i should not look at the clothing online before i go to the stores

Every year when January rolls around I have the urge to simplify – to start the new year fresh and clean and uncluttered. This doesn’t mean getting rid of everything (I’m faaaar from being a minimalist), just getting rid of the things that weigh you down. So, here’s the unofficial guide to simplifying without going full-on Marie Kondo. 

physical clutter

What’s the area in your room that stresses you out when you see it? Start there. A few quick tips on how to clean specific areas:


  • Take allll your clothes out of your closet, wardrobe, or dresser
  • Put the things you know you’re keeping back in right away – your favorite jeans, that black dress you wear all the time, etc
  • Once you’re left with just the ‘maybes’, try every item on.
  • If you wouldn’t buy it all over again, it should probably go.
  • Don’t just toss what you don’t want, though! Donate it to a local thrift store, charity, or church with a community closet.

desk + shelves

  • Again, start by completely clearing off your desk and study area.
  • Go through your binders and make sure everything is in it’s correct place
  • Migrate materials from old classes into files out of the way if they’re important, or toss them if you won’t use them again.
  •  Make sure everything has a home – pencils should be in a bag or mug, papers in files or trays, and notebooks neatly stacked.
  • Make a point to clean your desk regularly!
  • If you have supplies you don’t need, donate them! Let’s be real – you have way more pens than you could ever use.
  • Books are also a wonderful thing to donate! Your local library or thrift shop would be my top pick. 
  • If you still have old textbooks laying around, list them on your school’s bulletin board to sell, since most thrift shops won’t accept them. 

under your bed

  • Let’s be real: most all of this can go. Grab a trash bag and toss anything that’s not important.
  • You can get one of those rolling tupperware under-the-bed organizers, or just stick what has to stay under there in a thin  cardboard box.
  • Be sure not to leave things loose under there, or you may end up with some unwanted pals living under there ~

digital clutter

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have a lot of digital clutter. It’s so easy to build it up and forget about all that you have stored on your computer!

  • Go through your phone and delete photos you don’t need, apps you don’t use, and old messages. 
  • Do a major computer overhaul! Delete old files and programs so that you have more space.
  • Put all your files into folders so that they’re easier to find later on.
  • Take a look through your friends and following lists, and delete all those people that post negative things.

mental clutter

This is the big one. Mental clutter comes from all of the above, plus just living your life. Some tips for decluttering your mind:

  • Do a nightly brain dump. Before you get into bed each night, open up your journal and write down everything that’s on your mind. Once it’s on paper, you can let it go until the morning. 
  • Find relaxing habits to practice everyday: yoga, taking a warm bath, going for a run, etc
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation
  • Keep a planner!
  • Practice not letting yourself harbor bad thoughts
  • Stay away from negative people if you can. You don’t need negative attitudes to be adding your already stressful life!

simplify your schedule

  • Learn to say ‘no’ more – if you don’t want to go to your friend’s-cousin’s-niece’s dance recital, don’t.
  • Streamline your daily routine;
    • Get ready faster by nixing the makeup you don’t love to put on and finding quick and easy hairstyles
    • Make an outfit idea board on Pinterest and fill it with outfits that you can make from pieces you already have in your closet so you spend less time finding an outfit 
    • Cook meals in advance when possible, or stick an easy meal in the crockpot before you leave for the day
    • Tidy every room just a bit before you leave it, so that you don’t have to devote an hour to cleaning it later on
  • Make time for you each week
  • See if there are any chores that you can outsource (eg, some grocery stores will shop for you for free, all you have to do is order online and go pick it up)
  • Don’t feel like you have to participate in something you don’t enjoy. If you don’t love the sport, don’t play it

I hope you all have a very simple and relaxing year, good luck to you all!

10 Baby Facts for SPN Fic Authors

[I swear this is not a rant - it ISN’T. Honest.]

It is actually kind of cool to realize that you possess specialty knowledge that may be of use to others. Stuff that you didn’t really KNOW you knew, until, of course, you are reading along in a fic and something the author describes (or the character says) brings your brain to a screeching halt. “That’s not right – it can’t possibly happen that way…” And then you go and do actual research to back up your gut knowledge. This little FAQ is the result of one such realization.

My dad fixed antique and classic cars for a living from 1964 – 1978, owning his own showroom for 3 years near the end of that time. Born in 1966, I grew up playing in old cars, hiding in floorboards and exploring them to my heart’s content. Our family car for several years was a 1966 Thunderbird, but when dad went to car shows, we rode in whatever he wanted to show off. I’ve been in rumble seats, hard top convertibles, cars with windshields that laid down flat, and cars with no roof, doors, or walls of any kind. My 1st car was a fully restored 1966 mustang. Without really realizing it, I soaked up a LOT of inherent understandings about older cars. The information below is based in that knowledge, backed up with some internet research.

The following is true about Baby (the character in SPN, not necessarily the actual cars that play her): 

1) Compared to most modern sedans, Baby is BIG. Like REALLY BIG. She is 17 and ¾ feet long (5.4 meters) and 7 feet 8 inches wide (2.03 meters). Allowing for door thickness on either side and the gaps between doors and bench seat, I’m betting the front seat is a little over 5 feet wide. Given basic geometry and human skeletal limitations, this means it is not possible for the passenger to have their head resting against the passenger door/window AND place their hand on the driver’s thigh. If the passenger is in this position, the driver can,  at best, entwine fingers with the passenger’s outstretched hand. That’s IT (even with Sam’s monkey arms). Sitting up straight, yes. Slumped over, no. On the plus side, this is why the guys can, in fact, get some sleep in her (and have fun in the back seat).

2) Despite how big Baby is, she is kinda short. Baby is only 54 inches high (4’6” or 138 cm). INSIDE the car, she is slightly less than 4 feet tall total. This means that the following actions WILL make you bump your head (or butt or hands or feet) on the ceiling unless you are very very slow and careful: climbing over the back seat, straddling someone’s lap, taking off your pants or t-shirt (unless nearly lying down in the seat), and lunging across the front bench seat to attack someone bodily. And you will look graceless doing it. [Ahem, trust me on these, I KNOW.] Additional negative modifiers for Sam due to height.

More below the cut.

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Easy-ish Ways to Help The Planet For Free or Cheap

I’m aiming to make sure everything on this list is either free, very cheap or saves you money in the long run. I also don’t want to include anything that requires owning a house because this is 2017 and we’re all millennials here

Cheap/Financially Beneficial:

  • You’ve heard this one before but if you menstruate, buy reusable products. The average person uses tens of thousands of pads and tampons in their menstruating life, which is not only wasteful but expensive. 
  • If you wear makeup, use cloth pads instead of disposable wipes. You can even make your own makeup remover using olive or coconut oil and water. 
  • The same goes for cleaning supplies: use washable cloths and for extra brownie points buy non toxic or eco cleaning supplies such as Ecover brand supplies or castille soap.
  • Buy bar soaps in paper instead of gels in plastic bottles. It’s usually as cheap if not cheaper, although it’s harder to find bar face soaps. 
  • Support local small businesses!
  • Try indulging your online shopping cravings and/or doing some groceries on EthicalSuperstore.com or EthicalShop.org if you’re in the british isles. If anyone knows any equivalents in the USA or anywhere else please add it below!
  • If you have bulk stores nearby, bring your own containers and buy unpackaged bulk items.
  • If you can use public transport to get somewhere, always choose this over using your car. Try to nurture a ‘driving is my last resort’ mentality. 
  • If you’re planning a holiday (lucky you!) consider exploring the beauty spots in your own country instead of going abroad to avoid air travel. I know you want to be ‘cultured’, but why not get to know your own culture a little better? Plus, the tourist industry can often be really damaging to some beautiful countries.
  • Buy a stainless steel reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water if your tap water is drinkable. If it isn’t, look into filters.
  • Replace some of your meat with meat-free alternatives and/or try to eat less meat. Regardless of your stance on animal rights, livestock farming is bad for climate change. 
  • Loan $25 to small business owners struggling with poverty all over the world with Kiva.com. Not only is a $25 microloan fairly affordable when it comes to potentially pulling someone out of poverty, but if and when they start earning, they’ll pay you back! And the site pays your second loan for free! Plus you can claim to be an investor on your CV. Look out for causes where a lender is matching your donations to make maximum impact.
  • Watch documentaries (legally) to support people who are spreading the word/doing something about issues, and to educate yourself and get more ideas on how to help. 
  • Stop buying new clothes and start buying vintage or second-hand. I’ll let you off for shoes an underwear. 
  • Look for products in glass or metal not plastic. Not only are you more likely to reuse them, but they’re much easier to recycle and are more often made from recycled materials. 
  • Buy metal safety razors and razorblades instead of disposable plastic ones. 


  • Set Ecosia as your homepage and default search engine. It’s a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees! You plant about one tree every forty searches
  • For both the planet and the people, go to GreaterGood.com and click a button to donate to a different cause on each tab. You can do it once a day.
  • Recycle. Even if they don’t have home collection where you live, there should at least be a collection point you can go to.
  • Don’t throw away empty jars and bottles. Use them to fill with other things, especially homemade food, drink and toiletries. 
  • Use your vote to support politicians, locally and nationally, who prioritise the environment. 
  • Share your eco-doings on social media. Give local small businesses a shout-out by by posting pics of your delicious meal or pretty soap and tagging them, or let people know that you took your old furniture to the recycling place at [address].
  • Get new furniture from Freecycle or similar sites to save money, prevent those things from going to landfill, and avoid using up new resources on new furniture. Also, donate your own old stuff. 
  • If you have free time, try volunteering. If you can’t commit to a regular shift, look for local beach cleans or similar events. 
  • Watch YouTube videos by people living zero waste, low energy or eco-food lifestyles. You’re not only supporting them and spreading their message, you can pick up some tips. You don’t have to go vegan or zero waste or whatever, but just one or two changes can help. I recommend trashisfortossers especially as a starting point!
  • Stick seeds or roots of your vegetables into pots and grow your own vegetables from it. Some of these are super easy, some might need a bit more effort. Celery really takes off. 
  • If you have the confidence, ask your boss if you can pitch some ideas on making your workplace/company more sustainable. If you hint that it could save money, they’ll probably go for it. 
  • Turn the heat settings on your heating and hot water down. You don’t need your water scalding, and if it’s coming out cooler from the boiler, you need less cold water from the cold water tap. 
  • Get wildflower seeds for free from Grow Wild and sprinkle them anywhere, be it your garden or a roadside verge (out of a car window, don’t walk on roadside verges).
  • Support your local park, library and other services that provide free stuff for the public. Libraries = less books being bought while still supporting writers, and parks = green spaces.  

That’s all I can think of right now - I’ll add more if I think of more. Add your tips below!

Crowded Places

A/N: So, a couple of weeks ago, I was drooling over this post. Subsequently, I was scoping out what they dressed Tom in for the shoot. I especially loved the red All Saints shirt because hello, Tom in printed shirts. Now, being the champagne-taste-on-a-beer-budget-girl that I am, I was like “Of course it’s All Saints. Ugh, I want to look sexy & wear All Saints” except instead of ignoring this impulse, I went to their site…they were having a sale…and I wanted to be like Tom Holland, I guess??? So I bought something (It was 50% off but let’s be real that did NOT make it anywhere near affordable). I woke up the next morning and realized I was an idiot. When it came, I tried it on and hated it. So I walked into the store that next day to return it, only to find that they only do exchange or in-store credit. Nice. So now I have a $120 credit to All Saints because I’m a fucking idiot I let Tom Holland’s sex appeal convince me to spend recklessly. This is based on how I wish this situation had played out.

P.S.: I don’t write often but when I do I try to make it good! Message me if you want to be on my taglist!

Warnings: Swearing (always), Smut (18+)

Pairings: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

WC: 2,667

It wasn’t that you weren’t a nature girl. You really did enjoy getting outdoors. But after being surrounded by the wilderness outside Montreal for the third week in a row, you’d become a bit bored. You were happy to spend time with Tom at the end of the day, and you knew you were lucky to be able to visit him during shooting at all, but you had an itch to see civilization again.

“Look baby,” You said, perched on the bathroom counter as Tom showered, “You have a whole weekend off, lets just go into the city and explore. I want to shop a little bit, too.”

