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The ultimate packing list if you are going to study abroad this year

For many of us, the new school year/semester is coming very fast and very soon. For some of us, a new education year is nothing special - you just have to set the alarm clock back into ‘I have got to get up early’ mode and go to school, college, university or however you want to call it.

However, for some of us starting a new year means more. It is related to moving out of home sometimes into a new city or even into a new country. This is related to getting familiar in a new surrounding and starting a new life where you don’t know where to find the best coffee in town, how to ride the bus or how to speak the language (cheers to all langblrs out there ;) ).

For all of you who belong to the second type of people, I dedicate today’s post. Organizing all the things that are related to such a move and saying goodbye to all your loved ones needs enough energy. You should not spend your time thinking about all the items that you need to pack for the big journey. And for this reason, I provide you with the ultimate packing list if you are going to study abroad this year. If you’re missing something that you would never leave at home reblog this post and add your most important travel gadget/item!

With that being said, travel safely and pack wisely ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  • Bath towels
  • Brush
  • Face wash
  • First-aid kit
  • Flip-flops (in case you have to share your bathroom)
  • Floss
  • Hair straightener (no hairdryer, buy it at your destination)
  • Hand towels
  • Makeup (eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush etc.)
  • Makeup remover
  • Nail products (nail polish, clippers, file)
  • Patches
  • Pain medication
  • Razor
  • Thermometer
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Travel-sized shampoo, lotion, deodorant)


  • Alarm clock
  • Blanket
  • Decoration (e.g. pictures of your friends and family)
  • Earplugs
  • Favorite pillow
  • Mattress pad
  • Pillowcases
  • Sleeping mask


  • All of your chargers
  • Batteries
  • Calculator
  • Extension leads
  • Headphones
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • USB stick

Kitchen (buy this stuff at your destination)

  • Favorite candy from home
  • Kitchen scale


  • Bujo or a traveller’s journal
  • Driver’s licence
  • Extra bags
  • Financial aid information
  • Important addresses
  • Luggage tags with your contact details
  • Medical insurance card
  • Passport
  • Passport photos
  • Travel details & confirmation
  • Travel tickets
  • Visa
  • Water bottle
  • Wallet (Cash, coins and credit card)


  • Coat
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection
  • Umbrella
  • Water-resistant boots
  • Water-resistant jacket


  • Accessories (few, please!)
  • Bottoms
  • Blazer
  • Dress
  • Hoodie
  • Jeans
  • Pajamas
  • Shoes
  • Skirt
  • Socks
  • Sportswear and athletic shoes
  • Sweaters
  • Sweat pants
  • Tops
  • Undergarments

Extra tips

  • Before you overload all of your bags contact your university and try to find out which of the items they will provide. Perhaps there is something like a starter kit they offer so you do not have to carry bulky bed or kitchen items with you.
  • Take only your favorite clothes with you. But there is this fancy dress that you own that one day could look so cool? Leave it at home. You won’t wear it. Period.
  • Don’t take things with you that can be easily bought after your arrival. This includes hair dryers, kettles, flat irons, big bags, stationery, kitchen items etc.
  • In case you want to travel with additional luggage ask your airline before your departure date regarding their conditions. There are airlines that offer an online check-in for your additional luggage or a pre registration. If you take advantage of such offers you can save a few coins.
  • Don’t forget to make a (digital) copy of your most important documents and cards!

PSA:  I don’t care if it takes you two days or two months to reply to something… I understand that life outside of Tumblr can get hectic sometimes, and I understand that you need to put real life issues first.

Take as long as you need. And never feel bad about having to drop something with me, if you need to. Its okay. I will always understand!

if u want to have a big family pls listen to this

1. nobody is going to agree on what food they want or movie they want to watch so might as well do what you like

2. costco

3. food will dissappear

4. everyone’s gonna have some issue with something

5. your mom will be very much proud of you and want to see all ur kids 9000% of the time always

6. where the FUCK is the remote

7. Joe go turn up the volume you’re the closest


9. toys are going to be everywhere, just live with it

10. babywipes are actually good for cleaning everything, not just butt

11. butts

12. the crayon basket

13. ppl using entire stacks of paper for like 3 drawings wtfff

14. anime is either severely banned or that’s all they watch there is no inbetween

15. the kids are divided into various groups according to age interest and how they hang out

16. walking into a store with all ur kids and u look like a duck with her babies and it’s cute but also like norman rockwell punk

17. you have a huge support network to get you through tough times

18, lots of injokes

19. sharing everything. everything.

