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Can we please have the Obitos from all your different stories meeting? It would be soooo much fun.

Oh god. I was not prepared for this level of crack. 

So! Obito = crimanals ‘verse!Obito, Angry = reverse!Obito, Vagabond = Stormborn!Obito, Long-Hair = Stepping Stones!Obito, and Green Thumb = soulmate HashiObi drabble!Obito, bc why not. 

“What the actual fuck.”

“Language,” Kakashi says mildly, but he’s half a step behind and practically breathing down Obito’s neck, one hand on his Glock and both eyes narrowed.

“Fuck you,” Obito retorts. “We just got sucked into some kind of alternate fucking dimension, okay, I am fuckin entitled to whatever goddamn cursing I want. Now I’m late for meeting Rin at the FBI, and I don’t think she’s going to accept alternate dimensions as an excuse.”

“A crossover point, not a separate dimension,” a dark voice corrects, and Obito spins around to find himself staring at…


Well, that’s fucking awkward.

Granted, it’s not an outright copy. This version of him is dressed in a long black cloak with a high collar, decorated with red clouds, and has a purple-patterned white mask on his belt. His expression is tight with anger, and his two eyes are burning.

He looks a hell of a lot like the man Obito used to see in the mirror, and it’s no comfort at all.

Even less of a comfort is the big man looming just behind him, who is eerily familiar but also very much not, and before Obito can help himself he blurts, “Kisame?”

Kisame—with the addition of blue skin, a matching cloak, and a massive sword covered in scales—chuckles, apparently abashed at being recognized. “Hey,” he answers, grinning, and casts a look up and down Obito’s body. Coming from his Kisame, Obito would probably return the look with a knife, but this one doesn’t seem to have quite the edge of cheerfully menacing lechery he’s familiar with.

Before he can say anything, though, Kakashi takes a step to the side, then one in front of him, and warns in his politest voice, “If you keep looking at my husband like you want to eat him, I might take offense.”

Blue Kisame blinks, eyes widening, even as Angry Obito stops dead, eyes widening. “Husband?” he repeats incredulously, and black eyes flicker between Obito and Kakashi like he doesn’t know whether to be appalled or baffled.

“Maa, maa, there are other people here who could take offense at that as well, you know,” a mild—and familiar—voice says, and another Kakashi—this one in a dark blue outfit with a green flak jacket on top—steps out from behind one of the square pillars littering the space. Next to him is another version of Obito, this one with long hair in a braid and the same uniform as his companion.

He takes one look at Angry and blanches, falling back with a hand going to the short sword he’s carrying on his back, and snaps, “Akatsuki?! What the hell am I doing in Akatsuki?”

Uniformed Kakashi casts an assessing glance at Angry, then over at Obito (who feels rather like he should start calling himself Terrorist Obito just to keep things straight) and his Kakashi, and raises a brow. He only has one eye, the other covered by the slanted headband he’s wearing, but the book he pulls out of the pocket of his vest is all too familiar. “I think—” he starts.

“The better question would be what am I still doing in Akatsuki?” yet another Obito cuts in, this one dusty-looking and travel-worn. He also has a Kakashi double with him, this one wrapped in an equally dusty cloak, headband slanted down across his eye and Icha Icha also in hand. Vagabond eyes Angry with something that’s halfway between contempt and pity.

Long-Haired splutters. “No! No, I think the absolute best question is why am I in Akatsuki?”

“Because we’re clearly morons,” a fifth Obito says drolly, tucked back in the shadows of another column. It makes Obito twitch and turn sharply, but this one, in a dark green yukata, sporting a twist of ivy curled around his wrist and a rose twined in his hair, just gives him a faintly amused look and leans back into the hold of the man behind him. Very unfortunately, Obito recognizes him, even in a matching brown yukata instead of a neatly pressed suit. As the mayor.

God, what the hell happened for him to end up with Hashirama?

Apparently he isn’t the only one weirded out, because Angry, Vagabond, and Long-Hair are all gaping. Green Thumb just raises a brow at all of them, amused in a very familiar “I’m having fun watching your brains leak out your ears” way, and folds his arms over his chest. One of the sleeves of his yukata falls back enough to show a long string of zeroes inked into his forearm, and when Hashirama reaches around to touch his wrist gently, wise eyes flickering between the different groups, Obito can see there’s a matching tattoo on his skin. Weird.

“I take it you know where we are, then?” Hashirama asks Angry courteously, with a polite smile Obito’s seen him use when bullshitting Madara, who always fails to notice.

Thankfully for Obito’s own sanity, Angry doesn’t seem to fall for it. He scoffs, short and sharp, and takes a step back like he’s trying to get them all in his sights. “I can guess,” he growls, and Obito is detecting one or two anger management issues here. Maybe also a desperate need for therapy.

Kisame chuckles again, patting his massive scaled sword almost fondly, and says, “We were headed somewhere else. Guess we got sidetracked.”

Long-Hair is still eyeing them warily, but he straightens slowly, releasing his tantō, and tips his head in agreement. “We were on our way back from a mission and something went…sideways when I tried to use Kamui.”

Vagabond just narrows his eyes at them, and it’s Vagabond Kakashi who offers, without looking up from his Icha Icha, “Same, right, my cheerful little unicorn? We were on our way from Uzushio to Suna and ended up here.”

An entirely relatable expression of intent to murder flashes across Vagabond’s face, and he turns with a growl, slapping the book to the side, then throwing a blinding-quick punch at Vagabond Kakashi’s stomach. Vagabond Kakashi catches it with one hand, and uses his grip to twirl Vagabond around and pull him into a loose approximation of the hold Hashirama has on Green Thumb.

Obito is entirely unsurprised when Vagabond elbows Vagabond Kakashi in the gut, smacks him over the head, and pointedly steps three paces away.

“Would you look at that,” Kakashi murmurs in Obito’s ear, sounding far too amused for having just watched his double get beaten up. “It looks like some things are innate.”

Obito rolls his eye. “If you ever even think about calling me your cheerful little unicorn, I’m murdering you. Sasuke will help me.”

Kakashi makes a face. “Using your cousin against me isn’t playing fair, Obito.”

“You say that like any version of him would play fair,” Uniformed Kakashi says cheerfully, and casts a glance at Green Thumb and Hashirama. “I take it you were traveling too, then?”

Hashirama flushes faintly, ducking his head sheepishly as he rubs at the back of his neck, but Green Thumb just rolls his eyes. “Hardly. Madara walked in on us having sex last week and now he’s on a mission to never let us be alone together. We came here to fuck.”

Hashirama makes a noise like he’s dying and drops his head to bury his face in Green Thumb’s shoulder. “Obito,” he whines.

“I’m feeling out of place,” Kisame says cheerfully to Angry. “Just a little.”

“Don’t,” Angry tells him flatly, eyeing Green Thumb like he’s wondering if their double has lost his mind. “Clearly I’m the only one in this room with taste.”

“Excuse you,” Long-Hair says, deeply offended. “My sexual preference isn’t fish, so I think I’m doing just fine.”

“You’re with Bakashi,” Green Thumb and Angry retort in stereo, then glance at each other.

Obito snorts. “That’s fair,” he allows, and ignores the wounded noise Kakashi makes behind him. When Long-Hair looks like he’s going to protest, he meets his double’s eye and arches an eloquent brow.

Long-Hair deflates with a sigh. “Yeah, no, that is fair.”

“Maa,” Uniformed Kakashi objects, finally lowering his book. “Obito, I think you’re being very rude to your husband—”

There’s a very loud splutter, and Long-Hair rounds on Uniformed Kakashi, flailing. “WHAT. We’re not married! You’re not my husband!”

“Well, we’ll fix that as soon as we get back,” Uniformed Kakashi says cheerfully. “But as I was saying, rude—”

Obito turns to give his Kakashi a dark look, only for the man to raise his hands. “Clearly, Obito,” he says, tone trying for innocence, “I’m genetically predisposed to proposals like that—”

“You’re unbelievable is what you are.” Obito rolls his eye, and turns to look at Vagabond, who’s seeming like the only semi-normal one. Well, Green Thumb seems fairly mellow and well-adjusted, but Obito can’t look straight at him without thinking about Hashirama and sex and Madara walking in, and he’s had nightmares and been in war zones that were less traumatizing. “We weren’t going anywhere, and I have no idea what Kamui is. Any chance of getting back home before Rin decides to call in the army? Or worse, Kagami?”