Tom wasn’t big on going shopping. If he did, it was online, and typically with help from a stylist. You knew he hated photographers stalking you two around town, but maybe in Montreal that wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

From behind the shower wall you could hear him hmming and hawing before the water turned off and his head appeared around the corner, “Ok, love. I’m game.”

You smiled cheerfully at your success as Tom snatched a towel from the rack and wrapped it around his waist. He eyed you as he walked across the bathroom.

“Don’t you look pretty,” He cooed, “Sitting here on the counter with your legs all spread and that cheeky grin on your face. Hoping for something?”

You had really just been swinging your legs nonchalantly while he was in the shower, but now he was between them, gripping your hips and pulling you in until you were touching. You let him kiss you a bit before giving him a gentle push.

“Not right now, Tom.” You chuckled, leaning back, “Save it for a better time.”

He stepped back begrudgingly as you slid off the counter, “A better time?” He called after you as you wandered into the bedroom, “I’m fresh out the shower and you’re on a countertop, what better time are you envisioning?”

You rolled your eyes to yourself as you picked up a pair of his jeans and tossed them at him, “You’ll know when it’s better.”

He scoffed a bit, looking annoyed. You shrugged in response, you really just wanted to get ready and get the show on the road.

An hour later you were leisurely strolling the streets of Montreal with Tom in hand. A blue baseball cap pulled low on his face kept you from getting noticed as you admired some of the touristy sites, stopping in the occasional shop to look around.

“Baby, where’d you get that floral short-sleeve button down that I love?” You asked as you browsed through a local boutique.

“I have literally so many, but I think you’re talking about the one from All Saints.” He responded absentmindedly, scrolling through his phone.

You nodded, “Let’s go there.”

Noticing he wasn’t paying attention to you, you frowned a bit. Looking around to make sure nobody was paying you any mind, you stepped near to him, causing him to look up as you entered his space.

“You know it’s all I can do to not rip those shirts off you the minute you get them on.” You teased, daring to let your hand toy loosely with the belt buckle on his jeans.

He didn’t step back right away; instead turning his gaze back to his phone, “Watch it, you’re asking for trouble.”  

And with that he turned right out of your hand and walked away.

Pouting at his indifference, you followed him as he mapped your way to All Saints a block up the street.

“Here’s what I think we should do,” You proposed, overcompensating for his seeming annoyance with you, “I’ll pick you out three things to start with, and you can pick me three things.”

He cocked an eyebrow at you, “Any three things I want you to try?” He clarified.

You nodded. It didn’t seem like that revolutionary of a concept, but Tom appeared quite pleased by it. You were happy with the arrangement too, seeing as he was always so picky about what he wore and you rarely got a say.

After wandering around the store for a bit, you met again near the fitting room to size up each other’s choices.

“What did you pick?” Tom mumbled as he assessed. You’d snatched a pair of acid washed jeans, a black jacket and maroon short-sleeved button down. He pointed the button down out immediately, “Babe I already own a million of these.”

“Just try it. For me.” You stuck your tongue out. You sized up his choices for you: A denim skirt, some oversized sweater, and a black leather jacket.

You waited at the changing rooms until the store attendant took notice and started making her way over. Then Tom began to do something interesting. He pushed up his cap and cocked his head a little to the side and brought a warm smile to his face. His eyes glittered as the girl approached. She was probably about your age, and definitely pretty.

“Two rooms, three items each?” She asked, her attention solely focused on Tom as she took the garments you carried.

“Actually love, could we just share a room?” He inquired charmingly. You rarely saw him manipulate like this, though his motives were obvious.

“That should be fine.” The girl said, a tad bit flustered by his charisma, and probably breaking store policy, you guessed.

She let you in to an open room and hung the clothes for you, “My name’s Jenna if you need anything, let me know.”

“Thank you so much Jenna, I will let you know.” Tom flirted shamelessly.

You were equal parts shocked and impressed as he shut the door behind you.

Crossing your arms, you shot him a look, “All that just to see me strip in front of you?”

He turned with a grin, “Uh, yeah. That’s generally the thought.”

You rolled your eyes at him and began to shimmy out of your jeans. He pulled off his hoodie and went straight for the maroon button down, much to your delight. Now having your pants off, you figured you’d throw him a bone, choosing to slip out of your shirt before reaching for the sweater he had picked.

“Actually,” Tom paused you, lifting your fingers off the hanger; “I think I want to see you in this. Just this.” He motioned to the leather jacket hanging on the wall. You shook your head at his naughtiness.

Turning away to pick up the jacket, you suddenly felt yourself being abruptly pulled against him. You braced yourself on the wall of the changing room but Tom’s arms around you were keeping you plenty steady now. You felt his toned body press into your back as he began to kiss your neck from behind.

“Y’know,” he murmured, nipping at your jawline, “I think now would be—“ he brought his mouth near to your ear and you could hear the smile on his lips, “—a better time.”

His breath sent a shiver through your body and he sensed it, guiding your waist around to face him then colliding with intensity into your mouth, his tongue invading in a needy, aggressive kiss. One hand slid to the small of your back as he pulled you against him. You could feel he was hard through his jeans.

“Baby, baby, Tom,” you whispered, breaking your kiss, “We can’t possibly—not here! They’ll hear us!”

“They better not.” He threatened, raising one eyebrow at you. You bit your lip, but Tom wasn’t hesitating. With one hand he reached around and unclasped your bra, pulling it off of your frame and discarding it in the corner. His kisses rained down your body from your neck to your hips, near silent in sound, but loud with intent, as he reached between your legs, kissing the insides of your thighs. His fingers took over, then, his thumb roughly massaging over the outside of your panties, using the friction to his advantage. Your breathing became irregular as his face rejoined yours.

“That’s a good girl.” He encouraged, feeling your hand wind down and clasp around his wrist desperately. You opened your eyes and turned towards a sound in the room—it was Tom’s other hand reaching for the leather jacket he’d picked.

His hand between your legs was suddenly gone and he held up the jacket and said rather loudly, “Let’s try this!” His voice betrayed no misbehavior, but his eyes were narrowed and the bulge in his pants implied otherwise. You slid into the jacket and smiled shyly to yourself in the mirror. It fit well, hitting where your waist became the smallest, and the outline of your breasts was clear from the open front. Tom’s hand came from behind you and slipped up through the jacket, palming you while his other hand pulled your hair out from where it was tucked under the collar of the jacket, holding it tightly in his hand.

“How we doing in there?” Came Jenna’s voice suddenly from the other side of the door. You froze. Tom, still holding your hair, turned his face to the door to speak, but didn’t open it.

“So good, thank you. Do you think you could grab us 3 more men’s shirts? Your pick.” He was using his most professional voice. Jenna happily agreed and said she’d return in a moment.

Tom turned his face back to you and his expression became amused. You had started touching yourself in his absence. You thought to stop, but he simply leaned back against the wall to watch you, loving it.

“Why did you do that? Now she’s going to come back.” You complained, still apprehensive about the whole plan, admittedly.

“Mmm it buys us more time, though.” He smirked, “More things to try on—takes a bit longer.” He had a point; you’d already been there a few minutes. Momentarily, Jenna was back with Tom’s requests. You stayed pressed against the wall, keeping out of sight of the door and mirrors as Tom opened it just a crack to accept everything.

Once the door was shut, Tom’s patience suddenly ran out. He unzipped his jeans and quickly stepped across the room, pinning you against the wall. His hand traveled right down into your panties, which you’d soaked at this point.

He was pleasantly surprised, “Such a good girl.” He whispered, sliding a finger inside of you.

You let a tiny whimper escape your lips, as your hands scrambled over his body, his rough abs, his soft skin. You began stroking him through his briefs but he didn’t need it—his desire from this morning was still with him.

Outside the door you could hear a few other people come in to try things on. When someone opened the room next to you, your nerves dialed your senses to eleven, leaving you even more sensitive to Tom’s touch.

“Don’t make a sound, love.” He ordered and you nodded, pursing your lips together. He used his free hand to reach under your thigh, wrapping your leg around his torso. As you kissed him desperately, his hand moved to pin yours to the wall and you frowned.

“Let me touch you.” You breathed. His hand let go and you pushed his briefs down as best you could, letting him handle the rest.

Two fingers edged their way into you now, hitting at an unforgiving pace. Tom’s face was intently watching yours, biting his lip as your mouth opened with pleasure but no sound rang out. Your legs felt weak underneath you, and your face fell to his shoulder for support—kissing at his collarbones.

Next to you, a girl asked her boyfriend for his opinion on something. A few rooms down, someone giggled. The beat of the store’s soundtrack pulsed in the background.

Suddenly Tom drew back, forcing you to stand for yourself and meet his eyes. You wordlessly begged for him, and he could see it. You adjusted the leather jacket you still had on, the material no longer cold against your heated skin.

Pumping himself with his fingers, wet from you, he instructed, “Turn.” nodding toward the mirror. You faced it, bracing yourself on either side of the glass. Tom stood back, momentarily, admiring how the jacket spread with your arms, your breasts hanging forward as you bent over invitingly.

“Fuck.” He whispered. Approaching you, he slid your thong to the side, slicking himself a bit more before pushing in without a word.

You were tight—tighter than the both of you expected. You nearly gasped aloud with shock but for your hand flying to cover your mouth in the nick of time. Tom’s brows furrowed together and he pulled back and pushed in farther, tipping his head back with pleasure as he eased in.

“Still doing alright?” called a voice from the other side of the door.

Your eyes shot to Tom who quickly called back, “So good! Thanks so much.” You heard her footsteps retreating but you were hardly relaxed, every muscle slightly on edge.

Speeding up his thrusts, Tom leaned into you, chuckling breathlessly, “Ooooh, nearly getting caught gets you extra tight, huh babe?”

You wanted to answer but knew you couldn’t get words out without moaning. He was too much, it was too much, you were so over stimulated and—the shockwave hit. Your orgasm rolled through your body with a pulse, and you let out an uncontrollable whimper and this time it was Tom’s hand that came across your mouth, stifling any other noise you could make.

“Fucking you so good you can’t keep quiet.” Tom murmured proudly, using the hand over your mouth to pull your head back and kiss your cheek.

The leather jacket kept your flexibility limited; he’d probably done that on purpose. Managing to reach behind you, you ran a hand into Tom’s curls, pulling them, breathing hard through your nose while his palm kept a tight seal over your lips. He was sliding himself nearly out of you before slamming in as deep as he could get—a good indication he was nearing his peak.

“Time to finish.” He whispered in your ear. “Follow my lead. And not a word.”  

His instructions were clear, and so was his intent. He ran his hands up the smooth leather on the back of the jacket, bending you as far over as you could manage without losing your balance. Taking your arms, he guided your hands back to your ass, and you knew what he wanted. He wanted the view.

Gripping yourself, you spread so he could see himself inside you. You smirked in the mirror at his face.

“Tssssss” Tom hissed, tongue between his teeth, close to his climax at the simple sight of you. Pulling the jacket up so he could see, he picked up his pace and fucked you as hard as he could without making a noise.

Moments later his breathing caught, you opened your eyes from having them squeezed shut. He mouthed a relieved, blissed, “Oh. My. God.” As he released inside you. Pulling out slowly, he leaned against the wall, catching his breath. You were sweaty from getting the shit fucked out of you while wearing leather, brushing a hair out of your face.

You paused and admired him like this: eyes closed, shirt undone…all of him undone really.

Slipping out of the jacket, you hung it back on its hanger and began dressing yourself again. Tom moved quickly into his original clothes, as well. Grabbing the jacket, and the red shirt, he pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

“I think we better buy these.” He winked at you as you pulled your pants on. “I’ll go pay, love. You… should stay in here until your cheeks calm down a bit.”

He slipped out the door and you looked up at yourself in the mirror. Flushed cheeks and hair a mess—you’d need a minute to recover. Guess that’s what you get for waiting for a “better time” in Tom’s world.

My revenge on Loony Lucy, contender for World's Worst Roommate.

Bring your popcorn, because this is a long one.

Loony Lucy is a slovenly, food-stealing, clothing-destroying waste of carbon. I dealt with it by keeping my space clean and ignoring her areas, storing my food at work or my boyfriend’s place, and installing a lock on my bedroom door so she couldn’t “borrow” outfits that “looked like she could fit into” when she had 30 pounds on me.

All that made Loony Lucy a bad roommate, but I had my work-arounds and she had the one saving grace of being Quiet At Night. So I put up with it.

