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jinspinkhoodie  asked:

post ten facts about yourself and send it on to ten of your faves!! ❣❣

I only got 7, but therefore they’re.. quite detailed! XD

1.  I play volleyball in a club for gay men 😂 It was the first google result when I was searching for a club nearby and it was super cheap with a great offer of sports, so. The gay jokes during training are hilarious. The coach can’t even ask for us to “stretch” without someone making a remark (“oh but I thought you should be used to stretching by now”) :’) “balls” is another hard topic for the guys to stay serious about.

2. I have a fat cat and she is beautiful. When I first met her in the animal shelter, she got up from her fluffy bed, took a step towards me.. and then had to flop down in exhaustion :’) She’s much better now!

3.  I’ve learned Japanese in school and now know quite a few of these beautiful hieroglyphics 学校で三年間日本語をを勉強しましたが、ペラペラになるまではまだまだですね~

4.  I have a memory of pondering about beautiful color combinations to draw a wax crayon rainbow with the next day at kindergarten when I was around five and my mom was picking me up to leave. She kept talking with a friend’s parent (ugh adults), so I shifted my attention to a vase with flowers in it, thinking “pink, blue and purple is a beautiful combination of colors. I shall draw that tomorrow”. The love for colors started early 😂

5. If I don’t wear contacts or glasses, everything that’s further distanced from my eyes than five centimeters will appear blurry to me. Practically blind : ) The upside of that is, however, that I can see stuff close to my eye that would appear blurry to other people. So I can take a look at things seriously up close. It’s fascinating to see the different “muscle strands” of the iris for example!

6. My birthday is on the 31th of December. My brother’s too, but we are three years apart. When my mom returned with freshly born baby-me from the hospital she gifted me to my brother as his birthday present, so he always took good care of me :)

7. Jimin’s voice and thighs were the first things at fault for turning me from a “their music is so good“ kind of fan to… this.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: why has no one written a canon-verse fic about Kolivan and Keith interacting after the Trials of Marmora? I mean, Kolivan should theoretically know which of the Blades went on missions and never returned, which means he also likely knows or could at least pin down who Keith’s mother was and give Keith at the minimum some slim margin of solace about his own recently discovered past; not to mention, the blade’s awakening confirmed Keith is of Galra descent, something he clearly had no knowledge of prior to the trials–a traumatic discovery the help of a respectable, positive Galra role model could really have helped him process and work through? And why wouldn’t the Blade of Marmora have a vested interest in making the only current Galra paladin of Voltron, who just so happens to have passed their weird culty initiation, into a stalwart ally/actual member of the Blade? Kolivan could have encouraged Keith to stand up for himself against the onslaught of Allura’s response and take pride in his heritage? We could have had a meaningful journey of self-discovery and deeper insight into the daily lives of non-universe-conquering Galra??? We could have seen more of Keith’s cool new sword??? Someone could have been there to answer Keith’s questions, instead of Coran giving him the brush off??? Like, why. And why has the fandom persisted in letting me down by failing to rectify this glaring gap in character interaction, perpetuating the show writers’ bad habits of portraying the Galra with less moral complexity and greater throw-away expendability than the more “civilized” Altean/human characters? I bet if Kolivan was a florist or a barista, this fic would exist already, really– 


Okay, so whether or not you agree with how subtle Leighton Grey & Co. went with representing Damien’s trans identity, his story arc/ending was a great, subtle way in representing the difficulties and nuances of performing vs. over-performing his gender (with Damien’s goth identity acting as a metaphor).

Damien feels “embarrassed” at showing a part of himself that isn’t stereotypically goth, like many trans people feel uncomfortable or up for ridicule if they showcase interests or present in such a way that is like their gender assigned at birth. He feels that in order to be validated, he needs to act as goth as he possibly can 24/7– like how trans people feel pressured to overperform their genders.

Even though his goth interests are a huge part of his identity, and he originally entered the goth subculture to make himself happy, he soon felt like the goth stuff was the most important thing about him.

The player character’s interest in Damien despite his “normal” behaviors is what causes him to reflect on WHY he felt the need to perform goth to such an extent, in a way that made him feel uncomfortable expressing parts of his real self.

Through this reflection (and not, may I note, the PC’s love alone), Damien concludes that he would live a fuller, happier life if he allowed himself to be a three-dimensional human being instead of just manifesting one character trait (goth, gender).