Something raw and painful flickers in Vagabond’s expression, and Vagabond Kakashi lays a hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently. Vagabond casts him a faint smile before turning back, and says, “There was probably resonance, with so many versions of Kamui in one place, and you had just enough chakra that it pulled you in as well. I can get you back, though, don’t worry.”

Angry snorts quietly, turning on his heel. “Kisame, let’s go. I’ve had more than enough of the selfless hero types.”

Kisame chuckles, even as he turns to follow Angry into the darkness of their surroundings. “Kurama’s hard to top as far as hero types go,” he agrees, offering a careless wave before a vortex in the air swallows them.

“And we’re going home to talk about this!” Long-Hair hisses at Uniformed Kakashi.

Uniformed Kakashi looks nothing less than cheerful. “I have a ring, if that helps.”

“NO IT DOESN’T. If you have a ring, why ask me like that?”

Vagabond rolls his eyes and steps away, tipping his head to make Obito follow. “They’re probably going to be there for a while.” Half a glance at Green Thumb, like it’s hard for him to look at the way he’s wrapped up with Hashirama too, and he asks reluctantly, “You’re staying?”

Madara,” Green Thumb says, like that explains everything, and Obito supposes that it does. “Besides, Hashirama’s been working on building the village for weeks now, and I finally convinced him to take a day off. I’m not about to waste that.”

“It was nice to meet you,” Hashirama says whimsically, offering a brief wave and a smile. “It’s good to know that Obito has people who love him in other worlds, too.”

This is apparently what it takes to make Green Thumb flush, and he elbows Hashirama lightly, only to immediately be wrapped up in an encompassing hug as the big man laughs.

Vagabond and Obito trade looks that can be summed up as well at least they’re happy but it’s still fucking weird, and then Vagabond shakes his head and turns away. His eyes flicker to red and black pinwheels, spinning lazily, and he passes a hand through the air, making another vortex bloom.

“Through there,” he says, and then pauses. A glance at Uniformed Kakashi, and he smiles, just a little. “Good luck.”

He definitely means for more than the trip through the portal. Obito smiles back, tipping his head in agreement, and returns, “You too.”

“We’ll get there.” Vagabond curls his fingers into Uniformed Kakashi’s, and Uniformed Kakashi’s visible eye crinkles in a smile as he very clearly squeezes back.

The sap is choking, even after weeks of having to put up with Rin and Konan being sickeningly sweet girlfriends. Obito hides a grimace and ducks forward, reaching for his knives automatically, and feels Kakashi right behind him. The portal is a lurching wrench, but Obito twists in midair and lands on his feet, half-crouched and ready for anything.

Anything happens to be their living room, bullet holes still in the door, his cell phone on the table and vibrating angrily. Rin’s name is on the screen, and Obito winces.

Kakashi leans forward to pick it up, eyeing it like it’s a poisonous snake, and then glances at Obito. “Was that weird enough to earn us a day off, do you think?”

Obito casts a look back at the portal as it vanishes into nothingness, and feels his original sentiment still entirely applies.

“What the actual fuck.”

Why You Should Be Open Minded To The Clip Possibly Not Being a Flashback.

If you’re curious as to why i’m not on a side when it comes to the argument on Flashback/ No Flashback, it’s because the arguments that are really trying to push it being a flashback don’t really work as well as they sound. This isn’t me saying it can’t be a flashback, but it’s me telling you why these arguments against it not being one don’t make any sense.

Lemme explain why.

Marco isn’t there!!!

Ok, Marco might be a main character, but he’s not obliged to have a huge role in every single episode. Some episodes require Star to be more focused on and some episodes focus on other relationships. Star didn’t need to be in Friend-enemies cause that would’ve only ruined the episode that was supposed to focus on Tom and Marco’s relationship.

If this is an episode made to focus on Tom and Star’s relationship, then Marco being there would kind’ve ruin it. Plus it’d be kinda stupid to push up a dead love triangle that was already killed off in s2.

Also, note that this is a private party, because the only people there….are mewni royalty. No citizens, and no outsiders, this is clearly a party meant for Royal Families in Mewni. Marco might be a princess, but Marco is not ruling a kingdom here nor part of a Mewni Family. 

Marco is probably not here, because he can’t, or isn’t remotely allowed to begin with. Being friends with Star might give him some privileges but I doubt he’s allowed to access everything, friend or not.

Moon’s design looks like the one in s1!!

Yeah, but you know what it ALSO looks like?

Her design in Face The Music, which was from s2.

The show reuses models and outfits sometimes, it’s nothing new.

Star’s Headband!!

Again, Face The Music.

It probably wouldn’t be very formal for her to wear to something this fancy and exclusive anyway. If it’s for royalty, then yeah, she should probably wear a princess crown.

Star’s Wings!!!

Star’s wings also didn’t show up in another episode that might sound familiar, Blood Moon Ball.

Which came after Mewberty.

So they could just be behind her dress or not there for the same reason they weren’t in BMB.

Tom would’ve been happy to dance with Star!!

Thing about this clip, we don’t know the context behind it, we don’t know what happened before it or what will happen after it. 

Star being grumpy to Tom is no surprise of course but everyone is deadset on saying Tom’s bitterness is a clear sign this has to be from the past. Here’s the problem, we don’t know enough to even understand why he’s angry.

Tom, for all we know, could be angry at Star for many reasons that relate to the beginning of the episode. He could be upset she kept on treating him coldly, he could be upset he’s being forced to dance with someone he’s supposed to be getting over, heck he could be upset for the same reason River and Dave (Tom’s dad) are fighting.

Without context on this episode, Tom being angry is not a determining factor, Tom gets angry sometimes; that’s nothing new. Unless we understand the full story behind him being upset, we can’t determine when this clip was.

He liked Star in BMB and was still pretty frustrated with her, who knows what happened here.

Disney is just lying!!

Sure, disney could be lying when they say this isn’t a flashback, that’s not out of the realm of plausibility, but Disney had no problem spoiling spoilers out in the BFM trailers.

Them spoiling this NOT being a flashback would not be out of character for them, you know how they love to tease and reveal things without the Crew’s consent.

Daron’s not new to tricking the audience either, her trying to make you think this was a flashback only to say otherwise would be something she’d do.

This isn’t me saying there’s no way it’s a flashback, but i am saying that this clip is a tossup to which it could be and a lot of these arguments people are using do not work. It could go either way, there’s no guarantee this is a flashback, at all. Nothing in this clip is a clear indicator of it and the fandom is taking anything they can to forcibly say it HAS to be. 

I’m choosing to sit in the middle and wait for anything else to be revealed about it instead of being in denial of the chances of this ship having present romantic moments. 

This clip, could go either way.

And I for one, will treat it as if it could go either way.

boyfriend; ong sungwoo

a/n: requested by anons // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + stan this living meme 2k17


  • he’s a pretty crazy / wild person 
  • but when it comes to his crushes
  • ong is really really romantic
  • so, i think he’d bring you to some aquarium
  • but first he’d ask you in a smooth way while you’re around
  • “hey ___ ! what do you think about going to the aquarium that just opened.”
  • “i would love to go.”
  • “then we’re going tomorrow. get ready by 8.”
  • the next day, he’d be pretty nervous
  • so he’d begin searching online about how to treat a person on a first date and etc.
  • “this is so hard? what, i should just be myself.”
  • “yeah! sungwoo you should be yourself.”
  • “yeah, i know. wish me luck, sungwoon.”
  • “good luck.”
  • our ong was literally waiting there in front as he was making sure
  • you were safe on the way
  • i can already see him texting you for like the whole hour straight and when you arrived
  • he’d have a huge smile on his face 
  • “____ ! you’re here, finally.”
  • “hey ong.”
  • the two of you would have a wonderful time together but when night comes
  • you have to leave and that’s when he was going to confess
  • before you left, ong literally took your hand in his 
  • and it seemed like a scene from a k-drama !!
  • “hey ong? why are you holding my hand?”
  • “i need to tell you something, ____”
  • “what is it?”
  • “i like you.”
  • of course you accepted him to be yours and this guy was super super happy
  • i bet ong wouldn’t even sleep bc he’s so happy he’s able to call you, his


