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I just wanted to say that I agree with a lot of what you say about criticism in regards to LoLiLo. I was wondering though if you are in support of having a separate tag (like lll-crit which already exists) for criticism, so that people can avoid it if they wish to instead of having to create their own community to avoid negativity. That way everyone, including tcw, has a choice as to what degree they participate in criticism.

well i mean i am in support of a separate tag for the most part, but the thing is, you’re right - the lll crit tag already exists and has existed for a while now, and from what i can tell is used pretty frequently, because again, not that much criticism goes in the tag. (sorry if the boldness seems hostile, i don’t mean it that way, just using it for fancy effect!) like the people who have made a lot of criticisms don’t tag them often, and when they do they usually go in the crit tag. The amount of actual criticism that finds it’s way into the general tag is… not a lot, and when it does it is watered down and usually only there because something big-ish happened.

and while i do think it is somewhat courteous to have a crit tag, at the same time… i have had multiple friends leave the general fandom because the way the fandom treats people who have different opinions made them feel uncomfortable. people have received anon hate over this from people who want them to “shut up”. so i kind of think it’s rude to tell these people to go and create their own community. i don’t mean to put you on the spot anon, but you just said there should be a separate tag so that “people can avoid it if they wish to instead of having to create their own community to avoid negativity”, but this would be literally forcing those people who have different opinions to make their own community…

and the reality is, those other communities of people with negative opinions already exist, and unless you’re following them, you probably don’t see them for the most part. they talk about this shit in private as to not make the majority of the fandom feel uncomfortable (even though many members of the fandom have not returned the favor). they don’t post these criticisms in the tag all that often, and when they do it’s because something important happened. and, as i have previously mentioned, it is in fact a general tag and people should be able to post whatever they want in it without fear of receiving hate, so this is actually sort of an unfair situation.

so no, i don’t think we need another crit tag. we have one, people use it. the general tag gets 1/10 of the criticism that exists. if that small amount is still too much for you, block a couple people. like sorry if this comes off as rude (so not the intent), but the people with “negative opinions” have actually been really nice and cool to the fandom and have been treated like shit, so i’m not into telling them to make another tag. when they don’t even use the general one very much… 

Modern Group Verse

So it’s been decided! All of us modern verse trash babes are going to join forces in a group verse! Pretty much it’ll just be modern verse but all of the interactions with everyone in the group will all be considered in the same verse (meaning headcanons and any plot points that are made in threads carry over for the entire verse? Here’s who we have so far:

ordinisetchaos -Murphy (me)

princepsterrae -Clarke

bravetctry -Jasper

fraternus -Bellamy

warriorhearted -Octavia

sacrificxs -Finn

viiriidii -Monty

rocketxscience -Raven

ofthievxry -Miller

firsttodiie -Wells (psst send me your skype, love, so I can add you to our chat!)

(If I missed anyone that I’ve talked about this group verse with, shout at me so I can add you ASAP)

Also the more the merrier! So if you are modern trash too, come and join us (you don’t even have to be in The 100 fandom)! Also if I don’t have your skype yet (though I think I have everyone?) send me it so I can make us a group chat where we can share ideas and stuff!


       [ i just like

       wanna be one of those rpers that others wanna plot and headcanon and rp
       with. i wanna be one of those rpers that gets random asks and replies and
       such. i wanna be one of those rpers that isnt afraid to message others. i
       wanna be one of those rp partners that people don’t forget about bc they
       find better rpers out there

       u feel me ]