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From the Wreckage

summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a couple of years now. Lately, he has become extremely distant. You worry that the end of your relationship is in sight. - requested by anon. (want to make a request?)

words: 2,912

contains: angst? but it turns fluffy!  


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I was losing him, and I didn’t know why, or how to stop it.

 I met Bucky about six months after he was accused of the bombings in Vienna. He had been all over the news – people debating whether or not the Winter Soldier was a criminal. People demanded he and Captain America be charged with treason, terrorism, basically anything they could think of that had even the slimmest chance of sticking. It was a debate that took over news channels for months and months. People wanted so-called justice, but no one could find Captain Rogers or his team.

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Fuck You Logan, Fuck You

Warning: cussing, SMUT, orgasm denial, UNPROTECTED SMUT (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT), Daddy kink and handcuffs, if i forgot something let me know

Pairing: Logan Howlett/Wolverine x reader, Remy LeBeau, Bobby, Rogue, Charles Xavier

A/n:This took me what feels like forever to write. It seems I can never do a fic with Logan without Remy in it. This is the longest smut I’ve written (4428 words, HOLY SHIT) and I really hope I did Logan justice. Plus thank you to @a-lonely-string for the inspiration for this since we were talking about him over the past few days and @petlaufeyson for recommending another song to add to my smut writing play list, IT REALLY HELPED. If you’re not a Logan girl, after this you may be one. Sorry not sorry. If anyone has anything negative about this, COME TO ME or FUCK OFF! I didn’t edit this because I tend to do it while I write.

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Part 1 Part 2

               “Fuck you Logan. FUCK YOU.” You stormed off towards your room in the mansion. You lived in the mansion longer than Logan did and you sure as hell lived just as long as he has. You both were pretty much immortal but lately he didn’t think so. At the moment you hated him, you hated him because you were trying to do your job. A job that you do pretty damn well, might you add, but still. He tried to prevent you from saving a group of young mutants before the government tried to kill them. “Fucking Logan. God, he pisses me the fuck off.”

               “I haven’t heard such a beautiful woman talk like that, Cherie.” Remy stood at your door looking in at you as you stood there in your uniform pants and your black lace bra.

               “What the fuck do you want, Rem. Can I try to relax before you start trying to flirt with me?” You looked at him. You were pissed and he could see it.

               “What did he do this time?” He tried to step closer but all you did was growled at him, making him stop almost all movement. “Okay, okay.” He held up his hands in surrender. “He must have done something stupid to turn such a kitten into a lion.” He was still going to try to flirt with you. Knowing what your abilities were. Super human strength, shift into a feline (ranging from cat to lion), healing like Logan, and everything that comes with being a feline.

               “Really Rem. I swear he thinks that just because I’m a few years younger means I’m fucking fragile or something. We both are mutants, right?” You look up at him as you walked over to your dresser. Remy nodded his head as his answer. “Why can’t he see that I’m a big girl and don’t need daddy fucking me over every fucking chance he gets.”

               “The two of you should just sleep together and get it over with.” He smirked at you as you pulled a clean pair of panties and a huge shirt from your dresser. Tossing them on your bed.

               “You know what Rem, fuck off. Better yet, go the hell away so I can try to relax.” Remy shook his head and turned from your room and walked down the hall, probably to go flirt with one of the other teachers or bug Logan. You didn’t care, you just wanted to relax.

               You walked into your bathroom and opted to run a bath instead of a shower. Dealing with a man that healed just as quickly as you and a temper of a five year who had their candy taken from them, you needed a bath. You added some bath oils to the water that you knew would help with your muscles and your stress levels. The smells of lavender, blueberry and a hint of sugar cookie (a slight weakness of yours) filled the room. You stripped the rest of the way down, tossing the rest of your uniform into your room landing somewhere with a thud. Not that you cared at the moment.

               You slipped into the relaxing hot water and leaned your head against the back of the tub. You relished in the heat sinking into your muscles and the scents that filled the room helped you start to relax. You had managed to let your eyes drift shut as you laid there, calming and finally relaxing.


*Logan’s POV*


               “Fuck you Logan. FUCK YOU.” (Y/n) stormed off, her ass looked amazing as she did. ‘God, get a grip with yourself Logan. She now hates you.’ I walked into Charles’ office.

               “She doesn’t hate you, Logan. She’s just pissed, give her some time then go talk to her.” He didn’t even look up from the papers on his desk. “If you stopped treating her the way you do. You two would be the perfect team again.”

               “How I treat her. She almost got killed.”

               “Do you honestly think that will happen, Logan?”

               What the fuck was he talking… Fuck she has pretty much the same mutation as I do. I’ve been a dick for no damn fucking reason.

               “I take it you realized something.” He looked up at me and smiled. “Like I said, give some time to cool off and then go talk to her.” I nodded my head and walked away.

               I walked up to my room, closing the door behind me I stripped off my uniform and pulled on something comfortable. I walked down to the kitchen, food sounded great at the moment. Gambit was sitting at the table with looked like his cards.

               “What the hell did you do to our little kitten that she would nearly scratch me?” He kept messing with his cards as I dug through the fridge. “The two of you should really fuck and get it over with. The sexual tension between you and Cherie is driving most of us insane.” I placed some food on the counter and looked at him. “Don’t look at me like that, Logan. You know damn well what I’m talking about.”

               “We had to rescue a few groups of kids and she tried to throw herself in front a small group of kids but I pulled her back and I took most of the blast, which apparently pissed her off. I totally forgot her mutation is like mine.” My gaze dropped to the food in front of me.

               “Now that somewhat explains why she was pissed. From the sound of it, you tend to do that a lot.”

               “What do you mean from the sound of it? What the hell did she say?” I looked up at him, getting pissed again.

               He got up from his seat and walked towards the door. “She said something like she’s a big girl and not needing daddy fucking her over ever chance or something like that. I couldn’t pay much attention, she was standing there in half her uniform and a black lace bra.” I don’t know why but thinking of her calling me daddy was a bit of a turn on. Thank god for the counter in front of me.

