i should not realize these things so quickly


„Y/N! Lily asked me to come and get you we’re going…“ Remus comes bursting into your room without bothering to knock. You stand in the middle of the room, hair disheveled and your shirt halfway over your head , „Oh damn…I…I am so sorry.“

„Really, are you?“ You ask with a hint of amusement because he’s making no effort to turn around or even avert his eyes, „You’re staring Remus.“

„Yes, yes I am…“ He mumbles quietly before finally realizing that he should indeed stop staring at you and turn around.

„Well, would you mind?

„Of course, sorry I’m sorry.“ He quickly turns around with a light blush spreading over his face. Remus starts rambling on about random things, gesturing around with his hands to try and hide how flustered he is, „…and that’s how Sirius and me got into trouble for sneaking out the other day.“ He finishes his story and you snicker behind him.

„Not that I didn’t like your story but why did you come up here?“

„Ah yes of course.“ He turns back around, giving you an apologetic look and shrugs, „Lily needs you downstairs and the others wanted to go out and do something.“

„Got it.“ You walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek before heading down to the common room, „Thanks dear.“

“Wait!” He yells after you, making you stop and turn back your head, “This is probably bad timing but would you go out with me sometime?”

„You just want to see me naked again.“


„Remus…“ You say and start to laugh, „I’m joking, I’ll go out with you.“

Alec sits down quietly, eyes fixed on his fingers as he keeps twisting them nervously in his lap. He’s worried about Jace, but he knows that pushing him would do no good so he stays back, tries to give him space. At least he knows that Jace is safe now, away from immediate harm. That’s something, definitely.

The soft sound of footsteps gets his attention and when he looks up, he smiles before he even realizes what his face is doing. “Thank you,” he says, quickly, to break the silence. “For taking him in.” He hadn’t known what to expect from Magnus when Jace appeared so suddenly, but Magnus had barely hesitated before promising Jace could stay.

“How could I not,” Magnus says, “throwing him out would’ve been like kicking a puppy.” He finishes with a grin, but despite playing it off as a joke there’s obviously more than just a hint of truth in the words. Fluidly he moves closer, taking the seat next to Alec. “You could stay too, for the night?”

Instantly a spike of nervousness shoots through Alec, but he tries to push it to the background to ignore it. “You know, about before…” he trails off at first, but then hastily tries to put his thoughts into words. “I really don’t care how many people you’ve been with. I’m just…” 

He pauses, and for a second considers just dropping the topic altogether. He’s not a quitter though, and with sheer stubbornness he pushes on. “I might be a little scared. Of not measuring up to all of them, you know?”

Magnus’ smile softens, and he reaches out to grab one of Alec’s hands in his own, to stop him from nervously twisting his fingers. He waits until Alec meets his eyes, and tries to put emphasis on his words to show just how much he means them. “You’re a lot more captivating than you give yourself credit for. I may have been with a lot of people, but trust me, a mere percent of them got to me like you do.”

There might be a slight blush coloring Alec’s cheeks, as much as he tries to will it away. A wave of relief washes through him nevertheless, and he still can’t believe how easily Magnus always finds just the right things to say, just the right little gestures, to make him feel better, more confident and comfortable. He’s so endlessly caring it leaves Alec a little breathless every single time.

Alec turns his hand, enjoying the way his palm fits against Magnus’, and how easily their fingers slot together. “That’s still, what, one hundred and seventy people. Not entirely reassuring.” He can’t help but smile, though, and amusement is evident in his voice, as well as relief. “Good to know I’m not the least interesting one, though.”

Magnus returns the smile, giving Alec’s hand a squeeze. “Never.”


“Sublet” pt. 2 — Bruce x Natasha AU (pt. 1)

Just as Romcom Couple starts to realize they’ve caught a major case of feelings, their landlady offers one or both of them the lease. Romcom Guy thinks this is fate and they should take the lease together. Romcom Girl is just as smitten, but she worries that they’re rebounding too quickly. She suggests they take things slower, but he’s the all or nothing type and breaks it off. Upset and regretful but still wanting her to be happy, Romcom Guy gives up his claim on the lease so she can have the apartment. Agreement over, Romcom Girl realizes that their feelings for each other are real and asks him to stay.

For hulkwidownet​‘s Four Weeks of Challenges: Week One (October 5th to October 11th): Domesticity.

Clips: Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30, Lost in Translation, In Good Company, Rumor Has It

Love your reactions! Companions react to sole being a rape survivor (either before the war or after while they're in the wasteland) it's an issue pretty close to my heart (sorry if this is triggering if it is you don't have to do it)

Thank you so much, and don’t worry, it won’t be triggering. I have never experience such a thing on a personal level, but I had a friend who did. Long story short, after two years we are friends again, so it was very bad and my sister faced a similar but not so dramatic situation. So my reaction won’t be as pure, but I hope I can get this right. Also, I’m sorry to anyone who has faced such a horrifying experience, nobody should be sexually assaulted. - Alex


Curie - She had some information of what Sole talked about and quickly tried to think of how she could help them only to realize that they had moved on, become stronger. Curie nodded and hugged them tightly, whispering sweet things in their ears.

