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Kakegurui Meta: Ancient Chinese Spoilers.

Well, this is awkward.

I should probably start by saying that the whole of ep 9 was very meta. Yumemi seems to be a deconstruction of idol culture in character form. From her losing the singing contest, to her (awesome) fans, and her not really wanting to be an idol forever, there’s a lot we could unpack with Yumemi as a character without ever touching my Chinese element chart.

That said, I don’t feel like I could do that topic justice. Idols are one part of Japanese culture that I’m not overly into. In fact, I’m going to look up an idol video right now…

Four minutes later.

…aaand now my ears are bleeding. Thanks, @laughing-egg​. Thanks a bunch. Yeah, I’m…not doing idol stuff.

Rather than focusing on one character or element this time, maybe it’s about time we started looking at the bigger picture. I’ve talked a lot about these 5 element types, but have barely touched how they interact with one another. Just like in Pokémon, these types have a system of checks and balances.

Luckily, that’s not nearly as complicated or nonsensical as some of the stuff in Pokémon. A lot of it is common sense. Water controls Fire - no shit. Water feeds plants - again, never would’ve guessed! The elemental chart is broken down into “controlling/destruction” and “generating/creation” cycles, most of which make sense.

Here’s a quick rundown of both of these cycles:

Control Cycle:

Earth controls Water (as in a dam)

Water controls Fire

Fire controls Metal

Metal controls Wood

Wood controls Earth

…and the Generation Cycle:

Fire creates Earth (ash)

Earth creates Metal

Metal creates Water (e.g. metal melting)

Water creates Wood

Wood creates Fire

And these two cycles are your spoiler chart for almost every relationship in Kakegurui.

What? Think I’m crazy? Here, let’s look at a few.

The first relationship we see in the entire series is Mary and Suzui. There are some linguistic hints and a few other suggestions that Suzui is really a Water, and Mary is our go-to for yellow/Earth. Their relationship is definitely controlling, with Mary firmly on top. Earth controlling Water? Sure looks that way to me.

Mary doesn’t get her comeuppance directly from Yumeko, but from her peers. The harshest comes from Itsuki Sumeragi, who places something akin to a voodoo doll on Mary’s desk after she becomes a pet. This is not only Wood controlling Earth (which we see again with Nishinotouin, possibly), but since Sumeragi eventually becomes Yumeko’s ally, this is also the start of Wood generating Fire.

If we go off of the previous entry, a lot of the Student Council is Wood. This explains why most of them fall like dominoes to Yumeko (they’re kindling) and why they obey the only confirmed Metal-Type (Kirari) in a controlling relationship. That said, Midari and Kaede are both Earth or Earth-hybrids; not only do they support Kirari in some way, but we get to see “Earth controls Water” again:

The only time so far that we’ve seen Kirari being controlled is when Midari takes out her own eye. In this one scene, Midari not only gushes blood (Fire), but goes so far as to tell Kirari how to feel. Kirari is just barely keeping control of Midari, a Fire/Earth hybrid. How she does it is a little bit off the chart, but it’s a short-term fix and she cannot keep it up. (I should also stress that this is the most responsible decision she could make. Midari is a danger to herself and other students, so she’s worth keeping watch over, and if a promise of murder keeps her under some sort of control, so be it.)

That said, the relationship between Yumeko and Mary is different from the controlling relationships Mary is used to. At first, it seems disciplinary, but look harder, keep watching, and you see that Mary grows as a person when paired with Yumeko. This is Fire yielding Earth, and hooboy does Mary rise from those ashes!

The Kirari-Mary relationship might or might not be one of control. I’m still six of one on if Kirari’s a Metal/Wood or just Metal, but there’s ample evidence for her being a hybrid. Her “in your face” interaction with Mary is both controlling and asking for more positive support. This relationship comes up again…but spoilers.

That said, the chart I posted has even more spoilers! I’m going to leave this long and overdue post and allow both manga readers and anime only people to extrapolate relationships based on ancient Chinese geomancy. Have fun!

(Now, to be fair, this chart is only anywhere from 70-90% accurate. There is also at least one character who is literally off the chart! Along with another bonus that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, I may do that entry to make up for how damn late this one was. ) 

Special thanks to @yakisobagirl​ for the GIF, @laughing-egg​ for making my ears gush blood, and various people for the various caps.


trying to get used to using a tablet again by colouring/drawing over some princess tutu doodles i drew back in september (and i’m having a difficult time lol)

While it is unfair for Mob Psycho 100 not winning the “award”, it is also unfair for Yuri!!! on ICE to get this much hate and salt.

