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Part One: Awake

I was super in love with this prompt, and then it tried to kudzu its way out of my hands so that was a thing. So now it’s kind of… divided into 3 parts? Because this thing would’ve never seen the light of day due to me obsessively picking at it and going back instead of moving forward. By chopping it up it’s… somehow a lot easier to move forward. 

This will ideally eventually feature some of my headcanons about the fall of Overwatch, slightly modified to apply better to this particular fic B) Also mildly canon-divergent in regards to Mercy’s position and role in the story/organization, shh, don’t worry I promise I kind of know what I’m doing



“The Iceland labs have gone dark, sir.”

Jack stood slowly from his desk, eyes slowly narrowing as the words sunk in, sent the gears in his head turning.

“What do you mean they’ve gone dark?”

Lab goes quiet, lights out, alarmed yelling, the first round of a firearm cracking into the darkness.

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Hacker - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by geekcomics

Words: 1062
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: hacking, mention of guns and fighting
Requested by @fandomstucklover87love
can you do a image were the reader is a new member to the team and shes like 13 nd shes there cuz she hacked tony ? and yes is kind of like my story but I love the way you wright
Authors Note: i loved your story idea man i couldn’t wait to hear more of it, honestly :) GUYS IM GETTING SO CLOSE TO 5000 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU. 

Age was not specified. Just says “kid” a few times, but age does not matter unless you have a problem with kid” :)

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“I never thought I’d see the day where Tony is losing money instead of gaining it,” Clint walked into Tony’s lab.

“We’re not talking about it,” Tony grumbled.

Clint tried to hold in his laughter when he saw the statistics on his computer. The number was dropping by thousands in a matter of seconds. Tony didn’t know how to fix it, and he had no idea why everything was dropping. He never spends this much money at once, and he knows how to invest, why was it going down?

He called Pepper to see if there were any problems he didn’t know about, and when even she was freaking out, he knew this problem was far above them. Something was going on behind the scenes that he didn’t know about, and he had no idea how to solve it. “I don’t just lose money. And if I do, it’s definitely not that fast.”

“I’ll check with Natasha, she might have an idea of what might be happening,” Clint suggested and walked out.

“FRIDAY,” Tony started, “Do you have the report yet?”

“Yes, sir,” FRIDAY began, “There seems to be tampering on the-”

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Make Me Feel

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 4,646

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of torture, Slightly angsty (if you squint real hard), Crying Steve.

A/n: I was drowning in Steve feels a while ago and I just had to write this. P.s. Guys, this is before the fall of SHIELD. I just wanted to write a story where none of by babies were fighting each other and were semi-not-really-almost happy.

Summary: After the Avengers save you from years of torture, you form a quick attachment to Steve.

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Group Project... (Parker x Reader)

(A/N) HII! So, I’ve been working on all the requests so far and I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys, in the mean time, I hope you all can enjoy something I’ve been working on for a while. While there was no official request, it was something I had a lot of fun writing, enjoy!

“I have no clue what this is supposed to be.” I said, my eyes widening as I glanced at my friends laptop screen.

“Oh, come on… it’s obviously something to do with chemical compositions of water…” (Y/F/N) said. My face read disbelief.

“You’re delusional…. how are you in AP CHEM?” I asked sarcastically. She laughed a little before closing the picture, returning to the random game of solitaire she was playing instead of working on our group project.

“Nick, you got anything on aragonite saturation? We should include that in our presentation if we decide to go in depth about the acidification effects on water.” Nick looked at me as I spoke.

“Yeah, I got some reports about the reliability of the testing, but it’s outdated and scientists have switched to more modern method of study,” Nick replied, pulling up the various articles he found to show me.

“Interesting, can you find more information about the new tests?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m on it.”

“Peter…” I called across the lab table, he looked up startled. “How’s your progress on the physical properties of water?”

“Uh… go—good.” He stuttered avoiding my eye.

“Do you think you have enough to pull the presentation together?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh… yeah—definitely…” he trailed off, glancing up once to meet my eye before blushing intensely looking back to the laptop screen.

“Good good…,” I trailed off returning to my own research.

It was obvious Peter was uncomfortable with the group he was placed in for our chemistry project, he clearly wasn’t friends with any of us, and he preferred to do his work alone as opposed to in the group, like I had been pushing for all of us to do. Peter insisted he could handle completing the work that was meant for two people on his own, leaving the three of us, me, Nick and (Y/F/N) to tackle the chemical properties of water, and its affect on the ecosystem.

“Ok, presentations are Monday, that gives us one more class day to work on it. We still need to start on the slideshow and practicing if we want a good grade,” I said with three minutes left in class.

“We’ll work on the slides tomorrow. Don’t worry, we got this,” (Y/F/N) said, still playing the solitaire game from earlier.

“Yeah, well that doesn’t make up for the fact that we’ll probably need to work on this over the weekend. We still need to incorporate all the information we’ve found into one, smooth presentation.” I glanced over at Peter who hasn’t looked up from his computer and who hasn’t said a word, apart from when I forced him to update me on his progress.

“Peter, what do you think?” I asked, curious about someone else’s opinion.

He looked up, his eyes shifting from me to (Y/F/N). He opened his mouth to respond when the deafening bell sounded instead. Nick and (Y/F/N) sprinted out of the room, having packed up a few minutes earlier, leaving Peter and yourself to pack up together.

“If you need any help at all with your part, I’m always open,” I offered Peter. He glanced up at me, mumbling a quiet thanks before looking back at his backpack.

“Honestly, I’m not just trying to be nice. Anyways, the whole project is about tying the chemical and physical properties together, so it might help if we collaborate or something…” I said, following Peter out of the empty lab room and down the hall to his locker.

“Ok, thanks… for the offer,” he said, opening his locker quickly and grabbing his sweatshirt before slamming it shut. “I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N).”

“See you…,” I trailed off, my voice quieting in the busy halls of the emptying school as I was left alone in a sea of people.