This is not a pitch-perfect metaphor– for many trans people, performing their gender “perfectly” is often a matter of life and death– but it is useful for those in the nonbinary/trans umbrella who feel the need to embody only masculine/feminine/androgynous/whatever traits in order to be respected as their gender (even if they’re in a relatively safe environment).

And it was just a really cool, subtle way to tie goth/trans stuff together??? 

Honestly, really good representation all around, in my humble opinion.

EDIT: tumblr user supergaysatan (who I can’t tag for some reason) pointed out this article on the difficulties of being both goth and trans, which adds a deeper layer to this analysis… just gotta figure out how to word it, and then I’m going to probably make another edit to add more thoughts no one asked for (but y’all should read it)

Regarding #SaveBendy

I’m sure many people know what #SaveBendy is by now. If not, then check this neato link here!

The TL:DR version is, kids are going around snagging art from people’s accounts and then talking shit about it on their Instagram. It’s extremely cringy to see a ton of little kids basically get mad at the fact that someone drew Bendy and Alice in a romantic setting.

It’s also extremely hilarious. But that’s just me.

But it seems these guys are trying to cause more trouble by personally hitting up ask blogs that aren’t “up to their standards”. That being if it’s shipping related, they think a certain Bendy isn’t good enough or is “cringy”. They have even been targeting NSFW ask blogs and harassing them as well.

It’s only been a short while since this has surfaced and I think it’s getting to the point where it’s not something I can exactly try to ignore.

As someone who has dealt with their fair share of people trying to control what I create, I completely understand the stress creators are dealing with right now.

There is a certain way people have been treating NSFW or suggestive stuff in this fandom that is incredibly silly in my opinion.

Now I’ve only had my ask blog for little over two weeks now, so I’m still extremely new to this fandom, but I think we should have a level of respect for one another. No one will change what they make because you yell at them. 

If you don’t like a certain thing, you are entitled to blacklist/block the source.

You are not entitled to send hateful asks/IMs to someone cause you don’t like them.

You don’t like NSFW for BATIM?

Blacklist it! Download Xkit and have the proper tags on a list so Tumblr can hide it for you!

This whole #SaveBendy thing is the dumbest thing in the world. And I’ve been in some shitty fandoms.

If you think #SaveBendy is a valid thing that’s doing the right thing, then listen very closely kid.


Don’t like that I have this opinion? Then please quietly exit stage left and tap that handy dandy “Unfollow” button on the way out.


Fuck #SaveBendy.

baby sister | jughead jones

Originally posted by kylogue

a/n: thinking of making this into another small series!! based on a request!! let me know if you think i should post another part! also this is my first series where  im adding another POV get keen. also ill start a tag list for this so leave a message in my ask box or down below if you’d like to be added!!


it was another busy night at pop’s chock’lit shoppe.

booths were bursting at the seams as they celebrate the win of river dales very own bulldogs. i didn’t even need to go to the game to know that they’d won. 

teenagers and parents hustle into the diner buying burgers and fries by the dozen. me? i sat in my usual booth with my usual oder; cheese burger fries and a chocolate milkshake, with of course my laptop.

i was busy typing up my newest lead that i didn’t pay any attention to the small girl that walked through pop’s doors and ended up at the front of my booth, fries and milkshake in hand.

“can i sit?” she murmurs shifting on her feet

i tilt the lid of my laptop down gesturing with my hands for her to sit, she smiles at me placing her food infront of her as she sips on her drink.

she studies me and i close my laptop completely glance at the small girl, she looked exactly like jellybean.

“everything okay?” she nods pulling books out of her back pack and plugging her headphones into her iPod.

i open my laptop and start typing again inspiration flowing through me. we stay like this for awhile, me working on my story and the little girl writing what seemed like english homework whilst bopping her head to the music that filled her earphones.

she sighs heavily causing me to look up at her “im holly (y/l/n)” i smile “jughead jones the third” she chuckles.

“theres three of you named jughead” she giggles her laugh carrying through the diner, the dinner rush was over and most of the booths were now empty. it was just us, pop and a few local stragglers. 

“you miss holly remind me of my sister” she raises her eyebrows “can’t say the same about you- my sister is way cooler than you” she sass’ and i laugh.

“how old are you holly?” “I’m 10, you?” “17″ i reply stealing one of her fries “hey!” she sulks.

