i should make it again sometime soon

anonymous asked:

who are your favourite blogs and why? if you follow them, what made you follow them? :)

My favorite blogs hmm

@vitaminniedk - friendly person, and such a nice blog too!!! One of my closest friends

@officialseungcheol - sometimes I go on Q’s blog and queue tons of things because it really is a nice blog (we should rabbit again soon I really liked it!!)

@130jeon - nice aesthetic blog (and nice person too)

@mingyou - has like multiple talents it’s super crazy how does a person do that

@wonnhao - makes excellent gifs and from what I can tell is also very sweet (not that I’ve ever spoken to her but from what I’ve seen!!)

@wooziology - Isabelle is very kind and has a great blog too!!

@littleight - the cutest person you’ll ever meet I’m telling you, one of my favorite minghao blogs

@seveanteen - their theme is epic just go look at it

@the1the8 - paney is very sweet and does fun a fun card exchange near Christmas!!

@lilchubchim - so talented at like everything I mean she even has kittens what more could you want in a person

@mienghao - excellent blog too idk what more to say though but like our URLs are very similar that’s what made me stumble upon her and she’s very nice and makes good gifs of minghao for the whole family to enjoy!!

Hope that cuts it idk if I even answered your question honestly but these are some A+ blogs!!

i took a short bath and ate more mozzarella sticks than any one human should consume (while in the bath, lol, because i wanted to be in bed asap)

i’m still super exhausted…. my body has just felt like it’s dying lately. i hope i can get an energy boost again sometime soon.

i’m somehow making it, between cancelling things and choosing my moments to be productive, but there’s so much i want to do right now and so few spoons


Movie Meme [2/20] The Book Thief

One small fact: you are going to die. Despite every effort, no one lives forever. Sorry to be such a spoiler. My advice is when the time comes, don’t panic. It doesn’t seem to help. I guess I should introduce myself properly. But then again, you’ll meet me soon enough. Not before your time, of course. I make it a policy to avoid the living. Well, except sometimes. Once in a very long time, I can’t help myself. I get interested.

Shane is up to his old tricks again

So, it appears Shane still has Ryan Ross’ password and has set up something elaborate. I’ll break it down for you guys:

Ryan is apparently coming out with new music sometime soon (according to that guy on Periscope that said Ryan’s in the studio working on it, so there’s genuine reason to this theory). What’s the thing making fans hesitant to buy it? Shane Fucking Morris.

“What should I do to ensure that people buy it?” Shane panics, thinking about all the money lost from his asshole tendancies in the past.

Shane has an idea. To publicly make a big scene about disassociating himself from Ryan. Phase 1) tweet asshole things about Panic to get the fans attention, phase 2) have “Ryan” notice and have “Ryan” tweet things at Shane that seem like he’s disgusted by him, phase 3) “omg fuck this guy Ryan how could u” to cover up the fact that he’s the one tweeting from Ryan’s account.

My prediction: over the next two weeks, Ryan will begin hyping up his music, and without Shane’s negativity, he will sell more than he would’ve with Shane’s negativity as a known presence in his life.

Fuck these guys. Ryan, I love you but stop playing games with your fans. And fuck Shane off for real.

EDIT: I’ve been getting buckets of hate over this, it’s a fucking theory chill. It’s probably not a hundred percent accurate, I still love Ryan to death but standing by someone problematic and not intervening , especially when it’s directed @ your fans, makes u problematic by association. And Ryan would enjoy this publicity for his music, sorry to tell you the truth.

“Thank you. I’m glad he is back. You sometimes don’t know what good thing you have until you lose it.”

“By good thing you mean me, right?”

“Yes, you.”

“Okay, cool. Just making sure. ”

“I definitely don’t want to lose him again, but I know I can’t keep following him around, or he will get mad. I just ask JARVIS more often where he is –”

“Yup, JARVIS is getting irritated. I won’t be surprised if he zaps Steve anytime soon.”

“– maybe I really should use this chip. Thanks! So, Tony, what do you think about this idea? Open wide!”

“Weell, you know that I don’t have a problem with opening wide and swallowing, but  this time I’m gonna refuse.”

“.. I can’t believe you said this.. What the..”

“To be honest, you walked straight into that one.”