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do any of u guys know of easy / cute halloween food things i can make ?? our band does bake sales for every concert to raise money for our new trailer & i need something thatll sell. we have 21 people total so stuff like this is kinda Really important


Overgosh Done Went And Did It Again With The Lots of Info - Maps Edition

It’s an origins map! I originally made the overview map as a quick little visual representation of the geographical spread of heroes, but then (as usual) got the itch to make something a little bit bigger. So, I made a breakdown (with words!) and the Overwatch maps. Sublocations inside of the existing maps such as Castillo, Black Forest and Necropolis aren’t included.

Feel free to shoot me feedback/questions/corrections, etc! Note that this was updated as of 7/11/17, so if you’re sending a new addition in the FUTURE then first check back at the original post to see if I haven’t already updated it. Thanks team!

  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

@ everyone who has an accent that makes it impossible to pass as a native speaker: i love your accent and i’m so proud of you for learning a new language and being brave enough to use it. it’s difficult and requires a lot of effort. people might make fun of the way you speak but your accent is something that should be respected. it means that you have worked hard to learn something new and that’s beautiful. your accent is a mark of strength, courage, determination, and unwillingness to give up. don’t ever feel ashamed of your accent. be proud of it.

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What do you think about an “i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au with charmer or nurseydex or zimbits or something??

Well, I don’t know if you expected three mini fics, and I didn’t fully follow the prompt, but here we are.

1. Charmer

Look, Chris knew it was dumb. He knew that everyone on earth had a plain black suitcase, he knew he should have double-checked the luggage tag, he knew it was important to be sure abut these things. But knowing what he should have done couldn’t help him when he finally got his suitcase home and opened it up to find mostly yoga pants and sundresses. 


He zipped the bag back up and flipped open the luggage tag. It was cute, pink with some metallic lettering saying “I’m outta here!” in a handwritten font. Chris blamed jetlag and the redeye flight for making him miss the fact that it wasn’t his Sharks tag. He blamed the bag’s owner for not filling out any of the information on the tag.


Well, sorry random girl, he thought. He opened the suitcase up again to try to see if he could find anything that would give him a clue as to who the suitcase owner was. He moved a makeup bag aside, and hit gold immediately. Well, Samwell red. A Women’s Volleyball tshirt– mystery suitcase girl had to be on the volleyball team.

“Hey Ransom!” he yelled. “You’re facebook friends with all the volleyball team right?”

“He’s friends with everyone on campus!” Holster yelled back.

“Ask their captain if anyone flew in from the Bay Area and lost their luggage!”


“Is Justin here? My captain said he’s got my suitcase.” Chris overheard her at the door. He grabbed the bag and started hauling it downstairs. As he set it down at the bottom and caught sight of the girl in the doorway, he froze. She was pretty. Like, really pretty. 

“Um, hi,” he said.

“So you’re Justin? Oh my god, I’m so glad it wasn’t some total rando who got my bag.” 

“I’m actually Chris, Justin was just the one who was friends with your captain. Um, I’m sorry, but I kind of had to look through your stuff? Your luggage tag wasn’t filled out.” The girl laughed.

“Yours wasn’t either! Me and my teammates were like one minute away from googling the record holder for most San Jose Sharks merch, but it totally makes sense that you’re on the hockey team.” 

“Since we both forgot to write our numbers down, maybe we should do that now?” Chris suggested. The girl grinned, grabbed his phone out of his hand, and opened up a new contact. She punched in a number, and when she handed it back he saw a text of several random emojis addressed to the new contact of “Caitlin Farmer” with a girl farmer emoji and a volleyball emoji.

“Text me sometime, and maybe we can get dinner?” she said, and she was gone with her suitcase. 

Chris collapsed on the couch, a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Chowder? You get your suitcase back?” Bitty called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah! and I think I’m in love now!”

2. Nurseydex

“Cheryl, I’m telling you, I had a ton of inspiration on the plane and I wrote some great stuff for act three. No. No, it wasn’t just me thinking it’s great because I popped some melatonin and got really sleepy. It’s like, legit. Yeah, I’ll send it over as soon as I get home and–”

Derek slammed into something. If he’d been holding his phone in his hand (bluetooth is a blessing when you drop stuff easily) it would have launched across the airport. As it was, his post-flight latte was soaking through the nice white shirt of the handsome stranger in front of him.