20. bunkbeds will be haunting you for so long you’ll forget ppl have single beds

21. netflix is a god

22. just don’t bother looking for scissors. they’re gone. use ur teeth or a steak knife to cut open those frozen vegetables or just tear the paper in half.

23. the art basket will never have what you need

24. big families are really weird and beautiful and u should have them and relish in it proudly :)

No one ever talks about abusive friendships so I'm going to and you better pay attention because this is important

People know all about abusive relationships- how to spot the signs, how to leave, etc. But no one ever talks about abusive friendships, which can be just as damaging and often is. It’s also a more dangerous trap because people don’t even realize that they’re actually being abused by their friends

I’m writing this post based off of my own experiences and what I’ve seen in others’. Feel free to add anything you might find relevant upon reblogging, because you could seriously help someone. 

The vast majority of my ‘friendships’ have been abusive to me (as much as I hate to admit that), and it’s a horrible experience that I never want anyone else to live through.

I just want to add the things one should look for so no one else has to deal with the same bullshit I always did:

  • You’d rather be by yourself than hang out with that person (NOT the same feeling as being drained because you’re an introvert- you just really don’t want to hang out with that person specifically)
  • You have to always be on guard and watch what you say because your friend might bitch you out or get irrationally angry
  • He/she/zhe insults you and tries to pass it off as “I’m just saying…” or “I’m just trying to help you”
  • Seeing their name on your caller I.D. puts the fear of God in you because you’re not sure whether they’ll be kind or ready to tear at you for some unknown reason when you pick it up.
  • You’re always there when they have problems, but when it comes down to YOUR problems they brush them off as unimportant, give shitty, half-asses advice (when it’s easy to tell they just don’t care), or turn it around to make it about them and effectively have a “my problems are more important than yours so shut up” moment
  • They insult the things you find joy in (yes, this includes fandoms) but heaven forbid you show any distain for something they like, even if you only respectfully disagree- you MUST like what they like OR ELSE YOU’RE STUPID!
  • They tell other people your secrets or tell other people your worst personality traits and basically talk smack about you. Which prevents others from wanting to be your friend.
  • They ask for your advice/opinion and then get mad when you give it
  • They insult your family for really insignificant reasons or for no reason at all (I’m not even kidding guys. It can get out of hand. I had a friend who constantly insulting my parents and my brother and even said my mother couldn’t cook worth shit. Rude.) 
  • Say you are unable to do things because they “know you” and use that as an excuse to say you can’t do something you want to do. “You can’t do that, you’re too short LOL” yeah fuck you too asshole
  • You’re afraid that if you end the friendship they will go into Bitch Mode and tell all your darkest secrets and talk crap about you to everyone.
  • You have reason to believe that their Bitch Face is actually their True Face
  • They can’t seem to find anything to talk about except talking crap about other people and expecting you to agree with them (my 'best friend’ insulted another friend of mine, who I had ASKED OUT ONCE and was quite fond of, and got mad at me when I said anything in her defense.) 
  • The previous point leads me to the one where they insult your other friends. 
  • THEY ALWAYS TRY TO PIN THEIR PROBLEMS ON YOU EVEN IF YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Usually this happens after they ask for your “advice” and then blame you for everything later or make another problem out of YOUR OPINION.
  • They consistently use the wrong pronouns (if you’re trans*- and this doesn’t include times when they have to use the wrong pronouns because of safety reasons for you) or out you (as LGBTQA+) at inappropriate times, and then get angry when you call them out on it- “but it’s obvious you’re gay anyway, so why does it matter?” “It’s too hard to use the right pronouns! Just deal with it!” (even though they’ve known what the correct pronouns are for MONTHS and after constant reminders)
  • And lastly if something feels off to you or you just feel upset or off-put by your 'friend’ (or GROUP OF FRIENDS in some cases) It’s a toxic friendship and it’s NOT good for you!