               Before I could say anything, he was out the damn door. God, she was going to be the death of me but first I need to see what (Y/n) meant when she called me daddy. I could feel the smirk on my face. I sat down and ate my food, giving her some time to cool off.


*Normal POV*


               You felt better now that you were able to relax. The water had cooled off to the point it was getting cold. You sat up and got out of the tub then quickly dried off. You loved that the bath relieved your stress but you knew it would never fix the problem know as Logan. Thinking of him right now caused a headache that you didn’t need or want. You stepped out of your bathroom and low and behold, guess who’s sitting on your bed. Logan. You groaned at the sight of him leaning against the back of the door. His big muscular arm crossed over his broad chest as he just stood there with his eyes now trained on you since you opened your bathroom door.

               “UGH, what the fuck are you doing in my room?” You didn’t pay notice that he was now looking you over. “Did you come to fuck up my night as well, Logan?” He smirked at you. ‘Why the hell was he smirking?’

               “I came to apologize for earlier.” You looked up at him with shock.

               “Wow the infamous Wolverine wants to apologize.” You rolled your eyes at him as you walked over to your bed, his eyes followed your ass as you walked. You could feel him staring at you. What you weren’t expecting was that he stood up straight and walked over to you. You were facing your bed when you felt his hands on your hips.

               “Yes, sweetheart, I’m trying to apologize. I admit I don’t do it often.”

               “But?” You had a bit of sarcasm in your voice and he clearly heard it.

               “There is no buts the only but I want is yours.” You turned around and looked into his eye. You almost couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Remy told me what you said earlier.” What did Rem tell him? He leaned in and placed his soft lips to your shoulder. “The only fucking over Daddy’s going to do is fucking you over and over tonight.” Your breath hitched in the back of your throat as your mind was piecing together what was happening. Of course you’ve thought of riding this man like the beast he is or how amazing it would feel to have him coming at you from behind. You bit your lip in hopes to hold back a moan.

               You let your hands travel up his arms until they reached his shoulders. Your fingers started playing with the hair at the base of his neck as you felt his teeth against your neck. You moaned as he bit down harder. You instantly ripped off his shirt, gaining a growl from deep in his chest. His hands traveled down to the backs of your thighs. He mumbled jump against your neck and you jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. You instantly felt how hard he was and ground down on him causing you both to moan. One of his hands slid up to your ass and gave it a rough squeeze, pulling a loud moan from your lips as your head fell back. He laid you down on your bed then stepping away from you. He walked over to your night stand and opened the top drawer, he was somewhat shocked to see a pair of handcuffs in there but he knew you well enough that you had a few kinks up your sleeve.

               “Logan.” He looked down at you with a half-smile.

               “Nah uh, you get to call me daddy baby girl.” You had to rub your thighs together, the way he sounded when he spoke made you wet. He reached down and grabbed your hands, raising them above your head and cuffing them to your head board. To say you were shocked would have been a lie, you were more turned on more than anything.

               “So, daddy, how long have you thought of doing this?” You tried to keep your voice seductive especially with the word daddy. You saw him twitch under his sweat pants. You couldn’t help but lick your lips at the sight before you.

               “You have no idea baby girl.” He smirked down at you as he walked to the end of your bed. He stood there for a moment, admiring how you were laid out for him on your bed. You looked up at him, admiring his hard chiseled chest. You bit your lip as seductively as possible in hopes he would do something. He gave you a slight smirk before he dropped his sweats and crawled half way up the bed. You felt his breath on your legs as he crawled up. You thought you knew what he was going to do but it didn’t happen. He peppered kisses along the tops of your thighs and from time to time he would bite down on your soft flesh, pulling soft moans from you. At times you thought he would bite hard enough to draw blood, not that you were complaining. His hands slowly worked their way up your thighs, slowly pushing them open so he could see every inch of you. Logan let out an animalistic growl once you were completely open to him.

               He let himself be taken over by animal instincts and dove into you. His tongue made contact with your clit, making you moan loudly and causing you to pull at your restraints. Your head fell back against the pillow as he inserted a single finger. Moving it slowly in and out of you, dragging the pleasure out as much as possible. You bucked your hips up which caused him to lay his other hand across your lower abdomen pinning you in place. You needed more friction than what he was giving you.

               “Daddy” You softly panted out softly, causing him to look up at you. “If you don’t pick up the pace, I’m not going to have to explain to Hank how a pair of Vibranium handcuffs broke.” He eyes went full blown with lust. He added another finger and started to pick up the pace, quickly.

               “Is that better, baby girl?” He smirked up at you as you threw your head back on a loud moan. Your back arched off the bed as his lips attached themselves back onto your clit. You felt the knot in your stomach tighten as his fucked you with his hand. He took his fingers away causing you to whimper at the loss but moaned even louder as he slid his tongue into you. The pleasure was almost unbearable, he could tell you were close. “Cum baby girl. Cum for daddy.” With that your body shook, your orgasm raking through your body like a tidal wave. His tongue was buried deep inside you, lapping up everything you had to offer. Your body had become sensitive, you felt every hair on his face against your legs. You moaned softly as he gave you one last lick before making his way up your body. Kissing and biting along your stomach and all around each breast. Taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it pulling wanton moans from your lips. His hands slid up your body, one taking your lonely breast while the other laid on your hip. You felt want and need build back up as he took your other nipple into his mouth. He mumbled something about being a good girl. He continued up your chest to your collar bone, nibbling along the bone and up the side of your neck. He sucked on your neck, leaving dark spots that would soon fade. “You’re such a good girl for daddy.”

               His hand slid up and into your hair, pulling it back hard causing your head to snap back and a moan escaping your lips. You felt him twitch against your thigh, a bead of pre-cum slipped from the slit and was spread across the top of your thigh. You raised your hips slightly, grinding up against him pulling a groan from him. Logan pulled back from your neck and gave you an evil smirk. He repositioned himself where if he was to grind down, the head of his cock would push against your clit. Then that was exactly what he did, pulling a loud moan from your lips. You bucked your hips just to feel the pressure against your clit again, making the man above you groan as he drops his head.