“So what’s our status on this project?” I asked no one in particular, closing my eyes and rubbing my forehead in attempt to alleviate the headache I have.

“We have the background and intro slide done,” Nick said, making a face as if we spent the entire class period working as efficiently as possible.

“Ugh….” I groaned, my head falling into the table as a sign of defeat. “So we definitely have to do this over the weekend…”

“Yeah… sorry (Y/N), not gonna happen. I have soccer practice all day tomorrow, and then playoffs Sunday. I’m booked solid,” (Y/F/N) said, her eyes growing tired at the mere thought of all the energy she’ll soon exhaust.

“Nick?” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry… the football tournament, we have like— three games.”

“Peter, please tell me you’ve got my back,” I begged my head on the table and giving my best pout to him.

“Yeah, yeah, I—I have no plans,” he said, his gaze quickly diverting back to the slideshow we had been working on.

“Great, meet me at the library tomorrow, noon?” I asked, hoping he’d look at me for confirmation.

“Noon sounds fine.” The bell rang, and the room cleared. Like usual, I was left the last in the room with only the teacher. I waved goodbye to him as I left.

I began my walk home, but the brisk wind cut against my cheeks, burning them raw from the cold of late October. Walking home in terrible weather was a usual for me, unless I took the subway which I hated with a passion.

I was one or two blocks from the apartment when, through my loud music I heard screams from up ahead. I stopped suddenly. They were abnormal, loud. It was a shrieking that seemed to rattle my bones. I was almost scared to continue walking—did I really want to know what was up ahead?

I took out a single earbud, listening again but only hearing the wind against my ears. Then, it happened again. A loud shriek, I swear someone must have been getting murdered. This time, it was followed by a noise that sounded like the air getting cut.

It seemed to be coming from behind me, and I turned just in time to see a red blob swinging down the middle of the street in record time. He must’ve gotten two or three blocks down before he swung to a right side street. Spiderman. I should’ve known. But, he was a legend; literally. Stories told in the streets. Rarely seen, but greatly appreciated. I was amazed I had even seen him at all.

I smiled an awestruck smile, and continued to walk to my apartment, taking extra caution, but keeping my eyes open for the man in a red suit.

“You should’ve seen him! It’s amazing! He’s amazing! I cant believe I saw him with my own eyes!” I exclaimed, recounting yesterday’s events to Peter. He sat across from me at the table in the library, and he seemed half-interested in what i was saying, half-focused on our science project.

“Imagine being that athletic, that—that fit. Having, powers—or whatever. He must feel like he could do anything,” I trailed off, my mind wandering to the hero I’d seen yesterday. “Don’t you think?”

“Sorry, who are we talking about again?” Peter asked jokingly, looking up from his computer with a small smile.

“Spiderman! Who else?” I played along, smiling back. My eyes trailed to my left, my thoughts traveling away as I began focusing on a bookshelf across from us. “But, I guess it isn’t always sunshine and flowers,” I said, I looked back at him, leaning slightly farther towards him.

“Huh?“Peter asked, maintaining eye contact with me.

“I mean, with any power, control, abilities—whatever,” I struggled to find the right wording. “There’s always gonna be responsibility…”

“I guess you’re right,” Peter said. He looked around the open room.

“Sure, he might be fighting crime and being a hero, but whenever something goes wrong—whenever a criminal gets away—who’s going to be the first person to get blamed?” Peter was glaring at me intensely now, giving me his full attention.

“And then there’s the guilt, the guilt of not being able to save everyone. I mean, he’s just a guy right? He’s gotta have a life. What happens when one day, he’s not there to save the city?” Peter looked away, his eyes lost with his own thought. “Sorry, we should probably get back to work.”

“You make a good point,” Peter said after sitting in silence for minutes. “There has to be negatives to protecting the city. But he’s obviously willing to accept them, the consequences of the ‘job’, for the better good. He’s willing to accept that responsibility, so long as someone gets saved along the way.”

“I suppose,” I started, “he’s truly one of the good ones then. Willing to risk his life, his sanity, for a bunch of strangers in New York City.”

“What a guy,” Peter said, cracking a smile at me when I looked up at him.

“What a guy,” I repeated, laughing slightly. I looked back down at the computer screen and continued on the group work that had to be done Monday morning. It was a lot of work, but I had no doubt in my mind Peter and I could get it done.

After a long four hours, Peter and I had managed to completely finish the twenty slide PowerPoint, and write Flashcards for each one of us to read from when it was our time to present our findings. It was starting to get dark out, but I wasn’t going to admit I was nervous to walk alone. Fortunately, Peter offered to walk me back to the apartments. I’m pretty sure he lived nearby anyway.

“Thanks, for offering.”

“No problem,” Peter said.

I think that in a matter of a few hours, Peter and I had actually become friends. He wasn’t awkwardly stuttering around me, and he actually made eye contact and conversation. I hope this ‘friendship’ goes beyond this weekend, because honestly he’s pretty kind.

“You’re pretty cool, you know?” Peter said after walking in silence for a bit. “You’re not like the other girls you hang out with.”

“I’ll take that as a complement?” I questioned.

“Oh! Yeah! I didn’t mean anything by that just—,” he put his hands out in defense. “You’re nice, not hanging off every boy just to get laid.” He took a breath, a bit of hesitation. “You made an effort.”

I chuckled. “Thanks, I guess.”

We walked in silence for a couple of more minutes as we approached the block that I lived on. I dreaded having to end the walk, because Peter’s company made me feel happy.

“Well, this is me,” I said, stopping short at the apartment entrance. Peter looked at the building and turned to me.

“We should do group projects together more often, it was fun.”

“We should,” I said, “we work really well together.” I smiled slightly.

Peter smiled back, looking at his shoes quickly, blush taking over his face. “We should definitely do more group projects together.”

“Definitely,” I agreed.

“Even if like, it’s just the two of us, we could still, y'know, work together,” Peter was back to his stuttering self. Now, I was the one blushing.