“my sisters 17 too, she steals my fries too” i nod smirking to myself

“her names (y/n) we just moved her from san fransico, how olds your sister?” 

i close my laptop setting it aside “my sister is 10 years old same as you her names jellybean” she laughs again “is there three jelly beans too?” i shake my head “nope just the one and only”.

she pops a few fries in her mouth “can i ask you a few questions?” i chuckle “haven’t you just been doing exactly that?” she shakes her head.

folding my arms across my chest i decide to give in “fine, i’ll bite”

a take a swig from the saucer infront of me “are you writing about that dead kid?” i spit out my coffee choking slightly.

“yes or no?”


“do you ever take that beanie off?” 


“not even when you shower” she pesters

i lean forward “i even poop with it on” she giggles and makes a disgusted face.

“my turn” she nods 

“what are you listening to?”

“music” i roll my eyes gesturing for her to go on “right now- all time low” 

“why are you at a diner asking a stranger at 10pm personal questions?”

her eyes widen “wait your not a murder right?” i cock my eyebrow “maybe”

“my sister was supposed to come meet me here for dinner after she’d finished work that was” she pauses looking down at her watch

“3 and a half hours ago” 

i brush my thumb against my lips “is that true?” she shrugs smirking mischievously to herself.

“do you want to use my phone to contact your sister?” she shakes her head frantically “NO”

i lean back in the booth smiling maniacally crossing my arms infront of my chest “so you sister doesn’t know your here?”

she sinks lower into the booth sipping her milkshake shamelessly 

“she’s probably worried about you”

the younger girl looks up sadly before her eyes drift over to the entrance the bell chiming indicating a new customer “crap!” she ducks underneath the table hiding herself behind my legs.

“hey!” i complain as the girl hugs my legs.

i scoff and turn and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen walk through the doors of pop’s. her (y/h/c) was dripping wet from the downpour outside yet it still looked incredible.

her clothes hugged her figure as the water drops from the fabric to the clean tiles. her eyes scan the booths looking for someone.

she walks over to pop worry evident on her face “hey I’m looking for my little sister she’s 10 but this high, brown hair” she gestures with her hands “her names holly” 

i clear my throat pointing to my booth, as the younger girls back pack and homework sprawled out on the table top.

she mutters a thank you before approaching my booth, she breathes a sigh of relief as she realises that the back pack indeed belonged to her younger sibling.

“you must be holly’s sister?” she nods rocking awkwardly on her heels “(y/n) (l/n) I’m sorry if she’s been bothering you- and you are?” she smiles down at me her cheeks tinting red in the warm diner.

“jughead jones-” i pause “the third” she giggles nd boy do i have to contain myself from drooling.

“there’s three of you named jughead?” she continues giggling covering her mouth and apologising “oh god I’m sorry i shouldn’t be laughing” i chuckle to myself smiling up at the girl.

“its fine, your sister actually said the exact same thing” she widens her eyes and drops to her knee spotting her younger brunette sister curled up at my legs.

“holly!” she scolds “get out and leave the poor boy alone” i try and hide my smirk.

“his name is juggie and he’s my friend” she retorts.

“its fine (y/n) honestly i have a little sister the same age, its harmless really” she shakes her had dipping back under the table.

“you give me no choice” i watch as the (y/h/c) girl moves under the table trying to grab her younger sister from underneath the table.

squeals fill the diner until holly pops out of the booth her sister trying to follow suit only to bash her head on the table and aggressively grab my thigh in the process of a line sentence of cussing.

i lean down to her offer my hand “you okay?” 

she clutches her head with one hand and she grabs mine with the other allowing me to pull her up into the seat beside me.

“id like to say that karma for laughing at my birth name?” 

she giggles still wincing in pain “atleast theres no gum in your hair” i muse smiling at the mystery girl.

“this day keeps getting better” she smiles sarcastically

“c’mon holz mums worried sick i need to get you home, so say goodbye to your new found friend and lets go. no more running away” she nods sadly rolling her eyes at her older sister.

“can we come back here tomorrow” she whines as the older girl packs away holly’s books into her backpack.

“i don’t know holly I’m already swamped in school work we can’t be coming here on a daily basis i can’t watch you all the time” the younger girl looks disappointed.

“i’ll be here” i speak up the two girls turning to look at me “if you don’t have the time you can drop her off and illl look after her for an hour or two”

she sighs looking at her sister as she stands on her knees begging her sister 

“please please please”

she looks at me biting her lip “i don’t know holz” 

holly’s face drops disappointment clearly evident on her face.