“Shit,” the stranger said, looking down to survey the damage.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have trusted myself to make a phone call and not be clumsy after such a long flight,” Derek said. He set his briefcase down and pulled a wad of napkins out of the outside pocket. The guy took a deep breath, going from murderous to calm in a few seconds. 

“I wasn’t looking where I was going either, it’s not your fault,” the guy said, setting down his own briefcase and accepting the napkins. He blotted at his shirt.

“Let me pay for the dry cleaning. Or a replacement,” Derek offered. The man shook his head.

“It’s fine, it probably needed to go to the cleaners anyways.” He checked his watch. “If I run, I can probably get a new one before my meeting.” He wadded the napkins into one big ball, picked up his briefcase, and walked towards the exit with a terse nod. Derek, feeling terrible about the whole thing, picked up his own briefcase and walked to baggage claim.

By the time he was reunited with his home office, a cozy bookshelf-lined room in his brownstone, he had almost forgotten about the coffee incident. He was focused on sending the manuscript to Cheryl. Unfortunately, that was going to be difficult, considering he pulled a PC laptop out of the bag instead of his Mac.

Derek stared at the computer for a full minute. He almost couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. Hesitantly, he opened the laptop. On one side of the keyboard there was a weird thing that a few seconds of phone googling told him was a fingerprint scanner. Shit. He hit the space bar experimentally. Something flashed on the screen, and then was replaced with just a plain black screen with red text: ACCESS DENIED

Derek swore. He started to look through the rest of what was in the briefcase, but was disappointed to find it empty except for the laptop’s charger, three packs of gum, and receipts from a lobster shack in Maine. Shit. Nothing in here would tell him anything about the redhead he’d launched a latte at. 

He closed the laptop dejectedly, ignored his editor’s text messages, and went into the kitchen to make himself lunch and feel sorry for himself. This was the universe punishing him for covering a cute guy with coffee. If he had just kept his focus and waited to call his editor later, he could have sent the draft along and saved it and not be desperately trying to remember his inspiration.

Just as the self-pity spiral was really taking off, the doorbell rang. Derek sighed, put down his tea, and walked to the door. When he opened it, it wasn’t Girl Scouts or Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the guy from the airport.

“Cancel whatever you’re doing today, I need to teach you the most basic principles of digital security,” the guy said, pushing past Derek into the dining room. He shoved a stack of papers onto a chair and pulled Derek’s laptop out.

“I’m Will, by the way, I make software that’s hopefully a step ahead of viruses.”

“Is the draft still there?”

“The draft of what?” The guy looked confused.

“My third act breakthrough. I’m a novelist, I need to get it to my editor and I couldn’t remember if I saved it,” Derek explained.

“You know you can set up an auto-save every five minutes or so, right?” Will asked.

“This might be surprising to you, but I’ve never had a cute guy storm into my house and yell at me about computers before.” Will looked up from Derek’s computer, blushing.

“I haven’t had a cute guy dump a gallon of coffee all over me and steal my laptop before, either, but here we are.”

“Maybe you can yell about computers over lunch with me?”

3. Zimbits

Button downs. Tank tops. Slacks. Shorts. Three rolling pins. A pie tin. A half-emptied multipack of sharpies.

No lucky puck. No clothes in his size. No jerseys.

Jack sighed. It would just be too much to ask for anything to go well today. He picked up his phone to call someone with the Falconers, in the hope that they could talk to the airline and sort all this out. At the same time, his phone lit up with Tater’s face.

“Zimmboni! Look on twitter. Small internet baker has your suitcase!” Tater hung up before he could reply, so Jack just opened twitter instead. 

omgcheckplease: A bunch of pucks, some dirty jerseys, and a history textbook. Either I’m back in college or this isn’t my suitcase.

omgcheckplease: .@falcsofficial please tell your #1 player to DM me and come get his shit

omgcheckplease: and @falcsofficial tell him to give me my shit back. my hockey days are in the past, I need rolling pins, not a mouthguard

Jack smiled and laughed in the way a person laughs when they’re alone, just blowing more air than normal out of his nose. He looked through the twitter for a minute– the guy, Eric Bittle, was a Providence-based chef, whose latest tweets were mostly greetings to the various cities he’d been visiting on tour. Jack clicked the media tab on the account, and looked through the pictures. Bittle was cute. He wrote a reply.