If you feel you’re in a toxic friendship, end it. Right now. It may hurt, the other person may throw a hissy fit and try so say YOU’RE the bad friend (you’re not!), you might not want to hurt the person’s feelings (which you shouldn’t worry too much about because they didn’t really care about your feelings, now did they?). Just end it, and don’t look back, even if you’re left completely friendless.

Being friendless is by far much healthier for you than staying with a group of toxic friends who put you down and make you feel like shit. I know that sound convoluted but it’s absolutely true.

And remember that it’s not the end of the world and that you WILL find new friends- hopefully ones who are decent human beings and you’ll have a real friendship waiting for you.

Don’t continue to just live with it. Do something about it and in the long run you will be much happier, trust me. If in reading this list you were heavily reminded of a 'friend’ I’d suggest looking at the friendship again- it’s probably toxic, and not the Brittany Spears kind.

i know i’ve made a lot of posts about this but if you have any respect for mlm or trans people or are just a decent person in general, please please PLEASE know that @bext-k (pi/dge’s voice actor from voltron: legendary defender) has had a record of shitty behavior and yet this hasn’t spread past the realm of the vld fandom.

not only has she bullied a 13 year old (bex is 23 now) off of tumblr, she gave a bullshit apology, called ke/ith (a TEENAGE character from the show) a powerbottom (she also ships him with sh/iro, another character who is 25 years old) and absolutely REFUSED to give an apology for her straight up fetishistic behavior (this can all be seen/talked about more in depth here). but most recently now she has reblogged a/b/o fanart of some of the vld characters, which if you didn’t know already is fucking disgusting (further explained in my post)

i know a lot of people have tried defending her behavior now and in the past, but she has not even apologized and/or deleted the post. so since i have personal knowledge that people have been sending her asks about this, and considering the fact that she has continued to reblog posts after reblogging that a/b/o post, this shows how she has most likely seen the asks but has chosen to ignore them. 

there can be no excuse anymore. you are a va on a childrens show - you should NEVER be talking about the characters in an explicit sexual sense, and as an adult you should know better. just because you are lgbt doesn’t mean that you can’t fetishize other members of the community and be a shitty person overall. 

please, from a mlm trans boy, reblog this if you can 

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in response to the "why you know so much about everything" post, i would like to inquire about the aforementioned banana famine

Ah, yes, the great Banana Famine. Dark, dark days indeed. Gather round my children, I am going to tell you a story of great tragedy.

Eons back, in a strange far away land, in a world now long gone (circa 1950), the Gros Michel reigned supreme. It was the one Banana to rule All bananas. Gros Michel (literally Fat Michael in French, also known as “Big Mike”) was the main banana cultivar grown in Central America and sold around the globe. A noble specimen, it’s thick peel and dense bunches made it resilient, easy to ship, and yes also fat. Look. Look at it. This banana is thiiiiiiiicc

hard to find good photos. it would have also resembled the goldfinger banana. looooook et it, it so thicc

so thicc. 


And all was well and good and peaceful.

Everything changed when the Panama disease attacked.

Ah, the Panama disease. The great banana plague. The Banana Blight, if you will. Songs were written in elegy to the terrible destruction it wrought. Like, actually. Here’s the “Yes we have no bananas” song:

It was Chaos.

Vast tracts of plantation banana trees, noble warriors, slaughtered, cut down in their prime. Ah! the grief. Ah! the loss.

But, amid the havoc of what wikipedia and I refer to as the Gros Michel Devastation Era, an unlikely hero arose. You know it as simply a humble banana. But our hero has a name:

cavendish, it’s named cavendish. 

The Cavendish banana, a cultivar that had been mass produced since the turn of the century, but only just then got it’s Time to Shine. For whatever reason, Cavendish bananas grew just fine in the same Panama disease-ridden soil that destroyed Gros Michel trees. So yeah, we planted them, fought the blight, won the war, got bananas back. 

