

I stay pretty much exclusively on the SFW side of g/t, but I do swear allot. I’m a sizeshifter as well, but only from small to human size. 

I love cats, especially my cat Bella, and any other kind of plant or animal. As long as it’s not human, I’ll probably love it (however i also like allot of people, every single one of my friends are amazing and i love them. This applies to human hybrids, those guys are rad).

I hardly ever leave the house so I’m not as tan as pictured above, that was just for the aesthetic. I’m grossly pale. I’m also probably a little too aggressive with my memes and jokes so if I yell at you there’s a 90% chance I’m not actually mad in the slightest.

That should be it for now, if there’s anything else you would like to know about me (or my oc’s) my ask box is always open!

hey does anyone have ocs they woulnd’t mind me (or other people) drawing fanart of

i know posts like this already exist but i kinda wanna keep a record for myself for times when idk what to draw lol

edit: figured i should clarify that this is ok to reblog and also i’d probably end up posting the art on my art blog (w credit to u as the creator of course) so i hope that’s fine too lolol

One second I remember an old thing I was really into so I go “oh wow, I should do some art of it” and I do, and while I am checking the reblogs I find a blog with a generic tag so I go into their tag, in between the text posts and old inside jokes I no longer get I find an amazing piece of art, so I reblog it, and then jump into the artist blog, I check their tag of the same thing, then I see another amazing art, and I reblog it, and jump into that blog, and hours later as I realize I should have been asleep a long time ago, while my eyes struggle to remain open and I can no longer remember how many blogs deep I am I rationalize I should probably stop.

Then I see a great piece of art… guess what happens next.

And that is why you all some times have to sit through a spam of some pretty old fandom.

So I’ve noticed that quite a few people I’m following are reblogging/getting asks with senseless trolls about the whole “Bowie was a pedophile” thing (which is one of the biggest contradictions to a person’s character and art that I’ve ever heard in my life lmao). But honestly I think as a fandom we should stop giving the trolls attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love defending my favorite musicians as much as the next fangirl, but since we’ve already given SO many posts dedicated to disproving these really pathetic allegations, it’s just time to ignore it. I know I’ll probably get asks saying “oh just unfollow the people reblogging it,” but I don’t want to do that if I like the blog, and I shouldn’t have to give up something I enjoy because someone else is trying to ruin the fun.

Long story short, I think we should just ignore it altogether, and like all trolls they’ll go away once they aren’t getting a reaction out of people imo. Love all you kooks, and it’s too late to be hateful! (:

anonymous asked:

A looong time ago you reblogged something that said "Reaver would be the fucking type to wear a mistletoe belt buckle to a holiday party." AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW THAT.

HOW ARE YOU SO FAR BACK ON MY BLOG and how could I ever forget such a majestic image I totally needed to sketch it sooner but HERE I AM DOING CHRISTMAS ART IN AUGUST JUST FOR YOU MY ANON! 

I think I should probably say for the sake of clarity that @inkyturtle is a sideblog and not my main one, so that’s the reason no one sees it popping up in notes unless I reblog.

I’d give my main here but I don’t want people following it because it’s pointless; it’s become a reblog blog and nothing more these days. I’m mainly just saying this to go ‘hey, I like a lot of posts and also sometimes I comment on stuff.’

If you want my main artblog though it’s @inkyfrog, but since I’ve mostly been drawing turtle art it hasn’t been updated in a while either. Need to fix that.

Should I make a separate blog for duck art? I’d probably leave all shitty sketches, joke stuff and such here, but all the more serious ones would be posted there. I hope it would inspire me to draw and paint more (I’ve struggled with productivity even more than before lately). On top of that if people want to see my ducks, they can follow the side blog only for the art without having to deal with all the birds and shitposts I reblog.

I’d probably use a different name though, there’s one I’ve wanted to use for, well, pretty much anything for couple of years now. I wonder how many people would want to follow the duck blog, though. It wouldn’t have anything regarding DuckTales, so I don’t know if that would affect its popularity. But I’m glad there’s a lot of comic fans here too, more than I thought there was when I first joined Tumblr’s duck fandom, so maybe it wouldn’t be completely doomed.

An Odd but Important Question

So, I know this mostly my reblog/share/personal blog, but I feel something is lacking.

It’s probably the main reason I wanted a new start, which includes a fresh, yet built-upon, start for a lot of my little people in my head that I call characters.

Now, I wanna do this one of two ways, but I need help deciding on one or the other. Should I add them and do art and the like here, or should I put it to a side-blog and maybe link to it all from there?

I plan to draw responses, when I feel like it, and develop them further along. Leave a reply or leave an ask telling me your thoughts. I’ll tally them by the end of tonight.

Thanks, you guys. Hope this works out as well as I’m planning it to!

So, what do you think?

okay legit no one is stressed out about this but me, but I did a really weird thing in creating this sideblog because now I have two blogs that are connected to each other and just ? why?? so I’m going to start putting all fannish stuff on this one–not just my own content but reblogs of art and edits and stuff–and also any text posts, and ebparentheses will just be #aesthetic images. i.e. this blog is the one with my personality and the other one is the one I look at when I’m feeling stressed out and want to pretend I’m somewhere that has actual weather. probably they should be swapped but oh well!


