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Questions to ask your spirit friends

This post was written by Thicket, Rosemary, Tom, and Alexandria.

Questions for all spirits

How are you?

By what name may I call you, if you wish to give me one?

What offerings do you enjoy? How often do you need them? (This does not mean you must give offerings as often as a spirit requests. Do things on your own terms)

What is your true nature?

What laws do you obey?

Do you live near me?

Why did you answer my call today? (alternatively: Why are you here?)

How do you manifest to me? (Visions, sensations, light orbs, etc)

What do you like to do for fun? What are your pastimes?

What is your preferred method of communication? (Psychic, tarot, runes, other systems)

Is your spirit home comfortable?

Questions for guardians

Is there any danger to me at this time?

What is your normal method of protecting me? (Magic, brute force, cunning)

Are you able to do your job alone? (Be careful, some spirits may find this question to be insulting)

How may I assist you in keeping me safe?

Would you like a thoughtform to aid you in your task?

How are my wards and shields?

In what area are my defenses lacking?

Is there any pitfall or dangerous situation I am getting close to?

Who do I need to be careful of at this time?

Do you require any healing?

What problems can we take care of together?

Alexandria says: “What attacks are necessary at this time?”

Tom says: “Do not listen to Alexandria, be careful when engaging the enemy directly.”

Questions for guides

What form are you most comfortable in?

Tom and Alexandria say: “This is mostly for human curiosity and does not really matter.” Thicket disagrees; the form a creature can take can communicate very valuable information to the practitioner.

What do you think about the direction I am going in?

What paths are available to me right now?

Tom says: “Do not agonize over the future.” I think this is personal advice and not really a question.

What am I doing right now that could be dangeous?

What advice do you have for me? (Tom and Alexandria feel this is an excellent question)

What do you feel the outcomes are for this situation? Tom and Alexandria warn you to not be constrained by the limited futures a guide can show you.

How can I improve my life right now?

How can I aid you in your goals of guiding and directing me to a more secure life?

What is your goal for my life?

How long have you been with me? (Tom and Alexandria doubt the usefulness of this question, especially Tom. They communicate that this has no real bearing on a spirit’s ability to do it’s job – Thicket again disagrees)

What situations should I contact you about? (Serious, casual, everyday, rare)

Questions for helpers and servants

How are you able to assist me?

How am I able to assist you?

Are you able to carry out the tasks I have given you?

What is preventing you from carrying out these tasks, if anything?

What is your favorite task to complete?

What do you get out of helping me?

Do you require energy or recharging at this time?

What do you need in order to carry out your tasks?

Do you need a period of rest? Is it regularly required?

Have you discovered anything important that you need to share with me?

Questions for companions and friends

How are you feeling today?

Is everything comfortable for you?

Do you feel you are receiving enough attention from me lately?

Is there anything you would like to talk about?

Tell me about your day. (Tom especially likes this question; Alexandria is fond of it).

What can I get for you right now?

Are you pleased with your spirit home? Does it require upkeep?

What have you been up to lately?

Have any of your preferences changed? (Alexandria likes this question a lot)

What can I bring you as a special gift some time soon?

Is there any place you would like to travel to soon?

Am I doing anything lately that is bothering you?

How are you getting along with my spirit family?

Do you still enjoy the offerings you are receiving?

Other Notes

Some spirits appreciate being chattered to all day long, just like a close friend. Other spirits prefer to be contacted only when a serious matter arises, or even not at all. When greeting a new spirit, ask them how much they would like to communicate in general.

Do not directly ask for names. Names are serious business in the spirit world! Instead ask, “by what name may I call you,” indicating you are not searching for a true name. Tom feels that even these given names should be kept somewhat secret, and another nickname used to communicate about this spirit to humans. Alexandria somewhat agrees. Do not be offended or worried if a spirit refuses to give you any sort of name at all.

Do not confuse offerings with worship. Offerings are more like gifts – literally, you are just “offering” something to a spirit. A cup of coffee, a shot of liquor, some food, or even a nice glass of water makes a good gift. Just as you would offer snacks and beverages to any guest in your home, politely offer spirits something just to be a gracious host.

Avoid asking questions that give spirits leverage over you. “How do you feel about me?” is a question asked primarily by insecure people. Tom thinks this is harsh. Alexandria thinks this is correct. Some of these questions you may feel are somewhat unavoidable in companionship relationships. Let me encourage you to just be careful.

Tom wishes to leave a final note: “Always be careful. Spirits are not always what they seem.”


It’s like the majority of people on tumblr get their news from a reblogged gif😒

1) the old man (Warren Beatty) didn’t announce a winner. He just stood there looking confused and was asking his co presenter (Faye Dunaway) to double check.

2) Faye didn’t properly read the card and just blurted out LaLa Land.

3) The cards are printed in a way that Warren didn’t know for sure if he had been given the wrong card or Emma Stone was the producer of LaLa Land.

4) There are 2 sets of cards printed in case of anything catastrophic that might happen, just so the real results are preserved and revealed.

5) The LaLa Land producers knew way before the first acceptance speech ended that the wrong winner was announced and instead of politely giving way the stage, they stood there and went through their speeches. Jimmy, Warren, the producers were trying to be polite by not just booting them off but they let them know they didn’t win. It must have been hard for them but they should have given way and let the production do their jobs.

6) There was no reason for Jordan Horowitz (producer of LaLa Land) to snatch that card out of Warren’s hand as he was trying to come up to explain what happened as it was his award to present. He was trying to correct a mistake that wasn’t his but given the fact that he was the presenter, he was the public face of this. I understand he was pissed, but he was still rude.

7) Emma Stone’s “I had my card the whole time” was a bit ignorant. Regardless if at the time she didn’t know there were two sets, she basically was calling Warren Beatty a liar without knowing all the facts.

8) There was no conspiracy to steal Moonlight’s moment. Someone fucked up and fucked up royally. They will probably never work the oscars again, never get another live tv gig and possible not work in the industry anymore.

9) The only thing that may have slightly (and I say slightly because I think the Moonlight people have been overly gracious towards the LaLa Land people) dampened Moonlight’s moment was the fact that you could tell they knew way early on they didn’t win and still stood on stage and gave their speeches until finally production decided to step in and move them off. Only then did Jordan Horowitz attempt to correct things after they refused to give way.

10) Jimmy Kimmel is a dunce. Nobody cares what he thinks about who should keep the award.


Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been working on the story for several weeks, but I wouldn’t finish it without my dear petal, @little-black-dress-24. It all happened thanks to your idea, your patience with me constantly tormenting you to read this stuff. So, huge thank you, E. And E, I’m really sorry for my dramatic, aesthetic, perfectionist ass. Luv yeh. xx

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to comment, share or at least like, if you fancy my work. 

Harry is a lawyer and he is faced with the challenge of cooperating with his new boss. The boss turns out to be a beautiful woman. 
Word count: 9,500-ish

You were sitting in a comfortable armchair with a cappuccino in a white coffee cup, right in front of you on a coffee table. You took a deeper breath from time to time to relax your tense body. You weren’t scared but you were nervous, in a good way. Finally, you achieved one of your career goals. You applied for your dream job in one of the best prospering law companies in the UK. You were determined to achieve your goal and so it happened. You were the first and the youngest woman to become a CEO in the company.

It was your first day and you were waiting for one of the Board Members to officially introduce you to the team. Your head was full of ideas on how to expand and develop the company. You were very excited about the job to a point where you couldn’t sleep at night because you were so full of energy and excitement for the new things to come.

You looked at a golden chain watch on your wrist and realised you should have been called inside about 10 minutes ago. You were tapping your fingers on your knees in excitement when you heard a man shouting in the office you were about to enter in the next couple of minutes.

‘You promised me this job and you lied to me, John! You know very well that it’s me who should have been given this job, I worked my ass off and I deserve it!’ you heard.

Hearing this, you felt an uncomfortable cramp in your stomach and a wide smile disappeared from your face immediately. Is someone getting fired because you got this job? That certainly wasn’t a good start, you thought. Several seconds later, the door to the office opened with force and a man stormed out from the inside. He was tall, very lean, dressed in a tailor-made navy-blue suit, white shirt and a black tie. His face was furious; eyebrows frowned, lips pursed in anger. When he noticed you sitting next to the door, his eyes lingered on you for several seconds as he was walking by, like he was examining you, wondering who you might be. Then he laughed sarcastically, spitting a silent ‘Obviously…’ under his nose. He disappeared behind the door and you were called in by Mr. Stevens as it was your turn to meet in his office.

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You know, ever since Pyrrha died, I’ve been seeing tons of posts about why Jaune should have died instead of her.  Like, people will post whole novels about why Pyrrha should have lived and Jaune should have died.  But you know what?  The reason why Pyrrha had to die was this one simple reason:

If Jaune had died instead, nobody would have given a flying fuck.

I mean, people didn’t really like Jaune by the time season 3 rolled around.  Heck, they’ve never liked him, from what I’ve seen.  If Jaune had died instead of Pyrrha, people wouldn’t have cared.  Hell, they probably would have been celebrating!  Everyone would be making pictures of Cinder being like “Good job” and shit.  They would have loved that moment.  It wouldn’t have had the same effect as when Pyrrha died.

When Pyrrha died, people were heartbroken.  They hated Cinder.  They hated all the bad guys.  They were sad, they were angry.  And that’s exactly what the show needed.  With Pyrrha gone, it made people want Team RNJR to succeed more than ever, because it meant that her death wasn’t in vain.  Can you imagine people reacting the same way if Jaune had died?  No, I don’t think so.

You have to care about the character in order for their death to leave an impact.  That’s how good character deaths work.  If Jaune had died, nobody would have cared, and some would have even been happy.  With Pyrrha dead, people are rooting for the good guys more than ever and want to see the bad guys fall, most of the time anyway.  

Jaune still gets more hate than Cinder these days, which is kind of gross in my opinion.  I mean, Cinder is responsible for so much death and destruction.  Her plans led to Penny’s death and Yang losing her arm.  She’s responsible for the fall of Beacon and Team RWBY falling apart.  And she killed Amber and Pyrrha herself.  Meanwhile, what has Jaune done?  Hit on a girl more than he should have.  That’s it.  That’s literally all he’s done.  Flirting with a girl after she’s repeatedly said no is bad.  But I think it’s a small crime compared to downright murder.

So, yeah.  That was just my little rant for the day.  Jaune dying would not have been as effective as Pyrrha dying, because most of the fandom hated him so much.

A reminder to everyone who’s sick of how insane the Left has become...

I can see the political pendulum swinging back to the Right.  And, since people have a tendency to think in terms of black / white and to move to extremes, here’s a few reminders for when the Right starts going more publicly crazy again…

  • Not all poor people are lazy and stupid; sometimes shit happens
  • Not everyone on welfare is just too lazy to get a job; see above
  • Not all rich people are hard-working geniuses; luck and connections play a massive role
  • The police are not all saintly heroes with perfect judgement
  • Not everyone who gets shot by a cop deserves it
  • Not everyone who gets arrested is guilty
  • Corporations are not inherently flawless machines of perfect job-creating efficiency, if only Big Government would stop interfering
  • The United States is not a perfect, blameless nation that has never done anything wrong
  • Criticising the United States does not mean you hate it
  • Sometimes foreign countries have good ideas that we, too, can adopt
  • Bigotry is still a thing that can be done by white heterosexual males

It wasn’t long ago when I saw those views constantly, and as more and more people get fed up with how fucking batshit the Left has gone (”All poor people have just been fucked over by rich capitalists, and should just be given unlimited funds regardless of how fucking lazy they are!  Bring on Communism!  All law is inherently racist, and the fucking pig cops are all evil fascists!  America is pure evil!  All men are rapists!  Kill all white people!  Kill the straights!  Kill all cis scum!”), more and more people will start saying those things again.

People talk about how “centrists” are “cowards too afraid to take a stand!”, but the truth is that it’s easy to go to extremes; it’s much harder to try to put aside biases to find the truth.  It’s much harder to walk a tightrope than it is to just dive off one side or the other.

Ask Box Closed Until May (at the earliest); A Long-Winded Apology

Hey everyone. It’s time for me to get real about something.

I’ve had about 6 different readers send asks to me in the past few days checking on old asks. I have one reader who’s been waiting since November for an answer to their question who has waited five months for a follow up. (I’m working on it.)

First: I’m really, really sorry about the delay. This image will explain what’s been keeping me…

That’s over 1250 asks awaiting my answer.

Some back of the envelope math tells me that at 3 asks a day (a reasonable pace that I (mostly) can keep up with), that means that it should take me fourteen months to clear my inbox.

