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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Contrary to popular belief, Ravenclaws are actually less likely to ask a teacher for help than the other houses. Hufflepuffs are the most likely, while Ravenclaws feel like they have to know things without help (even though that’s not true.) And to a Ravenclaw, most of the time asking a teacher for help means defeat.

Stop forgetting/ignoring Gwen!!!

Gwen is a beautiful and great female character of color who deserves so much more than what the fandom is giving her and if you forget/ignore her (especially for a cultist) then you don’t deserve her.

Sincerely, someone who loves Gwen a whole lot.


Damian wants to spend some quality time with his husband after learning about the new boat that just arrived in Pelican Town!! He tries to convince him but Sebastian isnt changing his mind.

Ever since that new boat update was announced I thought of this idea of having the farmer’s spouses join along or even a little mini heart event. But I know that wont ever happen so I told myself this is how it played out.

Love and Venus
  • Rules Taurus and Libra: Love functions in comfortable, harmonious relationships with the self (Taurus) and with others (Libra)
  • Detriment in Scorpio and Aries: Love struggles to thrive in the harsh quest for the truth (Scorpio) and sole self-focused investment in the self (Aries)
  • Exalted in Pisces: Love is at its most expanded expression with imagination and illusion.
  • Fall in Virgo: Love is at its most limited expression with analyzation and reality.

Drawings for Chapter 8 of Antidote by @salineshots! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to draw the confession scene or the healing pod, so I chose both. My other art for the fic can be found here.

Anyway, here you go, babe! Hope NaNoWriMo is going well!

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I need something based on your pretty baby tag for harry like the reader calling him it and him blushing and idk I just need something please come through

“You’re real pretty, you know that?”

It comes out of no where. It’s 1am and he’s jet lagged and she’s tired but she’s been missing him so she refused to go to sleep alone. All he was doing was washing dishes and all she’s been doing is leaning against the breakfast bar and watching him, admiring him. He’s been humming a tune she doesn’t recognise and she’s noticing all his little mannerisms that she doesn’t think he even realises he does, like how he bops his head along to the song his humming or how he smiles a little at something he was thinking about and she always hoped it was her. At her disrupt of the comfortable quiet by her off handed complement, he’s drying his soapy hands on a tea-towel and turning around to lean against the counter with a soft smile playing on his lips.

“Yeah? M’pretty?”

She’s looking up at him through tired eyes. Chin rested on her hands, hands rested on the counter top. She can tell he’s teasing her but frankly she can’t seem to care because he’s stood there in nothing but sweatpants, arms crossed lazily, hair messy, cheeks just slightly flushed and he’s looking at her with these eyes that are so full of love it stuns her for a second. He’s just so damn pretty. 

“Mhm, like a 90′s heartthrob. Leo in the Titanic kinda pretty.”

“I’m as pretty as Leo in Titanic? I don’t believe that for a second.”

He’s all but grinning now as the feigned disbelief in his voice makes her giggle. Walking over to sit on the stool next for her, he matches her stance. Chin on hands, hands on counter. She turns to rest her cheek on her hands to look at him and he does the same to look at her, brushing her hair out of her face.

“ Uh huh, prettier even. Makes me mad sometimes, that you’re so pretty, because y’know ever else sees it too, how pretty you are. I mean how could they miss it?”

“But I’m only yours, yeah baby? I’m yours and you’re mine.”

Nodding, she reaches one hand over to cup his jaw and run her thumb over him cheek. His eyes close at the affection and his shoulders visibly relax.

“My pretty baby”

It’s whispered, almost like he wasn’t supposed to hear it, and her voice is so full of love he almost can’t handle it. Doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve to be loved this good. Doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve her. The quiet affection has his eyes fluttering open and it paints his cheeks a subtle pink, it makes his chest tight with love.

“Yeah sweet girl, I’m your pretty baby.”

They don’t know how long they sat like that, quiet and tired and so happy, but they know there’s not a place in the world they’d rather be. Could spend forever alone together. A pretty boy and a pretty girl and so much love.

But imagine the loft becoming filled over the years with all the little things that Alec gives Magnus. Magnus would treasure them all, each a memory of their lives together. And one day Alec notices the Omamori charm. It’s on Magnus’ work bench, which is unusual, Alec hasn’t seen it in centuries, it’s become worn, not from neglect, more as if it’s been cherished and constantly held. And Alec asks Magnus why he keeps it when it’s begun to fray, and Magnus simply says “because you gave it to me”.


asdfghjkasdkvg YES OF COURSE YOU CAN SAVE IT! you have no idea how happy this makes me anon! i’m glad you liked it :) 

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