“you can come too, bring your homework if you feel up to it” she smiles at me before slipping out of the booth “i’ll think about it” 

i nod a smile creeping on my face.

“c’mon holly say bye to jughead” she smiles at me giving me a fist bump before walking to her sister.

“thank you, for looking after her. i know not everyone is wired to be kind to a young lost girl. i owe you one”

“if you come tomorrow ill make it even” he says hopeful wanting to know more about the beautiful new girl.

“maybe, goodnight” she places her hands on her sisters holders and guides her toward the exit looking back one last time to send a small smile my way.

there was something about her and i couldn’t quiet put my finger on it but i had to know her.

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You Get What You Give (Swing and a Miss)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 2,228

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Slight cursing

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  • reiner: all right, all right. i'll answer whatever questions you have
  • reiner: what the fuck you're both like twelve
  • reiner: yes, she's single. i think?
  • falco: YES!!!!
Floral Shop - Rafael Barba

Instead of doing homework and catching up on my fics, I decided to make this for Valentine’s Day!

Hands down, this was your busiest time of the year. Besides the wedding craze that happened during the summer, Valentine’s Day always kicked your ass. A friend of yours suggested that you get seasonal help, but you could manage just fine with your only other coworker, an older woman named Marge.

She was working the register as you arranged the bins of roses for the fiftieth time that day. So many men had come in last minute, looking for specific flowers for their women, so you had to tell them over and over that there was no way you could complete a special order in time. 

Having been yelled at three times today, dropping an entire bucket full of baby’s breath on the sidewalk, and completely forgetting about an order that you had for noon that day, you were ready for Valentine’s Day to be over. So, when the bell rang, signaling someone entering your shop, you rolled your eyes. 

Looking up, you saw a man in a suit, looking around nervously through the flowers. This was a sight you had become way too used to today. You walked over towards him, ready to tell him that all the bright pink roses had sold out, until he looked up at you with green eyes.

“Hi,” you said, completely forgetting your Valentine’s schpeal about looking for ‘something special for someone special’.

“Hi,” he said, smiling back at you. 

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah, um anything in purple.” You smiled and tilted your head curiously.

“Anything purple?” He chuckled and ran a hand through his dark hair.

“Yeah, it’s my mom’s favorite color.” You fought off the urge to shout yes at that moment. “Today is my parent’s anniversary.”

“Oh, how sweet,” you said, leading him towards a table covered with scattered flower petals, droplets of water, and broken stems.

“Not really. My dad died a long time ago.” You looked back at him and he frowned. “Sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you this.”

“It’s okay. It’s still really sweet. Do you know what kind of flowers she likes?” you asked. He shrugged and you giggled. “Okay, well I really love these ones,” you said, pulling out the pale purple roses you had just gotten in. He took one from your hand and sniffed it.

“Yeah. She’ll love them. Do you have any other purple flowers I can pair with it?” You looked up at the clock on instinct, and saw it was eight. Closing time. The man seemed to take notice, too and looked back at you. “Oh, don’t worry about it I-”

“Forget about it,” you said. “I think I have something.” You took six of the roses and moved across the room to get some baby’s breath, adding some lilacs into it, and finishing it off with some pale pink chrysanthemums. “How does this look?”

“Amazing,” he said, taking the bouquet from your hands. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” He followed you up to the register, and once you handed him his receipt he smiled. 

“Thank you again.”

“Like I said, it’s no problem.”

“Well, Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said. You smiled and he pulled out a rose, handing it to you. You opened your mouth to say something but he only winked and walked towards the door, leaving you blushing as you sniffed the flower.

A week later, you came into work to open, and found Marge standing at the door. She walked faster towards her, worried that something had happened. You started fiddling the keys as you approached her.

“Marge, is everything okay?” you asked.

“Yeah, I just wanted to give you this.” She handed you another rose, this one was also dyed purple. You smiled awkwardly and took it from her. 

“What is this?”

“A rose. Jeez, you call yourself a florist.” You laughed and opened the door. She walked inside, and started fiddling with the flowers, even though she wasn’t supposed to be working.

“I know it’s a rose, Marge. Why are you giving this to me?”

“Well, you said we should do deliveries, I’m delivering.”

“From who?” you asked.

