i should probably be freaking out now

Things Unsaid

“Why didn’t we ever talk about kids? Like before,” Felicity asked Oliver.

“Huh?” He had been focused on picking the lock and getting them out of the cage. He was not ready to process this. 

“It’s probably because I freaked out whenever it came up, right? Like in Ivy Town, whenever the topic of kids came up I just…” she slid one hand past the other in a half clap - half finger rocket, “zoom. Took off.”

“Felicity you want to talk about kids, now? Really?” The lock trigger was resisting him. She pulled another bobby pin out of her hair and handed it to him. 

“I didn’t know if I wanted kids, I still don’t know if I do, but when I got shot and my spine… well they told me I couldn’t. Probably couldn’t. Ever.”

Oliver froze and turned to look at her seriously. “You never told me that.”

Felicity plucked at the chicken wire around the bars and flushed. She didn’t meet Oliver’s eyes. She talked into the dim empty warehouse even though they were squished together.

“There was so much going on, and I didn’t even know how I felt about it myself, and then William, and it hit me that you did know how you felt. You wanted to be a dad. Didn’t you. The whole time. I bet you still do.”  

Oliver rolled his eyes and gestured to the cage they were trapped in.  “It would be crazy to bring a baby into this world. There is no way a child can be part of my life.”

Felicity looked down at the floor, and then up at the ceiling again, and then swallowed. “I know that’s your decision. I realized when I caught you recording that message. Thing is, that’s also when I realized that I want  kids. With you. Your kids. Not right now, but I want them. Someday. We’d never talked about it, but I thought we’d make it work, the way John and Lyla did, even if I couldn’t,” she gestured at her middle and Oliver flinched slightly, “Then I heard you and….” she airplaned her hand again, flying it to the edge of the cage, “zoom. It hurt so much. It was one thing when a bullet took away my choices. It was something entirely different when you did. I didn’t even have words.”

Oliver furrowed his brow. She gave him a sad smile, her eyes wet. He took a deep breath and exhaled heavily.

“Why are you tell me this now?” Oliver asked.

“If we are going to die? If the world is going to end? I want you to understand. I love you. I never stopped loving you. But, we should have talked about kids.”

Oliver leaned over and kissed her forehead, and cupping one hand around her cheek. Felicity nuzzled into his palm.

“We aren’t going to die today,” he said, pushing the cage door open a crack. “And when we get out of here, and save the world, then we are going to have a very long talk. And if you try zooming off, I will lock us into another cage.” 

Sure, why not? ^_^

Akatsuki members S/O has panic attack

-Kisame: This will cause him to have a panic attack in return. The upside is that the S/O will focus on him now. The downside is that it’s hard to help a panicked shark

-Itachi: He keep his soothing hands on his S/O and speaks soft words of reassurance to them. Hopefully his voice puts them to sleep

-Hidan: He’ll probably be hella rough at first saying things like “quit freaking out before I GIVE you something to freak out about.” Then he comes to realize it’s not a game and he should be more supportive

-Kakuzu: Forces the S/O to go to sleep. He had experience with panic sometime during all his years on earth. To sleep is to have no worries. Its second only to death (which he wouldn’t dare)

-Deidara and Tobi: There are few things these two have in common but this is one of those things. The both of them will try to get their S/O’s head off of the panic they experience by antics and activities

-Sasori: Strokes his S/O’s hair endlessly until they calm down or at least fall asleep. When all else fails, time for food

-Pain: He probably brings them warm tea and reads to them in his soothing and smooth voice.

-Konan: Speaking of voices… She let’s out her beautiful singing voice to calm them down

-Tobi, Zetsu, and Madara: These three truly have no idea on what to during this type of situation. The worst is Madara because he just stands there with that stern face as if you’re panicking wrong

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Hey I don't mean to bother but I'm getting really panicky BC I know for sure my crush has a thing for me too but I've never really been with a guy before and so I don't know the basic things like how to kiss or anything so I'm totally afraid he'll ask me out and I won't have the experience, which is crap considering I'm 18 I should know a little something by now right?

GIRL what are you freaking out for?! If you want you can just tell him straight up that you don’t have experience and he will 100% think it’s adorable and he’ll probably be honored to be the first one. You have nothing to be nervous about! Take some deep breaths and don’t worry, he will understand and everything will be fine! You’ll be happy you saved your first kiss for him 😉 now get out there and start dating your crush, lord knows we wish we could all do that!

“You Lied To Me.” “I Was Trying To Protect You.”

Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Requested? Yes.

Prompts: “You lied to me.” + “I was trying to protect you.”

Warnings: nooo idea. I want to say maybe angst, but I’m pretty sure it may not turn out very angst like soo. Probs fluff. ThiS SucKS

A/N: Erik is my baby

You felt stupid.

How did you just now found out after three years that your boyfriend was actually Erik Lehnsherr? Otherwise known as Magneto.

Should you be angry? Probably. Were you? No.

Maybe it was because you were so freaking nice.

Maybe it was because there was just no way he could have lied about your relationship. You knew that look he gave you.

Adoration. Love.

It was the same look you would always give him.

You sat at the table that was just outside of the kitchen as you tapped on the table nervously, but silently. What would happen when you told him you knew? Would he hurt you? No, you idiot. Why would he?

You’ve seen the damage he has done, [y/n]. Not too long ago you did your research and saw.

But it was him.

Him. And you couldn’t just stop loving him just because of the things he has done.

You clearly came to the fact that there was a reason he didn’t tell you. You assumed he wanted to start over. That would have been your reason if you were in his shoes.

The front door open and you heard the front doors open. You quickly stood up and fast walked to the living room. Out of nowhere you felt anger as you stared at him.

Maybe it was because you thought, that by now, he would have told you. Although, you still understood why he wouldn’t have.

He stared at you a bit confused as you fought with yourself, only to end up staying put when you normally would have ran to him and tackled him, smothering his face with kisses. “[y/n]?”

You lied to me, Erik…,” you said softly, letting out a small sigh as if it took a lot for you to say that. He strode over to you, and you stayed put, even when he was face to face with you. Well, you were shorter, but you know.

I was trying to protect you,” Erik simply said.

You slowly raised a hand to his cheek, hesitantly, and for a brief moment he was sure you were going to slap him across the face and leave him, only to feel your hand gently press against his left cheek as he closed his eyes for that brief moment. “Should I hate you…?” You asked, about to pull your hand away when his left hand raised and rested on top of yours that lay on his cheek. “You know yourself that I’m no mutant…”

“I love you,” he reassured. “Yes, I used to hate myself for it, but I’ve come to realize that you also love me, and I can’t leave you.” “How do you know that I-”

“You would have slapped me a few moments ago, You’ve had a lot of chances, princess. And you’re still looking at me the exact same way that I look at you,” he continued, a finger pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Damn you,” you mumbled, only earning the tiniest of smiles from Erik. “Don’t leave me,” he said, his arms wrapping around you as he pulled you close against his chest, causing you to turn your head as your cheek laid against him, your arms loosely around his torso.

“Would you still love me if you would have known at the beginning who I was?” He asked after a moment of silence.

How could you not love this man? Surely, you would never ask him that yourself, knowing that it would just turn into some stubborn mess where he would almost be seemingly trying to convince you not to love him.

You rolled your eyes playfully and looked up at  him, “of course I would have. Yes, I would still know what you have done, but I’d be insane if I didn’t love you. You’re still my perfect, but stubborn, boyfriend.”

It was his turn to roll his eyes, a small smile still on his lips as he tilted his head down to kiss you on the lips.

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I’m so sorry, I’m thinking I should probably avoid tumblr for a while as the last thing I want is to freak people out over what might be nothing :(

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i'm 17 (girl) and i never had a boyfriend, so first: is that weird? i've never been kissed and i freak out over it (i know i'm straight). and i keep saying that i want a boyfriend. i shut down so many opportunities of having one, just for the experience. and now, a friend of mine found a guy interested in me, and he messaged me, but it feels so awkward, the conversations are awkward, slow, not natural. i don't feel comfortable. and that makes me think that maybe i have too high standards (1)

and probably should low them down. i just know how i should feel when smth is right, i think, i hope i’ll know. and this doesn’t. i only talked to him one night, and tonight. maybe is because he’s shy too. i don’t know. this feels just awkward. and if i shut him down that way too i’ll feel miserable. i say i want a boyfriend but i shut them down. i don’t even know how to say what i mean and how i feel maybe u’re confused. i feel like i don’t deserve to feel this way(2)

Seriously, why should it be weird that you never had a boyfriend just yet. I personally had my first real relationship when I turned 18, so you still have a year. Don’t try to make a relationship happen just because you want a boyfriend and want to experience that. You can not force something like that, because then it won’t be a real and serious relationship. I don’t think you have too high standards, just don’t force something when you feel awkward with the person, it is okay to stay single and have your first boyfriend later on in life. You’ll know when you are ready and found a good guy, believe me.


