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Miscommunication - An Andraste’s Witch Side Story

Pairings: Cullen x F!Witch!Inquisitor

Rating: NSFWish 

Summary: As Cullen struggles a wee bit with jealousy, Finley jumps to the wrong conclusions. 

Word Count: 1197

For @thesecondsealwrites‘ #sexlaughterhonesty week <3

Andraste’s Witch


Cullen lay in bed, staring up through the hole in his ceiling at the night sky as he tried to think of anything other than the brave warden currently residing in Skyhold.

Finley was his—or he liked to think so, anyway, considering he was the one she curled up with at night—and yet there was no denying the way her whole face lit up the second Alistair walked into the room. She always dropped whatever she was doing to ask how he felt, to feel him for a fever, to inspect every inch of him she could see for signs he might be sick.

She was a healer, and a damned good one, and Cullen tried to tell himself she was just being dutiful, but she never did that to him and more than that, today, when she’d been inspecting Alistair, her fingers had feathered against the man’s cheek, and Cullen had nearly lost it.

He didn’t want her touching anyone else so intimately, even if she was a healer, even if…

Maker help him, but he felt like an idiot.

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Quark’s Massively Massive Rec List, Pt. III

Part I | Part II

Not quite as long since the last one, but there’s been so much good fic in the fandom lately and if I’ve got to be sick at least let me do something useful with my time.

As before, this is an arbitrarily organized list of some of the best Hawke/Fenris fic I’ve enjoyed over the last few months. I apologize in advance if I’ve left someone off; while I tried to make a more cohesive effort to copy down everything I wanted to rec, I’ve almost certainly left some treasures off all the same.

Most of these fics female Hawke; most are also completed. WIPs will be marked in the label. I’ve also linked tumblrs where I know them, so if you’d like yours added to the list, please let me know!

Happy reading!

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