               “Daddy please.” Your voice was breathy.

               “Please what, baby girl.” His voice was low and husky which only made you need him even more.

               “I need you.” He looked down at you releasing your hair and gripped himself. He lined himself up to your core and slowly pushed in. You moaned at the sensation of being stretched. You dug your nails into his shoulders as he continued to push into you. His head fell to the crook of your neck as he bottomed out, groaning at the sensation of you completely surrounding him warm and tight. He stayed still for a moment, causing you discomfort was furthest from his mind. “Fuck.” Panting as you bucked your hips up, taking him in even further. He took this as a sign as to start moving. He pulled back, leaving the head of his cock inside you then slamming back into you. You screamed in pleasure as you pulled on your restraints. This only spurred him on, fucking you harder and faster. Suddenly he pulled out, causing you to whine at the loss of him inside you. “What the fuck?” You barely able to breathe out.

               “I’m planning on taking you in more than one position, sweetheart.” His voice husky as his breathe fanned over your skin as he uncuffed you from the headboard. You sat up and as you did, Logan managed to get both your wrists behind your back and cuffed them in place. You looked up at him in disbelief while he just smirked down at you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and your legs instantly wrapped around his waist. He walked you over to your dresser and sat you on top, pulling your ass to the edge then sliding back into you. You both moaned loudly as he slammed back into you. His hands gripping your hips as your head falls into the crock of his neck, your lips found the skin there and your teeth bit down hard causing him to thrust harder into you. You swore the force he used would cause the dresser to move but it didn’t, you were extremely glad that the dresser didn’t budge as Logan fucked into you.

               You felt that knot in your stomach grow tight again. Winding tighter with every thrust, with every sound that fell from his lips. You were closer to cumming this time and he decides to pull out. You groaned in protest and whimpered in loss of him again. He had a wicked smirk on his face and you knew right then you were in for a long night. He instantly flipped you over, your chest was now lying flat on top of your dresser. He spread your legs a little then gripped your hips with a bruising force causing you to whimper. Your head laid on the dresser as you looked back at him, sending him your own smirk.

               “Don’t get too comfortable being in charge right now Daddy because once these,” you wiggle your cuffed hands, “I’m going to show you just who’s in charge.” Just then he slammed into you from behind causing you to scream in pleasure. God, he felt fucking amazing inside you.

               “Is that so, baby girl?” His breathe fluttered against your ear. He started thrusting in and out of you as his grip tightened slightly, causing you to moan loudly with every thrust. You felt one of his hands leave your hip and tangled into your hair, pulling back slightly making your sounds echo off the wall in front of you. That was when you felt a sting on your ass. You whimpered when he spanked you again. You bucked your hips back causing him to go deeper than ether of you thought was possible. Logan growled as he started to really thrust into you. You were quickly reaching your high again, you were starting to contemplate on begging him for release. With one final hard thrust, Logan stilled for a moment. You could feel how hard he still was and you knew he wasn’t done with you. He pulled out of you, again. Without a word, he picked you up and carried you back to the bed. Setting you down on your knees. You looked up at him slightly confused and panting. All he did was kneel down behind you. You felt his hands on you, one on your hip and the other on your shoulder. He gently pushed you down so your shoulders were on the mattress and your face felt the cool sheets of your bed, giving you some relief to your over heated skin. He then pushed into you again. You were starting to get sensitive and moaned as he slid in. Your arousal was dripping down the sides of your legs and all over him as he began to thrust into you again. You managed to force your ass back as he thrusted forward causing him to moan loud. The sounds of skin slapping skin, his moans and groans, and the sounds you were making filled the room. Logan was getting close to his release and so were you.

               He then did something that you were expecting, he uncuffed you. You smirked as you moaned with pleasure as he fucked into you. Your hands landing on the bed and you pushed yourself up. With the added leverage of your arms, you threw yourself back into him. You heard him swear as you started taking control of things. You started to thrust yourself back into him and you felt him stop moving. You kept this up for a while, his hands landing on your hips as you fucked yourself on him. Before he could register what was going on, you pulled yourself off him whimpering slightly as the feeling of being empty surged through you. You turned and looked at him.

               “I told you Daddy, once the cuffs come off I’m gonna show you who’s in charge.” You smirked at him as you pushed him onto his back. You climbed up onto him, biting into his neck as you grabbed his cock and lined him up to your entrance. You slowly lowered yourself onto him, causing him to grip your ass tightly and a string of cuss words falling from his lips. You released his neck as you sat up, moaning at the action. You raised up slightly and slowly moved back down. Logan’s head fell back onto the bed, he was going to burst at any moment and you knew it. So you decide to take mercy on him. You started to move a bit faster, every time you would roll your hips or raise up you would do it harder and faster than the last time. You ran your nails down his chest. Anger red lines followed, some even bleed a little but healed quickly. You felt the knot in your stomach get tighter and you knew you were close to your peak with the sounds that Logan was making he was too. You ran a hand down your body and started rubbing on your clit with the perfect pressure. Your orgasm raked through your body, hard. You came on a scream of his name. You clamped down hard on him, pulling him over the edge with you. His nails digging into you as he shot himself into you and started to fuck up into you, prolonging both of your orgasms. You leaned forward, placing your head in the crock of his neck. One of his hands slid up your back and stopped at the base of your neck, holding you to him as you both came down from your highs.

               You slowly and carefully raised yourself up and off of him then flopping onto the bed next to him. He placed a kiss to the top of your head before he got up and walked over to your bathroom. You faintly heard the sink turn on then off. Logan came back with a washcloth and cleaned you up before laying back down next to you, pulling you back into his chest. Your hand rested on his chest and you started to mess with his chest hair. He started carding his hand through your hair and your eyes started to droop. Moments later, the both of you fell asleep.