That’s not acceptable. Not to you, not to me. It’s frankly been making me feel pretty overwhelmed. I’m working 90 hour weeks, I’m sick for the third time in two months, I’m in a weird limbo where the job I interviewed at has given me a start date but not an official offer, I’m behind on my coursework, I have about 6 writing projects on various back burners that aren’t going well, and I’m frankly dreading working the summer. My head hasn’t been in a great place, which is why you haven’t seen any new articles from me in the last 2 months. (I’m so so sorry!)

Closing the inbox is the only piece of that insanity that I can control.

For those who have been waiting the longest, I have even more bad news.

The right and just thing to do would be to manage the inbox in chronological order: oldest to newest. But the way Tumblr seems to interact with both of my browsers, I can’t see the older asks AND TYPE without a massive input delay. It makes it functionally impossible for me to answer the oldest asks first. Which means I’m going to answer the questions near the top first (because I can actually, y’know, answer them). I haven’t seen the actual bottom of my inbox in weeks because it breaks my browser.

I’m so, so sorry.

I’m working on some strategies to get this done. In the meantime, please do not message me your asks as a “workaround”.

I don’t know how I’m going to manage a 1250 ask backlog. I’m considering a few things–opening up the inbox for only a few days at a time, for example, or grouping similar asks together and answering as much of them as I can.

For now all I have to say is: I’m sorry, hold tight, I love you all.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Imagine: Forgetting your inhaler before a run with Eric and he helps you when you have trouble with your asthma.

For: Anon

“You’re 4 minutes late Y/N!” Eric scolds as you walk to outdoor running track. 

“I got held up, sorry,” You shrug. 

“I’m doing you a favour by personally training you. Don’t abuse this Y/N. 4 minutes late is going to mean 4 extra laps,” He states. 

“Eric-” You’re about to complain but he cuts you off. 

“You whine and I’ll make that 8 extra laps,” You groan but don’t argue. 

You do the first few laps alongside Eric perfectly fine. Your breathe starts catching during the 11th, you reach inside the small pocket of your armband to search for your inhaler, your hand is met with nothing but the fabric of the pouch. That’s when you remember taking your inhaler out last night. Shit. 

You contemplate telling Eric, but you decide to just continue pushing yourself instead. He wouldn’t understand. 

You slightly fall behind Eric’s pace by the 14th lap. He turns towards you, running backwards, “Keep up Y/N!”

“Eric,” you wheeze, hunching over and putting your hands on your knees, “I-need a-a break. Please.”

“A break, what do you think we’re doing here Y/N? Playing a friendly game?” He barks, “Keep running, 10 more laps and then you get your break!" 

With that said, he turns around and continues running. You have no choice but to follow him. You feel your throat closing, and your breath comes in sputters of coughing. 

"Eric please,” you try calling out but your voice fails you. You collapse to your knees, your chest and neck tighten, and you attempt to breathe rapidly between your cough fits. Panic takes over and you feel tears mixing with the sweat dripping down your face. You make another weak attempt, “Eric!" 

This time, he miraculously turns around, "Y/N? Shit!”

He rushes over to you and kneels down beside you, placing a hand on your back, “What happened?!”

“As-asthma,” you sputter. A look of dread and guilt overcomes his face. 

“Fuck, I’m sorry Y/N!” He puts a hand against your cheek, “Look, you’re going to be fine, I promise! Do you have an inhaler?”

You shake your head weakly. He sighs, “Okay, I’m going to take you to the infirmary. I just need you to remain calm.”

With shaky hands, you wipe away your tears and try to slow your breathing as best you can. Eric loops one arm under your knees, and places the other around your shoulders. He lifts you up; you loosely wrap your arms around his neck to offer support.

You wake up in the infirmary, and see Eric sitting on a chair next to your cot. He notices you waking and a look of relief comes across his face, “Y/N, you’re okay!”

“How long have been out for?” You ask, pushing yourself into a sitting position.

“A few hours.”

“And you sat here this whole time?” The question catches him off guard, and you can swear that you see him blush a little bit. 

“I-um, I felt like such an ass, I should have given a break when you asked for it. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Eric. You couldn’t have possibly known. You just assumed I was being lazy, it’s your job to push me.”

“I’m still sorry.”

You gently touch his hand, “I forgive you.”


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anonymous asked:

What about jw's portrayal of women do you dislike? If its ok I ask

This is one of those things that inspires a lot of the Discourse™ on this blog and let’s just say that the well-rounded portrayal of women in JP and TLW where women 100% had their own agency and plotlines that JW was basically a spitting in the face on that score 

you don’t have to agree I just don’t think that Claire cuts it for “well rounded female characters” 

I don’t think having a woman who is portrayed as focused on her career changing her tune and falling in love and being okay with kids is actually a female-empowered storyline 

Like look, women can want to have kids. Women can love families. Women can love their career, AND families. Women can love family and hate career. But women can also love career and hate family. Too often women are portrayed as cold, bad, hateful, broken just because they’re focusing on a career and not on their family. 

So Claire goes from being a career-driving women, who’s awkward with kids and love and romance, to being in a romantic relationship, better with kids, and seemingly uncaring about her career and the company she’s built. And I’m not denying that that sort of thing happens - lrd knows, traumatic situations are shit - but it’s a narrative we’ve heard over and over again, and it sends a bad message - that she’s better now, A) for having been through a traumatic experience and “changing” because of it [fun fact guys, trauma is never a good thing. You can think you changed for the better because of your trauma but that’s your personal narrative, and not one to send out, because it encourages the main response of people to people who experience trauma to be “you’ll grow as a person!” when fuck, as a multi-trauma survivor, that’s not actually helpful, I need comfort and understanding that I just went through shit, not a belittling “this’ll be good for you!” type dealio] B) the specific narrative of she’s “better” now that she’s not career-driven but romance/family driven is Gross. Gross Gross Gross. She’s just different, not better. 

And let’s go over some other minor points 

- women choosing to wear heels is empowering, yes, because women making choices for themselves is always empowering. But she didn’t make the choice for herself. A male screenwriter/director did. And they did it to make her look Sexy and/or a little silly, because those aren’t practical footwear for their situation. She looks impractical & stupid about survival. Femininity isn’t bad, and you can be feminine in survival situations, but there are ways to showcase that without having someone be impractical about it. 

