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@a-century-of-fakers → Has an amazing blog. Their sims are adorable and their aesthetic is on point! Each post become my favorite and they should really be printed and displayed in an art gallery. There’s a really special and unique thing both beautiful, mysterious, funny, and conceptual. I wonder what magic makes every photo set look totally random but also exactly how it’s supposed to be. On top of that they build beautiful lots and have a good taste in cc. This blog is a whole wonderful universe! -anonymous

Kancolle Set Build

Since my Kancolle nendoroid collection seems to keep growing, I decided to make a little diorama to display them in! Since it was a lot of fun to make I took a few photos of the process of building it.

Along with using it for display, the set should definitely come in handy for photo stuff when the other kongou sisters arrive. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!

Kongou helps to construct the wainscoting for the set. Made out of colored paper, I used two shades of brown to give a sense of depth.

Windows are cut! Foamcore is great stuff to work with when doing stuff like this. I pasted on some textured paper to give the walls an off white color & some added texture.

Window trim and wainscoting added, things are starting to come together!

Since this will only be viewed from the inside, what the outside looks like doesn’t matter too much. Window panes are added by taping strips of paper to the outside, then a translucent paper is taped over for diffusing light

With the walls put together, it’s starting to look like an actual room! The wood floor is achieved by using textured paper.

Kongou approves!

As time moves on I’ll work on adding various accessories to make it more home like. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!


Members all out Support to D&E:

special_js1004: ..#MusicBank fancam..Hello~I’m Super Junior D&E manager Park Jungsu, please take care of our kids
special_js1004: D&E.. We didn’t even make any prior arrangements and we all gathered like this.. Everyone is overflowing with loyalty.. Display window group..ㅋㅋ Now that I uploaded the photo you should pay me money right~ㅋㅋ My dongsaeng Eunhyuk Donghae yah!!! Although it’s short but have an enjoyable and happy promotion..!! #GrowingPains daebak!!

kimheehim: typical show window group Super Junior came to support Donghae and Eunhyuk ’D&E’. Its okay as long as we roughly act as though we are close, take a photo and upload it on our SNS right? Hahaha is good and all (the other songs) are good too. I’m recommending to people who feels energyless comfort yourself with if you miss your mom hey leeteuk-ah.. Since we are of the same age, should we (come out) with an album called ‘83’? #parkjungsoo #kimheechul#zhoumi #leedonghae #leehyukjae #choisiwon #DnE #growingpains #stillyou i really still like 'still you’ like crazy #kimheechulisbeingoutcasted#kimheechulisbeingbulliedbysujumembers #patpat #kimpat #imstillyou #d&e

zhouzhoumi419: D&E!!! Todays first stage fighting!!!!! Everyone quickly watch Music Bank!! The stage is cool!!!

siwon1987: 4 special managers^^ D&E first broadcast!

henryl89: yeahh!!!

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Allira + “you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes” au (femslash ftw)

I’m so sorry it took me forever to get to this!

also using for the ‘you got a haircut?’ square on my Teen Wolf bingo card!  on ao3 here.

Over the past thirty minutes, Allison thinks she’s learned enough about Kira Yukimura to write a book.

She’s learned that Kira is in her last year of a history program at the local college and that she hopes to do a master’s in Japanese Mythology. She used to live in New York and even after four years, she still hasn’t gotten used to the California heat. She loves dogs but her apartment is far too small to have one, so she has to make do with a goldfish named Einstein that her roommate brought home after a night of drinking. She prefers tea to coffee, sleeping in to getting up early and frozen yogurt to ice cream.

She seems like a very sweet person. Her smile stretches from ear to ear and she fiddles with things as she speaks; her napkin, one of the beaded bracelets around her wrists, the silver fox necklace hanging from her long neck. She’s also very pretty and if the circumstances were different, Allison would be more than happy to be sitting across from her, listening to Kira talk a mile a minute about the different types of kitsunes, Japanese fox spirits.

There’s just one problem.

Before Kira came in, Allison had been sitting alone at her table, planning on treating herself to some delicious chicken parmigiana as a way to celebrate being done a twenty page paper. According to what Kira said when she sat down across from Allison in a flurry of gestures and words, she’s supposed to be on a blind date with someone her roommate set her up with. 

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Repost By @liberate_cetaceans:
“This video shows Makaio attempting to mate with Malia, his half sister (Tilikum is their father). He was also seen attempting to mate with his half sister and niece Nalani (Katina is their mother). On a separate occasion he has also been seen mating with his own mother, Katina.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering Katina’s past. Katina mated with her first son Taku (deceased) and subsequently gave birth to their daughter Nalani who may be up to 25% inbred.

In wild orca communities breeding within the pod (direct incest) is taboo. A strict social structure and cultural rules maintain this ban. As matriarch, Katina should be stopping her calves from inbreeding and should not allow her son to mate with her, but having been taken away from her mother when only a calf herself (2 years) she probably never learnt these social rules.

This is yet another example of how captivity changes orcas, making them display behaviour that would not be tolerated in a wild pod.