But every war has casualties. 

Never again were bananas so tasty. Never again, were bananas so thicc.

I warned you this was the story of a tragedy. A moment of silence for our fallen comrade, please. Raise your wands to our late, great hero, Gros Michel.

(You can still get em in some places tho. Or like hybrids? idk. ) 

And kiddies, that’s the story of the banana famine as i know it.

Other deets:



bananas were cultivated over time to be seedless. 

Bananas were deboned. dwell on that.

unnfff yeah

feels so wrong but so good


misc stuff 

  • cavendish bananas may or may not be dying. We may or may not see the dark days of plague descend again. idk, look it up.
  • There’s a story (not proven) that the reason artificial banana flavor tastes weird is b/c it was based on the flavor of the Gros Michel. If so, it might be cause Fat Mike had a stronger taste (due to higher levels of isoamyl acetate). idk.
  • the “Yes we have no bananas” song was written in 1922 during an earlier outbreak. src.  like any good plague, panama disease has a history of hovering over it’s fearful victims, sometimes for years, before striking the final blow.
  • sources are in the links above, also see the links on these wiki pages
  • i swear if i get hate mail on a banana post i don’t even know what i’ll do, probably stab a wall with a fork and eat it.

I want to share one more thing with you.

I saw this with my own two eyeballs. now you have too. we never speak of this again. we take this to our graves

shhit I’m tired. 

you guys owe me a reblog on this one. Honor system, don’t mooch.

-BGP signing off

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This is a bit random but your header is really cute! Do you have a link so I can reblog it?

Hey, anon! You are so sweet, thank you so much <3 <3 I actually never ended up posting them, but I suppose now is as good a time as ever! I have been working on recolored versions on my computer that aren’t done yet, but here is the one I’m working on

If you search my blog for posts tagged as “hannah draws,” most of my fanart should pop up. Once again, thank you so much, you are the best!

I cant stress enough how much i look forward to starting on T, and getting top surgery.

I cant wait to hear my voice crack for the first time.

I cant wait to start shaving

I cant wait to look down at my chest and be happy with what i see

I cant wait to pass as a male

I cant wait to get that jawline i hope i get

I cant wait to stop getting my period. (You have no idea how wrong it feels, every freaking month!)

I cant wait to be called a boy by everyone around me

I cant wait to be a proud trans boy, who isnt afraid.

I cant wait to people making fun of my voice cracking, even if im 21 when i start on T.

I cant wait to go topless at the beach, and no one staring at me weirdly.

I cant wait to be ‘one of the boys’

I cant wait to be able to go into the mens section in stores, and not get weird stares.

I cant wait to go into a mens bathroom, and no one looking at me weirdly.

I cant wait till i find a name that i think suits me, and then having people calling me that

I cant wait to teach people about lgbt+

I cant wait to meet other people like myself

I cant wait to hear somone call me their BOYfriend

I cant wait to be refferd to as a boy, even when im not around.

I cant wait to hear my mom and dad call me their son

I cant wait to tell my story to other trans people, and hearing other stories 

I cant wait to wear a dress, even after i have transitioned fully, and then rock it!

I cant wait to stop being scared

I cant wait to stop crying

I cant wait to stop hating my self

I cant wait to not feeling like this anymore

I cant wait to be happy with my self

I cant wait to be a better person

I cant wait to be more happy, so much more happy

I cant wait to get the people out of my life who arent okay with me being trans

I cant wait to set and X with male on tests

I cant wait to start growing a beard

I cant wait to then shaving it off

I cant wait to when people dont have to be scared to come out as trans, or anything else

I cant wait to all parents are accepting and supportive of their kids

I cant wait to all people re accepting and supportive of their friends and family.

I cant wait to being trans isn’t something you should hide, becouse you are scared of others reactions.

I know i can do many of these things already when i havnt gotten the surgery nor started on T. But when i do get the surgery, and start on T, i know im gonna be much more confedint. Im gonna move away from where i am now, and start again, as the boy i truly am, and not someone i pretend to be.