- people kiss in high stress situations, it happens, but she and Owen had no chemistry whatsoever, and her running off into the sunset with him doesn’t make any sense - they’ll probably change as people for the trauma, but A) Owen didn’t show any signs of changing, which, you know, see above. Also add on a bit about how Men are Strong and stay the Same in a Traumatic Situation but Women are Weak and they Change because they’ve been Hurt™ B) she hasn’t changed so much as to put up with Owen’s shit; they don’t mesh together well, they went on a date and it didn’t work out, the end. 

Owen and Barry would have made more fucking sense as an endgame couple 

- The only other women in this damn thing were A) Claire’s sister, who had the patronizing “you’ll want kids some day!” shit while she was getting a fucking divorce and should know better - that family doesn’t always work out, that it’s not for everyone, but there you go 

- The parents literally only exist to get divorced, you don’t know anything else about them 

- Claire’s assistant, who is portrayed as neglectful of the kids - which is bad - even though she’s planning a wedding, and that’s a big fucking deal, frankly Claire should have given her time off, but no, she had to watch the kids instead (which should have been Claire’s job, but we have to contribute to the Her Going from Cold Bitch to Warm Caretaker narrative) -> and the assistant does show remorse!!! and freaks out when she loses the kids!!! but there you go -> and for her neglect she gets a ridiculously long and drawn out death scene, longer than like, any other in the JP franchise, it’s ridiculous 

OK I said I wasn’t going to say much but this turned into a ramble. It’s a fucking mess. JP and TLW were fucking Fantastic in terms of the women in them but Nope, not JW. 

Again, you can disagree, but this is what I think. 

JP fanboys sending hate will get blocked. 

When Saeyoung Isn't Home (Saeran/MC)

It had been four days since Saeyoung Choi left his house. It wasn’t easy. To say goodbye to the love of his life, who he might or might not be seeing ever again. He still remembered her tearful face when she let him go.

How? How could he forget it?

And then there was him. A guy who looked almost exactly like him, only that he didn’t wear glasses and he had mint green eyes. Unlike her, nothing changed on his face. He just stared at him, saying nothing like he always did.

“I’ll be gone for only a week. Please take care of her for me.”


“Thank you so much. I know I can count on you. Well then, I guess I should be going now…”

Having a job where you had to devote yourself to your country was never easy.


The rain was falling. She sighed. The house was as quiet as graveyard if she didn’t count the rough sound of raindrops hitting the ground outside. There were only him and her, staying together inside a house like they had been forced to do that.

Saeyoung had the ability to turn a graveyard into a nightclub in no time. Sadly, he wasn’t there.

Saeran was sitting on the sofa with his legs meeting his chest as he played the gaming device his brother had given him a couple of weeks ago. His face never changed. Whether he had lost or won, nobody could really tell.

“Do you want something to eat?”



It was always like that. A one-way conversation. She asked him something, he replied with one word, she responded, and their conversation ended. Living alone or together with him made no difference.

She went on with what she was doing–cooking something for herself. Everything went smoothly until she was chopping some onions… and suddenly the house blacked out.


He said nothing. Maybe he had gotten used to it. The darkness. Maybe it was one thing he fancied so much.

“S-Saeran… I… I think I just cut my finger a bit… if you don’t mind, would you help me find some light?”

Still nothing. It was almost completely black. She stared at the sofa where he had been sitting, trying to track him. He had put his device on the sofa as she could see the bright light off its screen.

But where was he? Did he walk away? Did he leave her alone?


She felt a presence besides her. Quickly, she turned her head to her right. There was a flick, and a lighter was turned on. Behind that small source of light, there was his face. Still emotionless as usual, but in the dark surrounded by light.

She couldn’t help but to stare at him. They had never gotten this close before. And she couldn’t help but to notice just how beautiful those mint green eyes were. She didn’t feel like blinking. She kept staring at those eyes, slowly losing her awareness.


Only then was she taken aback. “Oh… I’m… I’m sorry.”

It was his turn to stare at her. A few seconds passed, which felt like an eternity to her.

“You’re strange.”

She had no idea what to say to that. It seemed like her brain had stopped working. After that he turned and started walking. She followed him in instant, didn’t want to be left alone in the dark. He sat back on the sofa while still holding his lighter. She stood besides him.

“Can I… sit with you?”


That meant yes. He had his own dictionary.

She sat on the sofa and they both fell into silence. Silence in darkness. She would appreciate it if someone wanted to make a horror movie out of that situation. It wasn’t a surprise to see him like that but she couldn’t stand the awkwardness.

How she wished the blackout never happened.

She glanced at him. He stared straight to the front. To the blackness. What was he thinking inside of that red head? And to see his face up close from the side… it was even better. She made herself a mental note on how precise the point of the tip of his nose was, how sharp his jawline, how defined his whole face…

“What is it?”

He glared at her. His eyebrows furrowed a little bit. Even so, she couldn’t stop staring. In fact, a stronger force inside of her was able to drive her to do something she had never imagined in a million years.

She kissed him on his lips.

The kiss lasted for five seconds, before she pulled away. It was obvious from the look on his face that he did not expect it at all. His eyes widened and his cheeks flushed.

“W-what are you doing? Are you an imbecile? Do you want me to burn this whole house down?”

“I-I… I… uh… I’m…”

The lights went back on. He did not waste any second. He turned off his lighter, took his gaming device, stood up from his seat, and walked away into his room.


He tossed and turned. No matter how hard he tried to sleep, he couldn’t. The thing that had happened to his lips… it bothered him like a bug in his favorite software. He didn’t like it. But he wasn’t sure which part of it that he disliked.

The fact that it happened to him, or the fact that it bothered him.

“Stupid girl. Why did she do that?”

He tossed and turned again. He could do that all night long if necessary. But he just wanted to sleep.

“I can’t sleep because of that stupid girl. I should talk to her and give her a lesson.”


When he tried to open her door, it was unlocked. That was another proof of her stupidity. She was sleeping. And he didn’t like it. How could she ruin his sleep and got away with it? He wouldn’t let her. She had to pay for what she had done to him.

He was about to yell at her to wake her up when he heard her sobbing. At first, he wasn’t so sure, but when he stood right in front of her, it was confirmed. She was indeed sobbing.

“Sae… Saeyoung…”

She must have been dreaming. He sighed. Even while sleeping, she was still stupid.