Sole smiled slightly and took her body into theirs, holding her as tightly as they could. The Commonwealth was easier with her there and they both made vows to each other that day, never telling the other.

Their vows were sweet and pure, just like their hearts.

Cait - Cait immediately wanted to beat the person up, but they were long dead from the bombs. So instead she stood next to Sole and told them that if they ever needed someone beaten, she would love to do the job. With that said, she gained a smile from them and a nod.

They stood there for a moment, Cait not really knowing what she should do since she wasn’t the touchy feely type so she did what she knew and wrapped her arm around Sole’s neck and hugged them tightly from that angle.

Sole of course didn’t mind, appreciating Cait’s care.

Piper - The moment the confession left Sole’s mouth, she immediately hugged them. Burying her head in their back, she hugged them as tight as she could, never wanting to let them go. “I am so sorry, Blue.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Piper.” They explained patting her hand softly as a sign of encouragement, but the young reporter only hugged her companion tighter.

“No matter what, I’m going to make sure that never happens to you ever again, I swear on my life.” Sole was surprised at this confession, about to open their mouth to reassure her but a lump was caught in their throat.

Eventually they swallowed hard, tears crawling down their face slowly. “Thank you, Piper.”

Magnolia - “Oh, my love,” Magnolia pulls Sole into her lap and starts combing their hair, humming a song. Sole gave her a small thankful smile lifting their hand to caress her cheek.

Magnolia knew what sole did every day, she knew that they were strong and could work themselves out of any squeeze and sometimes felt completely powerless and useless when they came home covered in bloody wounds and bruises, but she always made time for them like they did for her. She would tend to their wounds and sing to them. That was the only comfort she could really give them along with her love.

That was enough for Sole, happy to always come back to Magnolia smiling and singing them. She was enough to keep them sane through all this crazy and vowed that she would never have to experience what they had experienced.

Haylen - The scribe knew what they were talking about the moment the words left their mouths. Situations like this tend to pop up once in a while around the Brotherhood of Steel. Reaching out to Sole, Haylen watched for any warning but when Sole gave her none, she pulled them into a tight hug.

They laid there for the rest of the night, enjoying one another’s company and happy that they could share a private moment. Sole fell soundly asleep allowing Haylen to look upon their peaceful face, brushing strands of hair out of their face.

Placing a chaste kiss on their forehead, she scooted closer to them and hugged them tightly. “I swear, I’m never going to let anyone touch you like that again.”

Glory - Swore up and down how she was going to make the people who did this to her sole pay, gearing up in the blink of an eye, but just before she could take a step out of the hideout, Sole hugged her from behind. “Sole?” Her voice was gentle, a strange emotion coming from her, but it only showed when around Sole or other close friends.

Hugging her tighter, Sole let out a soft breath of air. “They’re already dead, so just stay here with me.” Glory couldn’t refuse such a pure request so she turned herself around and gathered Sole in her arms, petting their hair.

She swore that she was going to protect them from everything wrong with the world. Even at the cost of her life.


MacCready - Hearing those words made MacCready freeze in place. Rape wasn’t uncommon in the Commonwealth, but hearing that it had happened to Sole and before the bombs hit, just the thought of it made his blood boil. Who could have done this to them, to anyone? What possessed people to do such a traumatic thing to someone, anyone?

He pushed the thoughts out of his mind, focusing on Sole as he approached them. “I don’t really know what to say and I’m not really good at words, Sole, but from now on I am going to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with me, that’s a promise.” With that he takes off his hat and places it on Sole’s head, seeing them slip a smile. “Do I have your permission to give you a comforting hug?”

Sole let out a soft chuckle, nodding. “Permission granted.” MacCready wrapped his arms around Sole, holding them as tight as he could. He wasn’t going to allow anyone to do such a horrible thing to them, not on his watch.

Danse - Danse felt his blood boil under his skin, just thinking what kind of sick person would do that to anyone. Clutching and unclutching his fists, Danse looked at Sole who was looking up at the stars. They were so strong, they faced so many things that could break anyone but they kept moving.

Taking a seat next to them, he cupped their hands in his, this contact causing them to look down at him. That’s when he realized that he probably should have asked if he could do that. “Sorry,” He starts to pull away explaining to Sole that he should have asked them first, but they held onto his hand tightly.

“It’s okay, Danse, I appreciate your concern.” Laying their head on his shoulder, Danse relaxed a bit, vowing that he would never let Sole face something like that ever again.

Hancock - The moment Sole told him that they were a rape survivor, he wanted to stab whoever had done such a horrible and inhuman thing to them, but they had already done that themselves. The Commonwealth wasn’t a safe place and the fact that it happened to Sole a little after they had escaped their vault, it made him feel horrible about everything around him.

Before he could say anything to try and comfort them, they hugged him, thanking him for all that he had done. He felt unworthy of their thanks, but the moment they told him that they felt safe with him and they could trust him with anything, he just hugged them tightly.

“Geez, Sunshine, you’re making me blush.” Hancock says, earning a soft chuckle from his sole. “Now you know I ain’t the best with words, I’m a man of action, but I promise I will make sure you never have to face that ever again.”

Preston - Said nothing as he sat next to them, wondering why things like this happened. It kind of sickened him and made him want anyone who would do such a horrible task to burn in hell.