I am so lucky that i have suportive parents and suportive friends, and im so happy. I am so freaking lucky to have them, even though im not fully out at all to everyone i know, just this little start means so much. And i cant imagine how it would be for somone without the suport. So please, if you know somone who is trans, agender, bigender, or something else, pleasure suport them. They might ask you to use a diffrent pronounce, or name, and if they do that, please use the name/pronounce they want, it means so much. And even if its a bit hard for you to remmber it, please try your best, and if you use the wrong name/pronounce, just quickly change it and move on, no need to make a big deal out of it. But just things as that can help so much, it can really mean a lot.

Being trans isnt always easy, some people have it worse than others.But i know just the smallest things, can make someone that much happier. 

I my self is a 17 year old trans guy, i havnt always known that, but im glad i have figured it out. There are still a lot of things i dont know yet about my self, But for now, i know im a trans guy, i am pansexual, though leaning towards guys, so i would say im quite gay. 

People figure out who they are at diffrent times, some when they are young, others when they are older. ANd that is okay, you should never force anything, and you dont have to label yourself, some people like labels, others dont. Just do what you feel comfortable doing, and dont judge others for doing the same thing.

I know i dont have a big following, and most of my folowers are porn blogs, but i just really nedded to say these things, and i will probrly reblog this post later, and probrbly also write one more or two. Happines is something that comes and goes, right now im okay, but i know that i will meet people who wont agree with who i am, and tell me that who i am is wrong, and tell me all kind of negative things, and i know i will cry, a lot more, happy tears and sad tears, beauce there is gonna be hard times and good times, and that is never gonna change, i hope it will though.

Anyways, im Ollie for the time being, a little gay trans guy just passing by. My inbox is always open, and i would love to talk to people, and learn about their experiences. 

I hope you have a great day

Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost. Luckily I had saved the image to my phone.

I feel like, at this point, I would definitely define what R, F, and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory.”

EDIT: Wow. Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships, this has somewhat changed for R, F, and I. I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now.

EDIT 2: I’ve been called out for posting someone else’s work. As I mentioned in the original posting, I wasn’t able to reblog. And I’ve never claimed this image as my own. I should have taken the time before now, of course, to give credit where it is due but I have been unable to find the artist or the original poster. The artist’s copyright is clearly visible on the lower left-hand corner of the image. If you are able to find their Tumblr or personal website, by all means let me know, I would love to link them.

Challenge time!!

So I decided to do one of these, as they get more attention. And my partner has agreed to let Tumblr decide my fate. So here is my little challenge/game

1 like for this post = One day of denial.

1 reblog for this post = One week of denial

1 comment for this post = 1 vote to have my partner get my useless cunt pierced shut! For every 10 notes this gets, I will add one year to my denial. At 200 notes the amount of time will double. At 400 notes the time will triple. At 600 I will never have an orgasm from vaginal sex ever again! While this is going on, send me anonymous or public messages!! Should I get nipple piercings? Tell me! Should I get a rainbow colored dildo? Tell me! Want to remind me that my cunt is useless? Please do ❤ Bring it on Tumblr, deny me forever!

  • Yachi: My girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss her, what should I do?
  • Kageyama: Punch her in the stomach. When she doubles over in pain, kiss her!
  • Hinata: Tackle her!
  • Tsukishima: Dump her.
  • Yamaguchi: Kick her in the shin!
(Renew) The Get Down

I don’t usually post stuff like this or should i say never have post stuff like this and i understand that i’m not the best writer or even a good one but i need to write this and i need you guys help and sorry for posting this in this blog but i need to reach as manny people as possible.(reblog and thank you for reading).

so by now fans of the show know that Netflix decided to cancel the show (something i found out while finishing episode 5 of part 2 so you guys can imagine how i felt while watching the finale) and the cancellation of the show only sink in after i finished watching the finale and after like 5 Minutes after for some reason my eyes got watery this is something that never have happen to me before and this sudden feeling of anger and sadness came to me something i never felt before for a show, there have been other shows that i liked that got cancelled but i never got upset ‘i would just find another show’ but to me the cancellation of this show felt personal this to me atleast was the first time that as a Puerto Rican i felt like i was represented and not just represented like ‘hey that guy in the club or the that third guy in the show is Puerto Rican or some dude was talking about their Puerto Rican friend’ nah in this show we were FRONT AND CENTER.