“Wake up.”

He shook her body by her shoulder. It didn’t take long for her to open her eyes and see him. She wiped her tears and sat up on her bed.

“Saeran? What are you doing here?” Her voice cracked.

“Why did you cry in your sleep?” He asked her instead of answering.

“Oh… that,” she attempted to breathe properly, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I… I think I dreamed of Saeyoung. I thought he was going to leave me forever. I’m so afraid. I guess I just miss him a little bit too much…”

He folded his arms and looked away. “I know how that feels.”


“Never mind.”

She rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing in my room? You should be sleeping.”

“That idiot just doesn’t know how to respect people, does he?” Once again, he did not answer her question.

She sighed. “I won’t put it that way but… yeah he doesn’t.”

He didn’t know what kind of spirit that took control over his body, but something about her swollen and red eyes made him want to sit beside her. They fell into silence for the second time that day.

They spent almost a minute sitting side by side while busy thinking about something in their own heads. It was like being alone together. And then, all of a sudden, they stared at each other. In the silence, they were talking. Talking with their eyes, where everything in their hearts had been written.

Their hearts, their feelings, their thoughts… they were reading as well as conversing with each other without saying a word. Then it happened again. It just happened. Just like that. Naturally. Without force. Without hesitation.

She kissed his lips. But not just once. Twice, thrice, four times, five times, six times… and it went longer, deeper, more intense and passionate. The clueless boy did nothing. He let her do whatever she wanted. Even when she put her lips on his neck and when her hands began grabbing his clothes.


He stared at the wall. He couldn’t sleep. It turned out that his theory was wrong. Talking to her didn’t send him to sleep, it created even more bugs in his brain’s program. He felt her tiny finger tracing his tattoo on his bare right arm.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked.

He could feel her breath tickling his earlobe. It sent shivers down his spine. “Do I really need to answer that…?”

Her voice was deep, and rough. Just like the thing that they had done with each other. He hadn’t done processing her voice inside his head, but he already felt another thing. Her tiny pair of lips sucking his neck, planting sweet and lovely kisses on it.

“Saeran… don’t leave.”

Her hands found their way around his waist. And he could feel her bare skin pressing against his. Her head resting on his shoulder. She hugged him from behind, holding him tight, keeping him close, not letting go. Body to body. Skin to skin. Something so absurd, yet it happened to him.

“Don’t ever leave me…”

His eyes felt heavy. His vision became blurry. It was like someone had injected a poison into him. He was familiar with this feeling. When you felt so light, so weightless, and you just wanted to close your eyes, leave the world behind, and enter your own world.

A drug. An ecstasy. A paradise.

It was faint, but he could hear himself whispering.

“I won’t…”


Three days later, Saeyoung was back safe and sound. She ran into him, jumped as she hugged him. They turned around, swirling like an ice cream on top of its cone. She cried her tears of joy while hugging him. He couldn’t see her face, or the person she was staring at behind his back.

Those mint green eyes again.


“Saeran, thank you so much. You really did take good care of her.”

The younger twin stared at the older one. “No need to thank me. It’s nothing.”

He stood up and was about to walk away when Saeyoung grabbed his wrist. “No, Saeran. Thank you. I really mean it.”

Saeran turned his head and they stared at each other once again. This time it was much longer than the first. “You’re being weird.”

The older twin let go of his brother’s wrist and then the latter just walked away.


“Hey Saeran! Do you know why twins are more special than regular siblings?”

“No, Saeyoung. Why is that?”

“It’s because their souls are connected. Just like us. Our souls are connected!”

“I still don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Saeran, our souls are connected in such way that I can look into your eyes and know everything you’re hiding behind them.”

The End

P.S: My first ever fan fiction here after all this time! So, how is it? Tell me what you think about it on the comment section! I’ll look forward to it! 😃

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Hi... Um can you do a Exo reaction to them reacting u asking them for a boob/butt massage...?

Xiumin: He bit his lip, quirking his brow suggestively. “Whatever my lady wants, my lady shall have.” what a gentleman

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

Luhan (ex-member): He laughed awkwardly, tongue swiping across his lower lip. “Was that a joke or …?” He couldn’t hide the hopefulness in his voice.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris (ex-member): Considering the size of his hands, he was not too surprised by the obsession you had formed on them. You always asked to hold his hand, for back massages, now this. He didn’t know if he liked this kink of yours or not but if it meant he could touch your boobs/butt then he saw no reason to complain.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Suho: Blushing cherry red, he chuckled, wondering if you were serious.

Lay: This precious cinnamon roll thought that it was your time of the month and were in pain so without even a second thought to the request, he was massaging you and asking if you wanted some soothing tea as well.

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun: At first he was shy but then, not wanting to let the opportunity pass him by, he got to work quickly.

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen: Being the tease that he is, Jongdae put on an over dramatic show – “Aish, you always think about your needs! Why should I listen to your orders just like that?” Honestly, he just wanted to make you beg.

Originally posted by sassy-osh


Originally posted by kpop-rose

D.O: Sighing, he rubbed his temples to calm himself down. After a hard day of dance practice and dealing with idiots (Baekhyun) he had been hoping that you would offer him a massage. “Maybe some other day,” he promised, “if you massage me today.”

Tao (ex-member): He was excited but also nervous, having never given a boob/butt massage before.

Originally posted by baek-tao-the-future

Kai: Licking his lips, he scrunched his nose at you like a hungry wolf. “Who am I to deny my woman’s needs?” he asked.

Originally posted by drawien

Sehun: Sprawled out across your shared bed, his lanky limbs strewn everywhere, he lazily turned over to give you a pointed look. “No. Why should I? The dinner you made today was weak but if you do a better job tomorrow, maybe I’ll think about it.” But his front only lasted for a second, until you ran your hand up his thigh. Then he was back to being a horny little shit again.

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A Beeautiful Misunderstanding

I just wanted to write something silly and this was the result. Zero planning went into this, and I’m strangely pleased with the results anyway.

“Watch out!”

Marinette barely managed to dodge the street lamp thrown at her courtesy of today’s second akuma. It should have been frightening. Instead, it was just exhausting. Honestly, Marinette had to wonder where Hawkmoth was even finding so many angry people. Given how much she struggled to keep up with her grades, her attendance at school, and her job protecting Paris, part of her was surprised she hadn’t been akumatized herself yet.