Sole leaned into him, saying nothing. For a moment, he was hesitant to touch them, but then realized just how ridiculous he was thinking. Sole had leaned into him, they felt safe around him, they trusted him, they had just told him that. So he wrapped his arms around them, holding them tightly, giving them a kiss on the top of their head.

No words were exchanged, but that didn’t mean Preston didn’t make a silent vow looking up into the stars with Sole. It was a vow that he wasn’t going to tell to Sole, instead he was going to show them. He was going to love them in a way only he could and make sure that nothing else like that never happens to them or anyone he cared about.

Nick - Nick had memories of cases like this from before he became a synth and the trauma that the victims faced burned into his mind, how they tried to hold strong, but were filled with fear, especially towards their assaulter(s). “Kid,” he steps closer to them, placing his hands on their shoulders, watching for them to flinch away or show any sign of discomfort. When none came, he pulled them into a hug, petting their hair. “I’m sorry that happened to you and you have my word that I will do my best to make sure you never face that ever again.

Sole hugged him back,  both their holds tightening against each other. “Thanks, Nick, that means a lot to me.”

Dogmeat - Whines a bit as he places his head in Sole’s lap, licking their hand which earned him a ear rub. He doesn’t quite understand what Sole said, but he can sense their pain and wants to make sure he can protect them for that.

Deacon - He doesn’t even try to crack a joke because he knows that this is serious and he wanted Sole to be able to rely on him, even if he did lie a lot, he respected them more then anything.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I know it’s kind of useless to say that but just so you know, I’m here for you.” Deacon places a hand on their shoulder, gaining a smile from them.

Before he knew it, their arms were wrapped around him. “Thanks Deacon.” For a minute Deacon stood there frozen, but eventually hugged them back.

“No problem, Boss.”

X6-88 - He had very little knowledge of what Sole meant, but by the look in their eyes was enough for his blood to boil. Pulling out his gun, he took a step forward, he face more serious than usual. “Who needs to be shot?”

Seeing just how serious he was, Sole couldn’t help but chuckle softly. They placed a hand on his shoulder telling him not worry about it. As he holstered his weapon, they couldn’t help but burying their face in his chest, hugging him tightly.

For a moment, X6 didn’t know what to do, but as they continued to hug him, he complied with his own hug, making sure that no one could see what was going on. Seeing that they were alone spoke a vow in their ear, not sure if they heard it or not, but it did not matter. As long as he said it and kept it true.

Codsworth - He knew what had happened, it was their significant other that had told him, but he just couldn’t stand that thought of Sole having faced something so horrible.

“Sir/Mum, I just want to say, it has been an honor to know you. You’re are a strong individual, I am so glad to have you as my Sir/Mum.”

Sole smiled at him and gave him a slight pat on the head, thanking him for his kind words.

Maxson - Maxson had seen the damage of such a horrific action could have. Many soldiers faced this back in the Wastelands when he was merely a boy. At the time, he didn’t understand what had happened to them, but now that he was older, he understood.

Curling his fingers into his palms then uncurling them, he stands behind Sole, placing his hand ever so gently on their shoulder. “Permission to hug you soldier?”

Sole says nothing, just nods, not really registering what he had said until his arms were wrapped around them from behind. For a moment, they were tense, but realized that he meant no harm and leaned into his embrace.

Left Strong out because I have no idea how he would react.

Sorry this took so long, it’s been a long couple of weeks, but here ya go. Sorry it’s kind of sucky. - Alex

Drop Dead Gorgeous part 4

(Y/N) Pov

He looked at me uncertain if he should take the call or just let it ring and go back to bed with me and honestly all I wanted him to do was to press ignore and press his hot body against mine until we were both asleep, but at the end he took the call and walked to the small balcony I had in my room. Butt naked.

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I’m not going to have internet for a few days and I’m quickly running out of ways to entertain myself so I went through my phone and realized that 6,741 is on my phone. This episode still gets me. It is pure brilliance. I keep spotting things that are just slight ooc and I’m like fuck I should have known. Plus that truck behind Root with a giant SAM on it. Geez. Best show ever.

Fictionless Love

Chapter 7 - Feelings

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Also the amazing @osakishinya made a trailer for this series so click HERE if you would like to see it. This chapter is dedicated to you!! : *

“Okay, here we are!” The bus driver called out to us, letting us know so that we should actually get off this time.

Jin and I quickly gathered our things and headed out the doors, thanking the bus driver as we went.

As we watched the bus drove away, I started to search my surroundings.

From what I could tell, it was a really small town and it seemed to be almost like a farming town as there was a lot of open space.

I looked up and down the road and realized that we were on a dirt road with only lights to guide our way.

“Well,” Jin started. I looked at him. “Should I try calling a taxi service and see if we can get someone out here? I don’t know if anyone will come though.” he said. I nodded in response.

“It is worth a try though right?” I asked.

“Okay, let me see what I can do,” he told me walking away, leaving me with our things.

I really hope someone can come get us. We don’t even have any clothes to wear. Much less a place to stay if no one can get to us.

I sighed.

Out of all the boys, really. Jin? Is someone trying to play a joke on me? Or are they just trying to kill me?