zimmboni: .@omgcheckplease how do I send u a DM

omgcheckplease: .@zimmboni you don’t deserve to be verified, oh my god #verifybittle2k17

A few seconds later another notification popped up, and he tapped it to be brought to a DM window.

omgcheckplease: hey! sorry about the mixup. I can only imagine how confused you were to find all my book tour stuff.

zimmboni: Probably as confused as you were finding hockey stuff?

omgcheckplease: I wasn’t joking in my tweets, I did play hockey before I got into the whole cookbook/food show thing

zimmboni: Exactly, I did a book tour last year in the off-season :-)

omgcheckplease: oh my gosh, isn’t it the best and the worst?

zimmboni: I know. It’s great to meet people and talk about your work, but it’s exhausting.

omgcheckplease: that’s why I’m so excited to be back in Providence! at least until the next cookbook.

zimmboni: Well we should probably meet up to trade suitcases. Want to meet somewhere for dinner?

omgcheckplease: don’t trust me to learn where your house is?

zimmboni: I mean, if dinner goes well enough…

omgcheckplease: OH. okay, then, Mr. Zimmermann, it’s a date.

Jack smiled to himself, and got ready for his date.

“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

It’s the weekend. I have a lot of reading to do for school. Two essays (not started yet) to do for next week… Logically, I should be doing this things. Instead, I’m making a new hair for the sims 4 haha. Good job to me! :P 

So here’s my new frankenmeshing hair. It’s really a simple edit. Not very original. And honestly, I don’t know if someone have already make this hair. I use an hair from Get Together and from the Vampire pack. But, it’s should be BGC.

Hope you love it! :) Let me know your comment! Enjoy!


  • “NEW HAIR” (edit of EA hair - frankenmeshing technic)
  • Maxis Match (18 colors)
  • Teen to Elder Female only
  • Base Game compatible (SHould be, if not contact me)
  • Hat compatible héhé
  • Feel free to recolour but please don’t include the mesh!

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

tag me if you use any of my creations, i would love to see them in your game.

  • Riza: *wears a dress for Hughes' wedding*
  • Maes: That dress looks great! I bet it'd look better on Roy's floor.
  • Roy: ...Are you hitting on Hawkeye...for me?
dem bones

okay like, it’s 100% canon that after emma killed him mid-season 5, killian’s body was buried

in the underworld it’s implied that the heart split won’t work because his physical body is back up in storeybrooke industriously decomposing (which, ew, thanks for that), and then when they get back and robin dies, killian’s already got an appropriately ostentatious headstone and grave site right across from robin’s casket

but of course because OUAT half-asses everything and refuses to cater to the goths, we never actually got to see the funeral or the burial

and now i wonder all kinds of things

  • presumably it happened before they left for the underworld - or did emma interfere and say NO WE’RE BRINGING HIM BACK, so they left him stuck in a cooler at the morgue, naked and pale and zipped up in a body bag?
  • did emma snatch his hook out of the coffin to keep for herself? given the way she was clinging onto his hand when his body was hauled away by the medics, i think it’s likely she wanted to. oh did she get into a huge argument about it with regina/snowing/henry, and ultimately he was buried with it out of respect for his identity?
  • hmm did anyone think about the fact that, oh, we might need that hook to get into his safe on the JR? (or does anyone aside from ursula even know that?)
  • did emma try to keep his rings? his earring? a clipping of his chest hair? 
  • oh my god, though. was it a traditional open-casket funeral, because he’s beautiful and looks a+ in a suit? a closed-casket funeral, because open-casket funerals are fucking traumatizing? or did they just skip the embalming process altogether because also ew, and just cremate his ass and plant it in the ground?
  • was it a big open funeral like robin’s or archie’s? or did they do a small private burial with just the fam?
  • either way, was henry there, clutching onto his storybook and thinking about how hook already died for him and emma once? was tink there, hiding behind the mother superior and trying not to sob? was gold there, standing off to the side and gloating?
  • lasdfjklasdf did they all leave little gold doubloons on the coffin? or did they go to granny’s for a wake and do shots of rum off the urn????
  • who gave the eulogy? did anyone give a eulogy? charming has a pretty sonorous voice, did he get to give his bro a nice send-off? or did they leave it to poor emma, who tried her damndest but ended up bursting into tears?
  • who paid for that ludicrously large engraved headstone? that’s at least $10K worth of granite right there, did they go digging through the JR’s holds to find all that money?
  • come to think of it, american funerals are fucking expensive, who even paid to plant him? or when they were digging through the JR’s hold, did they find a 200-year-old life insurance policy from the enchanted forest that’s now worth millions? did captain hook have a will???
  • i know the rules are made up and the points don’t count in storeybrooke, but is that gravesite consecrated ground? i mean arguably the guy committed suicide by consenting to his own death, and some churches are still squirrelly about letting suicides be buried in their graveyards - and the shady-ass Nuns of Storeybrooke don’t seem to be overly fond of killian anyway
  • better yet, if it’s a public/secular graveyard, who maintains it? is that one of the items on bureaucrat!regina’s long list of municipal expenses? is maintenance of that empty gravesite now going to come out of everyone’s local taxes?