               The next morning you woke up still in his arms. To be honest, it was the best night’s sleep you ever got. You barely managed to get out of the bed without waking Logan, you knew he was a bear to deal with when he is woken up before he woke up himself. You relieved yourself before pulling on a pair of panties and a large shirt that you think you stole from Logan on a mission a few years back without him knowing. You slipped out of your room quietly and made your way down to the kitchen. Remy sat at the table along with Bobby and Rogue, all of them with smiles on their faces.

               “You guys seem to be in a good mood this morning.” You looked at the clock on the microwave, seeing that it was only 9 in the morning.

               “We are.” Remy got up and walked over to you. “How did you sleep last night, Cherie?” He leaned in close to your ear.

               “I slept great last night, Rem.” You smirked at him as you moved to make yourself a bowl of cereal.

               “Oh really, Cherie? Mind if I ask why?” He smirked back at you.

               “I’m not telling you, Rem. You don’t need to know.” You grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured some over your cereal. You grabbed a spoon before walking over to the table and sat down next to Rogue. “Besides, it won’t stop you from flirting with me.” Rogue giggled and Bobby rolled his eyes.

               “Really?” Remy cocked his eyebrow at you. “Have you seen Logan? He is normally up by now.”

               “I have and I’m not telling you where.” You chuckled as you ate your breakfast.

               Logan walked into the kitchen in his sweats from last night. You were so glad that you both heal quickly, you didn’t need Remy giving you an even harder time than he already does. Remy looks at him then back at you and smiles. It was like something clicked in his mind.

               Once you finished your breakfast, you walked over to the sink where Logan just happened to be. You felt his hand on your ass as you placed your bowl in the sink. Bobby and Rogue got up from their seats and left. Remy still had a smirk on his face.

               “You two finally did it, didn’t you?”

               “What makes you think that, Rem?” You looked up at him and you couldn’t keep a smile off your face.

               “Finally!” He grinned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving you and Logan alone.

               Logan pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around your waist. You leaned up and placed your lips to his. He squeezed your butt causing you to squeal a little.

               “You know, I’m glad that Hank sound proofed my room.” Logan looked down at you almost confused. “You couldn’t hear a stadium full of fans screaming in my room.” The look of confusion faded into a wicked smile.

               “You mean we can do last night all day?”

               “Since it’s Saturday and there are no classes to teach, yes.” As the last word barely left your lips, Logan threw you over his shoulder and walked you back towards your room.

bts reaction to: you making them breakfast in bed

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jin: thought it was the perfect thing to wake up to. two of his favorite things wavering before him the moment he cracks open his eyes – that’s the life, man. he would make you come and sit next to him, feeding you more than himself, smiling as you happily devour the food.
“i’m the luckiest man in the world.”

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suga: lazily grins as you near him, tray locked in your grasp. “for me?”
he would jocosely admonish you for limiting your sleep to care for him, and would split the food in half, letting you enjoy some with him, maybe even requesting permission to give some to the members.

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namjoon: the smile gracing his face would rival the sunlight filtering into the room. he would be so happy, but also a little guilty. he couldn’t help but wonder if you’d missed some hours of sleep for this or skipped doing something more important. he would return the favor the next day, feeding you breakfast and kissing your cheeks.

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jimin: would shyly fumble out of bed, helping you carry the tray. “here – i’ve got it. you get in bed.” you would take turns feeding each other and he would blush everytime you mused about how cute he was. he would be so thankful for what you’d done for him, making sure to repay the favor as soon as he could.

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jungkook: grins unconsciously, letting you climb in next to him. he would be so thankful, promising to pay you back. he would let you feed him between chaste kisses, playfully offering you food by putting it in his mouth (so you can kiss him again). he would muse to his hyungs all about it later when they were at practice.

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taehyung: would be so surprised. “i-i felt you leave the bed earlier, but i thought you had to go the bathroom…”
he would melt so much when you fed him, offering to take turns so you could eat as well. knowing you cared so much about him made him feel so loved and happy. like jungkook, he would tell the boys all about it the moment he got the chance.

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hoseok: “oh, you didn’t have to do that!” he feels he should be making you breakfast in bed as he’s the one always gone and he feels like he neglects you. he would appreciate the gesture, but would probably just feed you instead unless you wanted to feed him. he would feel so touched and loved and you’d spend the rest of the morning cuddling, enjoying each other’s presence.

The Wedding Planner (Part 2)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Author’s Note: at last! part 2 of this series. thank you all so much for all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving, it means the world to me. I’ve had to re-post this a couple of times because it seems as if Tumblr is just preventing me from uploading new things I guess. Hope you like!

Part 1

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INTP Over thinking Situations;
  • (*immediately after talking to someone*)
  • INTP: *smiling* that went more smoothly than I expected.
  • (*30 seconds later*)
  • INTP: *smile slowly vanishes* or did it?..well,in any case,it's over at least.
  • (*2 minutes later*)
  • INTP: *frowning* oh my god, I was not witty enough.That reply I gave at the end was stupid...
  • (*3 hours later*)
  • INTP: *wheeeeez* That compliment was racist... and sexist.she probably thinks I'm a jerk by now.. ..SWEET JESUS....
  • (*2 years later in bed*)
  • INTP: *sigh* I should have fist-bumped instead of going for a hug,it was stupidest thing I've ever done.EVER..*sigh*...I will never talk to anyone again.
Not Your Dean (Part 16)

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Summary: One day Dean shows up and moves back into the bunker. The only problem is he’s a demon and he’s hiding something…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: *shakes head at reader*…

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Pieces (M)

Drabble game request: “It’s getting late.” + Taehyung + fluff/smut + friends with benefit au | for @the95liner

Character / Genre: Taehyung x reader | FWB!au, Mature contents, smut | 1,568 words

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Wolfgang and Kala are living in Paris. In the morning, Kala wakes up and finds Wolfgang is by the balcony…smoking. Kala approaches and asks ‘what are you doing?’ Wolfgang shows his cigeratte and says ‘having breakfast’.