I put up with it, that is, until she broke our Cardinal Roommate Rule: no one gets a key to the apartment without both roommates agreeing. The rule was sacred; I couldn’t even give a key to my boyfriend of more than a year.

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soulmate! park jihoon
  • okay in this au you have the “you see color once you meet your soulmate”
  • and gOD do you hate this method you have because what the heck you’re a fashion and design major
  • your whole life you’ve been working with clothes in black and white and shades of gray and you had to bust your ass to get into the top university in seoul for fashion
  • whatever mythical being it was that gave you this curse basically said a massive fuck you to your hopes and dreams like rip
  • in middle and high school you would literally people-watch in different areas and different cities to meet your soulmate 
  • actually you didn’t give a fuck about who your soulmate was you just wanted to see color and work with it to produce high quality works
  • and end the shitty friend moments when you’re shopping with your pals and they go “hey should i get the blue shirt or the red one”
  • you: oh i don’t know andrea i think the slightly darker shade of fucking gray looks nicer
  • andrea: :DD
  • SO one weekend you’re looking around some stores in this mall and searching for inspiration for your next piece
  • and everything’s okay and in black and white as usual when suddenly you saw this??? strange shade???????? not in black or white???????
  • you’re SHOOK and immediately just start darting your eyes everywhere
  • and finally when your eyes land on a person at the men’s section of the store a burst of saturation and color splashes in front of you
  • and everything seems to have just…come to LIFE
  • you’re shaking because everything you see now feels like a new experience….colors that you can’t identify are everywhere you turn and you’re so EXCITED to learn the names of each
  • you turn to your “soulmate” person with tears ready to fall but suddenly
  • you: oh my sweet baby jesus
  • you: can his fashion sense be aNY SH I TT I E R
  • your jaw is like on the FLOOR and you’re absolutely appalled by the young man looking through some sweatshirts
  • in your mind you’re furiously criticizing all the choices he’s made and making 
  • you: why in the world would he pair that shirt with that vest
  • you: sweetheart that is one hell of a stupid hat you’re staring at
  • you: is he actually serious about picking that vest
  • you: what in the world did i ever do to deserve this
  • you’re fuming at this point and you’re ready to either stomp over and hit him on the head to get his senses back into place or walk away and pretend the meeting never happened
  • but then he turns around and sees you and when his eyes widen you know there’s no turning back
  • also you realize he’s really cute so
  • he walks over all shy with a hand rubbing the back of his neck and a suppressed smile to hide how excited he really is
  • he says “so….i guess…..we’re soulmates?” with pink steaming cheeks
  • it takes you like a few seconds to get over how utterly cute that was and the you’re like “yes. and your outfit is a disaster. how dare you.”
  • and that snaps jihoon out of his bashfulness and he’s just?? excUSE ME???? what the heck do you mean my shirt is suPER cute thank you very much
  • and you’re like SWEETHEART the design on that thing is utterly atrocious it doesn’t match your face at ALL
  • and that’s how you and your soulmate got into a huge argument in the middle of the store with ppl staring and taking pics
  • a few minutes later a middle aged man comes over and taps jihoon’s shoulder and says hey we gotta go you can’t stay here and act like this
  • jihoon glares at you before he turns around and leaves and you’re just HUFFS i hope i don’t see that kid ever again……..
  • literally two hours later you friends spam your phone with articles about “Wanna One’s Park Jihoon’s Intense Argument With Mysterious Person”
  • you’re on the verge of crying after realizing you bickered with a massively popular idol and your friends are like “what kind of flowers do you want us to leave at your grave”
  • you couldn’t focus on anything for a week straight and you’re so scared of stepping outside and having people recognize you so you started wearing masks and sunglasses all the time
  • it hurt your fashion common sense to wear sunglasses while it was raining but you were too terrified
  • but good thing was!!! you learned the names of all the colors you could and developed this habit of differentiating even the slightest shade like “that’s not just bLUE that’s cornflower blue with a tint of turquoise on the lower right”
  • it would only be a matter of time before you start addressing colors by their html code name lmfao
  • anyways your friends are recognize that your works are becoming a lot better and the color mixing seem smoother and more elegant than before
  • they ask you if it’s because you met your soulmate and beg you to introduce him but you know that they’d lose their shit and fall on their ass laughing if you tell them it’s actually the park jihoon you accused of having disgusting taste
  • you actually feel really sorry….like however much you hated the way he dressed you shouldn’t have criticized him like that man
  • you start researching him online and you get really interested because damn he has such a nice face
  • in your head you could conjure so many different combinations of outfits that could work fantastically with him
  • a few weeks later wanna one is doing a fansign meet and greet thing and jihoon is smiling at every fan and holding their hands and thanking them for their gifts and doing his aegyo
  • and suddenly…..he sees YOU right in front of him with your deep blue hat and heavy trench coat to avoid being seen
  • he flinches at first but he can’t be rude so he fakes a smile and just goes…”hi”
  • and you’re like listen….i’m like seriously sorry for that fiasco back at the store….. and you proceed to apologize several times before he’s like okay!!! i got it you’re sorry
  • and then you take out the bag you’ve been holding and hand it to him
  • “here,” you say. “i included a booklet inside.”
  • and then you just rAN OUT OF THERE like you didn’t even talk to the rest of the members who’re looking at your back like wtf was that????
  • after their schedules end and they’re at their dorms jihoon takes out the bag you gave him and sees the booklet that read “ok i know i said sorry but please take a look at the clothes i picked out for u” 
  • he’s so ready to get pissed to see you STILL criticizing his choices but then he sees all the clothes inside and the different outfit combinations drawn and written in the booklet….and he’s sOLD like these are so pretty and cute???????
  • and he tries everything on and woojin is like whoa and guanlin probably gets gayer
  • jihoon wears one set for his airport fashion the next day and all his fansites basically explode bc he reached another level of stunning
  • and his stylists and managers are like????? what the heckie HECK
  • jihoon’s all smiles and stuff and he’s….really grateful to you…..
  • like when he met you and found out that you were his soulmate he never felt more crestfallen because the relationship already looked darker than woojin’s past
  • but now…he just really wants to meet you again and thank you….and maybe talk over a cup of coffee….and just be……..a soft couple that he’s always wanted to be in……….
  • jihoon became the top search on naver for the whole week and became the reason for your smile
  • it’s the first time that your work has ever been “publicized” in any shape or form and you’re so glad it’s receiving such positive feedback
  • a while later you get an email during your lunch break 
  • and the sender is…..CJ E&M entertainment
  • they somehow figured out that you were the one who gave jihoon his clothes and discovered more of your works from blogs and stuff and now they want to hire you as a stylist for wanna one and the meeting date is….in three hours
  • you drop your cup of coffee and spRINT out of your university to catch a taxi cab
  • when you get to the meeting place at the company you realize that frick frack botta bing botta boom your hair’s a mess and you’re sweaty and you haven’t showered in three days due to your schedule and you’re in no way appropriate looking to be hired to be a person who’s in charge of making people look good 
  • but a staff sees you and is like!! come in!!!!! and you’re like welp it’s do or die
  • and the company manager and wanna one members are all in a private room waiting for you and the manager starts this speech about how he adores your sense of style and how all the members would be happy to have you as their stylist and how much they’re willing to pay you but the whole time you’re mostly sneaking glances at jihoon
  • you know how sometimes you would sneak glances at someone who just so happens to look at you at the exact same time and it gets awkward and then both of you would look away really fast
  • that happens so many time with you and jihoon but…the fourth time that it happens he stares back just three seconds longer than before
  • he blushes SO hard because of how daring of a move that was and starts fanning himself and beside him jisung is like??? it’s like 20 degrees in here what are you doing
  • and then the company manager says to you “usually we hire stylists who are married to prevent any kind of special relationship between them and the members…you’ll be an exception to our rule. but the second that we see something suspicious or that you’re violating that rule, then….well, you can guess what might happen.”
  • and you’re like wow what the heck so i’ll lose my job for getting together with my soulmate
  • and then the meeting is done and the manager goes to get you your id card and all the paperwork and everyone pre much disperses except for you and jihoon
  • it’s a bit awkward with both of you staring at the floor….and then you try to break the silence with “this sucks”
  • and jihoon laughs and just says “it’ll be fine” and he looks up at you and takes a deep breath and goes “give me your number before they come back”
  • his heart’s racing and he’s almost afraid that you’ll say no
  • and when you say yes and take out your phone he feels six weights being lifted off his shoulder
  • and his head jihoon imagines all the possibilities for you two…snuggling besides you as he watches you draw ideas into your notebooks, holding your hand and telling you to pay a bit more attention to him, and smiling when you toss your notebook away, giving in, and leaning closer to him
  • you have to shake his shoulders to wake him from his daydream lol
  • you’re like listen bud ur cute i gUESS but we ain’t gonna kiss or anything until i organize your closet
  • and that’s probably when jihoon realizes this relationship will be anything but the perfect manhwa couple he’s always dreamed of
  • and suddenly he finds himself swiftly pecking your cheek and going “yeah well i just dID”
  • you:
  • you: 
  • the other 10 members watching from a crack of the door: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
  • he saved u in his heart real fast

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For the drabbles (if theyre still open!) #18, Jungkook, and either Jungsh00k Au or Fuckboy!Jungkook 😍 Whichever one you think fits it the best. Also I have to say that your writing honestly makes me so damn happy okay oml ❤️❤️ Dont push yourself, and stay healthy!

hello thank you so much for asking! i hope you like it! it’s a continuation from my previous fuckboy!jungkook drabble, hope that’s okay!

18. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”


part one 

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Hey, Sis. I Know Where Your Sugar Daddy Is and I Want to Help You Find Him.

Sis, most of the time when I write these blog posts, I am a lucid woman attempting to have a stern talking to with herself about how things are going to be when she re-enters the bowl. When I said I fucked this up six different ways from Sunday, I wasn’t joking. I have documented proof. But sometimes I write them after drinking an adult beverage and dancing to Beyonce. Then there are the times when I drink them after dancing to Beyonce with a white wine spritzer made with wine I stole from work. Ask @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbabyThey have the video to prove it. I’m not saying that I stole wine from work tonight. But I do want you to know a bitch didn’t pay for her liquor. I also want you to know this title isn’t click bait. I really do know where your sugar daddy is. I really can help you find him. And by you I mean me but if I go down that road, I’m just a rambling drunk woman. So let’s just pretend this is about you and not me.

Where is Your Sugar Daddy?

He’s out living his life, of course. We think that these men are some type of mystical creature, like a unicorn, that is elusive and only presents itself to the best kind of woman who has proven her valor and while the best sugar daddies do go to the girls that aren’t afraid to put in the work the rest of this theory is ridiculous. These are just men that happen to have a little more money than the average man. They do the same things the men you know do just on a slightly more elevated level. 

What Does that Mean for Me?

It means that you should do two things. The first is you should stop putting these men on a pedestal. These men aren’t special because they’re sugar daddies. Apply this nugget of wisdom to the men you meet on websites. I maintain, and it has been proven true, that the bottom of the barrel turns to the internet to date. Not you, best friend, the men(you’re solid gold, baby). These men say they’re too busy, too in demand, too rich, to meet a woman in person. This is a lie. They are surrounded by beautiful women (including sugar babies that recognize that freestyling is the way to go) in all facets of their life. They can’t meet a woman in person because there is something wrong with them. They are emotionally or physically defective. They are socially awkward. Usually, it’s that they are lazy and want their ego stroked and they know if they go online that’s exactly what will happen. Think about it. How many men that you would have avoided in everyday life are online detailing exactly what they do and don’t want while providing an allowance that, after you consider the full-time commitment, is lower than minimum wage? It’s because they are still getting attention. Take off the rose-colored glasses and stop giving these men halos. They are ordinary people no matter how many remarkable things they have done.

So Where Are They?

Well, where are you? When you’re hungry and have some money to spend where are you? At a restaurant? So are they. When you feel like treating yourself to a nice outfit where do you go? The mall with the stores that sell high-quality clothing? So do they. When you want to see the latest movie where do you go? The movie theater with the leather reclining chairs and the full bar? So do they. When you want a well-crafted cocktail where do you go? The artisanal bar with the amazing interior? So do they. Think the way they do and plot accordingly

Wait, What?