I suddenly thought of something, making me even more worried.

Omo. If we can’t get a ride and we have to spend a night somewhere, what am I going to do? I don’t want him to see me without my glasses! Or sleep in the same room as him!

I sleep-talk for heavens sake! He is going to think I am crazy!

I started jumping up and down in frustration.


As I heard footsteps approach me, I started to get nervous.

I turned around to see that he looked slightly nervous as well.

“So,” he began. “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?” he asked me.

“Bad news,” I told him.

“I could not find a taxi company that would come out this far this time of night. Most of the drivers I guess are already done for the day and the only ones left only give service in Seoul.” he said.

Well, there goes my little ray of hope of not spending the night with him.

“The good news?” I asked.

“One of companies said that there was a place that we could stay nearby. I guess situations like this happen all the time so he knew a ahjumma down here that let’s people stay for the night. He gave me her address and everything. I guess we should head there.” he told me.

I sighed.

“Okay, let’s go,” I told him. We both collected our things and started walking in the direction that his GPS told us to.

As we were walking, I could only feel bad for putting us in this situation.

“Sorry,” I whispered quietly.

“For what?”

“For getting us in this mess. If only I hadn’t fallen asleep on the bus,” I stated.

“Hyun-Ae,” he started, turning around to face me. “It’s not your fault okay? You don’t have to apologize. It’s not like you were purposely trying to hold us back on the bus or something.” He said.

“Or were you?” he asked.

“A-Ani! That wasn’t my intention at all!” I quickly answered.

He started laughing.

“I am only teasing you. It’s really okay. Just don’t be sorry anymore, hmm?” He said, tilting his head to face me.

“O-okay,” I whispered.

I glanced over at him, to see him smiling.

I could feel my heart starting to quicken as I saw him looking at me. I quietly coughed, embarrassed by the situation.

“L-let’s keep going, shall we?” I told him, starting to walk again.

All I could hear was him laughing behind me as he walked to catch up with me.


“Okay, I think this is it!” He said.

I looked at the place where the address took us to see a small traditional home.

I haven’t seen one of this for a long time! It looks so cute!

Jin reached for the gate and tried opening it, to find that it was unlocked.

As soon as he pushed it open we heard barking. We saw a huge dog running towards us and we both started to panic.

Jin and I quickly closed the gate as we walked back out, scared by the sudden actions of the dog.

“Omo,” I said. “That scared me.” I told him.

“Who’s there?” I heard a voice call out.

I looked over at the house to see one of the doors sliding open to reveal a small, older woman in her nightwear.

She turned towards us to see what the commotion was about to see us standing at her gate with the dog blocking us.

She started to climb down from the stops while calling out to her dog.

“Yah! Bomi! Stop barking you crazy dog!” She yelled out, causing the dog to turn around from us to look at her owner.

She quickly forgot about us and ran to her owner.

“Sorry about her. She goes crazy when she sees strangers.” she says.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “She is only doing her job of protecting you,” I gave her a small smile.

She smiled in response at my comment.

“So what brings you here at this time at night?” she asks us.

“We are very sorry to interrupt you sleep,” Jin started. “But we have come to see if we could maybe stay here for the night? We heard from someone at a taxi company that you sometimes let people spend the night and we have no where else to go to at this time.” he told her.

“Was it Jae-il again?” she asked. We stared at her blankly. “Aish that man…he needs to stop giving out my address…” she quietly stated.

“Why don’t you two come in first,” she told us, opening up the gate.

We headed inside and followed her to the front door.

As she slowly opened the sliding door she motioned us inside after her.

Jin and I both took off our shoes and stepped inside.

We both stood awkwardly at the door until she called out to us.

“Take a seat!” she said.

We both nodded and sat down around her tiny table.

I looked around and the interior was so beautiful. The place was decorated with numerous flowers and they were many photos of what looked like her family. The house was comforting in a way.

She suddenly appeared from somewhere, bringing three glasses of what looked like tea to the table.

I saw Jin quickly get up and help her grab the cups.

“Aigoo,” she said, as he took two of the glasses from her hands, placing one in front of me. “What a nice boyfriend you have.” she said looking at me.

I started to get embarrassed.

“A-Ani,” I started. “We aren’t dat-”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, child. I just wanted to let you know that you have found yourself a very good man,” she stated, smiling at him.

I suddenly felt very small.

Out of all things…

I glanced over at Jin to see him proudly smiling at me, making me turn around again from embarrassment.

I quickly grabbed my cup and took a sip of the tea, hoping to get out of this awkward situation.

“So what brings you two out here?” she suddenly asks us.

“We were riding the bus home and we missed our stop,” Jin began. “We tried to get off right after we missed it but the bus driver just continued to drive to the next stop, which was the one here.” he told her.

“Ahh,” she realized. “So you guys are far away from home.” she concluded.

We both nodded in response.

“So we tried calling a taxi but all the ones that come out here this late were already done for the day,” Jin continued. “So…Jae-il?…told us to come to this address.” he told her.

“We are sorry for interrupting you in the middle of the night,” I told her, giving her a little bow.

“Ahh, don’t be sorry my dear,” she said giving me a small smile. “Now that I know your guy’s situation I can understand. You both are more than welcome to spend the night.” she said.

