i should never draw in pen

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Hello! I don't draw, at all, by I used to paint on canvas and I stopped a while ago. I've been struggling with depression and as a way to figure this shit out I would very much like to get back in touch with my artistic side. I'm just wondering is you have any tips/tutorials for someone who never drew anything ever (and is also left handed if that's important)

Being left handed isn’t important unless you use leaking/inky pens that smudge easily. I have spent a while thinking about this one because I know that depression is a very serious subject.

Something that I have learned from posting art on here for a couple of years is that we should draw for no one but ourselves (commissions aside) Never let the pressure of letting people see your drawings/paintings get to you because it’s something we do for our own enjoyment. One of the few things that gets me down on this website is people who think they are entitled to my drawings. I’ll often get comments on a drawing of a group of characters that are like “why didn’t you draw this character too?” which is annoying because obviously I didn’t draw them because I didn’t want to. Or a serious hatred of mine “their hair colour is a couple of shades different to what I personally imagined so you are obviously wrong”. People can be really shit man so if your depression has anything to do with that, work on trying to block out the people that will judge and be nasty about your art.

Now drawing is fun, it isn’t supposed to be perfect all the time, I recommend getting a sketchbook for only basic, basic sketches. It is so freeing to have something to just sribble in and not have to make things finished pieces in.

I have a couple tutorials here from myself

and I am also going to leave some links to my favourite speedpaint channels on YouTube, as well as my own one. I pick up half my techniques from watching speedpaints.










I really really hope this was helpful!!

To all the kind people messaging me and saying so much kind stuff to Bani… thank you so much… (T//ω//T) Bani is very happy and red in the face… I know you want to know how I do these gifs… But I’m really not great at explaining things… I hope I can at least show you some steps… I draw everything in Paint Tool SAI and I use a small Wacom pen tablet for drawing… I only use the default brushes that are in the program… also, I never went to an art school or had any lessons for this… so I really can’t tell if my method is efficient, since it is self-taught (^q^||)

First I do a weird looking sketch ( O ∀ O||||||)

Then I do a less weird looking sketch…

Clean lines

I basically just redraw every frame again, and also change some things that should moving…

I save all the images to a folder and open them in Windows Photo Viewer… I press the next button to see it move and to what I need to change… in the end, I’ll have more frames because I use some drawings more than once in the animation…

Coloring every layer…


I put the images into Photoshop and save as a gif there… 

I use After Effects for a glow effect, because I can (#゚ロ゚#)

And then I need hours to compress the gif and lower the frames to 2mb, so that tumblr will allow it ლ(ಠ益ಠლ huagh…!!

Done! _(┐「ε:)_

Aokaga: Pistachios

Aomine: *whines* Oi, Kagami, when will dinner be readyyyyyyy?


Aomine: *grumbles* fine.

Aomine: *sees mustache t-shirt design*

Aomine: *gets bright idea* ((Aomine should NEVER be allowed to use his brains.))

Aomine: *draws tiny mustache on pistachio nut with pen* MUSTACHIO PISTACHIO :D

Kagami: *watched the entire process* gOD, WHY DID I FALL FOR SUCH AN IDIOT.

Aomine: Bakagami, the veggies are getting charred :v

Kagami: sHET. *quickly gets back to cooking*

Aomine: Stupid~


Freehand Precision with @lifeasfunder

To see more photos from inside Thomas Funder’s sketchbook, follow @lifeasfunder on Instagram.

Thomas Funder (@lifeasfunder) fell in love with drawing on a wet, dreary day 12 years ago in northern Denmark. He was 11 years old and bored inside his grandparents’ house. “Then my father gave me a car magazine, a pen and a piece of paper,” Thomas recalls. “The rest of the day I was sitting and drawing cars while getting inspired from the illustrations in the magazine. This was the kickoff.”