“I’d like that,” I said, “if you’re up for it, of course.”

“I mean, definitely, I am,” Peter said, looking up again, his arm slightly reaching towards me as he spoke. He realized he was reaching for me and blushed intensely, immediately moving it to his head, rubbing it as he turned.

“I guess I should be getting inside then?” I posed it as a question, wondering if we were done talking around this subject.

“Of course, its freezing!” Peter said. “Sorry, I babble.”

I turned to go inside, my hand pushing the door open. I turned around, leaning into the slightly open door and debated saying the words on the tip of my tongue. I got enough courage to say it. “I’d love to go out with you.”

“Oh good, you see, I was going to ask…” Peter continued to talk mindlessly, seeming to speak a mile per second, I smiled again, rolling my eyes as I pushed the door open some more.

“See you Monday, Parker,” I said, turning around and walking through the door.

“Yeah, Monday,” he waved, smiling widely as I walked away.


Written for Day 1 of Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017, this is a follow-up to my First Meeting double drabble, Brilliant.

“Here’s the report you asked for, sir,” Anthea said, and set the thin folder down on the desk. 

Mycroft picked it up and opened it, and immediately raised a brow at several photographs that graced the inside cover. “She’s not much, is she?” he muttered. 

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Every Time We Touch pt 3

The third part to Every Time We Touch for Adrinette Month: Made for Each Other. This was supposed to be a drabble…
Part 1, Part 2, AO3. Enjoy!

Marinette and Adrien didn’t return to school that day. Instead, they spent the afternoon visiting each other’s parents, formally breaking the news. Marinette’s parents were thrilled, having loved Adrien from the first time he entered their home. Adrien had expected a cool reaction from his father. Soulmates had been a touchy subject with him for years. Instead of the calm, cold reaction he had expected, Gabriel Agreste looked at the soul marks on Marinette’s arms and broke down in tears.
Adrien had never seen his father cry. There had been a few tender moments between the two, ensuring that Adrien never doubted that his father loved him, but tears were not at all what Adrien would have ever expected. Gabriel welcomed Marinette into their family. He showed Marinette the paintings they kept of Adrien’s mother, and told Adrien to treasure their connection. For Adrien and Marinette, it should have been happily ever after.
Unfortunately, nothing could ever be that easy.

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LEGION Recap: 1x04

I have truly and too deeply loved many television shows in my time. I have written tens of thousands of words about some of them, hundreds even! But there have been a few among them that I have loved specially, personally. Shows that make me feel off-kilter in my joy, almost suspicious that someone peered into my soul, and found there a well of spooky sweet stylized absurdism, and they hauled up a bucket of the stuff, and from it made Twin Peaks, and Pushing Daisies, and Legion.

So that may be partially why these are only getting longer.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 4’

First up here I just want to give a quick shout-out to the masterpieces of cagey chiasmus that are FX’s episode descriptions.


Anyway full disclosz I first watched ‘Chapter 4’ with my bff Jen, right after consuming a strong cocktail, a cup of Turkish tea, some champagne, and a mug of ice cream in fairly quick succession. I proceeded to lose my mind THOROUGHLY and with GREAT VIM.

Here is how it started:

Me, singing at the black screen: “Shooww me Jemaine Clement!”
First shot:

Me: [screams]

“Good evening,” Jemaine Clement addresses us from his Mylar lounge, and like, yes Jemaine, it is, thank you. He proceeds to deliver a short lecture about human nature as the camera slowly pulls back. We are the root of all our problems, he proposes, through our own confusion and anger. “Violence, in other words, is ignorance,” he declares, and he should have stopped there, but then blurts out “Figure your shit out, that’s my…what I’d say.”

He scoops up his glass to take a drink, but the liquid inside has turned into a solid ice cube. It slowly slides out and falls to the floor, the camera obligingly zooming back in so that he can start over.

Hi so I love every fucking thing this scene is doing and I’m only halfway through it. Rather like me and this show I guess.

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Operation: Alola [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 1 ↠ Chapter 2

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Notes: You all saw my weird af dream about a Spy AU. I decided to roll with it. :)

Anabel stares long and hard at the projection; pictures of their newly recruited International Police officers covered the wall. The hum of the projector, and the scribbling of her pen on a notepad were the only sources of sound in the room. Looker, with crossed arms and furrowed eyebrows, stands in the back. He watches Anabel drag a hand across her face in frustration.

“What seems to be the matter?” He asks, a smirk present on his lips. Anabel throws a tired gaze to the back of the room.  “Your boss is stumped and we’re running out of time” she mutters, turning her face back to the projection. She gives a vague hand gesture to the wall that causes Looker to shift his gaze from her to the pictures.

“You’ve trained all these recruits. Tell me who should we send on the mission to Alola?”

Looker lifts himself away from the wall and walks towards the front of the room. His footsteps and the rustle of his trenchcoat add a dimension of noise to the otherwise silent room. He approaches the computer and taps a key that quickly scrolled through all the candidates. He stops on the picture of a short black haired girl.

She narrows her eyes at the picture. “I may not work directly with the agents, but I hear rumors , Looker. And all rumors have a sense of truth to them.” 

Looker only chuckles. “Trust me on this”

Anabel let’s out a small sigh. ”We cannot and should not send someone who can’t hold their own in a battle.” Looker taps another key that opens up her stats.


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Respect Your Elders - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Words: 1036
Pairing: Avengers x teen!Reader (mainly tony)
Featuring: Tony, Peter Parker, Steve
Warnings: swearing(?), sarcasm, fighting
Requested by @ibenkastbergskole
Hey I love your work, it’s so well written that I feel every emotion that you describe :) I was wondering if you could write a story with Avengersxfemreader. Where the reader is reather sarcastic, and she says something teasingly to Tony who tell her “to respect her elders” or something like that. And she tells him she’ll start when he does, and he asks what she means and she says he need to treat Bucky and Steve with respect as they are his elders? I don’t know just an idea I had 😉
Authors Note: i actually liked this more than i thought i was going to- yay!