I suddenly felt relieved.

“Thank you,” we both said bowing to her.

“Aigoo, no need to thank me.” she told us. “Did you guys bring anything with you?” she asked.

“No, we only have a few things on us.” I told her.

“Well,” she started. “There is a small store just a few blocks down that is still open. It should have some things that you guys may need. Let me get you the address.” she said getting up from her spot and disappearing from our sight.

“She is so nice,” I commented. “I feel bad for doing this to her.” I told Jin.

“Maybe we should get her something from the store then? Like a thank-you gift?” Jin suggested.

“Ohh! Good idea!” I said. “We can maybe make her something as well! Like wake up and make breakfast for her?” I asked excitedly.

“Call!” Jin told me. We both smiled at each other.

She suddenly came back in with a small paper.

“Here you guys go. Make sure to make it back safely! I will give you guys a key so you can get back in. I will have prepared some sheets for you guys to sleep on by the time you are back. Be safe!” she said to us.

“Ne!” we called out to her.

We walked out the gate closing it behind us and making our way to the store.

As we were walking, my shoulder kept on accidentally brushing Jin’s.

My heart started to beat again.

Just what is wrong with me?

“Hyun-Ae?” Jin suddenly asked.

“Hmm?” I responded.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked kind of shyly.

“Shoot,” I told him with a smile.

“What happened between you and your friends that made you not trust others?” he asked.

I abruptly stopped, startled by his question.

He turned around and realizing that I had stopped, started to get a little flustered.

“Sorry,” he started. “Should I not have asked? I was just curious after you said that today and I wanted to know why but if you don’t want to answer that is okay,” he said rambling.

“N-no, it’s okay,” I told him, looking up to see him. I gave him a pained smile.

I started walking again, him walking next to me.

“About a year ago,” I started. “I was dating this guy named Kyung-il. We had been dating for over a year and I really liked him. He was so nice to me and I even thought for a second that I might even love him.” I told him. I glanced over to see that Jin was listening very intently.

“We had agreed one night that I would come over to his place and then we would go see a movie or something, I can’t really remember. But, I got off work early that day and I wanted to surprise him so I went over to his place early. I easily got into his house because he had given me a key to his place on our one-year anniversary. I remember walking in and see a pair of heels that I recognized but I realized weren’t mine. I was confused and I continued to walk into the house when I heard weird noises coming from his bedroom,” I said, starting to tear up.

“I opened the door to find that my best friend, Mina, was with him, in his bed, and they were…” I stopped. I started to cry, the tears reluctantly falling from my face.

“I was so upset and heartbroken. I remember seeing their faces and my heart just sank. My best friend and the man I thought that I loved were sleeping together. I ran out of the apartment and he tried to stop me but I kept on going. I remember going home and crying for hours and hours. He continuously called me, trying to get a hold of me, but I didn’t pick up. He even tried to come to my house the next day but I didn’t answer the door. He would apologize and say he was sorry but I didn’t believe him.” I said, wiping the tears from my face.

“About a week later, I agreed to meet with him to talk about it. We went to a little coffee shop that we both used to love and he tried to explain himself to me. I had asked him how long this had been going on. He said two months. Two months they had been sneaking around me, deceiving me. Two months that they had repeatedly lied to my face about not being able to make it to our plans because they were both ‘busy’. Two months that he had cheated on me while I was over here, thinking that I freaking loved the man. I knew then that I never wanted to see him again. I told him we were over. He tried to stop me but I stayed strong.”

“I haven’t heard from either of them since then but after that I knew, I knew that I couldn’t trust anyone again. I had been betrayed by the man I thought I trusted and loved and my best friend that I had known for as long as I could remember. Therefore, I am where I am today. No friends, deep in my fiction books, trying to just hide away from the world. That is why it is so hard for me to open up to new people as I thought they would do the same thing to me and I couldn’t handle it. The thought of opening up to someone again to just have it crushed on, like it was nothing, terrified me. This is why I am always alone. This is why I just keep to myself as I know for sure that the people in my books would never do something like that to me.” I finished. I looked over at Jin to see that he appeared sad as well.

“S-sorry if I said too much or something,” I said. “I just probably freaked you out, huh?” I told him.

I noticed that he had stopped walking. I turned around to see that he was looking at the ground, his hands in fists, and he looked like he was shaking.

“A-are you okay?” I asked him.

He suddenly brought his head up and started to walk towards me. I was confused and flustered at first when he stopped in front of me. I couldn’t meet his eyes as I was embarrassed that I had just told him all of that.

And just like that, he pulled me towards him and I fell into him as he placed his arms around me.

I was shocked and surprised at his sudden gesture.

“J-Jin?” I asked trying to get an answer out of him.

“Thank you for telling me Hyun-Ae. I know that it must not have been easy to tell me and I am so sorry, Hyun-Ae,” he said. “That should have never happened to you. You should have never had to have gone through that.” he said. I started to tear up again at his statement.

“Those were mean, heartless people that had no right to have wronged you that way. I could see why you would have problems trusting someone after all that. I just want to go find them and beat them both up for you,” he said. I started to laugh as he hugged me. The tears were falling down my face and as I started to cry even harder, I brought my arms around him as well, hugging him back. He increased his hold on me, making me feel comforted for the first time in a long time.