…..these are the things that keep me up at night

Hi everyone! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and it has made such a huge difference! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I made this blog, so I thought I would make a little welcome-to-the-community guide for those of you who are looking to make a study blog of your own.

the basics

  • Why start a study blog (aka studyblr) in the first place? Because you want to be motivated to do better in school, want to find new ideas, or just because you like pretty stationery. There are a ton of good reasons to start one, so go for it!
  • What do I have to do to be a studyblr? Make a blog and follow some other study blogs. That’s pretty much it. There are no GPA requirements, supply lists, or complicated rules. 

how to start a blog

  • You can either start a whole new blog (make a new account), make a side blog, or start posting study tips from your current blog. It all depends on your personal preference and how much you use the blog you have now.
  • Your url is an important part of your blog because it lets people know what you’ll be posting about. Your name + studies is a common url to see, but you can get more creative if you choose!
  • I suggest avoiding tumblr default themes and instead finding one you like from @theme-hunter. If you don’t have any experience with coding, you can pick up the basics you need to install a theme from Youtube. 
  • After you have your blog all set up, make a post introducing yourself. Include a little bit about yourself like your name, grade level, major (if you have one), interests, and tag your favorite blogs so that they can help get the word out about you!

connecting with the community

  • Message/send asks introducing yourself to other blogs. It’s easy and it works, study bloggers are usually really friendly and welcoming!
  • Enter blog of the month or blog awards to get your name out there.
  • Send random asks, just because. It makes people smile!

creating original posts

  • You don’t have to make your own posts, but it helps to get your name out there and it’s nice to be able to share your own study tips.
  • For pictures, try posting your notes, study setup, or favorite supplies. Good lighting and editing with an app like VSCOcam will make them more appealing and get more notes.
  • Making masterposts is my favorite way to create content. Think of any topic that you know about or would like to learn about, and write out a post of resources or tips. 
  • Canva is a great free site for making graphics
  • Tag your posts with relevant tags like #studyblr #studyspo, as well as the urls of different blogs as people will usually reblog posts they have been tagged in. 

making your blog work for you

  • Above all, having a study blog is about improving your study habits.
  • Create a good tagging system so that you can find posts later. It should be simple and easy to remember (this post would go under #masterpost #new studyblr #tips for me).
  • Find a study buddy or group to keep you motivated
  • Reblog only things that you find inspiring, regardless of how you think your blog should look.
  • Start the 100 days of productivity challenge to stay accountable
  • Install a site blocker so that you can log off and focus!

Welcome to the community! I hope that you find it as beneficial as I have, and I look forward to meeting some new faces!

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

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Please continue the comics of Noct trying to run away from Nyx. They're hilarious.

I’m so happy you find that mini comics hilarious anon! but another continuation might be impossible coz I don’t know what happen next TT__TT

I enjoyed drawing oblivious Noctis so much and tbh this post reminded me of @jazzraft’s nyxnoct fic in Dark at Night series. I love that series so  much particularly that fic~ Noctis finally realizing his feelings for Nyx with Prompto’s help is just  👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌💯💯💯💯💯💯

and yeah, i ended up drawing that scene because i love it!

please forgive me, i’m a comic artist wannabe :’D

The much anticipated “Aphotic Sequence”. This is a sigil method that I designed myself, and if you look in the tag “Aphotic Sequence” on my blog, you can see some of the sigils I’ve bad with it.

How to use:
Instead of crossing out vowels and double letters, write out your intent and use all the letters present.