“You’re not the police, you know I don’t have to tell you.” You sighed and she grinned.

“Well if you’re not gonna tell me, you can at least help me unpack the truck.”

“Hey, it’s my day off,” she said, walking towards the door. As the door rang you rolled your eyes, looking back down at the flower. You knew it probably wasn’t from the same man, but something about it being the exact same flower gave you some hope.

A month went by, and you came into work to finish up one of your orders. Pulling up the form that Marge had filled out, you started searching around for fresh baby’s breath. By the time you had finished the bouquet of purple roses, lilacs, and baby’s breath, you realized that it was five minutes before the order was due. 

Wrapping it in plastic wrap, and tying it off with a purple ribbon, you walked towards the front of the store. As you opened the door blocking off the work room from the sales floor, the door jingled again and your breath caught in your throat.

The same man from Valentine’s Day was standing at the door. He was wearing a blue suit today, and was staring at you, too. Marge looked between you two so much so that you eventually shot her a look. You set the bouquet back on the counter, and walked towards the man.

“Welcome back,” you said. He smiled and nodded. “Is that your order.”

“It is, actually.”

“For your mother, right?” you asked. 

“Yep. She loved the one you made for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Awesome. Well, they’re all set,” you said, walking back towards the register. Marge was leaning over the counter, smiling widely at you. You started pricing the flowers, but her staring was distracting. “I think that order of tulips is here,” you said. “Why don’t you go unpack them?”

“They’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow,” she said. You clenched your teeth and stared back at her. 

“Go unpack them,” you said. She sighed and winked at the man before she walked off. He laughed a little and you felt your nerves relax just a little. “Sorry about her.”

“Don’t worry about it.” You smiled and finished his total and told him what it was. He paid in silence as you awkwardly stared at the sun gleaming through the window. “What’s your name?” he asked suddenly. You looked up and thought that he looked just a little bit nervous, too.


“Rafael,” he said, holding out his hand. You shook it and tried not to beam. “This is for you,” he said, pulling out another purple rose. 

“You really don’t have to do this,” you said, trying to hand it back. 

“I want to. Soon you’ll have a dozen.”

“Maybe, but they’ll all be dead.” He laughed silly, as if he just realized how ridiculous his plan was. 

“You’re right. Well, then I’d like to place another order.”

“Why?” you asked.

“I need a dozen pale purple roses for a first date I’m going on,” he said. You frowned and nodded. 

“Of course. What do you want the tag to say?”

“To Y/N,” he said. You looked up and he smiled. “Only if you want to go, of course.” You smirked and blushed a bit.

“You’re going to make me work for a date?” He nodded his head to the sigh and you laughed. “Alright, when should I have this order done by?” you asked.

“How about Friday?”

“How about Saturday,” you said. “Six o’clock?”


“They’ll be done by then,” you said. He grinned and nodded.

“Thank you so much, Y/N. I’ll be here on Saturday to pick up my order. See you then.” He walked towards the door, and he was well down the street when you realized that he had still left a rose for you. 


Hopefully this helped in some way and was easy to understand!!

This is pretty simple so I might make another (attempted) tutorial with a larger palette and all! (I basically just used the skin and hair as an example but you could apply this to pretty much anything you want)

Another thing is that you should make sure you have a set palette before coloring a drawing- it’ll help you figure out what colors you’ll choose for shading/shadows further on.

You can easily mess around with different palettes that you make yourself or find on Pinterest/tumblr for practice- also playing with colors + different blending modes can help with lighting or cool effects!

(tagging @cough-syyrup so you see it! :0 thanks for the ask!!)

Right (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Word Count: 3076 (YES. BE PROUD OF ME. I know this is normal length for most authors, but it’s long for me. So just deal.)

Genre: Fluff

Request/Summary: “54 please with Daveed Diggs x reader where the reader is the hairdresser/makeup artist for the Hamilton cast and they start talking” -Anon

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: None, I think (:

A/N- This a/n’s a long one, sorry. Okay. So I know I said this is hella long, but really it’s a really tiny baby compared to 

The Greatest Gift (9279 words) by my friend @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky

To name one and there are so many more that are amazing that are like twice as long as this. It’s really good, you should read it. All of Ell’s fics are great. You should read them. And another thing (mista age of enlightenment).  @nerdalicious24 asked me to let them know when I finished, so I figured I’d just tag them. That’s it! Enjoy all!