Best friend, I know. Sometimes, because we’re new to this, we get so caught up in amplifying everything to levels that they shouldn’t be. We overanalyze every decision and moment and think that we aren’t capable of making a decision. I did it. I didn’t know shit and wanted help. But then I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t know anything. The blueprint to be an excellent sugar baby who meets all of her goals is on Tumblr. It was here before I showed up on the scene. I know. I did the research. But we want more. We, or at least I did, want someone to just handle it for us. But I’m going to tell you the truth because I love you and you’re my sister. You won’t learn anything that way. You’ll become dependent on the sister that decided to help you. You’ll realize that you’re out in the real world, she isn’t there to help you, and you have no idea what to say. Even if you think your idea is shit, try it. As long as it doesn’t jeopardize your safety, try it. I didn’t know shit about freestyling. I didn’t know if my outfit was cute enough. But I went out. I plopped myself down next to two men and started talking. One of them was an architect. The other was a trust fund baby. They were both pleased a pretty woman decided to talk to them. Because they are men. 

Sis, you know men. You’ve dated them. You’ve interacted with them. You’ve even become friends with a few of them. Stop thinking about the money and thinking that makes a man smarter, better, more advanced than you. Money don’t make you happy (that’s what Beyonce said. Do you argue with Beyonce?), handsome, or smart. 

I think, and now I’m rambling, that’s why I chose to focus on women that didn’t turn to sugar baby sites to meet an SD when I wrote The New Money Girls. I believe that sugaring is dead, and so do they. It makes how they approach men so much more fun.

So, Wait. Now What?

Get on Yelp. Find the restaurants and bars near you that are $$$ or $$$$. Look at the menu. If you can’t afford to have a meal there, save until you can. Go. Have a meal. Have some wine. Make friends with the bartender. Ask them what places like that restaurant they recommend. Make a list of those places and go until you find the watering holes for rich men that want a pretty brown woman like you on their arm. Bartenders know. I promise you they do. Not only do they know but they’ll look out for you. I’ve gone freestyling and had the bartender steer me away from men that would bring me more problems than profit. 

Don’t have expensive places in your city? Find the nicest place in your town. Hang out there. Get a feel for being around people with more money than you. Then make your way to the largest city you can get to within a reasonable amount of time and expand. 

Sis, you can do this. But only if you recognize that we are all human and money is a construct that we use to make some people feel like they’re better than others. A construct. It isn’t a fact. It isn’t some rule that you have to accept. Bring these men onto your playing field and conquer them. 

Do you agree? Or was this the moment when in my drunkenness (sorry, I’m not drunk. I’m tipsy because I’m a lady) I took things a bit too far and got ridiculous? Are these men different and special because they’re rich? Or have you noticed that they aren’t even on your sophisticated level? Leave a comment. When I sober up, I’m going to respond to every single comment that I’ve gotten from Monday’s post and today. I love you. Every black ass thing about you. I’m gonna get into this spritzer and dance to some more Beyonce.

Doomed — Min Yoongi (04)

Words: 4210

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + fluff + angst + cliffhanger (because I’m evil :))

Description: Maybe dating a demon isn’t exactly what you thought it would be like…

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06]


When you woke up, you were temporarily blinded by the sunlight that was shining through the curtains.

You were sleeping in your bed because a couple weeks ago, Taehyung told you and Yoongi that he was going to sleep on the couch, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Although there is a possibility that Taehyung was just being kind, you were almost sure that Yoongi was the one who convinced him to switch to the couch. You decided not to question it though.

There was an arm wrapped around your waist. It was Yoongi, and he held you closely, having his chest pressed against your back.

Since you were against his chest, you felt him softly breathing in and out. It relaxed you, even if you were already relaxed.

You put your hand on top of his and shuffled in the bed to get comfortable again, trying not to wake him up.

“Babe?” He called, his morning voice being heard. “I didn’t mean to wake you, sorry.” You apologized, turning to face him.

His eyes were half opened and his dark hair was almost covering his eyes. “It’s okay.” He muttered, pulling you close to him again.

“I love you.” He says, casually. “You don’t need to tell me that all the time.” You tell him, blushing.

“I know, but I want to tell you. I want to make sure you know how much I love you.” He speaks, eyes closed.

“Oh, look at that.” You giggled. “Min Yoongi, a demon, actually has a soft side.”

“I’m only like this because I know you love it when I’m soft.” He points out. “If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t hear these words from me.”

You smiled at him and moved his hair out of the way before kissing his forehead. “I love you too, Yoongi.”

You played with his hair for a bit until you smelled something coming from outside. “Do you smell that?” You asked Yoongi. The scent was very good.

“It smells like pancakes.” He comments, eyes still closed. “And bacon.” You added.

“Come on,” you say. “Lets go brush our teeth and then go see what the smell is. Taehyung is probably cooking.”

“Taehyung? Cooking? I don’t think so.” Yoongi chuckled. You raised your eyebrow, sitting up on the bed. Yoongi’s hand was still on your waist.

He opened his eyes a little bit before speaking. “Taehyung cannot cook. He couldn’t cook if he was in a cooking show and the prize was to keep his life.”

You giggled a little at his example before hitting his chest playfully. “Don’t say that. He’s your friend.”

“Yes, he’s my friend. That’s why I’m being honest. He can’t cook.”

“So who do you think is cooking out there? It’s not just some stranger.” You said, trying to stand up, but Yoongi pulled you back down.

“Can’t we stay in here for another hour?” He asks. You shook your head and he sighed.
“Let’s go.” You say, standing up and grabbing his arm so you could pull him off of the bed.

“Yoongi.” You groaned, not able to pull him off of the bed. “Come on.” You tell him.

“Fine.” He scoffed, standing up and walking with you to the bathroom.

You two brushed your teeth before walking into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, you saw three boys. They were each doing their own thing.

Hoseok was by the stove, cooking eggs in a frying pan. Namjoon was by the table in the dining room, setting up plates and utensils. And Taehyung was taking the pancakes that had been made and was putting them into the plates after Namjoon set them up.

You smiled at the boys before speaking. “I hope at least some of this is for me.” You say. “Nope.” Hoseok chuckles. “We just used your kitchen to make our own breakfast.”

You playfully rolled your eyes before Taehyung came up to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you into the dining room.

“Of course it’s for you. Why wouldn’t it be for you?” He smiles, ushering you to sit down in front of a huge plate of food at the table.

You took your seat and Yoongi took the seat beside you. “Thank you, but guys didn’t have to do all of this.” You speak.

“Yes, we did have to.” Namjoon smiles. “Today is your special day.”

“Plus, Yoongi paid us fifty bucks each to do this.” Hoseok added, laughing.

You looked at Yoongi and smiled. “Thank you.” You tell him.

“Happy birthday, y/n.” He smiled back at you. “Can you believe that we came face to face with each other a year ago?” He asked.

“It feels like it was just yesterday.” You say.

“You guys are so corny.” Hoseok groaned playfully. “Happy birthday, y/n.” Hoseok and the other two boys said at the same time.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled at all of them.

They all sat down at the table and you all ate and talked, having a nice breakfast. While you ate, you began to think.

These boys were like your best friends now. You can’t imagine your life without them anymore. They’re always by your side. It’s been a whole year with them, and you’re so grateful for all of them. You love them all so much.

“Aww! Y/n is thinking about us!” Taehyung says to everyone, looking at you. Everyone turned their heads and smiled at you, causing you to blush.

“What is she saying in her head?” Namjoon asks.

“She says that she loves us. And she’s grateful for us.” Taehyung informs them.

“Y/n is so adorable!” Hoseok says, excitedly. “Be quiet.” You tell him, looking down at your plate so they couldn’t see how much you were blushing.

“We’re grateful for you too, y/n.”

“And we love you.”

“Yoongi, stop calling me every five minutes.” You giggled, holding your phone to your ear as you walked through the aisles of the store you were in.

“I just want to hear your voice. I miss you.” He says.

“Aww you’re so soft. You saw me like ten minutes ago.” You laughed, picking up a shirt that looked pretty.

“I know, but I miss you. You know, you’re not supposed to leave your boyfriend when it’s your birthday.” He explains.

“You’re the one who gave me your credit card and said that I can get whatever I wanted.”

“Yeah, but I thought you were going to go online shop or something. I didn’t want you to leave.”

You playfully rolled your eyes, picking up a sweater.

“What store are you in by the way?” Yoongi asks you. “Victoria’s Secret.” You answered.

“Oh, really?” He asked. You could practically see the smirk on his face. “Don’t even think about it, Yoongi. I’m only in here to get some shirts and sweaters.” You told him, before he could speak again.

“Just listen to me. How nice would it be if you bought some lingerie? You know you would look so good in it. I just—damn. I’m picturing you in lingerie right now.” He tells you.

“Yoongi!” You groaned. “Stop. I’m not buying any lingerie.”

“Fine. But tonight when I give you your birthday present, you’re gonna wear that set I bought you last week.” He says.

“My birthday present?” You ask. “What is it?”

“What do you think it is?”

“The rent money, I hope.” You laughed.

Yoongi sighed playfully. You could tell that he was probably rolling his eyes. “You know what it is. It starts with an s and ends with all of our clothes on the floor.”

“Wow, you’re so romantic.” You rolled your eyes. “What can I say? I am a demon.” He chuckles. “How romantic can I get?”

After you got everything you needed, you went to the cashier to pay for the items with Yoongi’s credit card.

“How much money did you just spend?” Yoongi asked through the phone as you walked out of the store.

“A lot.” You said, giving him a vague answer.

“You know I can check, right?” He asked.

“Go ahead and check. I’m gonna hang up. I’ll see you later, okay baby?” You say.

“Hey! I’m not your baby! You’re my baby!” Yoongi said. “Whatever, baby.”

“Fine. I’ll see you later. I’ll probably call you in like ten minutes anyways.” He says. “Don’t.” You say.

“Okay, bye.” He said before hanging up.

You put your phone in your back pocket and walked into a different store. It was Hot Topic. The store was dark and had a lot of nice band merch that you liked.

While walking through an aisle, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around to see a tall boy with blonde hair. He was wearing blue ripped jeans and a black hoodie. He looked strong and muscular.

“Hey, you dropped this.” He smiled, reaching his arm out to give you something. You looked down at the object. Your phone.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that it fell out of my pocket.” You said, taking your phone from his hands. “Thank you.” You smiled.

“No problem.” He said. You were about to turn around when he spoke again. “You’re y/n, right?” He asked.

How did he know your name?

“Uh, yeah. That’s me.” You tell him, slightly nervous.

“You don’t have to be creeped out. I’m friendly.” He says. “I’m a friend of Yoongi’s.” He tells you. “He’s your boyfriend, right?”

You thought for a second. Should you tell the truth? Should you lie?

You remembered what Yoongi said to you one day.

“If you don’t know the person, make sure you don’t tell them that we’re together. It could be dangerous for me and for you.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You tell him.

The boy looked shocked by your statement. “Are you sure? I’m sure that Yoongi told me that you two were dating.”

“Well, were not.” You say. “What’s your name?” You asked him. When you get home later, you can ask Yoongi if he’s ever heard of this person.

“Wonho. Soo Wonho.” He answered.

“Okay, Wonho. I have to go pay for all of this stuff now, so…..bye.” You say, turning around to walk away from him, but he grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“Let go of me.” You said sternly while pulling your arm back, trying not to make a scene in the store. Wonho let go of your arm, but stood closely to you. You tried to look away from him, but you were unable to. He was looking into your eyes, just like Yoongi does, rendering you unable to move. “Stop it.” You tell him.

“You’re dating Yoongi, aren’t you?” He asks.

“I’m not.” You answered.

“You like to lie? You should know never to lie to a demon.” Wonho speaks. As he finishes his sentence, his eyes turned fully black. Your eyes widened and you tried to scream but no sound came out.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Let me out of here.” You pleaded to Wonho. You were trapped in a small room. You only saw him through the small window that was in the red door.

“I can’t let you out. Not yet. Not until they see you. Not until he sees you.” Wonho tells you.

They? He? Who is he talking about?

“Let me out!” You screamed, going to touch the doorknob that was on the door. As soon as you touched it, you felt scorching pain in your hand. It felt like your hand was on fire. You yelped in pain, pulling your hand away from the doorknob.

Wonho laughed, standing on the other side of the door. “Stupid human.”

“You were a human once, weren’t you?” You asked him while hold your own hand. You were still in pain.