  • like the one in confession 
  • he’d take you to a lot of dates
  • so going on dates would be a normal thing for the two of you to do
  • you and sungwoo would go to places like a zoo, an aquarium, etc
  • i can even see the two of you renting bikes and then going on a bike date
  • “babe ! look at that view. han river is really beautiful.”
  • “i know, we should stop here to take a picture.”
  • “sure, babe.”
  • you and ong would take lots and lots of pictures throughout the date
  • and it’d be so cute
  • sometimes when you guys ask a stranger to take a picture
  • they would tell you guys that you two are a ‘very lovely couple’ & 'a perfect couple’
  • and that the two of you should get married
  • ong would even whisper something to that stranger like
  • “i will in a few years. they don’t know yet but i already have a ring.”
  • you would be confused and pull him by the arm to get back
  • “what did you say to that person?”
  • “nothing, you’ll see.”
  • you’d just shrug it off bc you love your boyfriend and you trust him
  • but when the two of you are at the zoo
  • i bet it’d be so funny
  • since ong would be wearing an headband that jaehwan gave him
  • and there are like monkey ears on it
  • i can also see ong trying to imitate some monkeys
  • and the people around him would laugh him out bc he really looks like one
  • “babe? what are you doing?”
  • “i’m a monkey, ___ !!”
  • “i don’t know you like at all.”
  • he’d keep following you around like some weird dude wearing a monkey headband
  • “baby, why are you ignoring your own boyfriend??”
  • “i’m not ignoring you. i just don’t know you.”
  • in the end of the day you and ong will be a lovely couple again 


  • uhm i just got butterflies just by thinking about kissing him oops
  • to be honest his kisses would be like long and really romantic
  • and when our ong is in the mood, he’d push you against the wall and oui je suis dead
  • “sungwoo and ____ at it again? make sure to lock the doors!!”
  • “yeah i will!”
  • when he’s just the normal boi we know
  • ong is literally gonna kiss you when it’s at places where it’s safe and less people
  • “baby, should i kiss here?”
  • “yeah, look around no one’s here.”
  • the two of you would cutely kiss each other
  • he’d say something like 'i love you’ and then kiss you again
  • sungwoo would keep saying 'i love you’ and kiss you until someone sends you two away
  • “kids, go away from here and kiss somewhere else.”
  • “yes, sorry sir.”
  • “sorry sir.”
  • i bet even the members would be used to the two of you kissing the whole time
  • and when the youngest are around ofc they’re amazed
  • bc you two kiss so much
  • “no seriously, why do you two keep kissing?”
  • “guanlin, it’s because we’re super in love.”
  • “i thought you were in love with daniel.”
  • “i did.”
  • okay so now we know our ong loves kissing and you’d too


  • his hugs !! omg 
  • y'all i bet our sungwoo is the perfect person to hug
  • even though he only hugs one side of you, he’s still so cuddly and warm
  • “____, let’s stay like this forever.”
  • “yes! good idea, babe!”
  • you’d tell all your friends and family about how perfect your boyfriend is 
  • especially when it comes to hugging
  • he is a real pro
  • “hey did you know my boyfriend is the best in hugging.”
  • “can i try?”
  • “no. only i can.”
  • like every other boyfriend
  • i think he’d love hugging you bc you’re his and he wants to show off
  • especially when the two of you are around the other members
  • “daniel, could you get me some water.”
  • “you can do it yourself, no?”
  • “i’m hugging ____ can’t you see?”
  • “okay okay”
  • or when you’re around at practice
  • “sungwoo get back here.”
  • “but i don’t want too!”
  • “you need too.”
  • our sungwoo would hug you whenever he can 
  • because he loves you a lot and he really loves your scent !!

missing each other:

  • ong would miss you a lot !!
  • he’d miss everything about you
  • especially when it comes to the sweet compliments and kisses you give him
  • “you can’t kiss me like ___ does.”
  • “i’m gonna kiss you sungwoo!”
  • “no, don’t!!”
  • “i want ____’s kisses not yours, daniel.”
  • “oh my god, this is why i miss ____.”
  • i can also see ong making a vlog every day
  • just to send to you, so that you can be happy and not worry about anything
  • “in this vlog, babe, i’ll be showing you that jihoon is not an angel.”
  • “what, i’m not an angel, i’m jeojang.”
  • “okay that’s actually the truth.”
  • his editing skills would be kind of bad, so it’d be more funny 
  • of course this boi would always make sure in the end of the video
  • there’s a part where he says 'i love you' 
  • “this is the end of today’s vlog, babe. bye bye, i love you.”
  • but sometimes when he’s feeling down, he wont show it
  • but you can see something is off and you’d normally call to let him know you’re there when there’s something
  • “babe, i’m sorry but i really miss you a lot.”
  • “i miss you too, honey. let’s cheer up, shall we? i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • his members were there as well and would cheer him up again
  • so i don’t think when he’s gone, you’d feel empty 
  • bc he’s always there for you whenever you need him


  • expect a lot of smiles
  • the moment our ong would wake up
  • he’d have a smile on face bc he knows you’re next to him 
  • and you’re literally the person he loves the most
  • “wow, i woke up next to the most beautiful prince/ss.”
  • he’d eventually kiss you, every where on your face
  • it wouldn’t matter to him if you have morning breath
  • he still loves you
  • “oh, babe. you’re already awake?”
  • “yeah, i’ve been awake for a while.”
  • “so, what are we gonna do today?”
  • “i had to tell you something.”
  • “oh, really? what is it?”
  • “i don’t know why but whenever i wake up next to you i feel as if i’m dreaming because you’re so beautiful, sweet, no you’re literally perfect.”
  • he’d always compliment you and there would be like no stop
  • only if you ask him
  • “you’re so pretty.”
  • “you look like an angel.”
  • i can also see sungwoo making lots of stupid dad jokes
  • just to make you laugh
  • “i can’t believe i’m dating you.”
  • “me either, baby.”
  • “why do you even use those jokes.”
  • “because i wanna see your beautiful smile.”
The Third Rule

Based on the one word prompt “Party” sent in by @bailci (ty!!). Happy Valentine’s Day (especially to my fellow single people spending today with fictional people instead of real ones. you rock). You’re all wonderful and I love you all so much <3

Summary: When Nico reluctantly goes to a Valentine’s Day party with Hazel, she sets three rules for him to follow if he wants for her to agree to take him home after an hour. The first two are easy enough, but the third one poses a bit more of a problem, due to the fact that Nico really isn’t sure how the whole flirting thing is done.

Word Count: 2735

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“Alright, I have three rules,” Hazel announced as she parked the car.

Nico rolled his eyes. “I thought you promised tonight would be fun.”

“These are fun rules.”

“There’s no such thing.”

She leaned over to punch his shoulder, perhaps a bit harder than necessary. “Hush. Now, rule number one is that you have to actually try to enjoy yourself, okay? You’re not allowed to give up before you’ve started. Again, we can leave after an hour if you really don’t want to be here anymore but you have to try. Got it?”

Nico nodded resignedly.

“Good. Rule number two: Limit the alcohol.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “And by that you mean no alcohol?”

Hazel sighed, biting her lip. “No, and if this doesn’t show you how desperate I am for you to have fun then I don’t know what will. But yeah, someone’ll have brought a keg or something and I’ve made the questionable decision to let you have some.”

“You know, last time I checked, I was the older one.”

She punched him again. “Yeah, but I’m the wiser one.”

He scoffed but let her continue.

“Right, so you’re close enough to twenty-one that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to you having a little to drink, but there’s no way you’re getting anywhere past tipsy, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled at that.

“Alright, then. Rule number three, and this is an important one, Nico: I swear to God, if a cute boy starts flirting with you, you are absolutely required to flirt back.”

Nico frowned, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re lucky I’m going easy on you.”

“Easy?” Nico asked, incredulously.

“Yes, if I were a little bit meaner then I’d require that you be the one to initiate the flirting.”

Nico just shook his head. “Fine, whatever.”

Hazel grinned, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Good! Let’s go!”