Before she could move away from the area and out of danger, she was being scooped up and carried off to a nearby rooftop. “You’re okay, right?”

Marinette looked up to see the newest superhero staring down at her. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Great. Stay there, and I’ll get this villain away from you.” Queen Bee smirked. “We can talk about paying me back for saving you later!”

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Fuck everything. So I was recently promoted. Great, right? Wrong. I was given the position unofficially on March 13th. Figured I would sign my contract the next day. No dice. Turns out I have to have a proper interview (instead of them just giving me the job). Fine. Do interview. Good? Nope. Have to do full interview, fill out all 14 pages. Okay so we do that. STILL HAVE NOT SIGNED. IT IS APRIL 14TH. I'VE BEEN DOING THE JOB FOR A MONTH FOR THE SAME SHITTY PAY. I should get backpay but STILL smh.

It Takes Two

Here is Part Ten in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1389

Warning: there’s some angst in this part, but it’s not a whole lot. It’ll be okay.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You were sitting on the bed after putting Maddie to bed. You were waiting for Jensen. He was finished filming. He had finished filming at the same time you had. But he had gone out with some of the guys. He promised it wouldn’t be long. He promised he would be there to put Maddie to bed. And he wasn’t.

           You had tried calling him. You had tried texting him. And you had yet to hear from him. Part of you was worried that something had happened. The other part was angry because he broke his promises.

           When you heard the front door open and close as if he were trying to be quiet, the anger in you grew. You knew it wasn’t good for your unborn baby girl, but you couldn’t stop the emotions from rising up.

           You heard him walk up the steps and you didn’t know what you were going to say to him. You wanted to keep yourself in check, but you also wanted to know what was going on with him.

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“Are you sure this will work?” Harry asked, looking at the blood seeping from the cut on his palm.

“Of course. Why would you doubt me?”

“Pain can make a man do crazier stuff.”

You dipped your finger in the blood and finished the sigil on the wall. “Pain has nothing to do with insanity. Otherwise, all humans would be considered insane.”

“Are you sure we’re not?” Ed said. He was cradling his own injured hand against his chest, his free hand fiddling with the bandage wrapped around the wound.

You stepped back, examining your work. “When the demons come, I’ll activate the sigil. It will send them into another dimension.”

“And you’re sure they won’t come back?”

“Again, why are you doubting me?”

“Sorry,” both men said. It had been hard for them to get used to having an angel helping them. Ghosts, those were nothing. Angels, though…

You looked outside, seeing the sky shift from blue to orange. “It’s getting late. They’ll be here soon. You should leave.”

“Are you sure you don’t need us here?”

“I appreciate the offer, but you’ve already given up enough for this. I’ll finish the job.”

Harry and Ed nodded. You walked them out to their van.

“We’ll park a block away,” Ed said. “And watch you on the surveillance cameras we installed.”

“If we see you having trouble, we’ll come right back,” Harry promised.

“Thank you, gentlemen. Now please, hide yourselves.”

You watched as the van disappeared around the corner. You liked those two humans, for whatever reason.

You looked up, watching the sky continue to darken. There was a shift in the air; something was coming.

Something other than the demons you were expecting.


You pressed a thumb against the wound on your own palm, sealing it closed. The sigil had worked as planned, causing the demons to disappear with a squeal of pain. You studied the sigil for a moment, wondering if you should attempt to clean it. The house had been abandoned for a while… but you believed it would ‘go on the market’ soon, as Harry and Ed explained.

At that moment, the door flew open. You turned, hand darting in your jacket for the angel blade.

Two men ran into the room, guns raised. The one with shorter hair immediately noticed you, cocking the gun in your direction.

“There you are, you son of a bitch.”

“Excuse me?”

“Stay there,” the taller one said, gun aimed at you but in a less angry fashion than his partner.

“Who do you think I am?”

“You’re the scumbag who’s been taking the neighborhood kids!” the first one said.


“It’s no use lying.”

“I’m not. And the person you’re looking for is no longer here.”

“What are you talking about?”

You stepped aside (noting how the men stepped back, guns raising slightly higher). Their eyes dropped to the sigil on the wall.

“What’s that?” the second man asked.

“Banishing sigil.”

The men looked from the wall to you. “You made that?”

You nodded.

“You’re not bleeding.”


“So how’d you make that?” the first man asked, stepping closer to you. “Did you kill someone else and use their blood? One of the neighborhood kids, perhaps?”

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. “I had assistance.”

“Dean. Sam.”

The three of you turned, finding a new figure in the house.

A figure you recognized.

His eyes found you and narrowed slightly. “Y/N?”


“Hold on, you know her?”

“Yes, Dean.”


“She’s an angel.”

You watched as the men looked at each other in surprise. The taller one, Sam, lowered his gun, tucking it into his belt. “You’re… an angel?”


“Why didn’t you tell us your friend was taking care of this place?” Dean asked Castiel.

“She… I was unaware.”

“I thought all you feathered friends kept in touch.”

Castiel shifted uncomfortably.

“We used to. Before he got all high and mighty and decided that he was the only one worthy of working with humans.”

“Cas? Acting high and mighty? Never.”

“What do you mean ‘working with humans’?” Sam asked.

“I saw how Castiel got along with you two. He provided a great service and… it looked more interesting than sitting in Heaven all day. But when I found my own humans to work with, he got his wings all bent out of shape.”

“It’s dangerous,” Castiel pointed out.

“Then why do you keep doing it?”

“Who do you work with?” Dean asked, holding a hand up and stepping between you two, wanting to keep the peace.

“Ed and Harry.”

“Who are they?”

“Paranormal hunters.”

“Then why haven’t we–” Dean stopped. “Wait. Ed and Harry.” He turned to his brother. “Wasn’t that the pair of guys who…”

“The Ghostfacers?” Sam asked.

“So you’ve heard of them.”

“You’re… working with the Ghostfacers?”

“Don’t laugh. They are highly intelligent. And they have cleared a number of haunted locations.”

“Yeah, sure,” Dean said, trying to cover his laugh with a cough.

“We’re just as much hunters are you are!” Ed said, appearing in the room.

“Whoa,” Dean said. “Where’d you two come from?”

“Down the road,” Harry said, trying to catch his breath. “We saw you arrive on the security feed in the van and ran here to help.”

“To help an angel,” Dean said. “Someone who could undoubtedly smite any creature that looked at it the wrong way.”