Masterlist. Request List.

“Seriously?” You groaned with an eye roll when Tony walked passed the couch, taking your phone.

“Yes, seriously,” Tony rolled his eyes back at you, “You need to socialize, you filthy teenager.”

“I’ll socialize when I’m older and don’t know how to use social media,” You snatched your phone away from him.

“You-” Tony was cut off by Steve shouting for him before he could criticize you anymore.

“Oh, guess you have to go report to the big boss. Have fun!” You smirked and pushed him out of the room, looking back at your phone to send a text.

Clicking on Peter Parker’s contact name, RUN AWAY IT’S A SPIDER, you texted him. “Let’s hang out and complain about Tony.

I’m down,” He replied almost instantly.

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NurseyDex - 58 - Hating Each Other

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List

58. Person 1 and Person 2 are supposed to hate each other
When Nursey started attending Samwell he discovered that he already knew one person, Shitty from the hockey team.  However, unlike back at Andover where the other boy had been incredibly (and possibly even overly) friendly, here at Samwell, Shitty was…well…he was frankly rude.  Every time Nursey tried to talk to him, Shitty did his best to ignore him, especially when he was with his friends.  Nursey had tried asking the other members of the lacrosse team about it, but just one mention of anyone on the hockey team seemed to send them into a rant.

They really hated the hockey team, and apparently, he was supposed to hate them too.  It was easy to hate them at first, primarily because Shitty was so thoroughly being a dick and ignoring him any chance he got.  Plus, the hockey team seemed to really enjoy making their lives miserable with prank after prank after prank.  Honestly, Nursey was done.

Well, that was until he met Dex.

Dex was rude, argumentative, and contradicted everything Nursey said, but the two had to cooperate for three hours every week in their shared Chem 115 class, which was an unfortunate Samwell requirement.  So, every Tuesday from 12 to 3, Nursey put up with Dex being a jerk, at least until they had to start doing their final lab report.  Then everything got worse…

Not only would they have to see each other for three grueling hours that week, but now Nursey was forced to spend time outside of class staring at the obnoxious redhead’s annoying face.  He was screwed.

At least Dex had agreed to meet at Annie’s to work, so the day wouldn’t be a total loss.  A large cappuccino was bound to make everything better, even a member of ….the hockey team.

“So,” Dex began as they sat at a small table in the back of the café, “did you actually understand anything from the last lecture?”

“No,” Nursey replied with a noise caught somewhere between a groan and a laugh.  “I never understand anything Dr. Porter says.  He starts talking and I just zone out.  It’s impossible to pay attention.”

“At least he posts the slides online.”

“I wish they actually helped though,” Nursey huffed back.

They both sat in silence for a moment, drinking coffee and trying to avoid both their project and actually talking to each other.  Finally, Dex broke the silence.

“You know you’re friends are dicks right.  Like some of the shit I’ve heard them say…It’s not okay how they talk about us.”

“Hey, what the fuck are you talking about dude,” Nursey shot back, “You guys are the ones who always prank our house and shit.  I don’t see why I’m getting blamed for this.”

“I’m not blaming you dude,” Dex sighed.  “I know we do shit to you guys too, but like, it’s nothing like what it feels like to hear what you guys say.”

“What do you mean, man.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.  The only shit we say about you is directly related to you trashing our house and crashing our parties all the time.”

“Dude, seriously.  You honestly don’t think I’ve heard some of the shit that Chad dude says?”

“Fuck,” Nursey began, “You can’t listen to a single thing Chad says.  He’s a fucking dick, that’s for sure.  I can barely put up with him half the time.”

“But you put up with him.”  Dex added, glaring.  

“I – “ Nursey tried.

“No, I don’t want to hear it.  The shit he says about my friends is not okay.”

“What do you expect me to do, okay?  They’re the only friends I have around here.  I can tell Chad off all I want, but all that’s going to happen is me probably getting kicked off the team when coach finds out that I’m apparently fucking with the unity in the team, or some bullshit like that.”

“Well, maybe don’t hang out with them as much or something then,” Dex said, shrugging.

“Oh jeez, thanks.  You’re such a big help,”  Nursey replied.  “Maybe I should try being friends with you then,” he laughed.

“Well maybe you should.”

“Is that a request?”  Nursey questioned, eyebrow quirking.

“Let’s just finish this project alright.”

“Okay….best friend.”

“Shut up asshole.”

They both laughed as they started to work on their project once again.

Ch 1

First chapter of my new fic on ao3!  You can find it here

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Summary: Tony Stark is a mess, but no one seems to realize it. After Steve tips him over the edge into a breakdown, they begin to see the error of their ways, but it will take a lot of time to help him unlearn the things they helped to teach, and even longer for Steve to realize that Tony isn’t who he thought he was, and maybe that’s a good thing.

“Iron Man, stand down!” Steve snarled as he pulled himself up from the crumbled pavement outside what might have probably at some point been a Pizza Hut just in time see his teammate swoop upwards to face off with the Enchantress. On another day, he might have made an attempt to avoid confrontation, but the battle had been raging nonstop for nearly twelve hours, and the exhaustion and dehydration had gotten past even the serum and got the better of him. It may have enhanced the good in him, but it he had to admit that it had given his temper a push for the worse as well. Despite their mutual apologies after the Battle of New York, tensions were still high between himself and Tony, and after several failed attempts at reconciliation, his patience had finally run out.

“Stark! I said stand down!” He orders fell on deaf ears as his teammate’s mocking voice as he took jabs at Amora filtered through the tinny headset, the one that the genius should have upgraded by now, Steve lamented. After the fighting ended, if it ever did, Steve was going to give Stark a piece of his mind. Before he had a chance to properly reprimand Stark to the best of his ability while in his current predicament on the field, his side exploded in pain as a chunk of building that had been flung aside by a wave of glittering, green light shredded the muscles in his torso. By the time his skull hit the cement, all he could register was the slick, hot puddle on the ground by his waist, and the faraway echo of a man’s panicked voice before his vision tunneled into nothing.