As a Puerto Rican we 99% of the time we NEVER get represented and if we do is always as the fat gangster,or the guy who cuts the white lady’s grass or as a bad joke,and this is not me hating white people but most if not all of white people are numb to the feeling of being amaze of seeing yourself and your people represented (and to be honest i don’t think they know how that feels) in a show or a movie to the fact that i get to see myself and my people in a show portrayed in a fun,real way even if the character was just half Puerto Rican. so yeah i’m angry to the fact that instead of just replacing the showrunner with someone else netflix decided to cancel the show instead of just looking for someone else to run the show.i didn’t even care if they lower the show’s budget but the fact that they cancel the show just makes me mad, one of the many thing’s i liked about the show is the representaion of Minority’s from Puerto Rican To Black people and how we struggle in the 70′s and still do.

Right now as i’m writing this tha only thing i can hear is how hard i’m pressing my keyboard…for me and as for many other fans of the show it wasn’t just a show to us. to me The Get Down represented hope and a one of kind pleasure that you can only get from watching something that speaks to you in a personal level that speaks to your heart something that gives you hope,inspiration and acknowledgement, something that says you exist so netflix didn’t just cancel a show they cancel us.

Secret Santa (Stranger Things Edition)

Originally posted by zitawalker

Hello, guys! I just came up with an idea and I want to bring some happiness and positive vibes in our fandom. It’s a little bit too late, but I will try to do it before the 1st of December starts.

What is it about?

Secret Santa is about being randomly assigned a person to whom you give a gift. I thought of something feasible and easy, but still would bring happiness to someone. I will assign you a person via ask, make sure your ask is open, before December starts, and everyday, until Christmas Day, you anonymously send your assigned person nice messages. You can carry on a conversation or simply send something nice to make your person happy, to make his or her day complete. It’s always up to you. Remember that this is something positive, so no hates are allowed, please.

How can you sign up?

To enter this little game, you simply reblog this post. Please don’t like it nor reblog it twice, because it would complicate my life as some usernames could be doubled. I will carefully check the reblogs twice, so I won’t leave someone out. You don’t have to follow me, although it would be nice. The only requirement for this is that, since it’s Stranger Things edition, you should be in the fandom.

When will you start getting your urls?

You have the possibility to reblog this post until the 30th of November, 8pm [GMT + 1]. Then I will start sending urls. I suggest you to send me an ask if you reblogged the post, but never received an url: sometimes my Tumblr app acts up and I don’t get to see all of the notifications.

What are you going to do on Christmas Day?

On Christmas Day, your message must be special. It would be the day that you will reveal yourself to your person. Your gift must be a little longer than a simple note or message, it could be a letter, expressing what you thought about them in the past twenty five days. You can even write a post dedicated to them or you can even think of something bigger, such as an edited photo, a video, an imagine, everything. Be positive, be creative and be thoughtful!

What am I asking you to do after?

Of course, I would like to know if this experience was positive for you or not. I would like to have some feedbacks, telling me what you felt or if the messages made you feel good. I would appreciate your messages, also because I love reading them, so please do this step too. Thank you.

Before I end this, just a simple note: If you ever enter this game, please be sure that you are doing it. I wouldn’t like to delude someone or make them feel bad. This idea is brought up to bring positivity in the fandom, to meet new people and create new circle of friends, and not sadness, so I beg you: please send a nice message everyday! Please work hard on it and think of lovely and sweet messages everyday.

If you have some questions, you can send me an ask and I will answer them without any problems.

Thank you for your collaboration, guys! I love you all and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Let’s bring joy to someone!

- G. x


You should never feel ashamed for any sort of mental illness you may have or the medication you need to take to help you function. “Normal” people rely on the same stuff, yours just happens to be store bought.