“Why’d you two run if you had a van?” Sam asked.

The Ghostfacers looked at each other. “I… guess we just got caught up in everything.”

“Trying to play heroes,” Dean said to his brother.

“How is that any different than what you two do?” you asked, extremely tired of the sass.

Dean opened his mouth but shut it without responding.

“Come,” you said, stepping to Harry and Ed. “The job is done. I believe it is time for us to go get our customary slice of pie at the all-night diner.”

The three watched as you disappeared with your humans.

“Yeah, well… maybe you should consider changing your name to ‘Angelfacers’!” Dean called after them. “Since she does most of your dirty work.”

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 8: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Here we are. Back for another week of DWTS. Another week of crap. Just a quick note. I’m so frustrated with this season more than any in the past. I hate that the judges (except Len) keep acting like Normani and Val can do no wrong. Meanwhile, they have been tearing the other couples down. We especially saw that tonight. Normani got lavish praise 7 out of 8 times. David and Rashad received unnecessarily harsh criticism for one of their two dances. I really don’t feel like Simone got any actual compliments and Bonner was outright ripped to shreds. It would be one thing if Normani was just far and away the best dancer left and everyone else sucked. But she’s not. Two of the couples are on her level and another is a respectable dancer as well. The only one that is not a good dancer is Bonner and even he didn’t deserve the trash that he was handed in terms of critiques tonight. Especially because he was headed home anyway. It just bothered me. And it clearly bothered both Bonner and Simone and rightfully so. The judges have no right to trash them like that. Now let’s get started.

Rashad and Emma- Jive (Score=36)- I thought this dance was really good. The energy was great and I loved his swag. His feet were nowhere near as bad as the judges tried to make it seem. He could have pointed his toes more, but they were acting like his feet have not improved over this entire season. I’m here to tell you that they have.

Normani and Val- Contempoaray (Score=40)- I called this score as soon as I knew that this was gonna be their style. Not because I knew it would be good. Because I know that the judges were gonna give her a perfect score for a contemporary, whether or not she deserved it. I don’t think this dance deserved it. It was like every other contemporary on this show that I hate. It was overwrought with emotion, flaily and not cohesive. The judges always love and fall for that and so do the viewers, so whatever.

Bonner and Sharna- Argentine Tango (Score=30)- This was a classic Bonner dance. Not terrible, but not good either. He was stiff and lacked performance and connection to Sharna. But he pushed through it and didn’t go off time. So that’s always a good thing. Len was extremely rude to him and to the audience. He has said that people overstayed their welcome in the past, and it has always been rude. But he’s never done it to this level. Yes, Bonner was not good, but guess what? The viewers wanted him there. And if he’s pissy that Nancy left, then he should be mad that they, themselves, didn’t do more to get the public to vote for Nancy over Bonner. The judges have a lot of influence over the audience and they could have done a better job of spreading the love around versus saving the majority of it for Normani and only giving the other couples tiny little morsels of praise (if they were even that lucky). Don’t blame us and don’t blame him. Blame yourselves for the stunts you’ve been pulling this season.

Simone and Sasha- Foxtrot (Score=36)- I actually thought maybe a 10 or two could have been given to these two for this dance. I thought this was a really good foxtrot. There was one small problem area where it looked like she slipped a little. But it wasn’t huge and could have easily been missed. CAI and Julianne were reaching with that whole connection and emotional and being authentic and not knowing who she is critique though. 1) Because she clearly showed us who she is and why she smiles and all of that during her Most Memorable Year. She smiles because her life could have easily gone a completely different way had her grandparents not stepped in and adopted her and her sister. And really, what other emotion is she gonna show for a run of the mill foxtrot? Please enlighten me. Is she supposed to be sexy for a One Direction song? Sad? Passionate? Why can’t she just smile and have a good time? So of course she was a little disgruntled here. The comments made no sense.

David and Lindsay- Waltz (Score=36)- This was by far, David’s best dance of the season. It was so simple and pure. And yet the simplicity of it was all that was needed to make it a beautiful dance. There were some questionable moments but otherwise, I really loved this dance. It was my favorite of round 1. Also, the shots that Len and CAI took at Rashad in his critiques were not necessary.

Trio Round (I don’t like the fact that the judges chose the trio members)

Rashad, Emma and Witney- Argentine Tango (Score=39)- What does this man have to do to get a 40? This dance was perfect and amazing. I loved the story and I loved his interaction with both Witney and Emma. The lifts were incredible. Honestly, this was the best dance of the season in my opinion. He didn’t even have any problems with his feet this time around. Of course Len thought otherwise for whatever reason.

Normani, Val and Alan- Jive (Score=39)- I actually sort of liked this dance. I think a lot that has do with the energy that Alan brought into it. It changed and Normani seemed like she was having a blast. Now, her feet were not good in this number. And the judges just conveniently looked over that. Meanwhile, they just got done ripping Rashad apart for his feet being a little less than perfect. Not only that, but there was a blatant lift CAI. Why did you not call it and mark her down? It was the same lift that she called them out for in their foxtrot a few weeks ago. If anything, this dance should have been a 36 at the most.

Bonner, Sharna and Britt- Jazz (Score=28)- Well this dance was awful. So to shield my eyes from Bonner’s terrible dancing, I decided to pay attention to Britt because she was killing it. Bonner was awkward, stiff and really hard to watch. But he did show personality. Now I wish he hadn’t been so creepy in his rehearsal package. I was so ready to super hate on the judges (and everyone else) for coming down so hard on him. But he did that, so I’m less inclined to defend him. At least in regards to this number. This does not give Bonner haters a pass to come into my inbox and trash him, fyi.

Simone, Sasha and Brittany- Paso Doble (Score=36)- Simone was doubly screwed for this dance. She was the only celeb to get a pro that was the same gender as her. That makes things all the more difficult for her. She also had the paso which is more of a dance to showcase the man anyway. I thought the dance was fine, but I could tell that she got in her head and was trying to stop herself from smiling. She ended up looking really unsure of herself and just doubting herself throughout the dance. It was clear that Simone was frustrated after that dance though. And CAI’s comments seemed to really piss her off. How is someone “too on beat”? What does that even mean? And then asking her why she wasn’t smiling or whatever was just a way to get a reaction out of her. And I mean she gave them the best answer she could have and a line that I may use. “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” was the perfect way to shut CAI down and stop her from talking anymore. I just hope this wasn’t the kiss of death for Simone. The main demo that watches this show, hate it when women (black women in particular) show that they are displeased in any way. And while Simone did exactly what she should have done, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out for her next week. This is so frustrating.