Before he even opened his eyes, Steve registered the acrid scent of antiseptic and murmur of voices beside his bed. The beeping of machines, a heart rate monitor he recognized, grated on his enhanced ears, leaving no doubt in his mind as to his location. Hoping for a few more moments of peace before the onslaught of doctors and chaos wrought by his teammates’ worry, he steadied his breathing and kept his eyes firmly closed. Only moments into his mental preparation, a pointy fingertip jabbed the center of his sternum and dug uncomfortably into the bone. He winced.

“Come on, Cap, nap’s over. I know you’re faking,” Clint whined, because of course it was Clint attached to the annoying finger. Reluctantly, Steve cracked one eye open and then the other, groaning at the steadily increasing throb in his side. He made no effort to open them further. The serum healed him much more quickly than any of the others, barring Thor, but the increased tolerance to drugs made sure that he would get the full experience in the form of pain in the meantime, especially if the cringe-worthy headache he woke up with was any indication.

“Jesus, Clint, inside voice.” He winced at the cracking sounds of his dry throat and gratefully accepted a deep drink from the cup of water that was held to his lips by a dainty hand that could only belong Natasha. She confirmed herself as the hand’s owner when the cup suddenly disappeared from his mouth and moments later a pained grunt from Clint resounded in the room. He opened his eyes the rest of the way, feeling up to braving the glaring fluorescent lights of the hospital after the water. Both of his friends were still battle grimy and disheveled, but in civilian their attire, so Steve assumed someone had been by the tower already to gather the essentials. Natasha offered him a sympathetic smile and squeezed his limp hand.

“Clint, go get Bruce and Dr. Navarre and tell them Steve’s awake.” Clint gave her a playful salute and sauntered out the door and down the hall. She turned back to face him. “How’re you feeling, Rogers? Ready to get back out there?” Her expression was soft, but took on a teasing edge. He cracked a smile in return.

“I could do this all day, Romanoff. What’s our status?”

“The Enchantress is in SHIELD custody. NYPD is tying up loose ends, and Pepper’s with the legal team and PR reps. They’re working on damage control. Barnes, Wilson, and Thor are helping the cleanup crew, and Banner is talking with your doctor outside. Stark’s God knows where. I don’t know what the fuck he’s doing.” Annoyance clouded her expression. Steve waved it off.

“Good. Everyone got out clean?” Natasha nodded in affirmation.

“Yes, you were the only casualty on the team. You took a nasty hit, люблю.”

“What’s the damage?” She glanced down at the note on the bedside table. Probably from Bruce.

“Aside from the obvious minor injuries, you sustained major soft tissue damage in your side, significant loss of blood, and a number of broken ribs. Your spleen was lacerated by a piece of bone, and your internal bruising is extensive, to say the least. Your left kidney is heavily damaged, you’re moderately concussed, and you collapsed a lung, but you’ll be fine, but in quite a bit of pain. You have a rough couple weeks ahead of you. Consider yourself lucky though. Without the serum, you’d have been dead. Even with it, Tony barely got to you in time. He might be an ass, but he saved yours today.”

Steve blew a sigh from between his teeth and sunk farther into the mounds of pillows. He was awake enough to feel the beginnings of hostility curling in his belly for Stark’s recklessness on the field.

“You really don’t know where he is then? I want to talk to him. The kind of behavior he showed today is unacceptable. Riling up our enemies like he does endangers the whole team, as well as civilians.” From the stormy look in her eyes, Steve could tell Natasha felt the same way.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Cap. You know how I feel about Stark. I stand by what I wrote in my report.”

“You were right in saying it. At this point, I’m not sure why Stark’s still on the team. He was supposed to be a consultant if I’m not mistaken. It was only because of Loki that he was ever on active duty with the Avengers. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something, actually.” She quirked an eyebrow at him and pulled a stool up to his bedside.

“Well, I guess now’s as good a time as any. We have a few minutes to ourselves. Knowing Clint, he’ll probably get distracted by a vending machine or hot nurse on his way down.” Steve laughed briefly, before gasping in pain and trying to dull the stab of pain in his side. Just as his vision grayed around the edges, he felt a soft, cool hand touch his forehead and press him back down into the pillows he hadn’t even realized he sprung up from. She murmured soothing noises until his breathing evened out and he could speak again. She sat back down. “Tell me what’s on your mind, капитан.”

“It’s about Stark.”

“Isn’t everything?” She grinned at him. Steve chuckled as well, with more caution this time.

“I think I should talk to Fury about removing him from the team, and I hoped you’d back me up. I don’t feel comfortable working with someone who isn’t invested in the safety of his teammates and insists on acting like a child on and off the field.”

“Steve, are you sure that’s a good decision? I don’t like Stark any more than you do, but as immature and egotistical as he can be, we need him. Iron Man packs a punch, one I’m not sure we can afford to lose. Even with Sam as aerial support, he can’t make up for the firepower that Stark brings to the table. Just the repulsors alone…” She trailed off, brow furrowed.

“I know, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree. That’s why I wanted to talk to Colonel Rhodes. He’s Stark’s friend, but he’s a reasonable man. I’m sure we could get him to come around to our way of thinking, and then we could see if he’d be willing to join the Avengers full time. He could be just as valuable an asset as Iron Man if we play our cards right. With War Machine on our side-”

“What’s that about my Platypus?” Both their heads snapped to the doorway as a grease-stained, wild-eyed Tony Stark blustered into the hospital room in all his manic glory. Steve blinked in surprise at the rudeness of the intrusion, although he shouldn’t have expected anything less from Stark. The man glanced to each of them with a Cheshire cat grin. “Captain. Widow.” Natasha glared at him, and then returned her gaze to Steve, giving him a questioning look. He took a deep breath to control his temper and offered his teammate a curt greeting.