“We haven’t talked much.” You jumped at a new voice and undid Lin’s ponytail as Daveed entered.

“Because you refuse to let me touch those curls of yours.” You responded coldly. “Sorry Lin, that one didn’t make the cut.”

“Jesus (Y/N), it doesn’t have to be perfect, I can do my own hair faster than this.” Lin groaned.

“Yeah.” Daveed said. “I can do my own hair.”

“But…” You started. “The curls!” You shifted, staring longingly at Daveed’s hair as you spritzed Lin’s new ponytail with water, running a comb through it. As a hairdresser, it wasn’t hard to notice when someone had great hair. And Daveed… had great hair.

“You’re good Lin, go kick some redcoat ass.” You said, patting Lin’s shoulder as you finished his ponytail.

“Thanks.” He grumbled, standing up.

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Dean’s True Love

Title: Dean’s True Love
Prompt: “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”
A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean #DoitlikeDeanchallenge.
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam forgot the pie…again.
Word Count: 1037
Tag: @jalove-wecallhimdean Others are below the cut.

“Hey, Y/N, can you do me a favor?” Sam asked while walking in the kitchen.
You looked up at the taller Winchester. “Sure. What’s up?”
“Can you bake Dean an apple pie?” He asked sheepishly.
“You were supposed to buy one while you were out.” You stated.
“I kinda…forgot.” He said. “I honestly forgot all about it until I walked in the door. Can you do it before he gets back?”
You sighed. “Yeah, but you owe me big time.”

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Jake and Rich are now available for questions.

((woooooo i’m baaaack

man i didn’t know how much i missed this :P

but like. i didn’t draw another frame because it was kinda getting to be too long but basically michael called rich and rich is like “yo dude we’ll be right over there just hang in there” and then they just go nY  O OM

but yeah that’s p much it. :/ (lowkey can’t wait till i finish this so i can go back to normal asks and start some m!as lmao) also pls tell me if should like. tag this as implied nsfw? cos. i mean. rich and jake were bout to make out there :0


it’s 2017 can we all just collectively agree that discriminating against someone because of their race/gender/sexuality is unnecessary and wrong?? like don’t overanalyse this. I’m not out here trying to compare the oppression of minority/non-minority groups, and I’m not trying to spark another debate about whether reverse racism or misandry or cisphobia exists. just stating what should be obvious, that nobody deserves to be bullied for something that they can’t control. not only is it pointless, but it kinda makes you a dick ??

please read, feed back, help if you can

so I’ve been homeless living out of my backpack on other people’s sofas for about 2 months now? and I’m getting really ill - I have a degree to keep up with and until I stop paying rent in my old place where I can’t live because it was very bad for my mental health I can’t rent somewhere new. 

The problem now is that I need to have a permanent address in order to continue my X3 weekly therapy and I can’t afford to rent somewhere new until probably end of May depending on what my old housemates are doing. 2 month homeless has been really difficult and I don’t know if I can face another 2 month. 

I’m unable to work because I’m physically disabled (fibromyalgia and problems left over from leukima) and have learning disabilities (dyslexia and autism) and have diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder as well as an undiagnosed illness that is causing malnutrition. 

In short I’m in a really tricky situation and I don’t know what to do, I feel really guilty asking people to donate money but I’m in my overdraft and I need money for my hormone prescriptions (I’m trans), a new pair of boots, a dentist appointment, a chiropractor appointment, a new walking stick, and travel seeing as I’m not always staying near my university.

If I made a page where people could make donations it would really help me out. I’m not buying cigarettes and I’m quitting drinking and I’m trying to cut all my spending by doing things like unsubscribing from things like netflix etc. It’s my birthday in 1 week and I’m asking all my family to give me £10 or £20 instead of a present.

If you think you could be willing to donate or help out in another way please respond to this I want to know if this is something I should look into. - it’s going to be £20 to see a dentist and £60 for treatment. My mouth is damaged from a past eating disorder and the illness causing malnutrition is making my gums break down I really need this fixed and I don’t know what to do.

A New Chapter (Ch. 10): Epilogue

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1611+ words

TW: Mentions of miscarriage

A/N: THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. I’m crying, and I’m so emotional that this series is coming to an end. Thank you for sticking with me through this one. What was once a bunch of garbled ideas in my head because a freaking 21 CHAPTERED FIC!! I am shook. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

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- Five Years Later - 

Dean drove as fast as he could to the hospital, his heart racing as he ran the worse case scenarios in his mind. He turned off the engine, and ran inside the building, running to the closest nurse. “I’m here for Y/N!”