“The boys and I would never do that to you. We are not like them. We will only bring you happiness each day and we will make sure to bring a smile to your face every time we see you and spend time with you. Especially me. Now that I know what you are going through, I promise to you, that if I don’t make you smile once a day, you have permission to hit me,” he said, making me laugh again.

I started to calm down a little as he was still holding me.

What have I done to deserve such great guys? I still don’t know why they even approached me in the first place and started to mess up my crazy life, but I am glad they did.

I let go of him, and started to wipe my face from my tears.

“Thank you, Jin,” I told him. “For listening to me and for interrupting my quiet life. I am glad to have meet you,” I said giving him a smile.

“Me too,” he said, giving me a huge sincere smile.

“Okay,” I said trying to change the topic as I felt awkward after the hug we just shared. “Enough tears. Let’s go get the things we need for the night,” I stated.

“Let’s go!” he said, starting to run ahead of me.

“Y-Yah!” I called out, starting to run to catch up with him. “Wait for me!”


As we reached the store, we were relieved to see that it was still open. We headed inside, bowing to the cashier in the front.

We started to walk around, looking for the things we needed when I spotted some pajamas.

“Oh, Jin!” I called out to him from the other side of the store.

“I found some clothes!”

He quickly came around the corner to come look at the clothes with me.

I picked up a set of pink pajamas with a matching blue pair right next to it.

“Here you are,” I said giving him the blue pair.

“Thank heavens for that. Should we just wear the clothes we are wearing now tomorrow then?” he asked.

I was about to say yes when I saw a pair of couple t-shirts that had cute little chibi characters on them.

“Let’s get these too!” I said, showing him the shirts.

I saw that he quickly looked away from me after I showed his the tees.

“What?” I asked.

“N-nothing,” he whispered.

“It is too something! What is it?” I pried further.

“It’s just that,” he began as I stared at him. “We do really look like a couple with the pajama sets and the shirts,” he stated quietly.

I could feel my face turning red at his comment.

“W-well,” I stuttered. “W-we need something to wear, so…” I trailed off.

Aish, why did he have to bring that up? Now I am all embarrassed!

“W-we can just skip these then…” I said.

“Ani!” he said, a little too loudly. “We can still get them. I was just noticing that, t-that’s all,” he said.

“O-okay. Then let’s get these. What else do we need?” I said changing the topic.

We quickly then started to gather other things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, and other essentials. We also made sure to get some food to make for the ahjumma in the morning as well.

We then went to pay at the register and when I was about to pay for it, Jin beat me to it and handed the cashier his card.

I scoffed at him.

This is the second time today that I didn’t pay for something!

The cashier put all the items in bags and we started to head back to the house.

“I could have helped pay you know!” I said.

“Nah, it’s fine. I wanted to pay.” He said, smiling at me.

“But, now I feel bad,” I said quietly.

“You will just owe me for something then.” he told me.

“What?” I asked.

“Since I paid for you and you feel bad, you owe me,” Jin said, smiling as he walked ahead of me.

“Y-yah!” I said going after him. “You still owe me dinner for tutoring you yesterday and now I owe you?! The debt just keeps on building!” I called out.

I heard him laugh.

“Don’t laugh!” I called out. Even though the situation was a little frustrating, I couldn’t help but smile at how different Jin was.

He definitely is different from most guys, that is for sure. I just don’t know what it is about him but it is for sure a good different.


When we got back to the house, we quietly stepped inside and closed the gate behind us. Thankfully, Bomi was asleep so she didn’t bark when we came in.

We both took our shoes off and headed inside. We noticed that in the spare room she had there were sheets all laid out, ready for us.

I also noticed that there was only one 'bed’.

I started to get embarrassed again.

I don’t really have to sleep next to him, do I? I don’t think my heart can handle it.

We set our stuff down in the room.

“You can get ready first,” Jin said.

“Okay, I will be quick,” I told him, stepping into the bathroom.

I quickly got changed and started to brush my teeth.

I also started to think about ways to handle this awkward situation.

Maybe, I can ask him if we can get another sheet? Maybe, he will sleep on the wooden floor?

No that seems kind of rude. Maybe, I can just slowly shift away from him, without him noticing?

Yeah, yeah good idea.

I continued to brush my teeth when I suddenly realized something else.

Wait. I talk in my sleep!

Aish. That will be so embarrassing! I can’t tell him that!

I will just have to make sure he falls asleep first so he will be sound asleep when I start talking.

I finished brushing my teeth, and washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror.

Okay, Hyun-Ae. You can do this! Hwaiting!

I opened the door to see that he had already separated the pillows from one another a little bit to give us a little more distance.

I looked at him to see him staring at me.

“W-what?” I asked.

“Y-your glasses,” he said, pointing at me. I brought my hands up to my face, realizing that I forgot to put them back on after I washed my face.

Embarrassed, I ran back to the bathroom and put my glasses back on.

Stupid, stupid!

I headed back out to see him in the same position. I noticed that his face was really red again.

