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What encompasses Morrison's DC saga? How should it be approached?

Great question! Let’s put together a reading list.

This is going to be a lot, and even seem like it’s everything he’s done for DC, but it’s actually not. I’m only going to include the things through which you can trace particular story threads. So, for example, even though his work on Doom Patrol with Richard Case is ostensibly about DC superheroes, it does not cross over in any way with his work on Superman or Batman or whatever.

I think probably the best way to work through this stuff is chronologically by publication, more or less, so I’m going to list it that way. Here we go!

Animal Man

JLA vol 1


JLA vol 2

Flash: Emergency Stop/Human Race

JLA vol 3

DC One Million

JLA vol 4

JLA Earth 2

JLA Classified #1-3 (this used to be collected in the JLA vol 4 HC, but is not in the TPB, I guess? Doesn’t seem to be collected anywhere else. edit: Oh yeah, there’s this. It’s out of print, but can be obtained used for low prices.)

Seven Soldiers vol 1

Seven Soldiers vol 2

All-Star Superman


Batman and Son

(optional, as not by Morrison, but recommended: The Black Casebook)

Batman RIP

Final Crisis

Time and the Batman

Batman Reborn

Batman vs Robin

Batman and Robin Must Die

Return of Bruce Wayne (what you should really do is read the last volume up through issue 15, then read RoBW, then go back and finish the last volume. I think I’ve got that straight.)

Batman Incorporated vol 1

Batman Incorporated vol 1 (no, the OTHER vol 1)

Batman Incorporated vol 2

(or instead of the last two volumes, get the Absolute Batman Inc)

Superman and the Men of Steel


At the End of Days


Aaaaaaand I think that’s it? You can also read Gothic if you want all of Morrison’s Batman stuff, but it doesn’t really tie in to everything else except maybe in terms of themes and motifs.

And like, for a fuller, rounder understanding of some things, you should probably also read non-Morrison stories that influenced his work, like Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, Len Wein’s run on Justice League, and Dark Knight, Dark City.

Happy reading! Sorry if your wallet takes a hit.

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I saw your post earlier about reading mythology if you wanted to write. I must admit I am a little intimidated by mythology. Can you recommend any particular works to start with? I would really appreciate it!! Thank you ❤️

For Greek mythology, I would strongly suggest Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. It’s pretty much a classic, it’s easy to read, and it’s easy to look up the various stories about the figures in myth on the fly. 

Anybody interested in incorporating Christian myth and themes into their writing in any way should probably read Milton (Paradise Lost) and Dante’s The Divine Comedy (or at least Inferno if you can’t make it through all three of the books). Not the lightest reads, but there are companions out there that can help you get through them.

I’m not as well versed on other mythologies, I’m afraid, and don’t have any specific recommendations. Most of the books and articles I’ve read have been on the fly! 

I do strongly urge you to fact check any info you read on mythology, especially if its from another culture (and doubly so if said mythology has any religious significance to a culture). Misinformation is rampant out there.

Quick Protip: You can search for types of websites by starting your query with the phrase site:“.edu” for example - like so - 

This is a GREAT way to ensure you’re getting the best sources possible for your research. Searching by “.edu” sites ensures you primarily get academic/university sources. So you can avoid your first page of results being flooded with crap like this -

Cheers and happy myth researching!