The nurse checked the clipboard she was holding. “She’s in Room 156.” Dean barely waited for the man to finish telling him which room she was in before he sprinted to that direction, throwing the door open.

“Y/N! Are you okay? What happened?” he fired various questions as he held her face in his hands, his eyes roaming around her body.

“I just fainted at work. It’s okay, Dean.” She put her hands on his wrists, giving it a squeeze before pulling it down to her lap. “I’m okay.”

He kissed her forehead, rubbing her back while doing so. “You’re going to take a one week vacation from work. Deal?”

Y/N laughed, but nodded. “Only if you’re taking a week off too.”

“I will.”

“Y/N?” The general doctor on-call knocked on the door before entering. She was in her mid-40s, a hijab framing her tanned skin, and a mole on her left cheek. She’s only been working in the hospital for a couple of months, but knew of Y/N from working several shifts with her already. As well as the fact that Y/N was promoted to be head nurse two years ago, and that role meant that she was to remember all of the names of the doctors that are in her precinct.

“Hey, Dr. Hussain.” Y/N greeted, giving the woman a warm smile.

“Oh, Y/N. How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Sarah?” She waved her hand, dismissing the formalities between them. “I heard about what happened, and the other nurses told me you’ve been feeling pretty unwell these past few weeks.”

She nodded, ignoring the worried looks Dean was giving her. “Yes. I just thought I was coming down with something.”

The doctor nodded, pulling out her charts.

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Hello! It’s almost Christmas and it’s time to get something special going on for the end of the year, so with that in mind we’re going to have a Jonerys Secret Santa!

How does it work?
You get assigned someone and you send them nice anonymous messages on the lead up to Christmas, and then on Christmas you give them a gift - this could be fanfiction, fanart, gifs, etc. It’s a great way of making friends, especially when you are new to the fandom, or just interacting with fellow shippers and spreading positivity.

How can I participate?
If you would like to participate, please go here and read the rules (it’s very important that you do!) then send an ask to indicate you wish to join. Once you have gotten your reply, check here the List of Participants page to make sure you are there, otherwise wait 48 hours and send another ask.

*The minimal number of participants is 30, otherwise I will not make this event so it’s very important to reach the required number.

The deadline to join is November 25th, and everyone should have their Secret Santa around the 30th.

The tag for the event is #joneryssecretsanta. You can tag your messages with this tag but please do not tag it with the jonerys main tag as to not spam it with this event.

Let’s participate everyone, this could be really fun! :)

anonymous asked:

Something I always struggle with is proper grammar before and after dialogue. Do you have any advice on that? Like when to end dialogue with a comma instead of a period, when to capitalize a sentence after dialogue or when you shouldn't? It's something that always bothers me when I'm editing my own work and I'm never sure about all the rules!

I’m so glad you asked, Anon! Grammar has always come naturally to me, so I’ll do my best to help lay it out there for you.

The basics:

Dialogue is made up of a couple of components: The symbols used to signify dialogue, the sentences being spoken by the character, and the optional dialogue tags that sometimes accompany the dialogue.

Dialogue Symbols:

I say “symbols” here, because different countries use different requirements. If you’re not in the US, this post won’t be quite as helpful. We use double quotation marks to encapsulate our sentences of dialogue: “I can’t believe it!”

Other places may use single quotes (’’), double or single chevrons (<<>>), hooked brackets in various directions ( 「」), or any number of other indicators. Wikipedia actually has a really nice list that, while not entirely comprehensive, is a good first glance. For this discussion, we’ll be using American standards.

Dialogue Itself:

The dialogue sentences themselves should appear within these signifiers, and the sentences should reflect the way your character speaks. They may be complete or fragments.

Dialogue Tags:

Dialogue tags are the bits that attribute a piece of dialogue to a character. It’s the he said, she said of our narratives. Dialogue tags can either start off your dialogue:

Glancing over her shoulder, she muttered, “They’re not following us yet.”

Or they can close off your dialogue:

“Get over here!” they said.

