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Noragami Chapter 70 - Thoughts and Speculation

First of all, how dare you Adachitoka. This chapter has wrecked me like no chapter has before, so this analysis will probably be a bit different as a result. Instead of going from the beginning to the end of the chapter analyzing everything, I’m just going to talk about different thoughts and questions that I have, as well as speculation for the (grim) future. 

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Feysand Modern AU, Part 2

Part 1

So I kind of combined the fluffy prompts #31 into this, since it fit so well.

I hope you enjoy!

Feyre woke to Rhysand shaking her awake. She groaned, rolling over and bringing the pillow over her head.

“Fey-ruh.” Rhys enunciated, adding a little whine to it. “Get up.”

Feyre turned in bed, completely ignoring the fact that she should probably listen to him since it was his bed, and glared at the man in front of her. Instead of the intended effect, she got hit with something that felt very soft. She quickly threw them away from her face onto the bed as Rhys retreated.

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torohoesso  asked:

Ship Meme: mullendowski😏

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate? - I think they’re both very affectionate because they’re so comfortable about everyone knowing they date they just hug and kiss and act stupid all the time 
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? - Lewy is the big spoon most of the time, but if he’s feeling extra shitty then Thomas doesn’t mind cuddling him close
  • Most common argument? - I don’t think they argue that much but if they do its over small things like who gets to cook dinner or who took the last cookie
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? - Going out for coffee. They probably try different coffee shops every week so they can find the best one
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? - Lewy. he’s always giving Thomas piggybacks in training instead of actually doing what they should be. And he likes to carry him to bed when he falls asleep on the sofa.
  • Nicknames? - I don’t really think they have any tbh 
  • Who worries the most? - Lewy does, Thomas is German so he’s a lot more chill about things while Lewy is stressing over the smallest of problems. 
  • Who tops? - I mean, is this really a question. Lewy obviously. 
  • Who initiates kisses? - If they’re at home Lewy does because he’s generally the more dominant one but in public Thomas since he’s so cheeky
  • Who wakes up first? - Lewy does, but he’ll stay in bed for another hour until Thomas wakes up and they can go take a shower together
  • Who says I love you first? - Thomas does, and its probably a drunken confession when they’re out partying. 

Sometimes you reaaally don’t feel like going out, but you go because you want to see people and be social. Then somehow you end up having an absolute blast and stay out until 3am. By some miracle I had four drinks and a shot and only spent $10. I guess being single has some perks. Going out like this isn’t normal for me and is very much outside of my box. Side note: The people I actually knew left or I lost for a while around midnight. Instead of going home, I stayed with a huge group of people I had just met through everyone. Again, who am I?? And who knew downtown Denver was still so busy that late! It is now almost 4am meaning I should probably go to bed.

I should be doing so much school work. I’m so behind I’m probably going to fail. Instead I’m having flashbacks and laying in bed under covers trying to be as still as possible just to feel safe again. All I can hear is his voice in my head telling me he was right. I’m so stupid. I will never amount to anything.

Knock Knock | Alice & Axl


Alice had lied down on her bed, staring into space, for a solid three hours before realizing she should probably visit Helena. She brushed her hair and teeth after showering and dressing comfortably. Then she walked to Helena’s apartment complex.

When she knocked on the door, she was expecting H - and got Axl instead. “Uh..” She glanced around. “Is Helena home?” Her voice was shaky, but her face was practiced in not looking like she was going to cry. 

She probably needed to address the whole food thing that she’d skipped out on twice already but all she could do was stare at Axl now, chewing on her inner lip.

Here is my post-bath late night face.

I probably should have gone to bed a little earlier tonight, but my brain has just been going on some things this evening and it has been hard to wind down and get some sleep. If it were not for the whole work thing tomorrow morning I probably would sit here for a while longer while the thunderstorms roll through while my brain worked through things, but I think I am going to try and make some sleep happen instead.

hogsmeade, scotland
10th february 1982

Tilden loitered outside the Three Broomsticks, debating whether or not he should go inside, go home, or seek refuge at the Hog’s Head instead. He had spent the morning and the best part of the afternoon with Hagrid and as much as he liked the half-giant, which he did a lot, he felt like he could really do with a stiff drink. Spotting the familiar face walking down the street, a smile of relief bloomed on his face. If he ended up at the broomsticks he wouldn’t have to face Gretchen alone. Tilden waved wildly, hoping to catch their attention. “Alright, stranger? Haven’t seen you for a while!"