The lines represent the letters. If you have a repeating letter, place a small circle at the end of the preexisting line. You don’t need to be exact with all the angles of you the lines.

Just use this picture as reference or, I would be happy to teach you how to make it. Feel free to ask me about it if you don’t understand and want to learn. Please, if you decide to use this method and post it, tag me, I’d love to see.

I’d love to see this post make its way through the community as an alternative for new and old member alike.

credit:@wolfofantimonyoccultism for helping me get everything laid out. You should check out their blog

Guardian Angel AU - Taeil

AN: I will be writing this au for other members as well, so if you have a specific request for who you’d like me to write this au for next, just let me know because the guardian angel au is my absolute favorite. 10/10 would definitely recommend. 

Also, this is 2.5k words (im not sorry)

To preface this, in these scenarios, angels have the ability to show themselves to humans, but they’re prohibited from doing it.

  • He’s confused ??
  • Why does an angel need an angel to watch over them ???
  • He’s pretty sure that guardian angels aren’t supposed to fall in love with the person they’re protecting, and he did try 
  • But yeah no, too late
  • He’s in love
  • Your #1 cheerleader, even if you don’t know it
  • If you have to give a speech or present something, he’s hyping you up from the back of the room the whole time
  • But it goes even further than that
  • I mean, you could do the dishes or wash your laundry or shower after a week of not doing so and he’s standing beside you smiling and clapping
  • (the perfect guardian angel if you’re struggling with mental illness)
  • ((sorry that was a bit of self-indulgence))
  • You’ve started to feel like someone was with you even when you were alone 
  • Not in a creepy way, it just felt like this comforting presence, which was really nice considering that you had been generally more lonely than usual
  • Little did you know that it was just your angel Taeil radiating love for you (help im soft)
  • ((anyway, back to some specific occurrences))
  • One time you were studying at the library and he fell asleep on your shoulder
  • Angels don’t even need sleep, but give him a break ?? he was just comfortable ??
  • Anyway, he woke up laying on the floor with you nowhere to be found
  • He panicked for like a solid two minutes but then found you in your room so it was all okay
  • Taeil likes to play with your cat
  • All those times where they would just stare at something across the room and then run off
  • …that was Taeil
  • There were also some days when it looked like someone had scattered some flowers on your doorstep
  • You always attributed it to the wind, but that was Taeil too
  • He just wanted you to feel loved and the flowers had reminded him of you
  • But it’s not all cute moments and unnoticed shows of affection
  • On some days, it’s really difficult for him knowing that no matter how much support and love he tries to give you, you can’t really feel it
  • You don’t know he’s there 
  • It’s the worst sort of unrequited love
  • Some days, when you’re alone and sad, he’ll sit on the couch with you and just wrap his arms around you and try his best to give you all of the strength he can
  • Even though you can’t feel it :(
  • Other days he’ll sit away from you because it’s too much for him to give love and not receive any in return
  • He knows it’s not your fault
  • He just thinks that maybe it’s better if he distances himself from you emotionally
  • He’s not worth much to you when he’s distracted and he’ll never be able to show himself, so what’s the point, right?
  • More than emotional support, he does a lot of other stuff
  • shuts off the oven when you forget
  • locks the door for you
  • protects you when you’re driving
  • Or at least, as best as he can
  • Sometimes there’s just so much at once