Wonho continued laughing. “Me? A human? How dare you?” He scoffs. “Do I look like i used to be some filthy human?”

Wow, this guys sucks.

Although you didn’t respond to him, he kept talking.

“I can’t believe you thought that I was a human! Me! Has Yoongi not told you about me?”

“I don’t see why he would want to.” You tell him.

“You’re so lucky I can’t do anything to you from behind this door. If I could, you’d be on the ground, gasping for air right now.” Wonho tells you.

You rolled your eyes, although you felt like crying. You were scared. Who wouldn’t be? You were literally in hell.

“Why won’t you just let me go? I did nothing wrong.” You say.

“You’re dating Yoongi! You must know that it’s against the rules. He must’ve told you.”

“I’m not dating him! Just let me go!” You lied and said that you weren’t dating Yoongi so many times that you were starting to believe it yourself.

“Just wait until they’re done with you. You’re going to regret whatever relationship you had with him.”

“I never had a relation—” You started, but he spoke over you. “Do you really think you’re in a position to lie right now?”

Even though you didn’t answer, he kept talking once again.

“If it was up to me, you and Yoongi would both be dead. You, because you’re a filthy human and Yoongi for dating someone like you.”

By the end of his sentence, you were crying. Was it because what he said was true? Or because you didn’t know if you would live to see the end of today?

You were terrified. Hell was a place you never wanted to go to. It was scary. You heard the sounds of screams, which sounded liked they were coming from all different directions.

They were ear piercing, eardrum shattering, loud screams. They terrified you.

“I don't—” Wonho starts, but is cut off by someone’s voice ringing through your ears.

“Bring her to me.” The voice says. It was a man’s voice. His voice was very loud, and you heard it over all the screams.

As the man stopped talking, Wonho grinned before opening the door and immediately grabbing you, forcing you hands behind your back.

“Let me go!” You yelled, fidgeting while trying to get out of his grasp. He was stronger than you, so although you were relentlessly trying to fight him away, he easily overpowered you, taking you to a different room.

The room was huge and Wonho stood you in the center of it. In front of you, a man was sitting on a big red throne. There were two smaller chairs on each side of his throne. Sat in the chairs were two men and two women.

They all looked different, but something that was the same was that they all had jet black hair and red pupils.

The man on the throne smirked at you before speaking.

“Ah, so this is y/n?” He asked. “Yep.” Wonho answers.

“Let her go.” The man says. Wonho released your arms, and you didn’t dare try to run anywhere. You were way too scared to even move.

“So, y/n, how are you?” The man asked. How could he try to have such a normal conversation with you?

“Not good.” You answered.

“Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t introduced myself.” He speaks. “I’m Lehun. Soo Lehun.”

Wait. He has the same last name as Wonho. Were they related?

Your question was answered as Wonho spoke. “She’s a liar, dad. She kept trying to tell me that she’s not dating Yoongi, but we know the truth.”

Dad? Lehun was Wonho’s father?

Lehun chuckled before looking at you once again.

“Y/n, I’m only going to ask you once. Lie if you want to, but I’ll know if you do.” He tells you. “Are you in a relationship with Min Yoongi?”

You took a deep breath before speaking. “No.”

As the word left your lips, you felt a sharp pain on your left arm. You looked down to see scratches forming on your arm, blood dripping from them.

You yelled in pain, holding your arm as if that would stop it.

“You’re not a very good liar, y/n.” Lehun chuckles.

As he spoke, the doors opened, and some people came through. Although you recognized that faced, it didn’t make you any happier. It just made you more worried.

“Leave her alone.” Yoongi says, entering with Namjoon, Hoseok and Taehyung by his side.

“Would you look at that? Everyone’s here!” Lehun smiled. “Now we can really have some fun.”

What did he mean by fun?

Lehun looked at Wonho without saying a word, but it seemed like Wonho knew what Lehun wanted him to do.

Wonho grabbed you once again, forcing your arms behind your back and standing behind you.

“Get off of me!” You screamed, trying to wiggle yourself out of his grasp.

“Don’t touch her!” Yoongi yells, running over to you. When he get close to you, Lehun looked at him, and he stopped.

It was like he was unable to move. Lehun did that to him? Of course he did! Lehun was a demon, he had all the same powers as Yoongi, maybe more.

Wonho held you close to him, his grip on your arms getting tighter as he whispered in your ear.

“When I’m done with you, you’re gonna wish you never had anything with Yoongi.” He says.

What did he mean by that?

“Stop! Let go of me!” You yelled, still struggling to get out of his grasp. You suddenly stepped on his foot and you heard him gasp, releasing one of your arms. 

You took the opportunity to elbow him in the face, hoping that he would release you. Thankfully, he did, and you ran over to where the boys were standing. Hoseok healed your arm before linking his arm with yours, keeping you close.

“You little—” Wonho says, looking at you as he began to walk over to where you were standing.

“Stop.” Namjoon says, taking a step towards Wonho. Namjoon stood in front of you, blocking you from him.

Wonho scoffed before going to punch namjoon. Namjoon was able to back away before Wonho punched him. Wonho pushed Namjoon to the side easily, walking towards you once again.

Without hesitating, Taehyung stepped up, punching Wonho in the face. Wonho held his nose, which was now bleeding, before looking at Taehyung and smirking.

Wonho grabbed Taehyung’s arm, trying to pin it behind his back, but Taehyung fought back. They were hitting each other, getting in some good punches before Wonho wrapped his hands around Taehyung’s neck, choking him.

Taehyung was gasping for air while Wonho tightened his grip. Out of nowhere, Yoongi came running to them, pulling Wonho off of Taehyung before grabbing him and throwing him to the other side of the room.

Both Yoongi, Taehyung walked back over to where you, Hoseok and Namjoon were standing.

You all watched as Wonho stood up, walking towards you again.

“Enough, Wonho.” Lehun says, causing his son to stop walking.

“You should kill them. All of them.” Wonho speaks.

“You should shut up.” Hoseok finally says.

Wonho scoffed, not responding to Hoseok’s comment.

You all looked at Lehun, who had just got off of his throne and was now walking towards you.

When he got close, Yoongi stood in front of you, blocking him. “Leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve any of this.”

“I’m not going to hurt her. At least, not now.” Lehun says. Yoongi didn’t move, he stayed in front of you. “I should hurt you for dating her, shouldn’t I? You know that’s against the rules. You lied to me.” Lehun tells Yoongi.

“What was I supposed to do? Tell you the truth? You would’ve killed her in an instant. I couldn’t let that happen.” Yoongi says.

“That doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have lied. You know how dangerous it is to have a relationship with a human. What if—” Lehun says, but then stops his sentence to say something else. “Move out of the way, Yoongi.”

“No.” Yoongi says, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t want you talking to her. I don’t want you to touch her or do anything to her. Just leave her alone.”

“How dare you talk to me like that?” Lehun asks, grabbing Yoongi by his shirt. “I don’t want y/n having any contact with you. You’re not a good person.” Yoongi says.

“Why are you like this? Why don’t you listen to me? I should kill her right now, shouldn’t I? Would that make you more obedient?” Lehun asks.

“Don’t touch her.” Yoongi states.

“You know, Yoongi, I thought that after your father died, you’d come to me. You’d respect me and then I’d treat you like my son. Do you know how much privileges you would’ve had if you weren’t so damn stubborn? If you were my son, you could rule this place with me and Wonho. But you don’t want that, do you? You want to run around causing trouble with your misfit friends and act like you’re not the nephew of the most powerful man in this place. You could’ve been somebody, Yoongi. You could’ve been someone important like your father.” Lehun speaks.

“All you do is hurt people. Maybe if you weren’t so violent, I would join you.” Yoongi says. “I’m the leader of the demon council. What do you expect?” Lehun says.

The demon council? Lehun was the leader of it!That still didn’t answer most of your questions. What exactly is the demon council?

Lehun released his grasp on Yoongi’s shirt, but Yoongi still didn’t move out of the way.

“Why don’t you respect me? All I’ve ever tried to do is make you powerful. Stronger.” Lehun says.

“Just because you’re my uncle doesn’t mean I have to respect you.” Yoongi tells him. “And I don’t want to be powerful or strong if it means that I can’t have these three idiots by my side.” He looks at Hoseok, Namjoon and Taehyung before looking back at Lehun.

Wait a minute.

Lehun was Yoongi’s uncle? They were related?

Lehun scoffed. “You could do so much better than them, Yoongi.”

“I don’t want better than them. I just want them.” Yoongi said. Yoongi was tough, but he could act soft sometimes. This was one of those times.

“Whatever, Yoongi. But you know that it’s still against the rules for you to date y/n. So that’s still a problem.” Wonho speaks.

Yoongi turned to look at you. You looked him in the eyes before speaking. “If it’s putting you in trouble then we can break up. It’s okay.” You tell him. You unlinked your arm from Hoseok’s and took a step closer to Yoongi.

“Y/n,” Yoongi sighs. “It’s fine. Really.” You say. “I don’t want you to be in trouble anymore. If we break up, neither or us will be in danger anymore.”

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you knew that you had to. What else was there to do?

Yoongi wrapped his arms around you, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “I love you, y/n.” He admits. “I love you too, Yoongi.” You wrapped your arms around him.

You closed your eyes, feeling a few tears run down your cheeks.

“This is so corny.” You hear Wonho say.

“I’m so tired of you.” Hoseok says to the boy. “Me too.” Taehyung and Namjoon say at the same time.

“Who isn’t tired of him?” Lehun says, honestly.

It made you chuckle a bit. You pulled away from Yoongi, wiping away your tears. “I love you so much.” He says. “I know.” You slightly smiled at him.

A few seconds passed and you and Yoongi just looking at each other before Lehun spoke.

“Wait.” He starts. Yoongi turned around to face his uncle, wanting to know what he had to say.

He carried an expression on his face, but you couldn’t quite read it. He looked worried, maybe a little confused.

“What is it?” Yoongi asks.

“I hear something.” Lehun says. “What?” You asked, confused.

“He’s telepathic, like me.” Taehyung says. “But he has more—senses? Abilities? Something like that. I don’t know what to call it.”

“Of course, you don’t know.” Namjoon says, hitting Taehyung lightly on the back of his head.

“What do you hear?” Wonho asks his father.

Lehun looked around the room before his eyes landed on you. “It’s you.” He tells you.

What did he mean?

“What?” Yoongi asks, before you could say anything. “Yoongi, move out of the way.” Lehun says.

“No. What are you going to do? What do you hear?” Yoongi asks.

“Yoongi, move or I will move you myself.” Lehun tells his nephew.

“Yoongi, it’s okay.” You tell him.

Yoongi looked at you before sighing and reluctantly moving to the side.

Lehun took steps toward you. He looked at you, inspecting you. “You.” He says, walking in circles around you.

He stopped, standing directly in front of you. He turned his head to look at Yoongi, who was just as confused as the rest of us.

“You two can’t break up. Not anymore.” Lehun informs. “Why not?” Yoongi asked. “Did something happen?”

Lehun took a deep breath before speaking.

“She’s pregnant.”

Surprise||Jonah Marais||Imagine two♡

Summary: You visit Jonah on tour 


Requested: To be posted on here, yes

Warning: None:)

Sleeping Jo-nah on the side(:

You woke up with a huge smile on your face. Today was the day you would finally see your boyfriend of two years for the first time in 3 months. As you lived in New York and He lived in California seeing each other had been a challenge since day one.

You laid in bed as you thought about when you had met him, you were in a book store with one of your headphones in, singing “say you won’t let go” quietly as you looked for a new book to catch your eye. Someone had started singing along with you, causing you to jump as you thought you were one of the only costumers in the store. You looked up and blushed as you saw a tall and extremely handsome man standing beside you who was looking down at you smiling.

“You have a beautiful voice” He said to you, causing an even bigger blush to spread across your face.

“You aren’t so bad yourself” You stated, making yourself look like an idiot but at the time you had no idea who he was, or that he was in a band.

“I should hope so"He chuckled, causing you to look up at him funny.

“Im jonah” He smiled, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

“Y/n” You smiled, taking your hand in his.

Your thoughts got cut short as the sound of a text brought you back into real life.

Jonah- Hey babygirl, I can’t wait to see you in a few days. It feels like its been a life time since Ive held you in my arms. I love you.

