i should probably graphic something now

So today I put some more effort into my logo’s since I want to launch my own patreon soon, hopefully after June, than I am done with college and I am thinking if I should go than to university or something like that or go and make my own business, start a job as freelance artist/ or as desktop publisher. 

Here you see my new logo designs I am going to use now from now on. I will make a Tumblr and instagram version later probably. What do you guys think?

And who does needs a knew logo? Cause I am after june, officially an desktop publisher haha and I want to design your logo or folders, think about any advertisement you want, just contact me and we can work this out together. :)


So you want to start a roleplay, but are worried about not knowing how to be an admin? Or maybe you’ve admined before, but you always felt like you were doing something wrong. Everyone gets worried, and no one is a perfect admin. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect admin. But here’s a few tips and guidelines that should help you figure out things.

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Life would be much simpler if we received a warning before it changed forever. An alarm to alert us when that first seemingly random event of Chaos Theory occurred. That way we’d know to prepare for its butterfly effect. If only humans had that luxury. Maybe I would’ve been able to prepare myself. For her.

Inspired by/based on the book “Night Owl” by M. Pierce. 

Warnings: Minor character deaths, mentions of addiction and stalking, strong sexual content.

Special thanks to wheneverdeen for the idea for this story. It was both a blessing and a curse.  

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Rules, bitches:

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  • ENDS AT 2PM CST ON 9/18
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  • Probably should mention that winners get a spot on my blog, a graphic and promo announcing that they won, and idk. Whatever you want. I’ll do anything for you guys. :D

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