“Stark. It was nothing, don’t worry about it.” The man’s smile faltered a bit at his tone, but he quickly recovered. “Where have you been? I’m sure the others would appreciate help with the cleanup.” He’d meant to say it in as neutral a way as possible, but he wasn’t surprised by the bitterness that had slipped into his words. Stark shifted slightly; if it had been anyone else, the captain might have pegged it as discomfort, but Steve knew better. This was Stark after all.

“Oh, sorry, Cap. Wish I could’ve helped, but unlike you slackers, I had more important things to do.” Stark’s smile and taken on a sharper edge, the one Steve had seen before as he dealt with especially rude reporters, and it rubbed Steve the wrong way. Not that he’d ever thought about Stark rubbing him. That would have been unprofessional.

“Enlighten me, Stark. What exactly was so important that you felt the need to abandon your teammates to do the grunt work? Fucking some groupie in our living room? You’re not interested once there’s no glory to be had, are you?” Something odd glimmered behind the man’s eyes, but before Steve had time to process what it might have been, Stark was responding.

“Actually, I went to my lab because-” Steve felt something snap loose in his composure, and he gave in to the weight of the animosity that he’d been harboring since the day he moved into the Stark Tower.

“You know what, Stark? I don’t give a flying fuck what you were doing in there. It certainly wasn’t anything helpful. If you’re going to be down there instead of being a productive member of this team, the least you could do is make something to help us instead of tinkering with your stupid fucking toys all the time. You’re an overgrown child, Stark. I don’t know why I let you on this team. You want to know why I was talking to Natasha about Rhodes? I want him to replace you, Stark. I know you think you’re special, that you’re hot shit, but you’re replaceable. Don’t think for a damn minute that you aren’t. I hope you really love that lab of yours a much as you seem to, because if I get my way, you’ll be spending an awful lot more time there.” Steve lurched to a halt in his rant, chest heaving from his outburst. He stared at Stark, waiting for the man to return the favor, but nothing happened. The man held his eyes, the intensity of Stark’s gaze making him want to look away. His expression was unreadable, unnervingly so. He was motionless aside from a slight twitch to his mouth. Finally, he inhaled, his intent to speak obvious. Before he could get a word out edgewise, Clint made his raucous reentry.

“The docs are on their way, Nat. Tony, bro, you’re back! Everything okay, man?” In the beat it took Stark to regain his composure, Clint had already bulldozed over him, talking a mile a minute. “Oh my God, Cap. You should’ve seen it! Stark totally saved your life back there. I mean, it was kind of his fault. Amora flung that chunk at him because he pissed her off, but she missed. You screamed so loud, dude. We all thought you were dead or something but Stark didn’t even hesitate, he flew right to you and picked you in one arm and gave Amora her final blow with the other. It was seriously badass.” Clint laughed and punched Stark in the shoulder, with a little too much zeal from the looks of it. Rationally, Steve knew he should be grateful, that the man had saved his life, and if it were anyone else, he would have thanked them graciously with a light reprimand and moved on from their mistake, but it wasn’t anyone else. It was Stark, and he’d disobeyed yet another order, endangering them all.

“Is that true, Stark?” He nodded silently. “It figures, You’d even disregard orders at the expense of your teammates. You were supposed to have Widow’s back, what if something had happened to her? And it’s not just on the field, it’s every fucking day, Stark! You ignore your responsibilities, hide in your workshop all day, and make everyone’s life harder. I’ve tried, my God, I’ve tried to be civil with you but I’m done. I’m done, Stark. And I think everyone else is too. We’re sick of having to treat you like a child. Can’t be handed things, won’t talk to us, your stupid habits. You won’t listen to anyone. You’re a drama queen, rich boy. You’re a danger to yourself and others, and honestly, Stark? I hope once I get you kicked off this team, I never have to speak to you again. You don’t belong here with us, and you never will.” If he thought Stark had been stock still before, it was nothing compared to now. The man finally nodded, and a strange smile took over his features as he started to laugh. Shaking his head, he gave Steve a lopsided grin that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Fuck you, Rogers.” Always the one to have the last word, Stark turned on a heel and stalked quickly out of the room, brushing past the startled nurses on their way in to check on Steve. Clint and Natasha were silent. Steve watched Stark disappear down the hallway, too focused on his hatred drilling holes into the man’s back to notice the way his hands shook as he pressed the elevator button.

Things Approximately Overheard in Full IB

or just IB classes in general, not even meant to be relatable at all times, based off this post