Thomas hasn’t stopped sketching since, developing his talent for creating extraordinarily precise freehand renderings of watches, cars and sneakers. “Sometimes it can be like a drug. When I finish one sketch I need to start on a new one immediately,” he says. “In a time where 3-D programs are used more than ever, the importance of creating a good sketch on paper should never be lost.” In August, Thomas will enroll at Umea Institute of Design in Sweden and hopes one day to land his dream job: “It would be an honor for me to work in the Swiss watchmaking industry.”

This is how I feel when I think of love. Think of life. Think of anything. And nobody but me knows what is going on in my little head while I just sit and stare for a while. So never judge a person for things they should have said. Judge them for what they said without thinking.

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What tools do you usually use for traditional art? (specific pens, pencils, markers, paint, paper, ect.) also i absolutely LOVE your art, especially homestuck! Thank you, and have a nice day!

HMMM, well I guess it depends on which drawings you mean.

Watercolors are Winsor & Newton [These right here]

Mechanical Pencil is a Retro1951 hex-o-matic [This one] [but honestly… that one’s to expensive, any mechanical pencil should do, as long as it’s comfortable to use I think?]

Paper… It’s just my sketchbook, sadly the sketchbooks I used to have never showed what kind of paper they used, but my pencil behaved so nicely on that paper… now I use these? which smudge a little [I don’t really use proper watercolor paper, so I never use a lot of water and I don’t usually do gradients]
For human Gamzee it’s a sketchbook, for troll gamzee I believe it was Fabriano.

Pens… shitty orange BIC pens that smudge?? or just anything I find laying around my house, is just that recently I bought a box of bic pens and that’s what I’ve been using.
Also white gel pens for highlights?

Then for these

I used gouache [the one on the left, gumball/marshall is the only one with watercolors]


I useeed.. acrylic paint, the brand is “Politec“ but I think that’s a mexican brand…

I work with synthetic brushes, mostly round, I’ve never paid attention to brands.

hmmm, I tried to be specific I hope that helps!
If you were thinking of another drawing and you’re still curious, send me the link or the number of the post and I’ll try to reply with additional info!

Thank you for your lovely message! I’m so surprised but happy you’d pay attention to my traditional drawings! I’m glad you like them and I think my favorite drawings must be Homestuck ones too <3

You too have a lovely day, anon!


Well, I’m not all that good at tutorials…So my tip I guess is that you should draw a lot. And be patient with yourself and remember it’s okay to make mistake.

These are most of my sketchbooks I’ve filled from the time I was fifteen, up to now. There’s 11 of them. Filled with all my struggles and triumphs. Looking back at them now I see lots that I could do better but at the time there were big leaps in those pages. If 15 year old me saw my current style now I can’t help but wonder how I would feel about what I’ve learned.

Every artist has struggles and I know for myself the only way I ever get over those struggles was by drawing through it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, and there have been times where I’ve felt like I’ll never get any better, like I’ll never be as good as this other artist, why should I keep drawing if I’ll never get better, never be enough. But even when I felt that way for some reason I still couldn’t put my pencil down. And even now when I feel that way I still find a stylus or pen in my hand, I still keep drawing.

Throwback to the first time I did a sketch in ballpoint pen! I used a crosshatching method for the values and marker for the completely black parts.
On a side note, I did an interview about my art! I’ve never done an interview like this before so you should check it out if you’re interested :) the link is in my bio!
Happy new year everyone!!! 💥🎉🎊 by morgandavidson

Angie wants to have a bunch of kids with Lucina, but I don’t know how well that’s going to turn out when babies apparently like to bully her.

Something quick and dumb to figure out my tablet and Manga Studio settings on my laptop. I never use my laptop for drawing so it’s a little weird and this is probably super in consistent because I kept tweaking the pen pressure+MS settings to work how they do on my desktop. I hope my hand writing isn’t too hard to read, I don’t have all my awesome paid fonts on here. (I guess I could have redownloaded them but installing the tablet+software was annoying enough) My desktop should hopefully be all ready to go tomorrow! So expect actual proper comics from me soon!