I headed over to him and put my hand up to his head again to check his temperature, he was startled.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Your face was red again. I was afraid that your temperature came back or something. Are you okay?” I asked him, staring at him.

“S-stop looking at me!” he said.

“What? I was trying to help you!” I told him.

“Well, I am not running a fever I can assure you!” he assured me. “J-just don’t touch me again!” he said running to the bathroom.

I looked at the door in shock. I scoffed at him.

Fine! That is what I get for being nice!

I went and climbed into one of the beds, pulling the covers over me. I turned onto my side and put my glasses next to me.

Ah man, I am so tired.

I started to yawn when he came back out of the bathroom. I stayed in my position, covering my face so he couldn’t see me without my glasses. I heard him place things in the corner of the room and close the room doors. He then turned off the lights, startling me.

I stayed still as he approached me. I heard the rustling of sheets as he got into his side of the bed, tugging the cover that I was holding with him.

I stayed completely frozen.

Omo, what do I do? He is right next to me! Just don’t move!

Suddenly, I felt him shift in the bed and I did not know if he was facing my back or the other side of the room.

“Good night, Hyun-Ae” he said, and I felt his breath on my back.

I started to panic.

Why is he facing me?!

“G-good night Jin,” I quietly answered back.

Okay, now to wait until he falls asleep.

After a while, I was curious as to whether he was sleeping or not. It had been at least 20 minutes so maybe?

I tried to slowly turn over so I could see if he was sleeping. I saw that his eyes were closed and that he had one hand under the pillow and the other on top of the covers.

“J-jin” I quietly whispered, seeing if he would respond.

To my luck, he didn’t reply, showing that he was asleep.

I shifted back over and sighed.

I should be okay to sleep now.

I closed my eyes, hoping to drift away.

I breathed in and out and I could feel myself on the brink of sleep when I suddenly felt something.

He had moved closer to me and his chest was now against my back.

My heart started to beat like crazy.

What do I-

I then felt his hand around my waist, grabbing me tightly. I shivered at his touch as he was really warm.

He proceeded to pull me closer to him, not releasing his grip.

My heart was racing now and it was so loud I swear that it would wake him up.

I tried to move from his grip but as I did, his hold on me only increased.

He then moved even closer to me, his head right next to mine.

“Mmm” I heard him in his sleep.

Is he waking up? No, he is probably just-

“Hyun-Ae,” he said quietly.

I jumped at his words as I was sure that he was awake. I slightly turned to see that he was still sleeping.

Does he talk in his sleep too? I am glad that I am not-

“Hyun-Ae,” he repeated.

His breath kept on hitting the back of my neck, making me shiver a little each time he breathed.

Why does he keep on saying my na-

“Hyun-Ae…I like you,” he whispered quietly.

At those three words I froze.

I-I like you?

He doesn’t mean it does he?

Maybe he is just sleep-talking.

Yeah, that’s it.

“I like you…Hyun-Ae,” he repeated.

My pulse began to quicken once again, making me extremely embarrassed.

And with those words I knew, there was no possible way that I would be able to sleep tonight.

The Story of Dingo

Myself, @tsuni-ami1313 and @chibiarmygeneral had gone to a little brother baseball game. Tsuni sees a dog and quickly things get out of hand. We ask around realize that the dog has no owner and then decide that we are going to catch it to keep it safe (he was running into the street and we didn’t want him getting hit). We take off 3 girls vs one dog should be easy right…no Chibi gets cut on one of the ball field fence, my heart (I have a condition) feels like it dying in my chest, so all that remains it Tsuni. She chase that dog for 45 mins, recruits a soccer team to help her but finally she has the dog. After all of this Tsuni, the hero of the night, decides to name him Dingo. 

Ps. We didn’t take him to the pound because we didn’t want him to be euthinized, so we keep him at Tsuni’s place for the night and eventually took him over to my dad, who foster dogs, place. My dad and step-mom managed to find him a happy and loving home. 

anyway i’ve probably watched that wayhaught kiss scene more times than should be considered healthy but i just cAN’T GET OVER IT honestly major props to dominique and katherine for such a beautiful performance because it’s so real 

like when waverly realizes her hand is still on nicole’s thigh and she quickly retracts it

nicole’s soft, understanding, “I scare you,” like she knows exactly what’s going on in waverly’s head because she does because it’s the same thing that every girl who’s first realizing her attraction to other girls thinks

when waverly kisses nicole for the second time right after exposing herself and how she feels so she’s a little more timid and gentle because she wants to get it right

WAVERLY NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH HER HANDS OH MY GOD it’s the cutest and the most relatable thing first she kinda fidgets with them, then she puts one hand at the back of nicole’s head and her fingers in her hair and she lets the other hand brush nicole’s cheek but then she’s like wait this skin is soft and she keeps her hand there like the little movements were just so perfect

god the really specific moment after nicole gets a little rough and wraps waverly’s leg around her when she fuckign tilts her fucking chin up a little and kisses her so gently like she’s reassuring her and gOD I’M SUCH GAY WAYHAUGHT TRASH

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So does Hazel have to make Papyrus fall in love with her every reset? Does Sans ever help? *dude that human looks chilled to the bone *maybe you should take them home *watch some mtt while they warm up *;)

i know there are theories that Papyrus might remember previous timelines, but this AU assumes that he doesn’t, and that his memories get erased with each reset. but Hazel doesn’t make him do anything; she quickly realizes that things tend to fall into place regardless of what she does or doesn’t do.