You’ve been best friends with Peter for a while now, it was only a matter of time before he noticed your powers.

A/N: Kinda thinking about doing a part 2 to this to close some open ends.

Warnings: swearing, little tiny bit of angst

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1010


I should probably just start with my life story.

I have powers, like super powers, I really didn’t ask for them, they just kinda appeared in grade 1 when one of the boys put his gum in my hair. Well, me being me, I kinda sorta over-reacted. I stood up and just started screaming. No words just screaming. I guess the anger I felt over him ruining my perfectly curled hair triggered my powers. I started glowing and my hands caught fire. Now not only did that freak me out, but it freaked everyone out. I lost all my friends, the teachers were scared to come near me, and even my own parents disowned me. I was alone with a power I couldn’t control.

I was in an adoption home until I was in grade 4. I had burned down one home because i was having a nightmare about my parents (I still have those sometimes) and had been kicked out of another for burning one of the other girls hair off for stealing my doll. I was safe to say I would probably never get adopted. Well, by some stroke of luck someone did adopt me, and it was none other than Tony Stark. Of course I was suspicious, assuming that as soon as I started a fire he would send me right back. However, that never happened, he helped me control it.It took years and years but through all those years i got closer to him and I really saw him as my father. I still couldn’t be more grateful.


That was then and this is now.

Now I’m a student as Midtown High. I only have one friend, his name is Peter Parker and he is a blessing. No, he doesn’t know about my powers or who my father is but he certainly is the biggest crush I’ve ever damn had. He only sees me as a friend and I’m totally ok with that, its better than nothing. I met him on the first day of highschool, we’re currently seniors, and I was lost and had no friends. Peter just so happened to be my chem partner, and me being an awkward shit totally stabbed him with my pencil. Honestly it was an accident and I apologized profusely but he totally let it slide on one condition, we had to be friends. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Currently, Peter and I were on or way to his apartment to work on some homework. We were walking and talking about nothing and everything. It was all going fine until a lady screamed for help. She was being dragged into an alley and a man had a knife to her throat. I immediately leapt into action, taking off down the street to help. See no one really knew this, well except my father, but I had been kinda patrolling the streets at night, keeping people safe. I had even adopted a superhero name, Blaze. My instincts led me into the alley, my mind totally slipping the fact I didn’t have my mask on. My hands set fire and I managed to get the guy away from the poor woman with very little struggle. The lady ran once the man let her go. The guy, lets call him Jerk, didn’t seem to want to give up. Jerk threw punch after punch, me dodging and blocking them all. Finally I had enough of his futile fighting and threw a fireball at his pant leg. Jerk started screaming and ran off.

With the blood pumping in my ears from the adrenaline, I barely heard Peter mutter “What the fuck?” Instantly it all dawned on me, I had just revealed my power to him. My head whipped around and I said the first word the popped into my head “Surprise?” I saw his angered look and clearly ‘surprise?’ wasn’t enough. I started babbling, trying to explain myself. I couldn’t seem to get out coherent words until Peter yelled, “Y/N!” That caught my attention and I stopped talking (if you could even call it that). Without any warning he dragged me along the streets, back to his house. All I could think on the way there was, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. As soon as we got in Peter slammed the door and totally ignored Aunt May while storming off to his bedroom, me still in tow.

Once we got inside his room he whipped around and looked me dead in the eyes, he was clearly angry but he also looked, well, worried. “What the hell were you thinking, you could have got yourself killed!” he whisper yelled. Before I could get an answer out he kept talking, “Ok so clearly you’re Blaze, but I guess that’s not that bad ‘cause I’m Spiderman” I let out a strangled noise of surprise, not even having time to register what he said before he continued on his rant. “You could have died! Oh my God you could have died like so many times, that’s not ok! Holy shit, I can’t lose you you’re like the best thing to ever happen to me! I can’t lose someone I love, I care too much-” he was cut off by my lips on his. It was slow and hard and it was perfect. Your lips melded perfectly together.

When Peter pulled away he rested his forehead on mine. “I can’t lose you.” He whispered. It sounded so broken and so genuine it literally brought tears to my eyes. “You won’t.” I responded, just as broken. Peter sighed and layed down on his bed, pulling me with him. I cuddled into his chest. “Do you really love me?” I asked, “With all my heart.” he responded. “I love you too.” He grinned and pulled me closer to him. Just before I drifted off to sleep, my eyes shot open, “Wait you’re Spiderman?” Pete chuckled nervously before responding a tentative, “yes.” “You’re damn lucky I love you.” I muttered before falling asleep in his arms.