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"I'm not wearing that!" Marichat <3 Your fics are so lovely!

“I’m not wearing that!” Marinette stated firmly, shaking her head.

Chat Noir blinked his bright green kitty eyes and pouted his lips. “Marrrrinetttte, purrr-etty pleasssse.”

“No, you silly cat.”

Chat Noir held up the green cat ears headband. “But you’re my number one fan. I just want one quick picture for my Instagram.”

“Why would you think I’m your number one fan?”

“You aren’t?” His shoulders slumped as he leaned back against the ladder leading up to her bed.

Marinette sighed and stood up from her desk chair. “Fine, I’m your number one fan. I still don’t see why I need to wear cat ears.”

“My number one fan would,” he replied petulantly, rubbing a boot across the floor.

“Give me that!” She snatched the headband from him and stuck it on her head.

Chat Noir looked up with a wide grin. “Princess, you look adorable! Oh! I should get you a crown for next time!”

“There will be no next time, Chat! Take the picture if you’re going to take it,” Marinette grumbled.

Chat Noir smiled broadly and pulled her in close beside him, holding up his baton in selfie mode. “Say kitty litter!”

“Kitty litter,” Marinette cheesed, leaning into Chat. He tightened his arm around her and snapped the picture. And before she realized it, he was kissing her cheek and snapping another. “Chat!”

“Goodnight, Princess!” He leapt up the ladder through the open skylight.

Later that night, Marinette received a notification that blackchatmagic had added a photo of her. The picture was of Chat Noir kissing her cheek, a smile tugging his lips upwards. Marinette’s blue eyes were big and wide, her cheeks pink, and her mouth opened in a little ‘o’.The bright green cat ears practically glowed on top of her head. 

The caption below read “Love spending time with my number one fan, @marinettedesigns #chatnoir #cityoflights #isntsheadorable #cute

Marinette tapped the heart icon and took a screenshot for good measure. She looked over at the cat ears headband on her desk and thought it might be nice to add a little more green to her wardrobe.

Originally posted by ohmychatnoir

Hope you enjoyed it, anon! This one was a lot of fun. Thanks for the request. :)

If you want me to do an ML drabble, just send me a prompt from this list with a pairing. 

I know we love to recognize Christian women whom where veils, Jewish women who wear tichels, and Muslim women who wear hijabs a lot, and just women who cover in general for any reason, religious or otherwise. 

But can we discuss transboys and nonbinary people who headcover???? Our own Mod John where’s a tichel and Mod Katie usually wears a wide headband or bandana. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, you should practice. Wearing a fucking piece of cloth on your head doesn’t invalidate your gender. 

In fact, nothing can invalidate your gender, because no matter what anyone says, or thinks, or does. You know who you are, and so does God He loves you so much, and He’s proud of you.


Don’t have a Switch and can’t play in the Splatoon 2 test fire?

I will be hosting an all inclusive private room on Saturday March 25 at 8pm EST (5pm PST) that will run until 9pm EST (6pm PST) for those feeling left out of the loop. The private room will be an hour long slot, with turf matches on randomized maps focusing on using starting gear and the 4 specified weapons only to get that nostalgic test fire feel.

My goal for this event is to make people in the Splatoon community who cannot play in the test fire feel included rather than feeling left out, so if you fit that bill I hope you’ll consider coming out in support! Whether you are a casual player, competitive, a C- or S+, everyone is more than welcome.

Event information and rules can be found by clicking the cut!

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Nohrian Festival: Laslow and Xander Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I want to say that Laslow/Inigo is my number one Fire Emblem character for all eternity and nothing will ever change that. 

This conversation is a throwback to Fire Emblem Awakening’s Hot Spring Scramble, where Inigo reveals that he has the habit of searching for souvenirs whenever he goes to some place new. It’s something that he’s inherited from his mother Olivia. The dancer’s ornaments that he wears on his belt and the headband that Soleil wears are probably momentos of his original mother.

Also, um, Laslow’s idea of what a souvenir should be is… a little morbid. In the Hot Spring Scramble he mentions taking a little chunk of a Risen if he can’t find anything else and Robin screams “EW EW EW!” to make him stop. Maybe he’s Henry’s son after all.

Also he and Xander are so in love with each other, I swear to God.

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Can i have head cannons of oikawa ,iwaizumi and bokuto help s/o clean their room? Thanks!

Hi, non-chaaan! I hope you like these hcs! How are ya’ll? COME TALK TO MEEEE


Oikawa Tooru

- he would most likely be sass
- “_____-chan! Your room is so messy! You should fix it!”
- thumping his head bc that’s why he was here
- and he’d be like “What? No way!”
- but he would do it anyway
- puts on some music while you clean up, putting things into place, etc.
- but halfway through he would see a scarf lying on your floor and wraps it around his neck and mocks you
- wears a headband to get the hair out of his face
- lots of dancing to Disney
- when you finish he tells you he feels like Cinderella
- “Tooru you barely helped”

Iwaizumi Hajime 

- it would be incredibly ADORABLE
- he would be very helpful and carry boxes full of trash, putting it outside the room/house
- being able to see his biceps and practically melting
- swooning over him cause he was sweaty and hot
- so he would look at you and be like “??? You’re not helping me? Why are you staring at me???
- blushing and standing up from your bed to clean up
- him seeing your old photos when you were cringey and smol
- teasing you
- “You looked adorable tho”
- looking at him like wth Hajime wdym looked
- so he laughs and kisses your forehead and says “Tt’s because you’re beautiful now.”

Bokuto Koutarou

- he would surprise you by literally knocking on the door while you were cleaning
- “____! Why are you cleaning up? Your room’s already clean!”
- “That’s because your room looks like a tornado hit it, Kou sweetheart.”
- helps you out anyway
- is fascinated by all the clothes around the room
- “What’s my shirt doing here???”
- blushing and telling him you kept it bc you  missed him sometimes
- being the literal !!! and a sunshine
- “Just call me anytime and I’ll be right there!”
- kissing you all over your face which leads to a makeout session
- might have forgotten to clean the room afterward.

[FANACC] 161230 For Life Fansign - KAI

translation credit: kimjoninislisatheMoonDreamer

  • KAI talking to the fans so happily and he’s wearing a candy necklace rn
  • A fan did shimoshimo in front of KAI
  • FAN: Jongin can you make a call? / KAI: will u be alright? [makes a call] / FAN: shimoshimo / KAI: laughs shyly (draws a phone on the sign paper)
  • FAN: I had to go through hard times a lot in 2016 / KAI: me too.. me too (points at himself) FAN: Everything will be alright in 2017 let’s be happy. But I was be able to stay strong thanks to you / KAI: (high five) you want me to write something in p.s.?
  • A foreign fan was standing beside OP; KAI: (to the foreign fan) oh you came! Your name was …. right? Your Korean improved so much!
  • FAN: [shows jongin the lock screen and the wallpaper of her phone - KAI pics ofc] / KAI: Oh so we are talking on the phone everyday!
  • FAN: Are you sick btw? / KAI: I think I got a flu  :((
  • KAI says he doesn’t wear/use perfume at all
  • KAI recommended Fiji when OP asked him to recommend for her trip next February.
  • A fan asked KAI, looking back at 2016, what day was his favorite. He said today.
  • FAN: tell me to lose weight / KAI: Just eat a lot / FAN: What chicken should I eat? / KAI: Of course it’s Goobne!
  • KAI: (my) solo album will surely come out! Please anticipate it! SM should listen to this! (He said this in a joking way)
  • FAN: (can’t think of anything) I really had things to say… / KAI: (takes op’s letter) Did you write them here? FAN: Yes / KAI: I will read them for sure
  • OP told KAI that his winter special message was uploaded today and that she read it well. KAI was like ‘it was uploaded today?’ ㅂㅡㅂ ㅠㅠ
  • FAN: Oppa! Marry me / KAI: (laughs) when? / FAN: ASAP? / KAI: okay
  • KAI is wearing a pink flower crown, bunny ears headband, bear ears headband
  • OP asked KAI to write “become a wealthy person” but he responded that he doesn’t need a wealthy person ㅠㅠ
  • KAI: it’s a secret but I have a drama filming on January! Woahhhh~~ (OP was too shocked that she didn’t react so KAI reacted himself)
  • OP asked KAI to recommend hair color & he answers black. KAI says he will dye his hair back to black tomorrow because of a secret “job”
  • OP took Gominnie in a hanbok, said there’s a lmr outfit under it, KAI said she shouldn’t undress him (the doll) bc he’s a guy
Brett  Talbot Imagine - Let her go or I will kill you

Imagine: You and Lori get attacked by a group of BHHS students who don´t like that you are cheering for Devenford Prep and Brett (your boyfriend) and you try to protect her by taking everything to keep her from wolfing out. 

