i should no.. but

Okay everyone It’s a very sad message but

There is confirmation from Hiro that this is the last Arc FT.

Cover of volume 60:

“I was so delighted as Volume 50 was released, and here we are at volume 60. Surprisingly fast, is not it? I think some of you already guessed that it was the last Fairy Tail saga. I will do my best to draw to the end so please stay with us.“


I’m about to press play. Please pray for me.

Detective Conan 991 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • O: Kyoto Senshin High School’s…
  • O: Okita Soushi!
  • R: Eh?
  • R: Okita… Could it be that you’re the same Okita that Kazuha-chan told us about? Five-piece-thrust and all that…
  • O: Hm?
  • O: Hey, yer rly cute! What’s ya name?
  • R: M-Mouri Ran…
  • [A murder at the Kendo tournament!! Okita, Heiji’s toughest adversary, has appeared…]

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anonymous asked:

I couldn't find anything but I'm super invested so may I ask if you ever like fully explained the whole lost lance au?

It’s explained in like chunks over asks and throughout the tag

but here’s the QUICK summary: 

During the final battle of the Galra war Lance goes missing and after weeks of searching for him he’s presumed dead. three years into the future Keith happens to find him again on a random ocean planet but Lance has forgotten everything about his past (including life before voltron and even his name.) 

FEEDBACK PLS im torn on Inner Art struggles so i wanna see what other people think. A or B, and why?