Based off this post. I have both depression and anxiety so that quote made me feel a little better about the fact that my brain is wired differently. I hope it might help other people as well.

Find it in the shop: [link]

Please do not repost, reblog instead and leave all artists comments intact, thank you!

You’re absolutely right.

Fishing gear

Infanticide - how beautiful and happy they are in freedom

Perfectly treatable skin conditions and sunburn

(The only things that were in the above whale’s stomach)

(What was in the paper-thin pilot whale’s stomach)

Populations dying off from starvation and poisoning

(the latter was pregnant, the former was one of the very last of her kind)

Boat collisions

Propeller wounds

Eaten alive


Mass strandings

To anyone who has made it through this horror show of both natural and manmade dangers in the ocean, I say

Thank HEAVENS a pool is NOTHING like the ocean!

This post should have at least 10 000 notes eventually. However, I’m sure it will never top 100, despite me having almost 1200 followers.

Because reality is not popular.

Propaganda memes however, are very popular.

Brainless, easy to digest without any real thinking or hard truths having to be faced, and then the sheepish masses reblog them 100 000 times.

if you are a latine in the voltron fandom and you are asking yourself “where are my other latines??” you need to open a random blog and search if they ever mention that lance is latino…if they do, congrats! you have a latine…because we are the only people in this fucking fandom that give a shit about that jhtgij.

and no, gringx n.1, making him speak horrible spanish in your headcanons doesn’t count. gringx n.2, you are mixing mexican culture and cuban culture and….you need to go home. And gringx n.3, sexualizing everything that he does and calling him “your latino boy” is fucking disgusting. fuck you.

Non-latines can….should reblog this. i’m not saying that you need to make content about his culture, please don’t do that if you don’t know anything about it. I’m just saying that it would be nice seeing non-latines mentioning that he IS latino, that he IS cuban, like in your posts and edits, because some of you are obsessed and do that with texan!keith and thats not even canon. We already have the show not even mentioning it, please don’t support that behavior.

kdramawomensweek | kdrama women’s week

alternatively: a week and one day to talk about and make things for women you appreciate in celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) 

Day One: Least Typecast Fave

An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you.

Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again.

Day Three: 40 + up, women in stories you adored

This is self explanatory, no? Female characters in dramas over the age of 40 that blew you away.

Day Four: Work X3

A character with a job or a relationship with work that you found either interesting/was merged well with the show/was unexpected etc.

Day Five: Femininity + Her

A character who dealt with being a woman in a way that interested you. Either in the way she behaved, or the way she dealt with the way she was percieved or the way she dealt with her existence ‘as a woman’. Am I being clear enough? Forgive me if I’m not.

Day Six: Strong Foundations

Wax lyrical about a character who was supported either her friends or/and her family. Female characters supported in life throughout, called out when they should and loved for who they are.

Day Seven: So Goodbye

Female characters with the best disappearances (no death, never death unless it’s fake death) and gap years, off to better themselves, or leaving for whatever heroic dramatic reasons. I’ll be incredibly impressed if you can do one on a character that never comes back.

Day Eight: Age of Youth Love-fest/Happy International Women’s Day

News about Season Two dropped and even though the tag is still active, it could be a little bit more active. Tell me about your favourite girl (it can be all of them), favourite scene, favourite prop, favourite line, draw parallels between Park Yun Sun’s previous work and Age of Youth! Do it all.

As always should you not like the categories, there are always  2015 + 2016 prompts, although it would please me if you could stick to these ones. Please tag your posts #kdramawomensweek and/or @ us so they are easier to find, admire and reblog.

SA PROFILES: If I could do it again

For those of you who were wondering why I offered to help with SA Profiles, it was because I needed a sample size (and because I’m tired of cleaning/wrecking this apartment). I tend to get many questions on how to make a SA profile, and I figured I would make a post to address this for good - so I can refer to it in the future. Based on who has followed me the longest, I will respond to each and every person individually with some tips - look out for that message. It may take a while because I have a vanilla life to attend to.