Its been really amazing.

Emily Kinney, talking about working on a show she’s been off of for over a year now in the present tense.

Seriously, at the point she should have said, “It was really amazing.” Was. Past tense. Ugh. It was around the 46:50 mark. I don’t know why that stood out to me, but seriously. It’s been a year since you’ve been on set filming, riiiight?

Karai: “So, this is what happens when you mate with a mutant turtle…”

Raphael: “Yeah, looks like it.” 

Karai: “Dam it Splinter’s gonna kill me when he finds out.” 

Raphael: “Never mind you what about Leo? Splinter will be more mad at him than you Karai.” 

Karai: “Do you think he’ll notice?” 

Raphael: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure sensei will notice a glowing green egg in the lair. Even at night, don’t you?” 

Karai: “I don’t know what to think right now, where’s Leo anyway he should be here.” 

Raphael: “He’s inside, probably freaking out about what happened.”

Karai: “What does Donatello think?” 

Raphael: “Donnie says he dosen’t know why the egg is glowing, must be Leo’s mutant DNA that made it glow. Who knows.”

Karai: “I’m so dead aren’t I?”

Raphael: “You and Leo, yeah you’ll have some explaining to do with Splinter.”

Karai: “It was Leo’s fault,” 

Raphael: “Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, you both are gonna be parents… To whatever is in that egg.”

Karai: “No doubt Michelangelo will come up with a name.”

Raphael: “Leo won’t let Mikey come up with a name for the baby,”

Karai: “Mm.”    

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I love your writing <3 25 + sterek or berica or dydia, whatever you are most comfortable with

25. I’m not famous
[It’s Sterek too, obviously :)]


His mom must be freaking out.

At this point Boyd probably told her about his disappearance and Derek knows he should be answering his phone now, but he’s too comfortable to care. Too comfortable and perhaps a little horny.

Can he be blamed, though? This guy’s lips are sinful. Sinful.

“Your phone is ringing.” Stiles says, smiling in between kisses.

“It will stop eventually.” Derek answers, thumbing at Stiles’ bottom lip when the other guy smirks. His eyes are beautiful too, Derek realizes as he stares directly at them.

And familiar somehow. Derek knows he’s definitely seen Stiles before, which is weird because he doesn’t go out much, and he wouldn’t just forget seeing someone like Stiles, the epitome of Derek’s wet dreams and romantic fantasies.

“Yeah.” Stiles rolls them over so he ends up straddling Derek’s lap. It sends a spark of lust through Derek’s body, the position familiar as Stiles insisted on being on top while they fucked.

Derek didn’t complain last night, and he’s definitely not complaining now.

His expression must give his thoughts away because Stiles’ smile gets wider. “Round two?”

“I think we’re at round three now.” He runs a hand over Stiles’ hipbone, swallows heavily when Stiles moans. Jesus, this guy is going to kill him. “Have we met before?” He asks, curiosity getting the best of him.

He knows Stiles, that much is clear in his head.

“Don’t think so.” Stiles answers, frowning in a way that makes him look even more adorable. “I wouldn’t forget meeting you.” He kisses Derek’s chest softly.

“I know, but it feels like we’ve met before.” He insists.

Like a dog with a bone, he remembers Laura’s smile as she teased him when they were kids, you can’t let anything go.

That is still true.

“In a past life maybe?” Stiles teases. “Were we destined to meet? Are you my soul mate?”

Derek rolls his eyes, pinches Stiles’ thigh playfully. “I’m serious.”

“And I’m Stiles.” He answers, swearing loudly when Derek groans and flips them over again, tickles Stiles until he’s laughing and gasping and apologizing. “I’m kidding, God. Stop it.”

Derek bites his neck playfully, pulls back to lick into Stiles’ mouth and kiss him slowly, teasing. “I’ve seen you before and it will drive me insane if I don’t figure it out.” He explains, watches as Stiles finally opens his brown eyes and smiles fondly up at him.

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Share the Reylo love and support around you.

My fellows Reylo shippers. That post will probably sound weird or done way too soon but I’ve been thinking about it for a few days…

The new Star Wars is coming out in May 26th 2017, it’s a long way until we’re there but I think we should definitely take advantage of this time to share our love and support as far as Kylo & Rey are concerned.

The movie came out a little more than 10 days ago now and I find really amazing how many people got invested (others probably will too along the line) in this ship, all the videos, arts and fanfics already being made. It’s freaking FANTASTIC! 