You smirked, if only he knew that he’d be seeing you in a few hours. You had set it up with Jack and August (the photographer). They had got to New York City this afternoon and you were going to surprise him while the boys were shopping. You had told him that with school and work you wouldn’t be able to see him until the night of the concert and you couldn’t stay. You living about an hour from the city knew that there was no way he could just “pop by” so you set it up with the two boys and they even asked you to stay for the week which you happily took off from work and you were doing online school anyways so you could just bring it all with you.

Being in a long distance relationship was extremely hard, no one had any idea how heart breaking it was to watch Jonah cry on facetime, knowing that he needs you but you can’t drive over to his house and hold him while he cries, you can’t always be the shoulder he needs you. He always tells you that when all his dreams come true the one he wants to be standing beside him is you and sometimes you aren’t there and its heartbreaking for both of you, but the love you two have for each other is strong enough to stand the distance because you both knew that one day there would be no distance.

You got up and started packing, putting all the clothes you would need for the next week in your bag, along with makeup, your laptop, two pairs of running shoes, Jonahs hoodie that you had taken from him last time you had seen him, It no longer smelt like him so you needed a knew one.

It was around 3 when you did a last check to make sure you had all the chargers, cables, headphones, or anything else you would need for your week away. Also checking for your book for the train ride before you walked out of the apartment, a huge goofy smile on your face.

When you got to the train station you sent a text to the group chat you, Jack and August had made and told them that you were waiting for the train to pull up to the sation. You three had all of this planed for weeks. The boys were gonna go shopping at the huge mall by time square and thats where you were going to meet august who will bring you to Jonah. Your plan was to walk up to him and tell him whatever he’s looking at that it would look good on him and then wait for his reaction.

You had ordered an uber a few minutes before the trained rolled into the station, hoping it would be there just after you got off, knowing you couldn’t handle the long wait. After 3 minutes of waiting(which felt like forever) Your uber pulled up and you got in, putting your bags on the seat next to you.

you- On my way to you guys, see ya in 20

You blushed reading the next, it was moments like this when you realized just how strong Jonah’s love for you was, as if the distance wasn’t enough to prove it. Your smile from there on never faded. As you got closer and closer to time square you could feel your heart pounding, you were only minutes away from being with him again, from feeling his soft lips against yours, from feeling his strong arms wrapped around you.

“Here you are miss” The driver said, pulling up drop off spot and letting you out. You replied with a ‘thank you’ and grabbed your bags, running into the mall. Jack had texted you telling you that they were in foot locker and that august was waiting at the front of the store by the doors, everything was ready, the time was now.

You being from New York you had been to this mall more than once and knew right where to go, making no stops and defiantly not walking slowly but you felt that you couldn’t walk fast enough, no matter how hard you tried. Your eyes lit up as you saw him standing there waiting.

“Hi August” you smiled at him before pulling you into a hug. He took your duffle bag and walked with you into the store, you gave him your phone and as you started walking into Jonah’s sight he started recording.

He was looking at a cream pair of adidas shoes, you chuckled at him as you knew he had the same pair in black but Jonah could never have enough shoes. You walked up to him, standing up at him but he still hadn’t looked up to see you.

“Im almost sure you have that pair in black” you laughed causing his head to snap up

“What the fuck” He said, shock covering his whole face as he pulled you into a hug. You started to giggle as you wrapped your arms around his neck as he proceeded to pick you up, causing your legs to find their way to his waist.

“How are you-what are you going here?!” He asked, refusing to pull his face away from your neck, scared that if he did this would all just be a dream and you wouldn’t be next to him.

“Im here to surprise you” You said before he pulled away and smashed his lips onto yours. God you had missed this.

“YES MY PARENTS, MY SHIP IS SAILING” Jack yelled causing you to laugh into the kiss which caused Jonah to smile. By this point the whole store was staring at you but neither of you could care less. You were back in your safe place, in the arms of Jonah where you belonged and nothing you ruin this moment.

Caught Up Pt. II

a/n: this chapter’s a little longer than the last one but still kind of short, sorry!! i’m not sure how many parts this story’s gonna have but i think at least two more after this! hope you like it!

Part 1   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  +masterlist

You and Shawn don’t talk about your arrangement for the rest of that night, and when you woke up this morning part of you almost thought you’d dreamed it. That is until Shawn called you, interrupting you from your show. “Shawn I can’t talk now I’m in the middle of something important,” you say teasingly in lieu of a hello. “Ah yes, I know how much you value your Netflix time. I just called to remind you to pack, we’re leaving tomorrow morning,” he tells you, before he says he has to go meet his research group in the library. After ending your phone call, you get up with a sigh in search of something to put your clothes in for your trip.  As you grab a small suitcase from your closet and start filling it you start to really think about what you’d agreed to. You were going to fake date Shawn and essentially lie to his family for the next three and a half weeks. He was definitely going to be doing your laundry for the rest of the semester as payback.

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anonymous asked:

How can I tell whether I'm mature enough/ready to live on my own? I feel like I am, but I want to be sure. What do I need to know? What do I need to be able to do?

Take a look at this list. I find that “Adulting” is ever-evolving, and on a day to day basis it’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what skills I use. But this should be a good place to start! If you have any specific questions about any of these thinks, please ask xx

20 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

1. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

2. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, so find a secure place to store them.

3. Learn to cook. Obviously, cooking skills are not going to come overnight! Checkout some cook books, online recipes, or even watch a couple episodes of Chopped. The more fast, cheap, and easy meals that you’re able to prepare before you move out- the better. Here’s my Cooking 101 post.

4. College. If you are going to college or planning to go to college, talk to financial aid about becoming an “independent student”. If the school classifies you as independent, financial aid will pay for a greater portion of your education. Also please don’t have your parent’s call the school on your behalf, start taking initiative and making these calls yourself. As someone who worked in a college call center for four years, a good 80% of the phone calls I got were from parents, and legally a college can’t tell them anything.

5. Accumulate furniture. Check out thrift stores, Dollar stores, and especially yard sales. Buying all of your furniture at once can be expensive and stressful, but accumulating a few pieces over time (space permitting) can be a more effective way.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Start making your own doctor’s appointments! I love this script by @spectrumsuperhero that’s applicable to all of your doctor’s appointment needs.

7. Start building credit. At 16, you’re probably too young to apply for an actual credit card, but having some credit before you move out will help you loads in the long run. As you might be aware, some landlords ask that their tenants have a credit score before renting to them. Don’t be discouraged! It’s just something to think about.

8. First Aid. Learn some basic First Aid. I’m going to toot my horn and link my postbecause I sat through literally six hours to get certified in this stuff, and if I do say so myself, my post is rather thorough.

9. Learn to clean. Learn some basic cleaning skills- how to wash dishes, how to vacuum, what sprays clean what. These may seem like simplistic things, but many people grow up not having to do household chores. I guarantee you that not every apartment you live in will have a dishwasher, so learn some dish skills now! Learn to clean.

10. Go Shopping. Make a shopping list and go shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. Crowded stores can sometimes be unnerving, remember the more practice you get at it, the more at ease you’ll be.

11. Learn to wash clothes. Doing laundry is something that I never did while living in my parent’s house, and the first few times doing it on my own turned out… interestingly. Get your laundry skills in tip-top shape!

12. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not require your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be. Get as familiar with public transportation around your city as much as possible.

13. Separate bank account. Still sharing a linked bank account with your parents? Get yourself a bank account that they don’t have access to. One of the first steps towards moving out and “Adulting” is being able to take care of your money.

14. Build your resume. Keep working on and updating your resume, even if you already have a job. You never know when you’ll need to find another one, and you don’t want to hastily throw together your resume with little notice.

15. References. Similarly, get yourself a list of professional references. These references can be teachers, guidance counselors, family friends, etc. References are useful for job applications, housing applications, and networking. Always ask before putting someone’s name down as a reference.

16. Health insurance. Start learning about what health insurance coverage you currently have- how expensive it is, how it’s paid, how long it lasts, etc. Find out if you will be able to stay on this insurance after moving out of your parent’s house.

17. Buy a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a must have for whatever apartment, room, or house is your next home! Spend $20 and buy a decent sized one that includes things like cold compresses, burn creams, and gauze.

18. Buy a Bed. The average person sleeps around 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time in bed! Buy yourself a comfortable mattress (you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years), luxurious sheets and/or a memory foam pillow. Nice beds can be expensive, so start saving up for one now.

19. Learn basic repair. Get yourself a toolbox and learn some basic repair. You can find extensive articles online about everything from unclogging a drain, to tightening screws, and using caulk. Get familiar with these tools now, because you never know what type of landlord you’ll end up with. They could come promptly when requested to do repairs, or they might not.

20. Learn how to write a check. Okay but seriously- this is important. Do not let me catch you moving out of your parent’s house without knowing how to write a check. Here is @howtogrowthefuckup‘s two cents.

Sometimes... Showers Suck

This is for @family-business-one-shots Kat’s 700 Birthday Writing Challenge Dean Winchester x Daughter Reader, Sam Winchester 

Prompt “Why are you wearing a long sleeve shirt and long sleeve pants?" 

Reader is 14 years old. 

Warnings: swearing, fluffy 

Summary: reader gets caught in the middle of a war between the Winchester Brothers. 

Word Count: 994

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

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1000 cup prank *Colby Brock*

Hi! So this is a request and I’m so sorry that it took me so long to get it done! 

http://allshadesofdodieyellow.tumblr.com/  here you go!

1161 words

“Ready?” Colby asked you as you walked back into his room, today was your 20th birthday and according to him he had the day planned for you starting with going to the history museum knowing that you were a history person Then you’d go get lunch and catch a movie, he then said you’d meet some friends at the beach finally ending the day with dinner then going back to his house. 

“Yes, but you don’t look ready.” You said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he was still in the pants that he slept in and his hair was a mess. He looked at the clock realizing that he had slept in a little later than he meant to. 

“Let me go shower and get myself together,” Colby mumbled his voice still a little raspy. “I’ll be like thirty minutes.” He finished before giving you a quick kiss before heading to the bathroom. You didn’t live in the house with the guys and Devyn but you did spend the night quite often.

“Good afternoon friends!” You yelled while walking down the stairs, Aaron looked up from his computer a smile appearing on his face.

“It’s the birthday girl!” He yelled as he stood, he was walking towards you to give you a hug but before he could reach you, you felt yourself being lifted up and spun around.

“Happy birthday baby Gunther!” Corey yelled once he spun you around. “How do you feel no longer being a teenager?”

“My birthday is actually in three days but I’m flying out to see my parents.” You told him, “So I’m still technically nineteen!” You added as you walked to the fridge getting a bottle of water.

“Our first stop.” Colby started to speak but you stopped him,

“Is to buy me a new car because I don’t have one anymore? You’re so sweet.” You joked as you passed a Toyota center. He scoffed a bit before continuing his sentence.

“Our first stop is the mall, I’ll let you get three outfits, two pairs of shoes, then we’re going to stop number two.” He finally said making you smile a bit.

“That’s so sweet of you, is this an early sorry as I know you’re most likely going to go clubbing for your 21st and I won’t be able to join you?”

You and Colby walked around the mall for a bit as you chose the things you knew you would like the most. Eventually, you guys headed out, going back to his car so you could go to the next stop.

You had gone to get lunch, catch a movie, then you went to the Museum’s as planned and soon started to head home.

Sam’s p.o.v

“Okay everyone so as you know there’s a prank war going on in the house right now but along with that, Katrina and I have been going back and forth with Colby and his girlfriend, so today is for 20th birthday and Colby has been doing everything to make sure that her birthday goes as planned. Well, of course, we love her and we will be giving her surprise tomorrow, today we decided we would prank her instead. So Katrina and I went around to a whole bunch of stores and bought cups, originally we were going to get plastic cups but we wanted to make it harder for them to get into the house so we have plastic cups and glass cups.” Sam explained to the camera as he showed how much was getting done. “ Colby texted me around an hour ago saying that she wanted to go to one more place before they came home so we have maybe at least 2 hours left to finish setting the prank up.” He added as he looked back at Kat.

“We love you Y/N! Don’t hate me.” She said laughing as she continued pouring water continue cups.

-3rd person-

“Yeah, we’re on our way back, she wanted to stop at her apartment so she could change clothes first but she’s been in there for like 20 minutes so she should be out soon and then will be heading back to the house.” Colby said as he was on the phone with Sam. “ will be there in like 30 minutes and I asked Corey to pick up the cake so hopefully, he’s already back at the house.”