  • “i got seven hours of sleep last night that’s so much more than i usually get isn’t that amazing”
  • “can i go to the nurse’s office i super-glued my hand to my vehicle”
  • “if i just eat this paper can i pretend this assignment never existed”
  • “but if you’re colorblind, and i’m colorblind, then what is reality”
  • what if full ib was a reality show like america’s next top model like at the beginning of the season we take a picture of the entire junior candidate class and as they drop we either draw X’s on their faces or photoshop them out dramatically, like another one bites the dust
  • [upon discussion of how efficient IB is with getting the paper tests done vs. AP’s micromanagement hell] “did they even check our IDs?” “well i guess they figure that if we hate ourselves enough to have signed up for this $120 shit we might as well accept our fate”
  • “why are most of you doing this diploma program?” “bragging rights, probably”
  • “if you wanna do full IB you’ll need a little bit of brain (but not enough to tell you to drop out), a buttload of time management, and just a whole lot of masochism.”
  • junior year: “what’s your EE on?” [anxious laughter]
  • senior year: “so how’s your EE doing?” [mild screeching accompanied by a look of sheer anxiety]
  • only four thousand words? that’s not enough. like i can’t go over? at all?”
  • any IB student, ever: “oh no i have to work on my lab report”, immediately followed by either continuous groaning or ungodly screeching on either side
  • this one doucheass: “hehe, yeah, they fall asleep all the time in class it’s so stupid”
  • the same doucheass: [falls asleep in every single class, all the time]
  • “what’s this ticking noise? is this a bomb? am i holding a bomb in my hands?”
  • “turns out i was fondling the eiffel tower.”
  • “i want to burn this lemna.  i hate it.  i hate it so much.  once i’m done with this bio ia i’m going to burn the lemna.”
  • “you know your years-long crush is a keeper when he offers to use an industrial vacuum to destroy your science project”
  • “one year these two guys decided to kick the thermit reaction up a notch without notifying me beforehand… we had to evacuate the school.  and then the vice principal at the time noticed that the alarm was coming from E-1, and he was, like, “oh my god, the chem classroom!” and then he sprinted down here, and popped his head in through the door like “what are we exploding today”
  • “hello class, today we’re going to make babies”
  • “can i take four HLs just for the hell of it” “but why” [shrugging noises]
  • “just tell me what reasonable chemicals you guys need for your IAs and i’ll order them for you.  sorry guys, but that means that i cannot and should not get you a pound of uranium.  and no bombs, either.  i don’t want to get flagged for some sort of watch list.”
  • “do you think our teacher has noticed this row of origami parrots on her bookshelves”
  • “keep calm and oh wait i’m in ib”
  • first day of junior year TOK, last year’s full ib class decided to give some advice: “GET started, OUT source your materials, and NOW is the time to start.” (it says “get out now” on the board–) “shh, that’s not important.”
  • “i took my midterm/final on two hours of sleep” “yeah, same”
  • “why do you have so many ink smudges on your face?” “fell asleep during the essay portion again.”
  • [classmates get into heated argument about the concept of one plus one]
  • “so for our presentation we’re going to prove that the illuminati is real”
  • “i’ve found the meaning of life through theoretical physics”
  • full ib alumni coming back from college to impart wisdom: “yeah, don’t sign up for 8am classes.  sadly i have to be in the lab for my 8am class and i’m always half asleep while breathing in toxic fumes that could very well kill me! so yeah that’s my college experience.  have fun, kids!”
  • “it’s too early in the morning for another existential crisis”
  • but if we’re not in the room anymore is the wall still blue.  what is reality if we aren’t here to perceive it.  oh god TOK textbook please stop hurting my head i need it for my calc test next period”
New Beginnings (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: After a bit of writer’s block, I came up with this idea and combined an element form another story that I keep trying to work on (but let’s face it, it’s honestly a dead end). I’m going to try and shift my focus to Steve x Reader fics, and I’m taking suggestions/requests too, so if you guys have ideas, hit me up. I’m really sorry if the title sucks, I’m no good at those. Otherwise, I really hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You and Bucky are at odds whether to take a big step in your relationship, but things start to shift when Steve and the others come back from a mission with a surprise.

Other Characters: Wanda, Bucky, Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce

Warnings: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,770

Originally posted by gliceria

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Zombie Unicorns - Peter Parker x (f)Stark!Reader

Words: 1245
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Stark!Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Requested by @jaderz-mega-yikes
I have a request lilly! I don’t remember if I did one already but…might as well do one now😂 I request a Peter Parker imagine where the reader and him are best friends and they end up accidentally getting drunk at one of Tony’s parties. FLUFF PLS💜
Authors Note: i swear it looked like I was drunk when I was writing this because of how many errors I made. BUT THIS IS MY FIRST FIC OF 2017! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! HERES TO A GOOD ONE!


“Tell me what I told you,” Your father said to you before the party.

You groaned, rolling your eyes. “Now don’t you and Spider-Boy go anywhere near the bar. I don’t need innocent children getting drunk,” You recited in a low voice, trying to match Tony’s.

“Perfect! I cannot afford to hear Steve go off on me if you end up-”

“Dad!” You stopped him, “I’m too young even to drink. I’ll be fine. Plus, I’ll be with Peter, he’s not stupid,” You told Tony, hoping to get him off your back.

“(Y/N), I’m serious-”

“Oh would you look at that, Sam’s going in your lab!” You pointed and as soon as Tony turned around to see that there was no one near his lab, you ran away.

Your father groaned, annoyed with you. But you are his teenage daughter; he should have expected this. Plus, a Stark teenager, there wasn’t much surprise that this was how you acted.

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King & Lionheart

Originally posted by yoncehaunted


A/N: First T’Challa fic is here! I have truly enjoyed getting to dig into his character (perhaps that’s why this is the longest thing I’ve ever written) so I hope you enjoy! Feedback is especially appreciated since this is my first T’Challa piece 

Word count: 2865

Warnings: Mention of anxiety, suggestive themes near the end, also some language (tbh there’s always language bc I have issues)

Translations: (I used Xhosa) ubuhle - beauty; sithandwa sam - my love; uthando lwam - my love; impungutye - fox


Why would a linguistics major need to study biology?!

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As The World Falls Down- Peter Maximoff (x-men) x Reader- Part 1

A/N: So this is based off a request, and i had this brilliant idea because holy shit, just trust me on this one, the title is a bit of a give away for part 2 though if you see what’s up, hehehehe . I’ve been in a 1970s Peter Maximoff streak so it’s nice to be able to do a post-apocalypse fic. Not many spoilers except for the fact Nina’s alive… just because, let Erik Lensherr be happy 2k16.

Also, who doesn’t ship teachers? I live for bickering enemy teacher AUs. Friendly reminder I’m open to all requests, just check my guidelines in case :)

Tags: Fluff, shipping, dad!Maximoff (ish, kinda…) and sneaking out.

Word Count: 2,835

As The World Falls Down-Part 1

“So, if we take into account the Haber process,” You turned around from the blackboard before taking a couple of steps back just to fix the equilibrium symbol, then once again facing your class. Several students were falling asleep, eyes half-open in the morning sun pouring in. You were going to kill Maximoff. How dare he? How actually dare he assign your seniors an assignment due the same day you have to give a content-heavy revision lesson?

Anyway, you could pick a fight with him in the staff room later. Provided Professor McCoy didn’t get in the way.

Or you could always spike is coffee with something… a laxative would be funny.

It would literally give him the runs. Hilarious.