Hope you like it ( my first imagine) !

You were a senior at Beacon Hills High School. Like every student, you carry a lot of weight and pressure on your shoulder. But, unlike most students at this school, you knew what hides in the dark at night. You are part of a pack, being a human, but still you saw Scott McCall as your Alpha. But he was more than that. One of your best friends and he was part of your family, your little pack family.

Newest addition to your life was someone else though. You had met Brett Talbot when lots of supernatural beings were tried to be killed when a deadpool was released. At first you were not fond of him at all, seeing as he was such an ass to Liam, who was also your friend. And you were quite protective and defensive when it came to someone giving them a hard time. You had no supernatural powers, so it was just natural that when it came to these natural situations, such as Liam being picked on by other kids, you were happy to help and overcome your natural shyness. 
But pretty soon after the whole deadpool drama was over, Lori (Brett´s little sister) and you became friends. She had asked you to tutor her in English and you were happy to help. So once in a while, you got to see him and the both of your started hanging out more ofter. Liam was not very happy and supportive at first but he saw the way Brett changed his behavior around you. And hidden from everyone else, you had made it pretty clear to Brett that he cannot be like that to your friend anymore. They did not have to become friends but at least be neutral. 

Since the lacrosse season had started and the first game, which happened to be against Devenford Prep, came closer, the whole school got into the typical Beacon Hills High sports spirit. More people went to watch the practise after school and the girls couldn´t find other topics than the hotness of certain lacrosse players including strategies on how to get their attention.
Tonight was the game. Which meant people wearing the school´s colours already the whole day to school, applause and encouraging chants could be heard whenever a particulary good player entered a room and a very nervous coach that tried to fix every little move last minute.

After school, you picked up Lori and took her back to your place. You wanted to squeeze in a short little tutor lesson before the both of you got ready together to go and watch the game, which ended up being only the latter.
Getting ready meant wearing your school jerseys and putting the school colours on your cheeks in stripes. You finished Lori´s last green mark and turned around to your closet with a sigh.“ Lori, which jersey should I go with?”  The options were the BHHS one or the green number 28 with Talbot written on the back. “Well, “ Lori laughed, “ I´d put on the green one if I were you. Brett does not need the support, he´s overconfident enough, but I know he would really aprreciate you wearing his jersey. “ You nooded, pulling it over your heard, immedialely smelling your boyfriend and almost feeling his warm embrace. Then you spotted a burgundy red bandana on your desk. “But I can still show some school spirit” You added the bandana to your hair, putting it on like a headband but behind your front part that was braided. You grabbed your phone and responded to Brett that you were about to leave and would be by the school in about 10 minutes. “Okay let´s go!” You cheered as Lori just laughed at your excited self after texting her brother.

At the school you couldn´t spot Brett right away. There were so many other players in green but he had heard your heartbeat and smelt your scent so he went into your direction and were finally able to spot him.  “Hey” you greeted him as you gave him a qick peck on the lips. “Wow you look great, “ He smirked at you, clearly referring to his jersey. “Yeah I got it from this hot lacrosse player” you teased him, also smirking. He laughed and pulled you closer to kiss you. “Well I hope he told you how hot you look in his colour! “ You just rolled your eyes while also being flustered by him calling you hot. “ Okay I gotta go find your sister and the others” you told him and leaned in for another quick kiss. “But good luck” You pulled away and he pulled you back in to kiss you passionately. You smiled into the kiss. You were so lucky to have found someone like Brett who made you feel so happy whenever he was around. He let you go and you just smiled at him. “See you after the game” he smiled. 
You quickly found your friends after getting a couple of weird looks from other students who had noticed the colour you were wearing. When Stiles gave you a stern look pointing at your jersey, you just shrugged and pointed your finger at your headband and your face marks in the famous burgundy colours. He shook his head but you could tell he was not mad. It was his typical Stiles look that meant he was not completly agreeing but you could not take it seriously when he looked that funny with his goofy neck movements. 

The game went on and pretty soon Devenford Prep had 3 points over Beacon Hills. Brett had scored a couple of times and Lori and you had cheered for him. Lydia had just laughed at the two of you while Malia was intensely focused on not paying attention to the game but rather fiddling with her textbook. She was very concerned about graduating. Soon it was halftime and the halftime show went ahead. You know like all the cheerleaders plus some music and the players going to the locker rooms. Lori leaned in to you “ Hey, can you show me where the bathrooms are?” She had never been to your school so you nodded and got up with her, walking toward the buildings. You had caught Brett´s eyes before that and he had just smiled at you before his teammate had pulled him along. 

As you and Lori came out of the bathrooms, there were several Beacon Hills students from your years waiting there. “Hey blondie” one of them called out to Lori. “ How about you stop cheering on that loser team of yours? And why don´t you stop wandering around in the school buildings of the other team? Go and get lost somewhere in the forrest together with your loser team. “ You could tell that they were not happy about BHHS being behind on points. You were standing next to her and you stepped forward. “How about you leave her alone and get back to the bleachers or go home yourself. This is a fair game and she can cheer on whoever she wants. This is not your choice to make so stop and mind your own business.” He looked taken aback for a split second, he was not used to people talking back to him. So now the whole gang´s eyes were on you. “How dare you talk to me like that you traitor slut. You snug around with the enemy and think it´s okay to get them in on our tactics? I´m pretty sure you tell your little boyfriends all about our team´s weaknesses and you still have the nerv to sit on our side of the bleachers. “ You boiled, what were these guys thinking. They started coming closer to you and Lori. You could feel her getting angry, as they kept insulting you and you took her hand and pulled her behind you, signaling the younger girl that she should not intervene and risk getting exposed as a werewolf. The guys cornered you and you could tell that this would not be easy. You are able to defend yourself to some point but not against 5 guys at the same time. But you were a fighter and you did not let yourself down especially not when you had Lori to look out for. You pushed her back into the bathroom without ever leaving any of the guys out of your sight. “Come on y/n. there is no way out. Why don´t you just get it over with and let us do what we have to do.” He came at you and you kicked out with your leg trying to keep him at a distance. You hit him in the knee but he only got angrier so he moved forward and slapped you across the face. Lori gasped and moved beside you to help and see what damage he had done. You had one hand in your face where he had slapped you with such a force that your head had snapped to the side and stung like crazy. But you were not ready back down. Only the other guys cam ecloser too now, so you kicked out again and Lori helped with her legs as well. You did not let her get too close to teh guys to let them hit her, even though you knew she would be stronger than them but you could not risk her worlfing out at them. They got a couple of hits on you and then one of them kicked out your leg letting you drop to the floor with a small scream escaping from your lips. He kicked at you again but you moved to the side. You did not know how to escape from this situation and you just prayed that either someone would come or they would get bored before you got really hurt. They were just closing in on you and one of them held you by the arm when you got back up.You looked back at Lori signalising your plan to her when you whispered so that only she could hear “Run” With your leg hurting you still managed to kick one of them out of the way and Lori ran for it. You knew that she would get help and you just needed to make sure these ghuys did not come too close to you. One of them was running after Lori but you knew she was very fast. The next thing happened so fast you had no chance of foretelling that and you were pulled hard into reality when Tommy, the leader of this group of friends, pulled you by ther hair and another guy punched the side of your face. You had been slapped several times in your life during fights with other supernatural creatures but this human punch was not any less painful. You gasped andtears stung your eyes. Your whole sight got a bit blurry because he had hit you with such a force. It was no surprise that you did not notice the figures running over to where you were. But you felt relief when you heard Brett growl “ Let go of her or I´m going to kill you!” Tommy laughed as he turned to say something back but he did not get that far as Brett punched him so hard that he let got of you and fell down unconscious. You stumbled back a bit while another jock got punched by your raging boyfriend. You caught yourself but slid down the wall of the building to sit against it. You were exhausted and pain shot through so many parts of your body. But you still managed to keep your eyes open, watching Brett as he scares away the rest of the group, before coming over to you. “Y/n ? Are you okay? I´m sorry I was not there, please tell me you´re okay! “ You grabbed his hand “ Don´t worry it was not you fault. Is Lori okay? “ He nodded and cupped your face for a kiss. “Yes she is okay. God, don´t scare me like that. I love you.” You laughed, relief washing over you. “ I love you too.” And you started to get up, only to have Brett pick you up and carry you in the direction of his car. “ No Brett, the game” you struggled. As you suddenly felt the pain subside and to your horror you realised he was taking your pain. “No Brett don´t ! I can take it. “ He looked at yo: “ Y/n please! Let me do this to help you. I can´t take it if your in that much pain. “ So you nodded and let him continue. “But Brett, don´t drive me home. The game, I want you to play. It is just a scratch. I can still watch, if you just leave me with Mason, Lydia, Malia and Lori. “ Brett shook his head. This meant you had to go for stronger tactics. You wiggled out of his arms and prooved to him that you could stand and the bloody cut on your cheeck was not that deep. “Brett one of them is on our team. He is playing in the second half. “ You could see he was not done with the guys yet. He grabbed your hand and you walked back towards the bleachers. “Just don´t kill him “ you said as Brett handed you over to your friends, who looked at you with shooed faces. Lori had told them what had happened but seeing your face showed them how bad it had been. You were okay though. You were hurting but you knew Brett was needed on his team and you wanted to enjoy some part of this night and show to those guys that you would never duck down and let others handle all of your business. You might have been only human but you were still a fighter, standing on your own and defending and protecting your friends, Lori in this case, was your priority. But nevertheless you knew that Brett had you back when it was too much that you could not handle on your own. “And believe me I gave the other guy a nasty black eye” you smiled at your friends before the referee started the second half and everytime Brett accidentally bumbed extra hard into this guy you just smiled towards your boyfriend and proudly cheered when it lead to a score.