Art Giveaway!

Always wanted to do one of these.

So lemme drop down some rules:

There will be one winner and they will get what is considered the $50 commission level from my commission page. Images will be 2100 x 3000 with 300 resolution, waist up.
The art examples above are the best ones I can find that fit these dimensions. To avoid art theft of your image, I will also provide a low res watermarked version you can post online and will be posted on my art blogs as well.

  • You should probably follow at least one of my blogs, theangrybee or heterochromiaturian. You don’t have to though.
  • No Giveaway blogs please.
  • Reblogs and/or likes are cool but they only count once
  • SFW only please, One character only, otherwise i can pretty much draw everything. 
  • If you are the winner you must reply to me in 24 hours after I make an effort to contact you or I will pick someone else.  Keep your ask box open or turmblr’s terribad chat thing available so I can contact you
  • I will use one of the random generators to pick the winner. 
  • Again, I can pretty much draw everything. If you win, send me a ton of refs and info so I draw your subject correctly.

The giveaway ends APRIL 8TH AT 12AM (mountain daylight time \ -6 GMT ) I’ll announce the winner the next day.

hey i need more people to follow so like/reblog this and ill check out ur blog! u should do this if you post any of this:

-aesthetic stuff (sunsets, lyric edits, plants, etc.)
-tokyo ghoul (especially tsukiyama!)
-fire emblem
-pixel art
-sports anime in general
-anime in general tbh
-manga caps (especially bl)
-fan art/edits for haikyuu

also for haikyuu these ships:

bonus if you post:
-kuriyami ni strobe
-transvolleys anything
-south park
-anything gay tbh

ill check out your blog and probably follow you!! im in need of new mutuals ☆彡

Okay guys, though I already followed lots of anime blogs, I still don’t see a lot on my dash for some reason, so please like/reblog this post or send me a message if you post any of the following manga/animes and/or ships and I WILL check your blog out mkay?

So, like/reblog/ask if you post:

-SNK (especially if you post Eruri)

-Free! (especially if you post Reigisa)

-Love Stage!

-Dmmd (both game and anime~)


-Soul Eater

-Code:Breaker (it’s literally my fave manga but I never see anyone posting about it *sob*)

-Any art/mangas by Ogawa Chise (Especially if you post links to them too <3)

-Any art/mangas by Junko (Especially if you post links to them too c:)

-Pretty much if you post yaoi mangas/anime/doujinishis of before-mentioned fandoms but also post links to at least some of them, then yes (and if you post links to everything then bless u and ur dog and ur family and whatnot ok)

ALSO, not fandom related, but if you post art references, tutorials etc then same goes for you <3

That’s pretty much it. I do NOT mind if you’re a multi-fandom blog (I am too so I feel ya~), as long as you often post one or more of this stuff <3

(i don’t mind if you’re in the fandom but post different ships either, it’s 100% ok c:) 

So yup. Like or reblog or just send me an ask, and I’ll check your blog out, promise <3

***update! Since people are still noticing this i should probably add my current main fandom to the list, Voltron ✨ if you’re a voltron blog ((not nsfw please!!! This goes to all the fandoms tagged)) then shoot me a message/like and ill check out your blog ^^
Amazing artists

4I planned to do such a post a while ago and here is it. I found a bunch of really good artists here on tumblr, but poorly they aren’t seen by many people. To be honest I can’t understand why. This is why I put every artist I follow in this post with a little description. You guys should really check them out!
@lllannah I found her only a day ago. I saw a drawing of gangrel of her and I just had to look what she draws. I really like her colorings and hey… She got it somehow to draw Excellus in really hot! Alone because of this it is word to follow this artist! She earned my full respect with it!
@lupin-bitch I found her because of a bunch of comics she draw. Also an alien au thing which is really really good! Even the artist herself is a really nice person!
@4-panel-life really really nice comics. I swear: You will see yourself in her drawings often enough! And you will laugh about the truth she draw!
@alphina she has a really smoth style. I really love it and it looks so cute! Her colorings are like watercolor if you ask me, maybe it is? I dunno. But I like her art which is mostly (only?) Fire emblem related
@angieruinsfireemblem if you are homophobic: Don’t check this blog out. if you are not: LOOK AT IT! She draws a lot comics and pictures about Angela (Her OC or whatever xD) and Lucina. I never saw a artstyle like hers, really! (And you will laugh, you will laugh and ‘aww’ so much!)
@art-of-monkan mostly black and white as far as I saw it. But they are really worth to look at! (And I know that my discriptions got shorter and shorter but… I’m so lazy! I’m so sorry >.< You should just follow every single one of them!)
@rufurufu (Thanks for my Avatar here on Tumblr!)
I know… I wanted to write to everybody something… but you see how many they are! And It would all same simiar because of my lack on vocabularys (And I am not good in giving critic xD) I just can say that you should follow every single one of them and reblog their art! (I would even buy their art but I have no money ;-; So is this my way to support them) Probably I forgot a lot of artists too! Maybe I will add them later if I found them… But meanwhile… 1. you should look at this blogs and 2. if you want to reblog this post and add artists you like too!