Wow, it has been a while since I have had a SA profile - 10 months to be specific. Sometimes, I do miss it. Through this little experiment, I noticed many reoccurring problems, or variables, with profiles. If you see a quote from a profile, do not feel singled out. It means that multiple girls had this issue. And no worries ladies - I approached my profile the same way when I began in the bowl. I promise experience will lead you to adjust or revamp it all. So, if I could go back in time - here are some things I would do or be aware of.

1. Be yourself - I read quite a few profiles that I know were based on a Tumblr post that circulated ages ago. Babies, these posts should provide a framework - they should never be copied. If that post has 100s of likes/reblogs, it is fair to say that other SBs have done exactly what you have. They have tweaked it a wee bit and called it their own. If I were a man and I noticed this obvious template for a profile that should be telling me about you, I would over look the generic and seek what stands out. Do not be generic. Be yourself. Write about your interests. At the end of the day, you go on the date - no one else.

2. What is with the aggression? - Yes, we have standards. Yes, we know what we want. Yes, we do not put up with bullshit. However, when did babies become so aggressive/demanding. “If you can’t follow through - don’t message me.” or “If you don’t have the means, don’t waste my time.” There is no easier way to sound like a gold-digger/atm user. Even if we are in it for the $$$, it should never be explicitly said or made obvious. He’s on SA, you are on SA - we know the deal. Furthermore, it is very hard to grasp a person’s tone through text - make sure you do not sound rude. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive. There are so many other ways to be assertive, especially once you have spoken. I think so many of you depend on the numbers displayed on SA - net worth etc - you neglect the fact that these men enter these numbers. Sometimes they can be underplayed or exaggerated. This kind of aggression is a red alarm; it is a turn off before he has even had the chance to meet you. Yes, there is a double standard - men can write about their preferences (race/religion/nationality etc) but I would personally avoid that even if you do. I will get into this more, but whether you want to objectify yourself or not - this is a service. Customers can suck ass. Yet it is key to have good customer service. The reality is that there is always someone out there who can do what you do - do not forget that. Give him a reason to stay and to want to spend - do not deter him before you even have the chance to work your magic babies. (This advice right here is limited to your profile)

3. Do not tell me, show me - Think of your SA profile as an advertisement for your product. It should describe what your product aims to achieve and most importantly, what it can do for the customer. Do not tell these men, what you think of yourself. Instead, show them their fantasy through you. I know there is some statistic out there that says men love to hear about themselves - wherever it is. It is true. Include them every step of the way. Describe what you want by saying what you could do with him. If you do not understand what I mean, go watch an Oxyclean commercial. There is nothing in the commercial that tells you, I clean stains, I remove oil. NO. It tells you, the customer, the array of things you can do with the product. DO THE SAME THING WITH YOUR PROFILE.

Example One (What you should not do): “I am a thin girl studying art … I like art. I love expensive food. I want to create a business.”

What is wrong with this? For starters, every profile I read approached it this way. It is generic. (I had this exact set up when I initially started). It is the most obvious way to write a profile.

Example Two (BE DESCRIPTIVE/Men are visual creatures) - “I am a young lady with a thin waist and a mind lusting for knowledge.  Art is my passion. Perhaps, I can pick your brain about Picasso’s “Bull’s Head” or Stubb’s “Whistlejacket”. I want to listen to your stories of success as we indulge in a divine dish overlooking the panoramic views of Hanalei Bay. I hope to know you. Let me make you laugh as we bask in the sun’s rays. If you are lucky, I will give you a sneak peak of my blueprint to conquer the world someday. Till then, I cannot envision a better way to spend my time than with one who has the capacity to challenge me/motivate me/enlighten me blah blah blah.”  

Perhaps, there is no need to be as verbose but you get the deal. Same content but different presentation. Example two includes him all the way - you have sold your product versus listing its description.

Write what interests you and make yourself stand out - this should only be an idea or a framework. These about me’s should be thought through. It is okay to put forth the best version of yourself, but always remember to hone who you are because you are the one on the date.

These were the major things, I would look out for. Certainly opinions and approaches differ, but if I were to do it all over again - these would be huge factors I would be conscious of.

Seriously, watch the oxyclean commercial because I did when writing this lol