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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 


A list of things Papyrus says/that are said about him that are… disturbing, to say the least, especially when compared to similar things others say. There’s probably more, but these are the first to come to mind.

Thanks to @zekestrife and @fandomhop for some of the screenshots! And some youtube videos. You can tell which screenshots are mine because they generally have that blue border around them.


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

hi. omg sorry for not being as active this week😥 i’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately so i feel rly exhausted all the time n my text brain has been💤 but i’ve been trying to fix it this weekend so i should be good again !!!! ah okay this post was meant for something else so here i go !!!!!!!! okok omg i feel like i have more followers than i deserve n get more love than i deserve n i always wish i could do something for u guys 2 show how truly truly truly grateful i am that u even read my lil bngtn texts !!!!! it rly means so much to me n i feel like i don’t give back 2 u guys enough so !!!!!! since yoongi n his friends released an album 2day i want to gift one to one of my followers !!!! any version ur heart desires !!! i will wrap it up n send it to u !!!!!! 💿🏃🏻‍♀️💨❗️ a gift from me 2 u !!! ah it’s not a ~give away idt bc i rly don’t want to gain followers or anything else from this !!!!!! i rly just want it to be from: winnie to: frog army friend !!! and we can do it anyway u want !! (like u can put it on ur amazon wishlist n i’ll make the wish come true. or i can send it to u myself n probably add some extra goodies in it) !!!!! so pls ❣️LIKE❣️this post if u are interested friends !!!! and pls pls pls pls ❗️DON’T REBLOG❗️ this bc i want it 2 be just for u guys !!! ofc ofc i will pick randomly !!!! i promise i will keep it super fair ❤️🌹 love u guys forever !

i heard that my death son got a sunshine bf, and this makes me very happy

bonus: percy is protective and annabeth is far past done with his shit

happy birthday @enbyezra !!! have a small hylian and his tall girlfriend

Just Friends - part 11

@letojokerownsme surprise on the photo!!! 

(Nearly a week later)

“What time is the flight tomorrow?” She hears Jared ask as she walks into the kitchen. Her heart sinks at the thought of him leaving her again, especially since her prison sentence is officially over tomorrow.  “That’s it. Thank you,” he says disconnecting and shooting her a smile. 

“Where ya off too tomorrow?” She questions, trying not to sound too devastated.

Jared’s grin widens. “I wish you wouldn’t have heard that." 

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RWBY in a nutshell

100 points for guessing the one above the Reese’s chocolate 

anonymous asked:

so idk anything about the fight club book but ever since that reblog you did for it all I can think about is credence kind of as marla (i know it doesn't fit him well) but just seeing him saying "you're the worst thing that ever happened to me" and then being brought back and holding graves hand keep playing on repeat in my head. it's a very half assed idea strictly for the purpose of that one line lmao

Anon, on a scale from 1-10 I think you were aiming for a 3 but you hit a 9 from me 

(a 10 or 11 is when I run off and write an entire goddamn novel of fanfiction, but a 9 is just… a big stupid essay, I’m sorry)

So, like, honestly Chuck P is probably one of my biggest writing influences and idols and I have learned much from him and one time he threw an inflatable penguin (FIGHT CLUB REFERENCE) at me and I still have it and it’s signed XOXO CHUCK and anyway…

Cut because it’s gratuitously long and also because I talk pretty candidly about abuse and Fight Club with all its… Fight Club-ness.

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yes, it’s that bad. of course it’s that bad. help me deal with what happened to me and acknowledge how awful it is


Tabimatsu Event: Happy New Year – Story of a Dream

Ichimatsu wearing a chick’s costume after the year’s zodiac (Rooster)

“Be kind… eh? What?”

note: Ichimatsu says an abbreviation of the longer phrase “please be kind to me again this year.”

  • queer™ activist who has gained an audience of tens of thousands by posting polemics on the internet: at one of my poetry slams, we had technical difficulties.... it really made me think... about this world that we live in... technology is imperfect.... we, too, are imperfect... no... SOCIETY is imperfect. technical difficulties silence me... and society silences me. we will never have a society...... without glitches. here is a picture of me standing on some stairs and glowering

Now that I’m done the first season of Tales I have a bunch of screenshots that I have only a few lines to say about and don’t really justify getting their own posts so I’m gonna compile them all into this super long post in no particular order

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aro/ace/nb dr who quotes

here, have a fuckton of quotes that either confirm or imply aro-spectrum ace nb dr who

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