Kala frowns a little ‘it’s not healthy’ Wolfgang asks what he should have instead. Before Kala gets time to come up with a list, Wolfgang interrupts ‘wait, I know’ and kisses her softly.

Kala gently taps on his stomach ‘Not a bad choice but it’s not going to fill your stomach’ Wolfgang smiles ‘I don’t mind. It tastes nice’…kisses her and takes her back to their bed.

BTS Reacts to You Being Shy Around the Other Members

Hey guys! Sorry, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted….. I’m home for the weekend so I may not be able to update as much as I usually do because I don’t have wifi at home. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES OF GIFS USED, I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts reacts to their s/o being shy around their other members

1. Jin

     Jin would notice that you weren’t really talking. He would intertwine his fingers with yours and slowly try to ease you into the conversation. He would try to stay by your side as much as possible to avoid letting you get overwhelmed by personalities like V and J-Hope.

     If you were still a little shy, he might pull aside Rapmon and Suga, requesting that they ask you questions every once in a while. He’s hoping that if some of the members show an interest in getting to know you, it might help you relax. He knew Rapmon and Suga wouldn’t ask too many questions, so they were his best bet. He will probably to to you about it when he takes you home. 

     “Trust me, Jagi. None of them will think anything bad about you because you’re a wonderful person. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think you were worth every challenge. We’ll work through this together,” he says, kissing you softly as he strokes your cheek gently.

2. Suga

     Suga may not notice at first. He doesn’t talk much, so he wouldn’t necessarily think it was strange. When someone asked you a question and you stuttered over your answer, you voice quiet, he would know something was wrong. Since he has social anxiety, he would be the most understanding of your situation. 

     That being said, he wouldn’t try to force you into the conversation, instead choosing to let you decided when you’re ready to interact comfortably. When you get home, he wouldn’t bring it up. You would probably watch tv for a bit, just like any normal day. He doesn’t want to make you feel like how you interacted with the guys changes the way that he feels about you. 

     “I have to be in the studio early tomorrow, so we should probably go to bed soon,” His voice tired after socially interacting all day as his head rests in your lap, your fingers softly stroking through his hair.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope, being a ball of literal sunshine, would notice pretty fast that your weren’t talking. He would sit next to you and try to pull you into the conversation at every opportunity. It would be a little while before he realized he was making you more uncomfortable instead of alleviating your stress. J-Hope wouldn’t wait until you get home to discuss it with you, he would pull you into side room, just the two of you. 

     “I’m sorry, Jagi. I didn’t mean to make you more uncomfortable,” His expression showing how disappointed he is in himself,” What can I do to help, Jagi? Is there anything we can do to make it easier?”

4. Rap Monster

     There’s two ways it could go with Rapmon. He would either notice immediately or he wouldn’t notice at all. If he did notice, he would probably try his best to involve you in the conversation subtly. 

     His hand would rest on your knee as he talks to some of the other members. He would ask his opinion on issues he knows you care about, trying to see if it might help your open up a little. When you get home, he would pull you into a tight hug, his hand rubbing up and down your back. 

     “Thank you for trying, Baby. It will get easier with time, and I’ll help you in anyway I can. I’m sure I can find some advice online that might help too,” He says, resting his chin on the top of your head.

5. Jimin

     Jimin wouldn’t notice right away. After a while, he would notice that you were a lot quieter than usual. He may not realize that it’s because you’re feeling shy, instead thinking that you’re feeling unwell. He would keep a close on you, eventually pulling you away from the group to ask if you were feeling okay. When you explained that you were feeling shy, he would feel both relieved and confused.

     “Why, Jagi? You that they would never dislike you, right?” His fingers would brush along your jaw,” Even if we’re popular, we’re still human and we have flaws. None of them are going to tear you apart…. Actually, on second thought, steer clear of Suga-hyung. He didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”

6. V

     In all honesty, I don’t think V would notice. Not because of his super 4D personality, but because he would be distracted by talking and having fun with everyone. It’s not that he would forget you were there, he would probably be holding your hand or touching you in some way for most of the day. But, since you haven’t said anything about your discomfort, he wouldn’t notice.

     Most likely, Jin would notice and be worried that you don’t like them, which he would express to V privately. Only then, would V notice that you weren’t really really talking. He would pull you aside and ask if you were feeling okay. When you said you were feeling a bit shy, he would pull you into a tight hug. 

     “I’m sorry I didn’t notice, Jagi. We can go home if you want. Or, we can try again. I’ll stay by your side the whole time,” he would say, leaving the choice up to you.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook would notice very early on that you were feeling shy, but he wouldn’t know how to help you. He would try his best to stay by your side, holding your hand as his thumb soothingly rubs circles into the back of your hand. He wouldn’t touch your much more than that because he knew his hyungs would tease both of you and he didn’t want to make you feel more uncomfortable. Once you were home, he still wouldn’t know how to broach the topic. He wouldn’t hold you close, kissing the top of your head.

     “I love you, Jagi,” He says, hoping that you can hear the unspoken promise to stay by your side. He kisses gently to seal the unspoke promise.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I have a few more requests left, but you can inbox me any requests you have!!

Request: “I know it’s 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat.” (from this prompt list)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Rating: PG (literally one swear word)

Synopsis: Reader lives in the same building as Peter and, when her cat goes missing from the apartment, she starts wandering the halls before running into Peter as he’s leaving his place.

Note: I’m moving my fanfiction from 5SOS ( @1980hood ) to Marvel! And I’ve noticed the Marvel writers tend to use second person but I’m more comfortable with first person so I’m going to stick with that. Hope that’s okay, y'all.

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Let’s tell another story where Voldemort, snippets of prophecy in hand, went after the Longbottoms instead of the Potters–

Neville Longbottom didn’t do magic until he was nearly eight (and even then it was just bouncing down the stairs after he had tripped), but his grandmother beamed proudly all the same. 