They might be combined with other actions such as that first example, but they don’t have to be. A dialogue tag is not a sentence on its own. They are always purposeful fragments. They always set up dialogue or close it off. For more on dialogue tags and how they function in the story, check out:

Let’s Talk About: Dialogue, Part Eight: More Than Tags
Let’s Talk About: Dialogue, Part Twelve: The Tag Talk
Dialogue Tags & Redundancy

When do we use commas?

The reason I brought up dialogue tags is because they are how we decide where we use commas in conjunction with dialogue. Because dialogue tags are never a complete sentence on their own, they must always be attached to something (in this case, dialogue).

Tag Introduces Dialogue:

When you begin your dialogue with a tag such as the first example, the dialogue tag receives the comma before the dialogue begins. You should not have another tag at the end of the dialogue (because you already told the audience who’s speaking using the first tag), so you will end that dialogue with whatever punctuation befits the sentence:

I run a glass beneath the tap, asking as calmly as I can, “What makes you think Shanna’s missing?”

Don’t forget that in order to be a tag, it must have a verb that indicates talking.

Tag Ends Dialogue:

If you put your tag at the end of your dialogue, the tag still needs to be attached to something in order to be complete. The dialogue will receive the comma and the tag will receive the period to round out the sentence:

“Ridiculous,” she mutters, her fists on her knees.

The exception to this rule is when the dialogue ends in something other than a period. Question marks and exclamation marks take precedence over the commas and replace them. Sentences within dialogue that end in these punctuation marks must keep those special marks, but the dialogue tag still has to be connected to something. It is not a complete sentence and should not be capitalized. However, you also need to indicate that the entire sentence is finished, so you must put a period at the end of the tag as well:

“What about Marc?” she screams.

When do we use em-dashes?

Em dashes are the extra-long hyphens that indicate an interruption in dialogue or unfinished dialogue (among other things). They, like question marks and exclamation marks, supersede and take the place of commas at the end of dialogue:

“I don’t know! I just thought—”

Dialogue that ends in an em dash does not get a comma. If you add a tag to the end of a piece of dialogue like this, it follows the above rule: It’s not a complete sentence and it must be attached to something, so it is not capitalized:

“I don’t know! I just thought—” they stammered.

Check out this other ask to learn more about the difference between hyphens, en dashes, em dashes, and other dashes:
The proper use of en and em dashes

When do we capitalize?

Dialogue itself should always be capitalized, regardless of where the tag appears.

Dialogue tags only get capitalized if they appear at the beginning of the dialogue:

The other officer interrupts, saying, “Hey, pass me your flashlight a second. This lantern’s too dim.”

Dialogue tags at the end of a line of dialogue are never capitalized unless the first word of the tag is a name or the I pronoun:

“Don’t make me break this door down. I will!” someone shouts, pounding on the door.

“You won’t,” I yell back, flinging it open to face three policemen on my doorstep.

What happens when it’s not a tag? What about when it’s just a typical sentence?

Sentences surrounding dialogue that are not tags should be treated just like a normal sentence that has nothing to do with the dialogue, no matter whether it comes before or after the dialogue. There are plenty of times you’ll just want a line of dialogue to begin and the paragraph around it gives enough context that you don’t need a tag. That’s fine. Those sentences will be complete all on their own and they should be treated as such. The only time the rules change is when it’s a dialogue tag, and that’s due to the nature of tags as incomplete fragments.

She shakes her head. “Just you, Miss Dana.”

“She shakes her head” is not a tag. While the reader can easily intuit that “she” is the one speaking the following line, “she shakes her head” is simply a sentence on its own and does not actually do the job a tag does of attributing the dialogue to “she.” Therefore, it gets treated like any other line of narration.

“Hey, Shanna,” I start. My voice sounds like gravel in my ears. “I bet you’re still sleeping it off.”

“I start” is a tag. It’s a fragment that gives a speaking verb to a character in conjunction with the dialogue. Because it comes at the end of the dialogue and the dialogue would have gotten a period normally, it follows the earlier rules and gets the comma so that the tag can have something to hold on to that makes it complete. The next sentence is just descriptor and is not a tag. It could have occurred at any point in the narrative description. It just happens to be sandwiched between dialogue. Therefore, it’s treated as any other line of narration, with its own punctuation. The last line of dialogue doesn’t have a tag–doesn’t have anything it needs to help be complete–and therefore gets to keep its period.

I’m sorry that got so long, but I hope it helps somewhat. Below the cut is a larger excerpt that puts all these things together for you. Let me know if you need anything clarified or better explained! Good luck! -Pear

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