anonymous asked:

As an AWESOME transgirl with good taste do you have any fashion/look/whatever tips for a transgirl who wants to dress more tomboyish without just looking like a normal dude? (aside from just "dress in what you want because you're a girl no matter what you wear" cuz I embrace that I just wanna look even hotter)

First of all thank you so much for saying I have good taste! 

Ok, if you want to go for a butch / tomboy look & you don’t want to get misgendered, here’s some of my inexpert subjective opinions:

(After writing this post I considered that I want to make a disclaimer that I’m white, I have straight hair, & I really wouldn’t know how to give styling advice for curly hair, all of the advice that I’m giving in this post is hugely informed by cultural whiteness. Even though I’m not a professional or even an expert by any means I thought that I should state this acknowledgement because it’s a really long post at this point and because I have like 2000 something followers I have this position of social capital.)


  • If you want something for longer hair, I think that some good options are wearing a loose bun or a high ponytail, with the option of adding a headband. There’s a ton of different styles of headband out there so there’s a lot of room to accessorize in a way that fits the look you’re going for. One look that I have seen a lot among lesbians is wearing a bandanna as a headband. You can tie it in the back or the front, either way works. 
  • One basic principle regarding wearing long hair as a trans girl is that, if you look at yourself and you feel like you just look like a guy with long hair, try accessorizing somehow. Barrettes, buns, headbands, hair clips, bobby pins… There are a ton of these different accessories that are seen as feminine, that guys with long hair practically never use.
  • Also, bangs, either side-swept, straight, or whatever, are all pretty popular among trans women because they have the benefit of covering your forehead and framing your face in a way that’s traditionally feminine. Though that is a matter of personal preference. 
  • When it comes to shorter hair styles, yeah there’s the instinct a lof of trans women have that says “don’t risk having short hair!” but this isn’t necessarily true. I think the most important thing to understand in terms of the general area of short hairstyles is that there’s a pretty concrete conceptual division between short hairstyles for men and short hairstyles for women. Now, I’m not saying this as someone who wants to enforce that concept, that’s just how the hairdressers and the schools of hairdressing see it. 
  • If you’re looking for a short hairstyle, the benefits of a ‘feminine’ short haircut are that they are, in fact, generally seen as feminine. Short hairstyles for women are generally layered, giving a softer look, with more stylistic possibilities for length in the bangs and the sides & top than men’s hairstyles have. 
  • So yeah, if you have short hair already in a more traditionally male style, getting a pixie cut would have a more feminine appearance. 
  • You also have the option of getting an undercut, which i would definitely classify as a feminine lesbian-coded hairstyle. And I also would argue that when hairdressers do undercuts on men vs women, men’s undercuts are always shorter, more contained, and have a “neater” appearance whereas women’s have the tendency to be longer, more layered.
  • …In the process of writing this post I have stumbled onto the pinterest “explore” section for “lesbian hair.” This may be of interest to you for visual brainstorming. 


  • Hats are definitely an option for a tomboy/butch look, and I have stumbled on a blog post from 2010 on this very topic and they list several viable butch hat styles that you can feel free to look into. Obviously I’m not agreeing with every single style opinion from that blog but it’s a good list of hats. 
  • Another hat option for colder weather is a beanie, which due to the variety of styles, can be presented as more “masculine” or more “feminine” or “tomboy-esque.” One benefit to beanies is that you can still have your hair somewhat visible via the front while still staying warm. 



  • Again I advise that pretty much anything you buy from the “women’s” section will be cut & fitted in a way that is intended to look feminine and accentuate the chest & hips. Personally I have had a lot of annoyance from trying on tops that fit my torso in every dimension EXCEPT for shoulder width or arm thickness. So, be wary of online shopping, which i would advise to try to use for stuff that’s one-size-fits-all or is elastic. Personally I do a lot of my clothes shopping at thrift stores, Target, and Forever 21. I have no idea what your financial situation or geographic location is so that might not be helpful for you. 
  • Anyway, when it comes to tomboy stuff, some tops that I would recommend are tank tops, short-sleeved blouses, and flannel. Tank tops are good because they’re form-fitting, but they also are somewhat androgynous with an air of athletics or manual labor around them. A good combo is wearing a tank top with an unbuttoned flannel top over it with the sleeves rolled up. That way you get the form-fitting tank top plus the lesbian vibes of flannel. 
  • When I say “blouses” that kind of covers a really wide variety of garments. But there’s a lot of women’s tops that are collared, button-up, & also form-fitted, sort of a feminized dress shirt. I think those are a type of blouse but I’m not really sure. 
  • When it comes to flannel, cotton, or other button-up shirts, you may want to pick ones from the “women’s” section because they will be tailored to accentuate bust & hips in comparison to “men’s” shirts which have more of a “boxy” look. 
  • Jean jackets, jean vests, and leather jackets are all pretty popular among lesbians as far as I know. 


  • Jeans are good because they’re incredibly versatile and can fit in with a lot of different looks. 
  • I would honestly say that overalls are making a bit of a comeback and I think they’re a viable option for tomboy trans girls. I personally want to get a pair of overalls but I don’t have a lot of money generally so I haven’t gotten around to it. 
  • Corduroy pants are also a pretty good option, right now i feel like they’re popular among lesbians and work well as part of a tomboy look. 
  • As far as skirts go, I feel like maxi skirts can work pretty well as a tomboyish thing to wear, particularly linen & cotton & other more hardy, less decorative fabrics. 
  • Shoes:
  • I wear a good pair of workboots like, all the time. Mine are Red Wing, though I see a lot of lesbians wearing Timberlands or Doc Martens. Converse are popular among a wide variety of demographics so I feel like they’re a pretty viable option. Clogs, like the kind made by Birkenstock, are pretty tomboyish as well. 

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. 

Please feel free to reblog with any other fashion advice for butch/tomboy trans girls!

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Hello lovely person! I'm a big fan of your work and would like to know if you can continue that prompt where the Sonic Boom characters are just older versions of the video games? I really liked it! I would love to see more of the relationship between Sonic and Amy on that period. You did a great job with this prompt! (Like always) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day!