“Used up eight years of it slaying dark wizards,” she told her other society ladies over tea. 

But Neville, in any ‘verse, was not a stupid boy. When people praised him for things that weren’t his fault, he knew better than to believe they were looking at him. Overlooking the stammering, pudgy kid in the corner isn’t that much different from seeing the scar and not the boy. 

His grandmother smiled at him and Neville gulped, tried to will magic into being, because one day she would expect him to be done recuperating from his toddling heroism. 

This was a Neville who stepped onto Platform 9 ¾ with all eyes on him– the Remerberall clutched tight in one sweaty fist, the sleek black cat his uncle had bought him under the other arm. He did not ask for Hufflepuff, even though he wanted to, because he was supposed to be brave. 

Let’s tell this story: if Voldemort went after the Longbottoms, then the Lestranges went after the Potters. 

Peter still betrayed James and Lily to enemy hands. Sirius still chased him down and laughed when he was arrested on the blasted-apart street. Both of these boys were still raised by families that did not know how to love them. Just the scar exchanged hands. 

Except– I wonder if old Dumbledore would have made Harry go to the Dursleys then, or if that particular condemnation was only for the Boy Who Lived, who needed blood protection. Would Harry get to go to Lupin? Or maybe one of the Order members with a more stable income– Andromeda Tonks, maybe, who already had her own little girl to raise, and who despite all the complications did miss having siblings around. 

Little Nymphadora, who even then demanded to be called Tonks, turned her hair every color and let baby Harry tug on it. Harry grew up loved, in this world, but he still grew up lost. He still studied his reflection like meeting his eyes might mean meeting someone else’s. 

Harry still grew up knowing how to use a telephone, spent Christmases with Muggle grandparents. Andromeda went toe to toe with Dumbledore when she disagreed with him; “If I am to raise this boy, then I am going to. I won’t be your nanny, Albus. I don’t care what half a prophecy this boy once was. I don’t care if you glower. I’m a mother and I am a Black and you can think twice before you think about trying to frighten me.”

Ted told Harry and Tonks the story of Goldilocks (he turned his Metamorphmagus nose to a bear snout whenever appropriate), and Andromeda told them about the Deathly Hollows. 

“Which brother is the baby bear?” asked Tonks, not yet old enough for Hogwarts, a literary critic’s light in her eyes. “Which one is just right?”

When Harry went to St. Mungo’s, clinging to Andromeda’s steady hand, tugging on Lupin’s robe, Lily never quite met her son’s eyes. James stole bottle caps and played catch with shaking hands, tried to sneak them out into Harry’s pockets, grin skittering. 

“I think he thinks they’re snitches,” Lupin said. Harry was eight before he learned his father and Lupin were childhood friends. He was surprised. He’d always thought Lupin was much much older. 

In this world, on the Great Hall stone, there was a boy in the crowd named Ron who would be a Gryffindor, because every Weasley always was; there was a boy named Draco who would be a Slytherin, before the Hat had even barely touched his head. 

In this world, there was a boy in the crowd who would be a Hufflepuff, because his big sister was the best thing in the world and Nymphadora Tonks wore yellow on her sleeve. 

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Subtle (Part 3)

Word Count: 16.3K+
Rating: T
Catch up here, here, or here
Summary:  Barry and Iris’s pasts cause problems for both of them, but a small moment together provides a little solace.

Part 3: Shattered (Can You Put Me Back Together?)

The tension in the parked car could be cut with a knife. Barry, whose gaze had been fixed on the people walking past his window, cut a quick glance over his shoulder to look at his girlfriend sitting in the driver’s seat. A strand of her blonde hair had fallen in front of her eyes, but she made no attempt to brush it away. Her lips were pursed in a thin line and her eyes were narrowed as they stared sullenly out the front windshield. Despite the fact that the car had been turned off for the last ten minutes, her hands remained on the steering wheel that groaned under her palms from how tightly she was squeezing it. It was clear she was furious, and that fury, as evasive as she was attempting to make it appear, was clearly aimed directly at him, which was a conclusion that was confirmed when he reached out his hand to grab her right wrist, only for her to yank it out of his grasp before placing her hand back on the wheel.

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Purple Part Eight | Taehyung, You

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Why do you have to be different?

​​​​​​​The lake became their ‘spot’, they met each other there almost once a week. Their lives became busy again, Taehyung having to finish his final copy of his part one for his thesis, Tori having to study pretty hard in order to ace her exams (she decided she should try harder this time round considering she was dating the smartest kid in her class) and apart from that Taehyung would often go to the library or to the gym – and only ever during dusk – while Tori would be at the mall with friends or working her part time job at the grocery store.

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Back to the start

Request from laisseznous-baises: Hi I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning :) it’s my first time to request hehe. Can i request a loco smut where he had a one night stand with his ex that he didn’t saw for more than 3 or more years. Though i request that loco was completely drunk so he can’t see the girl properly until the morning. Whether they get together or not after the one night stand is up to you. Thank you very much!

This scenario was kinda inspired by the song Back to the Start by SoMo. and sorry for taking so long to get this out. 


“Hey..what are you doing-I mean how are you?” he asked. 

Loco and her had just ran into each other at a new launch party. She and Loco had not seen each in over three years and the last time they saw each other, it was at the airport. Due to work commitments, she had taken a job offer in Europe and both thought it was going to be okay. But it wasn’t. After a few months, they began to drift apart and both called it an end. 

Just like that.

“My friend is working here tonight so I thought I come and keep her company,” she told him.

“Ohh, when did you get back?” 

“I got back about a week ago. How are you?” she asked knowing the next question he will ask is if she is staying here for long.

“I’m well. So are you back here for good?” he asked bluntly. 

“Umm not sure really. It’s up to my boss”. 

“Do you wanna sit with me-I mean with us? The crew’s here and I’m sure they would love to see you. It has been too long,” he asked shyly.

She turned around and saw her friend working busily behind the bar so she took his offer. 