“Yeah he came already, the Cake is in the fridge and we just finished decorating,” Sam explained as he looked around to see the roommates finishing the last set of cups. 

“Thanks, I appreciate this,” Colby said. “Here she comes, I’ll see you soon.” He added hanging up.

“ Who was that? Was it your secret lover that I’m not allowed to find out about?” You joked as you buckled your seatbelt.

“Yes, she asked me to wish you a happy birthday and she also said that she wouldn’t sleep with me for the next week because it was your birthday.” He joked back making you push him lightly. “ no but I actually hope you enjoyed the day, your birthday may not be important to you but it’s important to me.” He told you.

“Why?” You asked looking over at him.

“ because I’ve known you since senior year and you’ve matured a lot and I want you to celebrate each year because it shows that you’re this amazing young woman.”

“Aweee! Thank you.” She mumbled as she kissed his hand. “ just wait until your twenty-first birthday even though I can’t go clubbing with you I promise I’ll give you something that will blow you away.” She told him as she pulled out her phone.

Colby pulled into the driveway of the house, “Are you ready?” He asked with a smile.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” You told him getting out the car, you both walked up to the front door. Colby opened the door seeing all the cups on the ground.

“For fuck’s sake,” Colby mumbled as he poked his head in.

“WELCOME TO THE PRANK WARS!” Sam and Kat yelled as you stepped into the little are that was reserved for standing.

“Is this my present? A prank?” You asked Colby with a confused look.

“I promise this was not me.” He told you, you nodded your head in understanding as you looked at Sam and Kat.

“The prank wars isn’t over yet, Colby and I have the strongest team…no offense Sam and Colby fans, so be ready.” You said to Sam and Kat as Sam had the camera pointed at you.

“Want to go to dinner instead?” Colby asked you with a smile. You nodded turning around online to be scared by Elton.

“Dammit uncle Elton, you scared my girlfriend!” Colby yelled playfully.

“Hea cousin Kyle! Get it together.” Corey yelled shaking his head as he head onto Devyn’s waist.

A not so perfect end to a perfect birthday.

Buddy and Ummi: The Surprise Visit (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary: As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that.
This is the fifth part in the series. If you haven’t read the first four parts you can find them in the masterlist below.

Word Count: 1065

Series Masterlist

Since Bruce wasn’t Batmanning (is that a term? It is now lmao) due to Alfred’s request, Dick stepped up to take over patrol that night with Jason (Alfred argued that Tim needed rest too, claiming that coffee wasn’t a proper source of energy), which meant he had to spend more time on patrol than a usual night, but it also meant that he would stop by after patrol and stay the rest of the night with you, like he did after most long nights on patrol or missions that lasted longer than planned.

He shimmied his way in through your apartment window around 3 in the morning, and you stirred from your sleep. No matter how quiet he was, you always woke up to greet him, a sleepy, lopsided smile on your face. He changed from his Nightwing costume into the sweats he kept at your house for nights likes these, and slipped in between the sheets next to you. You cuddled into his chest and closed your eyes to sleep again, but Dick wasn’t tired. He instead began a conversation.

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Custom Vans (Sincerely Three Headcannon)

Author’s Note: Inspired by this video

Basically how the boys act to you getting them custom vans with either a picture of you two or a picture of you on them. If any of y’all want Zoe and Alana shoot me an ask bc I wanted to include them but it was getting kind of long!

Evan Handsome:

  • okay so it’s like your sixth month anniversary and you wanted to surprise evan with something special and unique
  • you’ve already gotten him so many little potted trees and succulents so you didn’t want to be predictable
  • he’s had the same pair of grey nikes since freshmen year and they’re starting to get holes in them and poor evan doesn’t want to ask heidi for a new pair so you have the perfect gift idea
  • so its your anniversary and he already gave you your gift (a beautiful little bracelet w the day y’all got together) so you hand over this sparkly baby blue gift bag and he’s confused because when you usually give him new plants they just have a bow on them
  • he opens the bag and theres a cloth bag inside and he’s still bewildered but opens up the bag and pulls out one shoe
  • he immediately starts tearing up and you get a little worried thinking he doesn’t like them but then he tackles you in a hug and you can hear him kind of ugly cry(but you love it)
  • he’s smiling as he gives you a big ol smoochy and tiny little kisses on your face and your grin couldn’t be bigger as he tried on the pair of shoes with a picture of you sitting in front of the tree in your backyard(that connor took)
  • he walks into school with them all happy because even if you aren’t with him in his classes and stuff you will always be with him
  • he likes to rest his head on his hand when sitting at his desk in classes and just stare at his shoes because your smile calms him down
  • he’s been caught just walking with his head down staring at the shoes and may or may have not walked into an open locker once(or three times lol)
  • one time heidi caught him sleeping w the shoes by his head and she took a few pictures and sent to you because awww
  • another time some dirt got on your pretty face from him being outside and he literally ran back into the house to grab a wipey to clean it off
  • he just loves those shoes okay

Jared Coolman:

  • okay so you were on twitter and you saw a video of a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a pair of vans with a picture of them on it and as soon as you finished the video you were on the vans store already ordering a pair
  • you had to wait around 3 weeks for the shoes to come in so you were more anxious then usual and jared took total notice
  • because you were acting weird he began second guessing himself and immediately thought you were going to break up with him
  • he was more quiet the past couple of weeks and when you got home and the pair was there, you grabbed your phone and called jared telling him to come over 
  • the whole time he was driving to your house he was thinking of ways to talk you out of breaking up with him because he was 100000% sure that’s why you wanted him to come over
  • so you, bouncing with excitement open the door to a pretty reserved jared who’s on the brink of crying because he loves you so so so much
  • you don’t even notice that he’s on the verge of tears while you lead him to sit on the couch going to get the bag containing the shoes
  • “Please don’t break up with me!-” “Surprise!” He shouts out while you shove the bag onto his lap
  • “break up with you?” your heart shatters actually looking at jared since he got here. what was he talking about?
  • “what is this I thought you were going to break up with me” he’s honestly so confused as to why you put a cloth bag filled with what felt like potatoes in it on his lap
  • “open it you nerd” you’re honestly still trying to comprehend what the hell is going on but your excitement over the gift kind of masks the confusion you feel
  • he opens up the bag and empties it out so both of the shoes fall on his legs. you hear him let out a soft laugh and before you know it his lips are on yours. the kiss may or may not have turned into a makeout session bc like I said he loves you so so so much
  • “what did you mean break up with you?” you asked after he said thank you for the millionth time while he was doing a little dance in his new shoes with a gorgeous selfie of the two of you from one of your first couple of dates. he looks sheepish and kind of lets out a nervous laugh
  • okay so honestly this boy would wear the death out of these shoes and tbh when the picture started to peel off after so much wear and tear he bought another pair with the same picture because he loved them so much
  • whenever someone is talking to you at like your locker or something he goes up and sticks his foot in between the two of you so a shoe is on display before saying some dumb shoe pun like “so sorry for interrupting but Y/N did you know that I’m your sole mate ha ha get it?” 
  • he got you a matching pair because he’s that kind of boyfriend
  • he will literally do anything to bring up the shoes into any conversation no matter who he’s talking to (ie his doctor, the guy working behind the counter at mcdonalds, some little old lady on the bus, etc)
  • his friends tease him about the shoes but he shoots back shit like
  • “still wearing those beat up converse zoe? maybe you should get someone who loves you enough to get you a pair of shoes with them on it” cue eyeroll and shoving from the girl
  • he probs gets a pair of them w a bridal picture of you and him(pre wedding photoshoot) on it and wears them at your wedding lets be real
  • he likes knowing that a part of you is always near him no matter what bc again he loves you so so so much 
  • you never let him live down the fact that he thought you were gonna break up w him but he just smiles and kisses you bc love
  • almost loves the shoes as much as you(jk but really)

Connor Milky:

  • like evan, connor has been wearing the same pair of shoes since 9th grade. his black combat boots were on their last breath and the sole of the shoe was coming off to the point where you could see the toes of his socks sometimes
  • you knew connor was looking for a new pair of combat boots online since he got his at the thrift store four years ago. you helped him look and none of the shoes were apparently good enough
  • so you thought maybe connor just needs a new style of shoes. you thought about converse but you knew that he didn’t like them from his obvious distaste of anything zoe wears
  • so you were looking on the vans website and found out that they did custom pairs of the shoes and being the extra girlfriend that you were you ordered a pair with one of the pictures cynthia took of the two of you kissing on new years
  • you also ordered an all black pair bc aesthetic
  • the day they finally came in you drove your car all the way to connors as fast as legally possible not necessarily knowing how he was going to react but still pretty excited to show him
  • larry opened the door with a smile and told you connor was up in his room and had been all day so with a thank you you ran up stairs clutching the fabric bag going two stairs at a time
  • “hey Y/N what are you doing here?” “I have a present for you. I know this is a little different but I hope you like them.” so with that being said you shoved the bag into his hands sitting across from him biting your lip
  • he could tell you were pretty nervous to be giving him what was in the bag so he gave you a reassuring grin knowing that whatever you gave him he would love.
  • you looked down at your hands not sure what he was going to say so you were surprised when you heard a sniff. lifting your head connor was looking at the shoes with tears in his eyes
  • “if you don’t like them that’s okay I bought you a pair of black ones too” Connor wrapped his arms around you squeezing you tight
  • “I love them and I love you, so much” he whispered into your ear before ending the hug and wiping the tears that started to fall down his cheeks. you were so happy that connor loved him that you jumped into his lap pulling him tight hugging him into your chest
  • okay so you gave them to him on saturday and he had worn the shoes the whole weekend but you weren’t sure if he would wear them to school because he still kind of got bullied after y’all got together, not as much but still every once in a while
  • so to your surprise when you were at your locker talking to alana grabbing books and stuff you see connor approaching wearing the familiar print of shoes. you closed your locked and gave him a big kiss grinning from ear to ear 
  • he was a little embarrassed at first with everyone at school looking at his feet in shock but he got over it when he saw how happy it made you 
  • jared likes to tease him about the shoes all the time but finally backed off after connor had enough and told him “my shoes get more action than you kleinman so shut the hell up”
  • whenever you two go on dates whether they be casual or fancy connor always wears the shoes to show that you’re his
  • literally loves them so much because when he’s having one of his bad days he just looks at his feet and is instantly reminded of what he is living for
  • if any boy or girl flirts with you connor goes up to you two and tells them to look at his shoes and go away
  • pretty sure he wore them to prom and then asked cynthia for money so he could buy a matching pair for you guys(with your prom picture) for graduation
  • he had found the perfect pair of all black combat boots but hasn’t touched them since getting the vans you gave him
  • loves them and you so much :’)
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Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Reader: 25+

A/N: To be honest, I think that Dean would act like a total puppy if he ever found out he was an uncle so I kinda did a thing. Hope you enjoy!

You were considered a ‘normal’ Winchester by many; Since you left the family business at an early age and went on with your life. Graduated highschool and went on to college, Fell in love and became pregnant with the love of your life. You haven’t seen your brothers in ages, And don’t fail to hear about them from neighboring hunters and random conversations among fascinated hunters.

You’re 9 months pregnant, And are due in a few weeks. Your brothers didn’t even know you were pregnant, Since you didn’t want to inconvenience them and make them worry about you whenever they were out hunting and such.

You placed your keys into your purse, Going out of the door. You were planning on going to a maternity store, Wanting to buy more clothes for your baby. You could just order some online to make it easier, But it was a beautiful day to you needed to go out. Getting inside your car, You made your way to your favourite bakery, Planning to get something before spending hours in the store.

“(Y/n)! You’re back. How’s little Lou doing?” Alex spoke, Cleaning up her last table.

“I’ve been better. Can’t wait for him to pop out.” You laughed, Going to the cash register.

“The usual?” She looked at you while picking out your favourite donuts.

“Yup.” You smile, Looking around the shop; Even though you’ve been here a million times.

“Here ya go (Y/n)” She hands you the brown bag, Watching as you took it.

“Thanks Alex.” You handed her the money, But refused saying it was on the house. Leaving her a reasonable tip, You made your way back to your car.

“(Y/n)? A gruff voice spoke behind you before you could get inside your car.