Why? Because it’s neither the show’s nor the fandom’s fault this controversy happens. It’s all Crunchyroll’s fault this happened

A really long post but won’t cut it since this needs to be read.

The voting system is problematic. There’s no word “unfair” in this kind of voting system, and spamming isn’t prohibited.

Last year I had almost no time to watch anime at all. Pretty much YOI was the only anime that I truly watched because I’ve been hooked since last March, so I know I may not be the right person to talked about this since I haven’t actually watched the others. And i’m sure there’s a lot of people who’s the same as me.

When I first saw a voting page and realized that it was available to vote countless time, I was like “Really, are you seriously allowing people to spam the vote?”

Crunchyroll is a big site. One of the biggest anime community site. Of course that when they make an “awards”, it looks like a huge deal to a lot of people. (When it is just an internet poll, not an Oscar or Golden Globe.)

There’s a lot of informal voting webpage like “Anime Trending” on Facebook in which they also use this kind of voting system and the results sometimes oppose to a lot of viewvers (some weeks Victuuri was not the first in couple ranking) and people then being salty over it, but that’s that, cuz everyone knows it’s just an internet poll.

Back to Crunchyroll. The award is divided in categories, making it look even more look like an Oscar or Golden Globe. This is where the controversy start.

Crunchyroll’s voting system is not suitable to categories award.

As many people said, it’s an all-in-all popularity vote. Seeing the most popular anime of 2016 wins every single categories it was nominated can be a bit disheartening but not surprising. And really, when any of the film got nominated in an award, that means the show have an potential to win already.

Let me give you one example of the affect of the voting system. This year’s Tokyo anime awards will be judged from a top 100 anime airing between 1 Dec year before to Nov 30 of the previous year that people voted using twitter and they were allowed to re-vote every 2 hours.

(This picture was taken roughly 1 moth before the death line.)

Now what happened was that while nobody make a fuss of YoI being the first place, the second place, Cute High Earth Defense Club, got some salt from the western anime fans like “The poll is biased” or “It’s not deserved” because thee other famous show like Re:Zero was at 30-something and Kimi no Nawa, an insanely famouse Shinkai Makoto’s works, was at 80…..what may happened here was that 1) spamming happened 2) some don’t know about the vote. However, this poll wasn’t a final. I think the top 100 wil have to be judged by the judges to decided the winner of TAAF.

THAT IS HOW THE BIG AWARD SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE! Using professional judges to find the winner.

And you know that this kind of “unfairness” happened all the time.

An common example can be founded in game shows, especially Got Talent. For me, in my country, the runner-up was more “deserving” than the winner many times.

The first season was a girl singer who was already rich and had a great yet common voice, while the runner-up was a handicapped who played guitar with one hand. The latest season’s winner was an acrobatic twins while the runner-up was a guy who inhumanly bended and twisted himself like he has a bones of rubber (X) who actually participated for the second time after the lost of the previous season to some whining brats team. You knew who has a real talent but sometimes the most deserved sometimes lose when there’s a vote.

And here’s some talk about Yuri on ICE’s popularity that needs to be respected.

I know that Yuri on ICE won some of the award by popularity,and I do feel a bit glum by that. However,Yuri on ICE’s popularity is not something common. No one really thought it would success. A lot of big studios rejected it because the skating scenes were a huge job and may not worth the effort, only MAPPA the risk-taker took the project and made it blossomed to the point that it rode on the top of almost every ranking in anime world.

However, some people said that it’s overhyped. TBH I really don’t understand this term much cuz if somethings get insanely popular (like Undertales) then that’s mean the thing is loved by a lot of people and there’s nothing such as “was loved too much” unless it came from a POV of the person who doesn’t like the things and try to forced their opinion to others face.

Okay back to YoI. Especially after the award, there is a lot of “ YoI is just a baiting anime that makes fujoshis go crazy.” or “YoI is just a show solely for a queer fan” (The latter is quite homophobic but there really is this comment.) Now with the amazing analyzation of @thatshamelessyaoishipper​ about YOI is not a bait (x) a discrimination and possibly misogyny within the fandom (x) pretty much sums up of what’s going on in regards to the LGBTQA+ and yaoi fangirls side of popularity. (you know that the real gayness of this show also made some people dropped this series?)