She stood at the bathroom doorway wearing only a nude colour laced lingerie. She knew this was his favourite pair of lingerie of hers. Loco was sitting on the edge of the bed as once he saw her, he grinned before taking out his phone and turning on the camera. She posed for him as he took several photos of her. Knowing he has taken countless photos of her, she walked up to him slowly. She pushed him back so that he was lying on the bed and she straddled him. He chuckled at her dominance. 

“You’re still not used to this, are you?,” she jokingly told him.  

“Never,” he murmured. 

She smiled and locked her lips with his. The kisses started out soft but Loco’s hands started to wander and this made the kisses faster and deeper. Loco’s hands were now at her ass and he carefully slipped his hands under her underwear but she didn’t let him. Instead, she grabbed his arms and put it over his head. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked slyly. 

Loco grinned and allowed her to do what she wanted. She began grinding him slowly and she felt his heat between her legs. Loco was letting out soft grunts and this turned her on even more. 

“Let’s… swap places,” he managed to say between the grunts. 

“Nope I’m on top, let me ride,” she seductively whispered in his ears before jumping off him to get a condom from her purse.. Once it was on him, she stroke him a couple of times before allowing him to enter. She pushed herself down and Loco tilted his head back as he went slowly inside of her. She too let out a soft whimper. Loco held onto her waist and assisted her with her movements. Her movements were quick and hard as she ran her hands through hair, something that Loco loved seeing. He had always love seeing her on top. Something about her being in control made him weak in every part of his body. Loco’s eyes were mesmerised with her image and he saw that her movements were slowing down.

“Come here,” he snarled. 

She obliged and leaned towards him. His hands caressed her body and now the movements were even slower. Loco moved her hair to the side as he planted kisses on her neck. He always left a mark just below her collarbone. 

“Shit..Loco..yes..,” she moaned softly in his ears. 

Loco grinned at her whisper and gave her slapped her bare cheeks. She squealed and Loco laughed at her. 

“My turn to give you some lovin,” he said as he flipped her on her back.

Loco quickly climbed on top of her as she wrapped her legs around him, and without delay he put himself inside her. Loco’s rhythm was slow at first but he gradually sped up and she began to tighten around him. He wanted her to feel every part of him so he pushed both her legs closer to her chest and he let himself go deeper and harder with every thrust. Her fingers were dug into his back and from this, Loco knew she was very close.  

She was squirming and couldn’t open her eyes as she was close to climax. He kept driving until she was pushed over the edge. 

“Oh my..fuck..I’m comi..fuck,” she said in between Loco’s grunts. 

Her hands made their way to bed mattress and she gripped hit hard. Loco saw this and just like what she did to him before, he took both her hands and raised them over her head. Her eyes met his and he grinned slyly. He continued riding out her orgasm and once she came, her body was weak. Her hands slumped and she rested them above her head. Loco started to plant kisses on her cheeks and she smiled at his gesture. He always did this after she came. 

“I can’t believe you slapped my ass,” she giggled at Loco who was now lying on the bed facing her. His eyes were still red and he was sweating from his forehead. 

“I thought you would like it,” he teased and she could still smell the strong alcohol from him. 

Loco put his arms around her waist and she moved closer to his chest. He kissed her head as both hers and his breathing were in sync. 


Loco woke up to the sound of a phone ringing. He half opened his eyes and the sunlight pierced through his eyes and head. Thank goodness the phone had stopped ringing, he thought. He groaned and turned over to see someone lying in bed with him. He lifted the blanket slightly and saw that he was in his boxers only and the person next to him was wearing his t-shirt. 

He tried to lift his head up to see who this girl was but his head felt too heavy to do so. He must have drank a lot last night. Damn.

The phone rang again and he tried to pin point where the damn phone was but it seemed like it was coming from across the room. He tried to get up again but the weight of his head kept pulling him down. The person next to him was then awoken by his movements. He heard her groan before she turned over. 

Loco’s eyes were wide opened and his mouth formed an O shaped. She opened her eyes and tried to focus on who the person was. When her eyes adjusted and the image of the person formed inside her head, she let out a soft gasp as she knew this person. 

“Loco?” she gasped.

“Morning..” he said softly.

She was scared and confused so she jumped out bed quickly, but her head too was heavy. She fell back onto the bed. 

“Hey..you okay?” he asked worriedly. 

“My head..it hurts so much,” she told him. 

Loco eventually got up with all his strength and headed out to the kitchen. After a few minutes, he came back with a tray of drinks. He had made some coffee and bought in water as well. He put the tray on the bedside table and held out two cups in his hands. 

“Drink some water first then here’s coffee. I only put in a little bit of sugar, just the way you like it,” he told her lovingly. 

She looked at him and still can’t believe, after all these years, he still remember her personal hangover cure - water then coffee. She smiled at him and took both cups from him. 

Both sat in silence peacefully before the phone started to ring again. Loco got up from the bed and found that it was her phone that was ringing. The phone was inside her jeans pocket and when he turned the screen over, he saw a guy’s name on the screen. His heart sank as he gave her the phone. Instead of answering the call, she cancelled it and put the phone aside. 

“You’re not going to get that?” he asked.

“Just some annoying guy so it’s not important,” she told him confidently. 

Loco eyed her suspiciously as she took the last sips of her coffee. 

“Umm I think I should get going. You probably need to get out of here to go work, right?” she said while stepping off the bed. 

But Loco reached across and grabbed her wrist. 


She turned around with an eyebrow raised.

“Wait, can you stay here for a while?” he asked. 

“Loco, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I have a lot of things to do,” she told him as she pulled away from him.

“We haven’t seen each other in over 3 years, can you just stay for a bit? Let’s catch up,” he suggested enthusiastically. 

She looked at him and saw his eyes. They were still red and puffy.

“Um there’s really nothing new about me,” she said as she took a seat on the bed, facing him.

“Really? I’m sure there is, but I’ll start then,” Loco said.

She sat back and listened to him talking about his new album, upcoming performances and his new health plan. She smiled the entire time because he had succeeded so much during their time apart. 