What I’m suggesting is keeping spreading the love on social medias (tumblr, twitters, facebook, instagram, youtube and more…) but also talk about this around you, see if you can find other Reylo shippers. For the people who lives in the USA, whenever there is a convention (comic con, for exemple) or something with J.J Abrams or the actors, take this as a chance to show them how much we support this ship. Take this chance to talk to them about Reylo. 

Now, I know that the script for episode VIII is already written. I’m not telling you this in an attempt to make Reylo happen. Let’s be honest, we have no power over this. But let the world know that you’re a PROUD SHIPPER, who DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE HATERS and that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH SHIPPING THEM. 

Until the next movie, the fanbase will grow. We will be more vocal. And who knows, we might get what we want in the next movie. CAUSE NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING FOR SURE ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

My fake!twin came up and told me all about how some of my campers mistook her for me again and were freaked out by our resemblance. We’ve decided to switch clothes at some point this week and impersonate one another, just to freak them out. 

I should probably wash my clothes before this happens…. at least my hat smells good. I put lavender and mint leaves in it along with the tea bags.

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How would bts react to you their gf telling them your pregnant but then later on find out it was just a joke (before and after please)

Jin Before: 

“Jagi that’s amazing I’m so excited!”

Originally posted by jimineh

Jin After: 

“You were kidding? What kind of a joke is that?”

Originally posted by junghosyub

Yoongi Before:

He would be freaking out honestly. “I-I can’t believe it. We’re actually going to raise a kid together!”

Originally posted by haru-haru10

Yoongi After: 

“What do you mean you were only joking? That’s so cruel. Maybe we really should try for a kid now?”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Hoseok Before: 

This kid would be at a total loss for words. He would be too shocked to do anything and he would probably just end up falling on the ground. 

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok After: 

Originally posted by hoseok-is-little-shit-ily-him

Namjoon Before: 

He would be really shocked, but at the same time he would be giggling to himself because he would be thinking about the fact that he was going to bring a new life into the world in nine months. 

Originally posted by baebsaes

Namjoon After: 

“What a terrible joke! You really had me convinced there.”

Originally posted by vubbletae

Jimin Before: 

He would be off the walls excited. “Do you know what this means Y/N? It means that we’re going to be parents! Isn’t that great?”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin After: 

“Jagi I’m so depressed. How could you pull such a mean prank?” he would probably end up giving you the silent treatment for while. 

Originally posted by vminv

Taehyung Before: 

He would be completely amazed and excited at the news you had given him. He would be eager to settle down and start a new life with you. 

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Taehyung After: 

He would be really upset to find out that you were really joking and I think it would hurt him that you weren’t serious about it. “That’s not something you can just go around joking about,” he would say.

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Jungkook Before: 

He would be shocked, to say the least, but he would also be excited at the same time. “That’s great baby!” he would exclaim, “Are you as excited as I am?”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jungkook After: 

“Joking? So we’re not having a kid?” he would be really disappointed and it might take him a while to recover. 

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I’ve reached 200 followers (and as the gif probably makes clear, I’m frEAKING OUT) so I figured I’d do a follow forever C: Now I must say that I’m a huge potato when it comes to categorizing things, so I’ll just make two groups (instead of like fifteen categories wiTH REALLY FANCY NAMES LIKE ‘‘THE PEOPLE I STALK’‘, ‘‘THE BAES’‘, ‘‘THE PEOPLE I WANT TO RP WITH’‘, ‘‘THE PEOPLE I RP WITH’‘, ‘‘THE PEOPLE THAT I JUST LOVE’‘, ‘‘THE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD RULE THE WORLD’‘, ‘‘THE BLOGS THAT HAVE AN AMAZING THEME’‘, ‘‘THE PEOPLE I’D SACRIFICE MY FIRSTBORN TO’‘ (ok you see my point, right??? :3   ) The order is (sort of) random.

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Closed || Nice to meet you. || Isaiah Amoz

☬ “You sure this is a good idea? I mean, the guy’s probably gonna lose his mind before he even sees me.”

✡ “It will be fine, Azael; besides you’ll have to meet him eventually. If he does freak out it will probably be about how I just completely disregarded and smashed my way through the boundaries of rules that were holding us apart. Now come on,” Isaiah took his twin’s hand and pulled him to the hospital wing. “Michael should still be here and I asked Ciar to meet us. Hopefully they remembered to explain the situation so he doesn’t go completely mad.”