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Vernon/OFC: Hey baby, I got my ion you

Genre: Fluff, university!AU

Word Count: 1572

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Prompt: She gets a terrible (terribly cute) lab partner for the day. Cue terrible chemistry puns and back to school vibes. 

Lab was definitely not the class someone wanted to miss. Chemistry was one thing, but lab was an entirely different component that had as much weight to ones grade as any other class. Lab was instructional and hands-on, if you didn’t participate, you didn’t pass.

But she wanted to cry tears of joy when the professor said her lab partner emailed that he was sick and couldn’t come into class. Sure, Seungkwan was somewhat of a decent person, but he just talked and talked and got them in trouble more often than they received high marks. So here she was, waiting alone on her double-desk for further instruction. Once a majority of the students were in, teaching assistants passed out today’s itinerary. All of a sudden, a textbook banged against her table, causing her to jump in surprise.

“Guess we’re lab partners today.” Chwe Hansol smiled warmly, taking the seat next to hers. He wasn’t a Chemistry major, in fact he was one of the other sixty percent who was trying to get their science requirement over with as smoothly as possible.

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Family Business

Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis

After arriving in 2012, there’s some basic necessities to get out of the way–namely a complete physical and vaccinations that weren’t available in 1946.  But a trip to the local SHIELD office holds other surprises for Peggy and Jarvis.

A/N: We started working on this verse before season 2 of Agent Carter aired, so there’s some pretty huge deviations from the characters that were presented on the show.  And we left it that way because we like ours better.  If you have any questions about our view of Peggy’s backstory or her brother Bill, please feel free to shoot us a line.

“Do we really have to do this?” Peggy asked irritably, and Jarvis snorted.

“Really, Miss Carter,” he said, shaking his head.  “I have seen you fight men twice your size armed with little more than a lunch tray, and you’re afraid of a few pin pricks?”

“I just…don’t like shots,” she sniffed, looking out the window, and Steve grinned and put an arm around her.

“You know, I seem to remember you telling me to buck up when they were taking a fifth of my blood–”

“That was important,” she insisted.  “This is just–”

“So you don’t die from diseases your body has never seen, or accidentally kill anyone else by carrying diseases that have been gone for years,” he countered, and she glared at him. “Sorry.  If it helps, I’ll buy you ice cream afterwards.”

“I’m not a child, Steve.”

“What does that have to do with anything?  It’s ice cream.

Peggy blinked at him, then shook her head and laughed.  Even Jarvis smirked a little before looking out the window again as Steve planted a kiss on Peggy’s head.

Fury was waiting outside for them as they pulled up to the building, and Steve took Peggy’s hand as they strolled up to the doors, and she glanced down before squeezing gently.  It was a nice feeling, being able have little touches like that anywhere, after years of keeping themselves in check.  Of all the adjustments that came with being hurled to another time decades in her future, this was by far her favorite.

“Agent Carter,” Fury said, reaching for the door handle.  “Welcome to SHIELD.”

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Problem - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by scottlamg

Words: 1069
Pairing: Peter Parker x platonic!Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by anon
Could you write a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x reader where reader is Peter’s good friend and they help him ask Gwen or MJ out? Like, Peter and reader would have 100% platonic relationship (which I think would be really sweet). By the way, I love your works and I’ll be happy if you write one on this request! :))
Authors Note: I decided to do Mary Jane because I feel like it just worked better! (ALSO, thanks anon, I’m glad you like my stuff!!)


“So, how was talking to Mary Jane today?” You smirked to Peter.

“Great. Because, I didn’t.”

“Peter!” You groaned, falling back on to his small bed.

“What?” He asked, surprised.

“You two should so date.” You told him.

Peter rolled his eyes. “I’m too awkward to talk to her.”

“You talk to me.”

“Yeah, because when we started talking was years ago and I wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone. But MJ is…”

“A girl you’re interested in.” You finished.

Peter groaned. “You know how I am at school. She’s, like, UGH.”

You laughed at him. “Calm down there, spider dude.”

“She also doesn’t really like Gwen, and Gwen and I talk sometimes so, I think it would be really weird.” Peter tried to come up with an excuse.

“It’s settled. I’m being your wing-man tomorrow and getting you to talk to her.” You said, and Peter opened his mouth to say something, but an alarm on his phone began to go off.

“Not again…” You groaned.

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The Amazing Maleeni

Morning, January 10

She’s on her third pass with the broom in her bedroom when the phone rings. Leaning the broom against the wall, she grimaces at the sound of yet another missed piece of glass crunching underfoot on her way to pick up the receiver.


“Hey, Scully, it’s me. Pack a bag. We’ve got a flight out of Dulles in two hours.”

“Whoa, whoa, what? Mulder… you said you were just running by the office to check on a few things.”

“I did. And we’ve got a case. A really interesting one.”

She closes her eyes, sighing through her nose. “Mulder, I was really hoping to make some progress on my apartment today.”

“Did I mention it’s a really interesting case?”

Ordinarily, she might welcome the opportunity to be distracted by work, but the longer it takes to clean up the mess left behind by Donnie Pfaster’s attack, the longer it will be before she can start leaving the psychological mess behind as well.

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to handle this one on your own.”

“Well… I already got two plane tickets. But I guess, if you really don’t wanna come along…” She knows the hurt in his voice is mostly just an act.


She sighs again. “Fine. I’ll go. But you have to promise to help me clean here when we get back. For real, this time.”

He’d driven her over this morning and helped for about ten minutes before deciding he should go check in at the office “real fast.” That was three hours ago.

“Hey, I was gonna come back. But then this case–”

“I know, I know. It’s fine, Mulder, just… when the case is over–”

“We’ll get it done. I promise.”

She nods, even though he obviously can’t see her through the phone, then glances over toward her closet, wondering how much she’s going to have to pack for a trip in January. “And where, may I ask, is this case taking us?”

“The City of Angels.” She can hear the smirk in his voice, and she shakes her head, grinning just the tiniest bit.

Great. At least she can leave the heavy coat at home.


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