However, Yuri on ICE manages to appeal a lot of non-anime fans by many assets of them. Breathtaking OST (seriously i cried when I first heared of the full yuri on ICE song like I had been waiting for 8 moths for that.), Animation (will talk about that later), figure skating (the figure skating fans would at least intrigued by that) that lots of world class skaters watched it and even debut in the show.

Having a wide variety of the viewers is a big confirmation of the show. For example, Kimi no Nawa managed to appeal a lot of people who isn’t an animation fan by it’s stunning visuals (typical Shinkai) and a unique story, making it the top box office in many countries. Same goes with YoI but Kimi no Nawa is easier to access to the non-anime fan than Yoi, being a 2-hour movie and a 12-episode anime.

An another thing why the fandom are so agressive in voting is becuase we want MORE of it. While most of other anime either based on some other media which some of them already confirm season 2, YoI still haven’t officially announced S2 yet. The fandom try to support the show in any way possible, even if it’s just a meaningless internet poll.

Yuri on ICE isn’t not deserved, but isn’t Ready to deserved.

I will never say YoI isn’t deserved best animation, but I wil say that YoI is not ready to deserved or isn’t deserved YET. This post  shows an inaccurate accussion by a salty people and a brilliant explanation of how animation works and how YoI’s animation is not the best it could be. Like I’ve said, MAPPA took YoI, the show that big studios refuse to take a challenge. MAPPA is not a powerhouse studio was given a low budget due to a lack of hype. If they have more time and budget, everything will be better,really. So go buy Bluray/DVD.

Back to voting. What Crunchyroll should have done?

1. 1-vote-per account

Sign in an CR account or create a new one. An account can only use one vote per category. Just sign in is free. I’ve seen many survey site using this.

2. Using the same methods as TAAF.

Okay this one will be more tricky but I think it’s possible. Make a nomination poll in each category and use judges to find the winner. Now this wil be almost the same as Oscar and Golden Globes or other formal awards.

If you wanna make it look professional, then use a professional system.

To sums up everything.

Crunchyroll should have use a better voting system if they gonna try to make this “award” look important and is not  just a meaningless internet poll (which it will always be).

Yuri on ICE’s popularity shouldn’t be degraded as “some fujoshi shit” (cuz if that’s true then BL must be a top genre already) and shouldn’t be disrespected.

As one of a fan of YoI who have been watching it sine the first pv in March 2016 and worried that the show may not succeed knowing it’s rough pre-production, to see it finally got a recognition it deserved but then got hated more than necessary because of some poorly functioned internet poll by a streaming website is sad for me.

There’s nothing wrong of voting what you like. Spamming vote isn’t wrong if there’s no rules about it. Even if the results doesn’t turn out “fair” in everyone’s eyes, please remember that it is just an internet poll that won’t give any solid benefit to the anime (in this case it gives YoI a backlash.)

Well I guess even this can’t calm some salty people, but just so you know being salty wouldn’t change anything.

Submit Anon: This weeb...

‘Sup weebstories? I’ve been following this blog anonymously for a while and just when I thought I didn’t have a weeb story to share… I remembered one that happened a bit over a year ago. 

Now for the sake of anonymity, I will be myself calling Altair, as the name is close in pronunciation to my actual one & I think you can tell who my favorite character is (*wink-wonk* *nudge-nidge* btw I’m female), my brother’s name will be Cody, my ex’s name will be Ink, my friend’s name will be Aloha, and the weeb’s name will be D.

So I used to have a moderate weeb stage back when I was in junior high to early high school that slowly died down as time went on. Nowadays, I see myself as a functioning, well off young adult.

So, my brother and I are both Black but we have a very mixed ancestry, particularly from our mother’s side—one of those ancestries is Korean-Japanese going back to our mother’s grandmother. When I was in junior high, I used to shout out I was actually Japanese. Tbh with you all and myself, aside from a few select features, we look like fair-skinned African Americans; at most, we have been mistaken for Chinese, Filipino, or Mexican. This is important.

Trigger warning: LGBTQ slurs

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