(x) Received Permission by Artist to use as ‘Preview Image’, please support her as well! (If you would like to offer your art, please message me and let me know the link you want me to use. I’d be more than thrilled to use your works for Preview images on my prompts!)

Based on this Prompt: (x)

Lovely person~ You are precious and I love you~<3


As the gang all seems to be having something interesting going on, Sonic is at a loss.

Bored, and laying with his body spread out on the beach, he continues to sigh…

His sighing gets louder…

Finally the whole village and even Eggman can hear his sighs.

Growing upset that Sonic’s obnoxious sighs are literally drowning out his ‘nappy time’ Eggman throws the covers off his sheets and tries to watch a sitcom. Laughing, he suddenly growls in annoyance and shoots straight up from his couch in his pink jumper-pajamas.

“That’s it! That annoying blue hedgehog had sighed his last goodbye!” He clenched his fist and started putting on a jacket, then shoes, “After all. Today’s suppose to be my time of rest! I mean really. I’m suppose to be mad at this ingrate; buffoon for an entire 11 minutes each week- and they expect me to put my clothes on.” He looks to the camera, as if so done with his existence.

Fully clothed, and walking along the beach, Eggman with Cubot and Orbot behind him walks head first, hands behind his back, glaring to Sonic.

“Is there something the matter..? Sonic?” Eggman tries to hold himself together, but he’s clearly enraged at Sonic.

“Might as well be civil and actually ‘ask’ you what’s wrong. And for once, it can’t possibly be me this time!” Eggman shrugs his arms up, happy about that before remembering he has no idea why Sonic’s so forlorn.

“So why the long face? Trying to match your nose? HAHAAHAH!!” Eggman slapped his knee and leaned his head back, clutching his bald-forehead and snickering as he says, “That was so good. Oh boy!”

Sonic turns his head towards him… slowly… and as if all life has been drained from him, making him weak.


He rolled his head over to the other side, letting his sigh carry as Eggman’s mustache twitched, his body tensed, and then leaped forward to try and strangle the hedgehog.

Cubot and Orbot held him back, pulling on his trail as the doctor’s fingers twitched for Sonic’s cold, lifeless body to be in it’s arms about now…

“I swear! They should hold you in contempt!”

“He really is being rather disagreeable though. Don’t you think, Cubot?” Orbot struggled to keep the Doctor from killing their lead protagonist out of sheer annoyance, but Cubot noticed something redish-pink laying on the ground near Sonic…

“Hey, isn’t that Amy’s headband?”

“WHAT?! NO!” Sonic suddenly jumped in spot, bouncing almost as his upper torso reached forward and grabbed the headband, holding it close and turning it away from the crowd.

“I-I-it just fell. And I noticed it fell. And I wanted to give it back to her. B-bu-but she’s busy! So I went to hang with Tails for a while. Who was also busy. T-th-then-then STICKS WAS BUSY! Like, whaaa?? Since when!? And Knuckles is pretending he has an aristocratic job he has to get to when really, he’s just making sandcastles over there….” Sonic grumbled, talking quickly as was his specialty before gesturing to Knuckles, a ways down the beach…

Putting a pink shell on the castle, matching it with a purple shell, he very ‘particularly’ lifted up his pinkie finger. “Ah, yes. That’s the correct location for a lilac orchard, seasoned, shell to reside! I’ll take my 20 shillings now!” he pretended to open his hand for reward, as he snickered putting green seaweed in his hand. “Hehehe~ Suckers! I totally just placed a lame shell on the sand! They don’t even know it’s not a real castle!” he gestured to his creation as Sonic shook his head, and Eggman put his hands to his hips.

“Someone needs to write him a better pastime…”

Sonic sighed and turned his body, his hand… strangely still gripping Amy’s headband.

Orbot rubbed his metallic chin and pulled Eggman’s attire to tug him down, whispering in his ear.

“I think he’s trying to distract himself from actually addressing Amy. I mean, since when has she ever been ‘too busy’ for Sonic?” He waved his shrugged hands out to prove a point, as Eggman also rubbed his chin… thinking…

“I don’t know.” his shoulders bounced, as if he didn’t care. “Maybe she’s found a NEW GUY.” he suddenly shouted out, as Sonic twitched and scrambled in the sand.

“WHA-WHAT? New guy? What new guy-I-I-I don’t even think there’s BEEN a new guy!? We’re on a tiny island with limited people that don’t do much. What could a new guy possibly contribute?!”

His odd spazz made Eggman smile, “Ahhh…” he winked to Orbot and then leaned up, pointing directly to Cubot.

“Cubot! I order you to steal Amy’s headband! Stat!” he rounded his hand to crook it and have it across his chest. Leaning down, he winked slyly to Cubot, who didn’t seem to get it.

“But why? Sonic’ll trash me if I even try to-”

Eggman growled, shaking his head before kicking Cubot after it, smirking as he saw Cubot rush over and grip it.

“I’ll be taking that!”

“What? Hey, let it go!”

“W-woah! Strong grip.. Ah!”

Sonic and him played a moment of tug-o-war as they fought over the headband, before Sonic kicked Cubot off after a moment of wrestling.

“Hey! This headband isn’t going anywhere but BACK on Amy’s head!” Sonic gruffed, getting up and huffing with puffs before he noticed the headband now had a tear in it.

“AH!” throwing his free hand to his head, he shifted on his feet, “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do!?”

“Calm down, old- best buddy- friend of mine- 5ever and above~” Eggman waltz over and put his hands on the panicky Sonic’s shoulders.. before flexing his hand out and looking away as if he knew something the blue hero didn’t know…

“I have a WONDERFUL uhh… tailor friend! Yes! Who would love to take a look at that and fix it up, tip-top shape. Haha..” he was clearly lying through his teeth.

“A tailor..? Hmm… Nah, maybe I should just tell Amy what happened.” Sonic looked over the headband.

“But… maybe she’ll despise you for ruining it?” Eggman leaned down, before seeing’s Sonic’s eyes widened.

“N-no. She wouldn’t do that. She’d believe me.”

“Oh, yeeeesss~ Believe that you were pulling some cruel joke on her by taking her headband and ‘accidentally’ ruining her favorite girlish accessory in the process~”

Eggman chimed out, rubbing his shoulders as Sonic suddenly looked more confused, shaking his head.

“Oh no, you’re right! She won’t believe me!”

“That’s exactly why you should come with me!” Eggman looped a firm grip on Sonic’s wrist and pulled him off towards his lair.

Orbot, disguised as a … womanly tailor… “Why a woman though? My model is clearly more fix for a man’s physique.” “Eggman says it’s in the script!” Cubot shrugged. “Ugh…” Orbot threw his upper body down with hanging arms… hovering out to greet Eggman and Sonic.

According to plan, they put a chip and ‘mind-controlling’ sync inside the headband, and patched it up.

“WHOHOHHO!” Eggman laughed as Sonic waited in the other room, making weird motions with his hands as if dancing or playing around in boredom at being patient.

“Lookie here! With this! She’ll be under my power and taking down Sonic in no time! And the best part? He can’t hurt someone he cares about! hahaahha!”

“How do you know he cares about her?” Cubot intervened. “Maybe he just has a taste for fashion wear?”

Orbot shook his head, and turned to Eggman, “This should do it.” he sowed it up and Eggman brought the repaired headband to Sonic, stitches and everything…

“Woah! Umm.. I guess it will have to do.” Sonic took it, “Thanks Eggman! You know, ever since you vacationed on this island, you’ve been really improving your tune.” he thumbs-up’d him.

Eggman, suddenly growing self-conscientious, shifted his eyes and sweated, not used to praise from Sonic.

“You’re a swell dude!” Sonic patted his back and was out of there real fast! As Eggman’s glasses lit up and he giggled like a school boy.

“Sonic thinks I’m… swell…” he started fantasizing about them being actual bros, and Sonic complimenting him time and time again-

Fishing, “You’re a swell dude, Egghead!” Eggman pushed his knees together as he hung off the side of a dock, blushing slightly in glee.

“You’re a swell dude, Eggman!” Now they were bungie-jumping together, bouncing up and laughing.

“You’re a swell dude, Eggface!” “I am, aren’t I?” They were now both relaxing with the twins massaging their backs.