Sans would be quick to claim that he’s too lazy to bother helping her out. but in reality, he can’t resist a little meddling here and there. 

for the most part, though, he just likes to sit back and watch Papyrus figure things out on his own. after all, how is he gonna learn anything if Sans points out everything for him? that’d just be bad parenting.  

“if i didn’t know any better, i’d say it sounds like you’re nuts about her.”


“Whenever I meet my friends they brag about their husband, brag about their kids, and brag about their wealth. I thought I could do that as well, so we kept moving to a bigger house. One day, we realized that we weren’t capable of handling such a house. Since we had to pay both the debt and interest as well, it quickly became hellish. So we sold our house for a much lower price and moved to a smaller place. Living there made me realize something I missed. I thought, ‘Ah…why should I live my life conscious of what others see?’ When I had a big house, it took me all day to clean. However, now that I’m in a smaller house, I only need to clean a little….How about an even smaller house then? Other people won’t see how I live. I think I started to let things go more easily since then.”

“친구들 만나면 남편 자랑에, 애들 자랑에, 재산 자랑을 하는 거예요. 그거 보니까 나도 할 수 있겠구나 싶어서 계속 큰 집으로 막 이사갔어요. 어느 순간 보니 내가 갖고 있는 건 한 주먹이었는데 두 주먹 정도 되는 그런 집을 갖고 있더라구요. 그렇게 빚 갚고 이자 갚고 하다보니 그게 바로 지옥이었어요. 그래서 그 집 살 때 가격보다 훨씬 낮은 가격으로 팔고 작은 집으로 이사 갔죠. 거기서 살아보니 느껴지더라구요. ‘아.. 내가 왜 다른 사람 눈을 의식하면서 살아야하지’라고요. 큰 집에 있을 때는 청소하는 것도 하루종일 힘들었거든요. 근데 작은 집으로 가니 청소도 조금하고… 더 작은 집이면 어때요? 다른 사람이 나 사는 거 보는 건 아니잖아요. 그 때부터 나 자신을 내려놓은 거 같아요.”

For better, for worse.

I think this episode really solidifies that Aria and Ezra are meant to be and would work really well as a married couple, and as a family. At first, she was a little self-centered and thought only how this would affect her. She quickly realized the depth of pain Ezra was going through, and put his needs above her own. I’m not saying that your spouse’s happiness should always come before your own, but in THIS situation, Ezra really needed someone on his side to help him through his pain. Aria realized she did something wrong and hurtful so she did what she could to fix the situation. Marriage isn’t perfect. People make mistakes. But the important thing is how we react to our mistakes, and how we grow from them. Aria made the right decision to help Ezra get to Nicole, regardless of how painful this choice was for her own happiness.

I think Ezra was reminded that Aria is still THE ONE when she came back with the plane ticket. The kiss says it all.

For better, for worse. Right?

Do people even realize that if the interns weren’t around The Creatures might not be a thing? Like if they didn’t hire on Spencer they probably would’ve burnt themselves out so quickly. We should be grateful for everything they do. I feel bad that the guys just look to the youtube and twitch comments bc that’s where I see a lot of intern hate. I just want them to know how much they’re loved and appreciated.

Do you guys ever just want to be able to do certain things that you’re not really able to just because you’re a celebrity? I don’t just mean going out and doing something insane, like I dunno pulling a Britney Spears and shaving your hair off or hell even making a sex tape (though that’ll just make you even more famous and talked about probably). But the things that should be simple, like going out to Starbucks quickly just to get a cup of coffee or even taking your dog for a walk. One of the worst is filling your car up for gas and the paparazzi are just there snapping pics of you. Who is even interested by me filling my car up? Find me that person so I can slap ‘em. I sometimes wish I could be famous, but then be able to go out and live a normal life like of someone who isn’t famous. Then I realized that is basically the plot of Hannah Montana.

Do you ever have this moment where you realize that we have one life? One blip in time to do what we need or want to do. In the grand scheme of things it’s so short and ends so quickly. And I know for me, I’ve largely been ignoring that important fact. I worry my life away about things that don’t really matter, and I’m not saying that’s my fault or that I should stop (although it would be nice if I could). I’m just saying it’s good to recognize and take comfort in the fact that the things that keep you up at night may not be important to you at all. So it’s okay to be selfish from time to time, to have that extra piece of pizza, to drop that class, to talk to the person you like, to enrich your experience. As long as you aren’t fucking with someone else’s experience then in the end don’t we owe it to ourselves to try to be as happy as possible with the time we’ve been given?


I am Rachel, and I am pansexual.
I’ve known since I was 12 that I was at least bisexual. At that age I had no idea that pansexuality was even a thing, but I knew I liked more than just boys.
I really realized that I was pansexual this past winter, because of tumblr. I believe that love is love, and that there should be no boundaries for my love just because of gender.
I am thankful that I have come to terms with my sexuality so quickly, and that I have friends that support me.

Happy pansexual/panromantic visibility day. I love you all