David, Lindsay and Hayley- Paso Doble (Score=29)- I thought David did an okay job with this dance. He didn’t really get off time or anything. His technique was just horrid. But that’s okay. It wasn’t 29 worthy (probably 30 or 31) but the judges had funky attitudes tonight.

So in the last like 2 minutes of the show, Bonner and Sharna were eliminated. I would have liked for them to have a more pleasant departure, but at least he can relax and rest his body. That’s the biggest thing.

I don’t know what next week’s theme is and I don’t really care. All I know is that I will be livid if Simone is eliminated next week. I’m starting to see that this show has no problem sacrificing an Olympic gold medalist and the greatest gymnast of all time for a woman in a girl group. I love both of the women but it is so obvious that that’s what they’re doing at this point. And I feel like it might work. So yeah, let me know your thoughts and I will talk to you all soon.

Loving you is everything

Prompt : Loving you was red ( ~530 words)

A/N : There it is ! My first contribution to Karamedvday17. I kinda took liberties with the prompt, hope you guys like it 

Mon El glanced down at the uncomfortable looking chair next to Kara’s bed, but dismissed it, sitting down next to her sleeping form. It was odd, seeing her this way. He’d believed they’d been through everything together. Hate. Distrust. Reluctant friendship. Betrayal. Friendship - finally. Love, on his part at least. But this was new. 

He’d been working his shift at the bar when he’d received the text from Alex, informing him that Kara had been hurt and was still recovering at the DEO. He’d immediately left, running as fast as he could. Looking back, he figured he should probably feel guilty about the lack of notice he’d given. Should being the key word. Despite the flurry of emotions whirling through him at the moment, worry over his job was nowhere near his mind. 

“I can’t stand seeing you this way,” he whispered, his hand gently pushing golden hair away from her beautiful face. “You have to wake up, Kara. You have to. The city needs you. Alex needs you. Hell, even Snapper needs you. I need you,” he added in a quieter voice, his uncertain words hanging in the air.

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hi you're one of my favorite writers and I was wondering if you could write a little fluffy coliver fic since it's my birthday? I love your work!


I don’t know what this is (I suck at fluff), but I hope you like it anyway!

It’s been weeks since Connor opened his phone and saw that name on the screen. But that’s what happens when two people break up. Even if they promised to remain friends, the awkwardness never seems to go away.

But he opens his phone, and there that name is, and Connor just can’t seem to understand the text that he’s reading.

I hate Arizona.

The words seem so simple, yet Connor blinks dumbly at his screen. What does that mean? Is Oliver in Arizona? How does he respond to that? How does Oliver want him to respond? They literally haven’t spoken in weeks and the first text he sends him is I hate Arizona?? Who does that??

He decides to play it safe. What’s wrong with Arizona?

It’s all desert. Too dry, is the reply that he gets, mere seconds later.

What are you doing in Arizona? Connor really hopes that doesn’t come off as too prying. Then again, it was Oliver who texted him first about the damn state.

Job interview.

Connor sighs and doesn’t respond. He puts his phone away after that.

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Give her time, Sammy.

Pairing : Sam x Plussize!reader, Dean
Word count : 1,242
Author : Mel

Part 6 of the ‘Who Are You?’ Series.

The fact that Sam would buy a house just so you could move in with him, didn’t really surprise you. Not when you thought about it. Sam had always done anything to make you happy. You sniffled. “You’re really Sam. Sam Winchester. And Dean’s really your brother?” Sam nodded. “And you’re not really serial killers?”

“Well I suppose by some standards-” Dean was cut off by Sam smacking him in back of the head.

“Don’t fucking joke about that Dean! She’s scared enough!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey Liza, when you get a chance I'm really interested in your thoughts on the episode, especially the last part. Oh and all of A&E's interviews? Thanks!

I was quite satisfied with where they left things for the core characters.  Snowing living on the farm with their little family was beautiful. Loved Killian and Emma sheriffing together and the fact that they had a big family dinner at the end.  Also was glad about Regina’s happy beginning. No love interest, just living her life, and being accepted.  I don’t think Rumple earned a do-over with Belle, but I can’t even be angry about it, because Belle does deserve it. I’d been hoping that Gideon would become a baby again, so that was a plus. 

The idea that the final battle was for Emma’s soul was an interesting twist. I found myself relieved that it wasn’t some actual battle, being fought to the death.  The battle for her believe and her soul was much more in fitting with this show.  Henry taking her to the rooftop was beautiful and her watching Killian’s illustration burn was beautifully painful. 

My favorite part of the episode was the beanstalk. I loved that we got our Hook, 100% focused on saving Emma no matter what anyone else was doing. His speech to Charming had me in tears and I think it will be one of my series highlights. It was so beautiful and heartfelt and I love that Charming was the audience. Of course I adored him referring to Emma as “my wife.” And Charming calling him his son… in law, was fanfic come to life. Loved it. 

Honestly, I would have liked more CS, of course, in the series finale, and I would have liked the magic bean used and a TLK between them, but I’m not in the mood to nitpick or get angry about any of those choices.  It is what it is, and I was happy with how it ended.

As for adult Henry and Lucy… well time will tell. I’ll give it a chance, but I will have an extremely low tolerance for any shenanigans that mess with CS and it will be very easy for me to stop watching and pretend the official narrative ended at the family dinner. 

Having said that, I think there are lots of ways they can continue that don’t destroy CS, especially with a curse afoot. Everyone could have been separated at the same time Henry was sent to Seattle and it will be Lucy’s job to make Henry believe and save everyone. However, A&E’s interviews did very little to whet my appetite. When grilled about the falling ratings, all Eddy could do was cite the huge fanbase, but he wasn’t too keen on giving the huge fanbase any assurances about not destroying all the characters happy beginnings. I think A&E misplayed those interviews, they should have given a little comfort. However, I think they can’t because a) they suck at gauging the temperature of fans b)they really don’t know how they’re going to make it work episode to episode.

Overall, I’m feeling very happy about the journey we’ve witnessed for Captain Swan. It really is the ship of dreams and season 6b gave us some really beautiful moments. Their proposal, the pancakes and the wedding will be on replay for a very long time to come.