“Swell dude!” “Swell guy!” “Swell!” “Sweeeeeellll~” “So swell!” “All the swell!” “Eggman’s SWEEEELLLL~”


Suddenly, Eggman snapped out of it.

“W-wha-wha-what, huh?” He looked down, seeing the controls, and taking them slowly.. almost softly, as if sorrow was creeping into his heart, within his hands…

Peering down at it… he tuned out Orbot… telling him that Amy was standing outside her house, desperately searching for her headband, which was why she told Sonic she was busy.

Presenting it back to her on the big screen’s in Eggman’s lair, Sonic stuck a toe up and leaned back, rubbing the back of his head with a nervous smile, as Amy was happy to find it; but… seemed confused on the repairs.

“She’s taking the bait! Now’s your chance!” Orbot urged, helping the Doctor to scoot closer to the monitor, still holding the controls to Amy’s headband.

“….No.” Eggman put the device down.


“But Doctor-!” Cubot reached up but Eggman shook his head.

“I can’t! I won’t do it!” He slammed his hands into the control panel. “Sonic holds me in high regards now! You know how hard that is to come by? A little appreciation now and again from your mortal enemy? It’s hard stuff!”

On the screen, Amy giggled and shrugged off the poor repair job. “Aw, that’s alright. I’m just so glad you found it!”

“Oh yeah. I had to tussle with ol’Eggface to get it. Haha! He’s a terrible kleptomaniac when it comes down to it.”

Eggman’s face scrunched up into bitter anger.

He picked up the controller, his fingers firing off command codes onto it.

“He’s going down SO. HARD. Right now!” he clicked the button once she placed the headband on, and suddenly her body freaked out and the screen was now a fighter’s game data chart.

“Kick, kick left! No, right!” Cubot started backstreet driving, clinging on Eggman’s right shoulder as Orbot leaped in too.

“No, no! Go for the combo upper-cut! She’s good at the hammer throw dodge-bait!”

“WOULD YOU TWO QUIT IT!?” Eggman growled, as Sonic tried to dodge the attacks.

“What’s happening!?” Amy shouted out, her arms throwing her hammer around without her control. “I can’t stop it!”

“Huh? Hmm..” Sonic narrowed his eyes, “Eggman must have done something to the headband!” He jumped and curled, knocking into her hand taking the headband off.

Above her, he seemed a little frazzled, but she calmed down and looked up, also turning red on her muzzle…

The two leaped away, awkwardly laughing and commentating on what just happened..

“Haha… you spinned into my head and um… haha…”

“Y-yeah.. and got the headband but you fell over… and um… haha…”

“Haha… good times.” Amy took the headband and removed the stitches, pulling the chip out. “I could always sow it back up again…”

“…I could… um…” Sonic stepped forward, being a bit shy. “…I have some extra bucks? Wants to buy a new one?”

“Oh you would!?” Amy lifted a leg up behind her. “AHH~ Shopping spree!”

“W-wait, I didn’t say I was rich-! AHH!” he got roped along behind her as she whisked him off to the village.

“Great.” Eggman leaned back in his chair, sitting down. “Not only do I suck at combo reactions, but I also just got him a free date.” he threw the remote and rubbed his face, sulking it down.

“I hate that blue hedgehog… all this stress is furthering my wrinkles…”

“Oh, but look on the bright side!” Orbot brought out a hot drink for him and set it down in his hand. “At least now you can sleep without Sonic sighing all the-”


Eggman leaped up from his seat, “WHAT NOW?! it hasn’t even been five min-!” he shifted his spybot and saw Amy was the one sighing now, seeming bored with all the choices Sonic was picking.

“No, no. The green one. See? Matches my eyes~” she batted them and he looked frustrated, “THEY’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR!”

“Are you AND Knuckles colorblind?”

“Is that why the purple shell looked orange?”

She sighed again, and in the distance, the two could hear Eggman flipping a lid and shouting to the blue heavens his utter and complete rage quit.

The two took a picture of Amy’s new headband, and Amy hash-tagged it, “SO calling this a date!”

I was gonna make another joke post about the incredibly impractical wardrobes of the Homestuck ancestors but then it got me like

Did they exist before the invention of troll denim

Like that’s still no excuse for wearing an intricate flowing gauzy dress as you carry your illegal son through the wilderness or leggings when your clothes should keep you from bleeding, but I’ve been sitting here for days going “why the fuck didn’t someone give the Signless a pair of jeans”

sovandefarm  asked:

This is a weird ask, but the thought just struck me out of nowhere and... I Love your ideas on things and wanted your opinion. Isnt it kinda weird that missing nin wears the headband of their villages? Kakuzu and Hidan come to mind first and foremost. Kakuzu has been alive for a loooong time and, since he basically killed the elders in his village, you would think he doesnt care about his village? Maybe it has something to do with honor or whatever, maybe Pride, but... (Part1)

Why would he keep something like an emblem of the village he left? Itachi makes sense, as he didnt leave willingly. Yahikos body probably wears it as a symbol for them not agreeing with rains ways (maybe) and some of the others generally dont have any real… dramatic ties, so to speak, to their villages. But I cant imagine Hidan ever being loyal to his village. He is far to manic for that, yet he carries his forehead protector. This can be made for just,, any “villain” in naruto, (part2)

I mean, Sasuke didnt wear any bc he left the village and didnt want to be asosiated with it (Which is oversimplifying it but whatever). So i guess my question is - why do you think these S-class ninjas who are in the bingo book basically everywhere and all that stuff still wears the symbol of their respective villages? Its not like it gives anything to the story (although some do). So im very curious about your thoughts! 💕

The crossed-out village symbol is a repudiation of the previous village, and at first, although Sasuke does do that whole crossing out thing, he tellingly leaves it with Naruto, because what he’s really repudiating is his bond with Naruto and the idea of becoming stronger with his team, not Konoha at that point.

Kakuzu and Hidan, who hated their original villages, have obvious reasons for wanting to advertise their repudiation of them. Ditto Kisame and to a lesser extent Deidara and Sasori (for whom I think the next reason is more motivating).

Being so obvious about being a missing-nin is also a power move, like gang tattoos and symbols, or the bright colours of a venomous creature. You advertise that you are dangerous and not to be trifled with. It’s kind of an open challenge to the world.

Lastly, in the same universe as colour coded nail polish villains, it’s for the Look, darling.

It’s Not So Useless After All

A continuation of It’s Useless if Not With you and It’s Useless if You Don’t Realize

Also available on AO3

in which kakashi decides to confess… badly, that is.

Largely inspired by AKMU’S I Love You

It is caused by both encouragement and exasperation, that Hatake Kakashi, a healthy young man by the age of seventeen, finally decides to confess.

Mind you, it’s only the decision to do it, not that he has done it… yet.

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darksonic407  asked:

Oh god, I just started thinking of what Axeswap would be like, Muffet would kill herself for eating her pet and spiders, Grillby would send "Embers" to Scavenge across Hotland, Nicecream Guy would be called The Ear after Adding skins to his ears... I should stop myself now.

B- The Floweys act like mimics, flowers that smell so good that they draw in prey close only to swarm out of the ground to consume the unfortunate beast. Aaron sits upon his pedestal posing and flexing seductively as another monster falls into his traps. Alphys stalks Hotland with single-minded fervor, dragging her axe behind her and wearing a scrap of Undyne’s lab coat as a headband.

Dogamy has lost his mind, howling for his lost mate. Ice Wolf consumes all in his path. Nice Cream Guy rules the forest with iron will. Lesser Dog creates grotesque works of art from his unfortunate victims, totems and warnings to those that encroach on his land.

Napstabot’s song haunts the Core, ringing through the halls in disturbing, repetitive, glitching insanity. Hapstablook haunts the Ruins, tragically alone and forever in mourning. Temmie, giant, bloated, rotten thing she has become, strikes from the shadows, whispering to herself and cackling endlessly.

Sans, lost to his dementia and obsession with his lost past. Papyrus, trying to take care of Sans, Aliza, and himself the best he can while mourning his own deceased lover. Aliza, resentful of her crazed father and apathetic uncle, too young to understand the kind of loss they both have suffered.

It’s not a good time, guys.