She was lost in his voice and the way his face felt lit up when he talked about his music made her forget her hangover. He was talking for so long that both had lost track of time. 

“So..I’m getting hungry. Want to go have breakfast together?” he asked but he saw the clock and corrected himself, “Oh it’s lunchtime. So let’s go eat together? You can tell me you’ve been up while we eat”. 

She agreed with his suggestion and he smiled happily. 

Trust Me (ch9)

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 27,821 || more fics

summary: When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.
chapter word count: 1895
chapters: 9/?
a/n: i know i’m like two weeks late on this one…. but i just wasn’t feeling it. Hopefully y’all can forgive me…. especially after you finish reading. 

[ch1] [ch2] [ch3] [ch4] [ch5] [ch6] [ch7] [ch8]

Oliver was surprised to wake up with Felicity in his bed. Not just in his bed, but with her face nuzzled into his side and her arm flung across his middle. He thought he had dreamed her climbing into bed with him, but when he blinked his eyes open and looked down at her, sleeping peacefully he felt a warmth in his chest. It spread through him. A tingling happiness that reached his fingertips. He was happy that she spent the night with him. It would have been easy to say that it was just because he was worried about her and Ellie getting home safely, but there was something more. He really did care about her and the feeling only grew the more time he spent with her.

Letting out a shaky breath, he carefully moved a few strands of hair from her face. This was the first time he was really able to look at her. All the makeup was gone from her face and he could see a light peppering of freckles. His smile widened slightly, thinking that it was probably the cutest thing he’d ever seen. She stirred, hugging him tighter and hiding her face from the light coming through his window. Normally, he would have gotten up already, but he could skip that morning’s workout. It seemed worth it to him. He knew he couldn’t stay that way all morning. It was nearly seven a.m and he was due at the office by nine. He stole a few more moments before gently running his hand down her arm.

“Felicity,” he whispered.

She grumbled, but didn’t speak any coherent words.

He chuckled, “Felicity,” he said louder this time, “Time to wake up.”

“Too warm,” she mumbled.

He shook his head, “Don’t make me take drastic measures.”

His hand moved lower, gripping onto her ass cheek.

“Mmm,” she gave a soft moan, “Still too sleepy.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do Twice member's style when they babysit kids? Thanks a lot. I really love your blog *fingers hearteu*

Nayeon - “I’m your Mother now”
For Nayeon, it’s not babysitting, it’s child stealing. She loves kids, and would probably behave like their mother rather than their babysitter. She’ll let them do what they want within reason and will spend most of the time asking them if they think she’s pretty. She may also bribe them with some kind of food. When the parents return home, the kids will want to stay with Nayeon.

Jeongyeon - Helicopter Activated
She’s gonna be watching the kids’ every move, terrified that something bad will happen. Generally her instincts will be really good but most of the time she’s going to unnecessarily freak out and worry that she’s doing the wrong thing. It’s fine, she does everything perfectly, why does she worry?

Momo - The Chillest
Momo’s just honestly going to hang with the kids, they’l probably just sit on a couch together and watch cartoons until Momo just tells them they need to sleep. She’ll just calmly answer all the questions the kids will most likely answer and honestly she’ll just treat it like any ordinary occasion. 

Sana - Storytime City
She’ll be one of those babysitters who likes to read storybooks to the kids, I just know it. It will be a really interactive experience, she’ll put on silly voices and ask them questions while pointing to the pictures like “who’s that” or “what do we call this animal?” 

Jihyo - Ace of Kids
The parents are going to think they accidentally hired a fully trained professional because Jihyo is going to do it all perfectly. She’s going to be really interactive with them and do everything that’s asked of her. Dinner? Done. Bath time? Done. In bed at 7? Done. Super patient with the kids, and will absoutley adore them, pretty much the same as Nayeon except without the near thievery.

Mina - Am I doing this right?
She’ll be just that little bit awkward with the kids and won’t really talk to them that much at first. She’ll probably ask them questions like “what’s your favourite colour” really wanted the parents to provide her with a very specific list of exactly what she should be doing at what time, but instead she just kind of takes her best guess, but it turns out remarkably ok.

Dahyun - To Babysit the kids, you must become one with the kids
When Dahyun babysits she’s going to be so enthusiastic with the kids and will do whatever she can to get them to play with her. She’ll be so hyper active and bouncing all over the place she may as well be a kid looking after a bunch of other kids. But it’ll work out well for her cause eventually they’ll get worn out and she’ll put them to bed easily. 

Chaeyoung - It takes a village
Will spend half the time on the phone to someone like Nayeon or Jihyo, and ask them what she’s meant to do. She’ll be super worried about being left alone with them and may even call one of her members to come and help her. She’s super terrified the kids will hate her, but they end up loving her. Will keep them occupied by getting them to draw

Tzuyu - Tell me everything
Honestly she’d be the one most likely to just have a normal conversation with the kids, and she’d probably just spend most of the time talking with them. If they started annoying her, she’d flat out say “you’re being annoying, stop it.” The kids would probably tell her about their favourite things and Tzuyu would just nod in approval.

Lost (Part 1)

Note: Kind of based off of fanart by @chloesimaginationthings. I hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Minicat


“Mom, stop it! It hurts,” Mini whined as his mother brushed his hair.

“Oh, hush. You need to look nice for school,” she said as she put the brush down, grabbing a ribbon.

“Yeah, but I don’t need to look like a girl!” He exclaimed as he tried to take the ribbon out of his mothers hands. She held it out of reach before putting it around his neck, making a bow tie.

“See? You don’t look like a girl,” she said, turning him to face the mirror. He huffed and crossed his arms.

“Whatever.” His mother sighed as she got up.

“Come on, you’ll be late for school!” She said, grabbing her purse. Mini sighed and grabbed his school bag before reluctantly following her out the door.

She drove him to school and dropped him off. “Have a good day sweetie!” She called before driving away. He sighed and fixed his bag before walking into the school.

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