Side note: I really appreciate it when my followers send me stuff like this. if any of you go to SeaWorld in future please take photos/ videos of the orcas and other dolphins. In particular look for behaviours such as mating, raking (fighting), logging, chewing, gate separation etc. PLEASE send me your photos/videos and I may re post them (with or without credit based on your preference). I will NOT judge you or reprimand you for going to SeaWorld.”
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     I’ve made it no secret that a good portion of the photography in this blog is captured with my cell phone. Every Blackbird aircraft that I’ve photographed so far, I’ve taken and shared at least one shot from my phone camera. I do this because I’m out to prove that photography gear ultimately doesn’t matter, and that any camera is truly legitimate, even the one attached to your phone. Gear should never get in the way of the creative process, or making amazing work.

     While photographing SR-71A #17967, on display at Barksdale Global Power Museum on Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, I took a few shots with my phone, as I always do, and found that it was interesting to compose the photographs with the airplane’s shadow in mind. I liked what I was getting, and continued to roll with it, so here’s the result. All of the shots in this post were captured with my cell phone.

     You can view photos that I took with my “real camera”, which is just a simple Canon point-and-shoot, in a previous post (click here to view.)

No Pictures, Please

So MCM London just wrapped up yesterday, and I want to talk a little about photo etiquette from the perspective of a stallholder. I think it’s pretty well established that you don’t photograph cosplayers without their permission (it SHOULD be well established. If you don’t know that, absorb it now. Ask before you take someone’s photo). Photography related to artist displays isn’t a topic I’ve seen discussed as much, though, and there are a couple of points I’d like to make.

Personally, I don’t mind being photographed. I’m at the show to be seen, I make an effort to dress up and present myself interestingly, and make a memorable experience for the people who stop by my table. It’s fun! It’s performance, and I take it as a compliment when someone enjoys that performance enough to want a picture. Sometimes people want a picture of the table display*, sometimes they want a picture of my outfit. Sometimes they even ask for selfies with me. That’s all fine, I actually really like it!

HOWEVER, I do not like being photographed without permission.

This weekend was the first time I’ve tabled without somebody else behind the booth with me, and for whatever reason (I suspect I know the reason) it was also the worst weekend I have ever ever ever had for invasive photography. Over the three days:

- Multiple people walked past and took pictures of me without asking or even making eye contact first
- Multiple people gestured to the table, asked “can I take a picture?” and then photographed me
- A man took a selfie with me without warning or permission
- A man took a cellphone picture of my breasts while I was leaning over to show him something on the stall
- A man walked around the back of my table and took candid photographs of me FROM THE EXHIBITOR AISLE while I was talking to a friend

Absolutely none of these things are acceptable.

When you ask me whether you can take a picture, it’s not just respectful, it’s a WARNING. It gives me a chance to present myself as I’d like to be presented professionally. It gives me the opportunity to refuse if I don’t feel comfortable with the use you might be putting the picture to. Most of all, it gives me the opportunity to psychologically prepare. Because I am at the convention as a professional, as a performer, to work. It’s the difference between taking a picture of an actor on stage and snapping them without warning behind the scenes.

Most of the time during a con weekend I am really tired, I’m stressed, and behind the stall I’m just a short solitary 26-year old woman flailing to keep up with the pace of the show in uncomfortable shoes. And I’m not there to give you a picture of THAT person – which is what you get when you photograph me without warning. It makes me feel vulnerable and out of character, and it genuinely throws off my ability to project the professional I’m trying to be.

Now obviously there are bigger issues with, e.g., taking a picture of my body without my knowledge. That’s invasive on a whole other level and frankly you should be fucking ashamed of yourself if you’ve ever done it. The guy who started photographing me from behind my periphery while I was engaged with a friend severely creeped me out, and actually took me beyond vulnerable to feeling actively unsafe. You cannot CANNOT enter the vendors’ avenue to photograph us unless we EXPLICITLY give you permission. That is backstage. That is private space. That is not an angle we are offering you. DON’T DO THAT.

I shouldn’t have to spell this out, but please. Please please. If you catch yourself about to do any of this, stop. Ask permission. And if you see somebody else doing it, SAY SOMETHING. Even if you don’t want to confront them yourself, let the stallholder know that they’re being photographed. Tell a steward. Do something to disrupt this awful behaviour.

* For the record, I don’t mind people photographing my table but this is something else you really have to ask about. Most of us are indie creators selling our own artwork, and we may not want images of it circulated outside of our sales avenues. Similarly, it is NOT OKAY to take pictures of individual pieces unless the artist explicitly tells you it’s okay on a case by case basis. If you want to own an image, BUY IT. Photographing complete pieces is piracy. It is art theft. It costs us money. DON’T.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Author: @everybirdfellsilent

Rating: K

The dreaded day had arrived. Photo albums were spread across the kitchen table. Katniss sat next to his father looking slightly uncomfortable. When she caught Peeta’s eye as he leaned in the doorway watching her, the pleading look she gave made him smirk before pushing off the frame and making his way to the vacant seat beside her.

Not only had she met his parents today, but they had insisted on bringing out all of his childhood photo albums, awards, a box of drawings, and even some old VHS tapes sat ominously on the corner of the table.

It wasn’t everyday that Peeta brought a girl back home to meet his family. In fact, it had only been once or twice before. So the opportunity to embarrass him arising once every blue moon caused his parents to pounce.

Though Katniss had been there every step of the way, he felt no need to relive some of his most awkward moments. He finally had her. What else mattered? What was the point on looking back at all the days, all the events he wanted her by his side, but was too chicken to do anything about it? All that mattered to him now were the empty photo albums waiting to be filled. And as far as he was concerned, Katniss would be the star in every photo, and he could only hope she saw herself the way he did.

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