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Hi!! I just wanted to say I love your blog so so much. I also wanted to ask for some blog tips? I have a theme, great people to queue from, a cool enough user, but I barely have any followers :( so yeah. How do you gain loads of followers? Thank you in advance!!

Tysm anon :)!  and I’ll post the tips I use for other groups 

Step 1: Keep your blog active (So I think we all know this now) the more active you are on Tumblr = More notes = More people seeing your awesome posts = Higher chances of people following you! Some awesome ways to be active are (1) using Queue’s - I personally prefer using the Qplus and if you are over 15k or have a few dollars to spend you should get Q+ Pro which gives you unlimited posts to queue as well as analytics (similar to the activity chart).

Step 2: Engage with your followers (This is important you can have all the followers you want but if you have followers on mute “that is kinda boring” right and engaging your followers is an awesome way in enhancing your page views + unique page views + helps with followers depending on how you do it so when I started out I would make “Send me x for a full blog rate” and you can actually tag the post with the #blograte, #fullblograte, #promo etc and include “mbf” somewhere on the post or “It would be nice if you are following” this helps you to get a few followers and makes it easier to get bloggers to engage with you especially when you don’t have alot of followers - I get my most page views both unique + regular when I engage and talk with my followers!

- It’s also important to engage with people you follow when they do anon hours etc it will show them as well that you aren’t dead - 

Step 3: Blog Layout/Theme: It’s imperative that you have a perfect and amazing and (UNIQUE) Theme - having a nice theme will help bloggers that click your blog - to stay and possibly follow back - a unique touch to your blog that makes your blog look different can also enhance this effect so be creative and try out new things with your blog and layout and bring it to its full potential Theme suggestions: (1) http://ammetrinesthemes.tumblr.com/(2) http://moonthemes.tumblr.com/(3) http://volcanicthemes.tumblr.com/(4) http://themekid.tumblr.com/(5) http://bravethemes.tumblr.com/(6) http://phearlthemes.tumblr.com/

- Make sure to choose the theme based on your blog style and make sure to ask people before you apply the changes to your blog (we want your blog to look perfect before you launch a makeover -

 - Make sure to avoid using backgrounds that are distracting such as repeating images - ** Important about that unique part** This is so huge remember being unique, an individual, creative and showing the people of tumblr something new will help you gain and inspire others which is what everyone wants to do :)!

   Step 4: URL: This isn’t hard I would say you can have a URL that relates to your blog theme but every URL like that is taken such as (indie) or (boho) for example, so I’d suggest  going the easy route! - Easy route = A url must be simple, short, sound cool, and memorable + (unique) for example alot of people don’t know what my URL means so sometimes they would give it maybe a lower rate however!!!! Everyone I have talked to remembers my URL which is the most important function of your URL! its your brand it’s what people will remember your blog from! If people don’t remember your URL they don’t remember your blog so it’s crucial for gaining followers and branding your blog - Avoid dashes in your url for example - I-love-eating-pizza-with-magic The issue with this url is it is way to long, it has to many dashes! also the URL doesn’t connect completely to the idea about pizza so in all areas it is flawed - Try a url like - “Heoretic” Short, cool sounding, and easy to remember (Good choice) one of my saved urls haha

Step 5:  Uploads/Post your own Ish: I get over 30k+ notes every week how do I do this by posting my own posts! The Queue option is mainly for helping to maintain your blog when you aren’t busy however you need to post your own stuff if you want to gain more followers and more unique views + page views! My go to places are We Heart It and Instagram  

Step 6: Promotions: Join in all forms of promotions as stated earlier including anyone doing any form of blog rates, etc faves and awards (First 15+,30+,45+) etc the main purpose of this is to get your blog out there and noticed ^.^!

Step 7: 

Join Networks/Faves/Awards etc: Both Joining and Winning Faves/Networks/Awards etc is a huge part in gaining and getting your blog out there! Winning these are sometimes hard so thats why I emphasized the importance of being unique/creative with your blog because when I go through some awards for example my bday awards any blog that looked like something I seen already got removed immediately people respect effort and hard work pays off on Tumblr trust me my blog was a hot mess before what it looks like now and I’ve only been on here for a few months so lol!

(a): Joining - Helps make your blog get the attention of bigger bloggers even if you lose and sometimes you may still get the followback and you can win the next one

(b) Winning - Promo’s I actually utilized these when I won stuff send them an ask, utilize them perks haha! I gained alot from utilizing them when I was a smaller blogTips to winning this is

1) Talk to the people hosting the awards/faves/networks - don’t sound all pushy and thirsty just talk to them normally b/c when I did my faves I got alot of random messages and you could tell they were talking to me just to win make it casual and talk to them b/c you want to actually be friends with them and not to win! if you need tips on conversing with people message me on here or tumblr :D! -

2) Do the “higher chances” I don’t know if other bloggers actually increase chances but I do if someone did any of my higher chances and there blog was on FLEEK They may win ^.^!

3) Have a blog that is on fleek haha (AND UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL ASF but in a good way)

4) Network your ass off and talk to heaps of people related to the first part 

5) Slay everything I just wrote above :)

6) Be a nice and respectable person and Reblog the post multiple times but don’t reblog it like a crazy person (it increases your chances of a blog seeing you) 

7) Tag the bloggers in post letting you know why they should pick you !

Step 7: Network your little booty off my friend: Talk with every single person following or not !!! Talk to everyone, how are people going to know you if you don’t talk to them haha! There is a reason alot of people know about me it’s because I talk with everyone and make friends with people of our sector of tumblr (this is the biggest thing in having a really popular blog and it helps form loyal followers :)

Step 8: Get people to check out your blog: Self explanatory (make sure your blog is on point first before asking)  and make sure to follow “ALL” the rules outlined in the Faqs page or before asking sections!

Step 9 Consistent post style: Make sure to have a blog style in which all the post mesh well ( I would say you don’t need a certified blog style) However if the post mesh well together I feel that works fine! Having a set down post style will help you maintain and gain followers If you are personal in a way that you reblog anything hence (A picture of blood vs a picture of cute puppies) bloggers that like puppies will un-follow since you posted something that isn’t consistent with their niche

- sorry for the essay I’ll prob link this on my blog somewhere so I don’t have to write it again!! hope this helps and nps