i should make this a mini series lol

When the Chocobros are Needy

I kinda feel bad about not posting original content for a while? Its been like 2 days lol,, but yeah. I went for something semi cute?? I’ve been working on my mini series so yeah. Chapter 1 should be out tomorrow!!


He’ll make sure you know that he’s needy. He’ll give you a certain look thats basically begging for your attention. It’s not like you’re neglecting him or anything. He’s literally like a puppy, snuggling against you, staring at you with those eyes, it kills you to where you give in too easily.

He’ll be so needy, he’s following you around. Even if you’re just going to the kitchen, he’s right behind you. You eventually think it’s funny and torture him on purpose. He clings to you, until he has enough and pushes you up against something.

He doesn’t play games. If he’s feeling needy, he’s gonna make sure you know. He’s going to kiss you as many times as it takes to make you hot and bothered, and well, we all know what comes next-

He’s going to be SO petty about it. “Well if they’re ignoring me, I’ll ignore them back.” #ImNotDealingWithThis, he’s going to wait until you give in, and totally going to make you make up for the amount of time you “neglected” him.

Markhyuck!Fic “Risks & Improv” pt. 2

(Part One Found Here)

Who was this girl and what did she do with the real Kim Yerim?

Haechan and Mark watched the dark-haired girl, their friend of almost five years, in awe as she took turning up to a whole new level. She climbed up on a table, an unknown liquid beverage hand, and began swaying breezily to the beat of a fitting Selena Gomez song.

Tell them that it’s my birthday when I party like that~” she sang dazzlingly. A small crowd gathered around her and cheered her on, whooping and hollering at her impromptu performance.

Haechan and Mark watched from a distance. They sat in the corner of the living room on Yeri’s couch, nursing their drinks slowly.

“Should we do something about… that?” Mark asked, mimicking Haechan from earlier by gesticulating with his hand in her general direction. Haechan was too distracted to make the connection.

“Hm?” Haechan mumbled halfheartedly. His mind was somewhere else, his gaze directed into the contents of his red solo cup.

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