Turning around, Your eyes widened.

“Sam! Dean!” You smiled brightly, Looking at their faces.

“You never told us you were pregnant!” Sam tried to hug you, But with your bulging stomach, It was difficult; So you just settled with a shoulder hug.

“I didn’t want you guys to worry too much” You smiled nervously, Noticing Dean hasn’t said a word.

“Dean?” You looked at his blank face.

“You’re pregnant! I’m going to be an uncle!” His face lit up, Hugging your shoulders tightly.

“Who’s the unlucky guy?”

“He’s at work. Should be out in a few hours.”

“Why are you out here all alone?” Sam looked around.

“I was planning on getting more clothes for the baby” You carassed your stomach.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy-”

“Yess! It’s a boy!!” Dean jumped up and down, Hugging you once more.

“His name is Louis” You giggled, But then faltered when you felt something wet between your legs.

“What’s wrong-” Sam’s face immediately filled with horror.

“My water broke guys” You chuckled nervously, Trying to cover your wet clothes. 

 "What do we do now?! (Y/n) are you okay? Do you need us to carry you? Do you need us to call an ambulance?“ Sam was freaking out, And you put your hands on his biceps. 

 "Sam. Calm down. It doesn’t hurt. I can drive myself to the hospital don’t worry.” You waddled your way to your car, But Dean stopped you. 

 "Hell no. We’re taking you to the hospital. Come on, The impala is right there.“  


You were sure your screams of pain were heard all around the hospital. You’ve been in labor for 10 hours, Holding your husbands hand tightly. 

"MOTHERFUCKER!!! You did this to me!!!” You bellowed, Pain the only thing you can feel. 

“But we’ll have a baby boy running around our house.” His fingers were almost white at how tight you were squeezing them. 

“A BABY?! I’m pushing this watermelon of a baby out a hole the size of a bottle cap!!!” You screamed in his face, Sweat running down your forehead. 

“Just a few more pushes Mrs. Evans! He’s almost here!” The nurse yelled over your screams. 

“JUST GET THIS THING OUT OF ME” Your last scream was the last push you needed to finally hear screams that weren’t yours. 

“Congratulations Mrs. Evans! You have a healthy baby boy” The Nurse cleaned Louis up, And handed him to you.

You were left panting, Your husband wiping your sweat with a towel the nurse provided.

“We did it.. We seriously did it..” You look at Louis’s face. He was so beautiful. 

You didn’t notice your brothers standing at the doorway, Looking at you. You kissed your husband, Letting him carry Louis. He was in tears, Unable to stop his emotions.

“Congratulations (Y/n)..” Your brothers walked toward you, Kissing your forehead.

“Thank’s guys. Honey, These are my brothers. Sam and Dean” You smiled, Finally introducing the two.

Your husband shook their hands, Handing Louis over. Sam carried him first, Kissing Louis’s head; Handing him to his older brother when he thought he had enough time with him. Dean couldn’t help but cry, Feeling happy that one of the Winchester siblings finally had a normal life.

“Welcome to the world Louis Evans Winchester.” Dean whispered to his nephew, Smiling when Louis grabbed and squeezed his finger.


Scott x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Jealous Scott, Alpha!Scott, Dom!Scott, Dom!Reader, hair pulling, handcuff, dirty talk, swearing, wolfed  out!Scott

“Hey (Y/N), do you have a free period?” A boy from one of your classes asked and smiled when you pushed Scott’s arm of your shoulders so you could look at him. 

“Yeah did you want to start on the project now, I was just going to watch the team practise but I do that all the time.” You hummed.

“May as well get a head start.” The boy mumbled and you grabbed your bag from Scott, who’d been lugging it around all day, blowing a kiss in his direction as you hurried after the boy.

“Woah, Scott chill out buddy, put the claws down nice and easy!” Stiles yelped as Scott snarled and went to follow after you.

“She just ditched me for another guy.” He growled and Stiles nodded.

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure that’s her study buddie and that if they fail she fails the while class so it’s important, not like she actually ditched you to spend time with the guy.” Stiles pointed out.

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*Pynch Week 2017, Day Four: College

(shout out to @franuary for being awesome and helping brainstorm what Adam’s college life might be like!)

“Adam, when am I finally going to meet your mysterious boyfriend?” Jay yells from across the library. It’s getting near one am and most of the students have cleared out, leaving Adam and Jay in peace to shelve. Well, mostly in peace. Jay keeps prying but Adam doesn’t really mind.

“He’s coming to pick me up tomorrow, after class,” Adam replies. He shelves the Collected Works of Shakespeare and pushes his cart down the row. Jay starts singing a Queen song at top volume and Adam checks to make sure that none of the students are within earshot. The library’s closing soon and from what he can see they’ve got the place to themselves. Adam hums along, not knowing all the words, but he joins in at the chorus.

“You should invite him to the play!” Jay shouts. “He knows about the play, right?”

Adam shelves Rumi and squirms. “Well, sort of. It’s been a bit difficult, me being away. We haven’t even Skyped or seen each other since I moved in. I don’t know… I don’t think he’s handling being on his own very well.”

Jay abandons his cart and comes over to sit on Adam’s mostly empty cart. “That sucks. I mean, I’ve never done long distance so I can’t really give you any advice. Do you guys talk at all?”

“About once a week,” Adam says with a sigh. “I almost always call him. He hates phones. But we chat a lot online, usually in the middle of the night because he doesn’t sleep.”

Jay’s phone vibrates and he fishes it out of his pocket to show Adam a cat GIF that his boyfriend sent. Adam grins appreciatively. Despite their differences he and Jay have become good friends; it was Jay who recruited him to work with the drama department and do backstage work for their fall production. Adam is used to having an extremely full schedule so taking on volunteer work feels natural and it fills in the spaces left by Ronan and Gansey, Blue and Henry, Noah. It fills the Glendower void and the absence of Cabeswater. It helps to stave off his homesickness.

“Oh, dude, it’s closing time!” Jay announces. Adam blinks and studies his watch; it’s the old grubby one he leant to Opal, she gave it back to him when he left for college. He traces the bite marks on the band, missing the little dream girl and her peculiar antics. One more day, he’ll get to see her in one more day.

Adam helps Jay close the library and they walk back to the dorms together. Jay’s boyfriend meets him outside and the two of them say goodnight to Adam before leaving. Baz hops on Jay’s back and makes him carry him piggyback to their dorm building. Adam smiles and shakes his head at them, feeling wistful.

When he gets back to his dorm suite Adam finds the other guys gaming in the sitting area. They yell greetings (and expletives, but those are directed at the game). Adam checks the fridge and grabs the apple he snuck out of the dining hall. He’s gotten used to having readily available food and, unlike most of his classmates, he’s good about eating well. Fridays are a cheat day, though. On Fridays he gets an omelet, bacon, grits, and raisin toast for breakfast; meatball sub with a side salad for lunch; and pizza and ice cream at dinner. But the rest of the week is balanced meals. That, plus unlimited gym access, added up to an extra fifteen pounds on his frame.

Adam is pretty pleased with the physical changes that eating and working out have wrought on his body, but clothing is an issue. His jeans are tight around his waist and, according to Jay, his butt. (The theater kids have all been very appreciative of how much he’s changed; Talia and Samir have taken to calling him “stud muffin.”) His shirts are almost embarrassingly tight; Adam wears the librarian sweater that Jay gifted him all the time to hide the way his arm muscles strain at his shirt sleeves. According to Dani, another library worker, Adam has amassed a small following of library groupies who only visit during his shift. It’s weirdly flattering. He still can’t grow facial hair for anything, but he doesn’t really mind. Shaving means taking more time on his appearance and buying razors.

Even though he knows that it’s silly Adam spends a lot of time planning his outfit for the next day. He hasn’t seen Ronan in months and he wants to look good but not too different. His hair (cut for free by Talia) is styled in an undercut, which he loves, partly because he doesn’t have to do anything to it most mornings. Adam reviews his wardrobe and picks some fairly nice jeans and a T-shirt he found at the local thrift store, it’s faded grey with line art of a skull and a raven on it.

He lays the clothes out on his bed and packs his duffle bag. All of his homework has been completed ahead of time so he doesn’t even need to bring textbooks or notes; for one blissful week it’ll be vacation, the first real vacation he’s ever had. He has no idea what Ronan has planned but he knows they’re going somewhere for part of the week. All Ronan would say is “pack some shoes.”


Adam barely sleeps that night. He’s too excited about seeing Ronan. And he’s anxious. He’s changed so much since coming to college, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially. He came to campus tabula rasa and he’s loved having the opportunity to present who he truly is without the stigma that always followed him at Aglionby. Here no one knows that he lived in a trailer, that his father beat him, that he moved out on his own and worked three jobs to put himself through school. He’s been able to find like-minded people. Sure, they’re not Ronan, Gansey, Blue, Noah, or Henry—nothing will ever come close to matching the intensity of those bonds—but his new friends are compassionate and fun, smart and opinionated. He’s been roped into volunteering with the theater department and the garden club (he gets free produce), he’s even helped out at an animal shelter on Saturdays. Jay brings him along to the LGBTQ group events. It seems like every weekend he has social plans, whether it’s impromptu movie nights or excursions to offbeat places around town. He’s learning what it’s like to let other people in and it makes him worry about Ronan even more—how is he doing at the Barns when his only companions are a dream child and animals?

Classes that day seem to drag on and Adam fidgets, checking his phone constantly even though he knows that Ronan won’t text him. It’s probable that Ronan will just show up at his door after sneaking in the dorm or bullying his way in. It’s likely that Chainsaw will be with him for Aesthetic. Adam resists the impulse to text Ronan.

After class Adam goes to the dining hall for lunch with Dani and some of her friends. He texts his suitemates but they report that there have been no boyfriend sightings (they remember Ronan from move in day and they’re both terrified and eager about the prospect of seeing him again). Adam takes his time walking back to the dorm, enjoying the cool weather and the way the leaves look. He knows that the Barns will be gorgeous: the trees decked out in autumn colors, the pumpkin patch he started will be ready for harvesting. He closes his eyes and imagines it: the early morning fog hanging heavy over the fields, crows haunting the trees at the edge of the woods, deer and cattle grazing side by side, the quiet


Adam’s eyes snap open and he spins around because… because…


Ronan is propping up the side of Adam’s dorm building, looking effortlessly cool and badass with his shredded jeans, black leather jacket, biker boots, and freshly shaved head. His expression is, well, it’s a new expression. He’s looking at Adam as if he’s never seen him before. Adam feels worry prick at his heart but he shakes it off and jogs over.

“Hey,” he says, standing in front of Ronan, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot because why isn’t Ronan saying anything? Why isn’t he doing something?

“Christ.“ The word is spoken with quiet intensity. “What the fuck have they been feeding you?” Ronan asks. He steps forward and grabs Adam’s biceps in his hands, squeezing. “Dude… turn around.”

Adam’s blushing now but he does as Ronan says, doing a full pivot for his boyfriend. A passing student wolf whistles.

“Did you get new jeans?” Ronan sounds a bit hoarse.

“Um, no,” Adam mutters. “I just grew into them I guess.”

“You guess?” Ronan’s eyebrows are signaling intense interest. “How in the fuck—you look like you’ve gained ten pounds.”

“Fifteen, actually,” Adam corrects him, grinning.

“Fifteen! Get the fuck out,” Ronan matches Adam’s grin with a predatory smile. “You even look taller. And check out your hair! Gansey is gonna lose his shit.”


“Yeah, man. We’re gonna meet up with the Fearsome Threesome somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. That’s why I said bring shoes.”

Adam nods, feeling such a strong rush of emotions that it’s almost too much. “So, my hair, you like it?”

Ronan ruffles Adam’s hair and strokes his fingers over the shaved sides and back. “It’s fucking hot,” Ronan answers, a rough growl in his voice that makes Adam wish they were in the privacy of his room instead of standing out in the open.

“Good,” he replies, and takes Ronan by the hand and drags him into the dorm. He’s extremely thankful that his suitemates have had the decency to leave for the afternoon: he and Ronan have a lot of catching up to do.

[I am officially in love with writing about college!adam. I want him to have the BEST college experience. The Freshman Fifteen was an idea that hit me a while ago and I’ve been dying to write about it so yay! The title of this fic is a reference to David Bowie’s song “Changes”]