  • On one particular night, it’s pouring down rain and you’re driving home after an exhausting day
  • He’s paying attention to what you’re doing and somehow misses the person swerving in the lane next to you 
  • They go a bit too far and push you off the road, rolling your car into a ditch
  • It all happens so fast for you, but for Taeil, it feels like years
  • He’s reaching for the steering wheel to try and keep you on the road, but there’s no friction because of the rain, so he wraps his arms around you to prevent as much damage as he can
  • Your side of the car ends up wedged into the ditch and the force of it all knocks you unconscious
  • When Taeil sees you like that, panic and guilt set in and he doesn’t even realize that he’s fully visible now
  • It’s a hit and run situation and being as late as it is, there’s hardly anyone else on the road, so he grabs your phone and calls an ambulance, but heals some smaller injuries while waiting
  • And he keeps you warm and sheltered from the rain
  • You wake up to sirens and flashing lights and someone glowing ?? sitting beside you
  • He looks like any other human, but so much more beautiful
  • When Taeil sees you look at him, like really look at him, he’s so overwhelmed
  • For a moment he thinks he may be imagining it because you’ve never looked at him before, you’ve always stared right through him
  • But now you’re looking into his eyes and he thinks he may be the one suffering from a concussion
  • That is until one of the medics comes up behind him, places a hand on his shoulder and thanks him for making the call, assuring him they can handle the situation from here
  • And he realizes that you actually did see him
  • When you wake up in the hospital, you’re informed that you have a couple bruised ribs and a broken arm
  • But there’s pain medication in your system and all you can think of is the glowing boy in your car
  • You ask the nurses if they know who he was, but they just tell you that you were the only passenger
  • They weren’t at the scene or in the ambulance with you, and there was no one else injured, so as far as you knew, someone had appeared, comforted you, and then immediately disappeared
  • Taeil sat in the corner of your hospital room, feeling increasingly guilty as your head started hurting from the confusion
  • The next day you were released from the hospital with a cast, an incoming medical bill, and no one to help you get back to your life
  • Luckily, you’re given time off from classes and your job, but you’re still struggling with only one arm
  • Taeil really doesn’t know what to do about this
  • He slowly heals your arm at night so you’ll get better sooner and won’t be in pain, but he had to watch you struggle for half an hour just trying to make a sandwich the other day, so he’s feeling pretty useless
  • So when Taeil finds himself standing in front of your front door holding a meal that he stole got from the store down the street, he justifies it by telling himself he really has no other choice
  • I mean, you can’t make yourself food !!
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with him wanting you to see him and look at him like you did when he was with you after the accident !!
  • It’s not at all because he’s slightly in love with you !!
  • And besides, you’ve already seen him, so it’s not even a big deal
  • And it’s not like he’s just going to outright tell you he’s your guardian angel
  • After an hour of just standing at your door, he rings the door bell
  • And immediately regrets it
  • He’s panicking more than when he lost you at the library
  • He’s about to just disappear when you open the door 
  • And then he just melts
  • You look so tired and sweet and you’re looking at him again and he doesn’t want the moment to end
  • He could have never anticipated how amazing it would feel to have you look at him fondly after all the time he’s spent looking at you in the same way
  • “Hey! I knew I didn’t imagine you! You were with me after the car accident, right?”
  • His mouth was dry and he didn’t trust his own voice, so he just nodded
  • “Well…thank you.”
  • So many thoughts were going through your mind.
  • Who was he? 
  • Did you know him from somewhere?
  • How did he find out where you lived?
  • All that was going through Taeil’s mind was that this was not going as planned
  • “Um, well, I- I thought you might be having a hard time, so I brought you some food.”
  • Seeing that he made you smile near caused him to have a heart attack
  • “Thank you so much.”
  • He nodded again, handing you the bag of food
  • As you took it, you started to question him
  • “How do I know you?”
  • “Oh, I was in one of your classes once. It was a big lecture so you might have not seen me.”
  • “And how did you know where I lived?”
  • “I um, I live in the same complex, so I’d seen you coming and going.”
  • Creepy, but kind of cute
  • He was as pretty as you remembered
  • And the way he looked at you made your heart flutter
  • “I never got a chance to say thank you before. So, thank you for coming to help me after the accident. And thank you again for the food. You’re an angel.”
  • “What?” Taeil’s eyes went wide and his heart started pounding before he realized you probably didn’t mean it literally
  • His second almost-heart-attack of the night was followed by a third when you giggled at his reaction
  • “I, uh- have to take care of some things, but thank you again. Oh, and what’s your name? Sorry, I must have forgotten.”
  • “It’s Taeil.”
  • You nodded and smiled
  • “Goodnight Taeil.”
  • He almost fainted
  • Taeil brought you food every night that week
  • At about 6 pm each night, he would show up with a different meal
  • Eventually, you felt too guilty to not let him in
  • So, it became a thing
  • The two of you would meet at your apartment for dinner each night
  • Even after you had your cast removed and were fully recovered, Taeil would still come over 
  • Except now, you insisted on being the one to buy/make dinner on some nights
  • Also, Taeil went out and got a cell phone, which had only one phone number in it (yours !!) 
  • After dinner each night, he’d pretend to go back to “his place” and then would wind up on your couch per usual
  • He’d started to feel guilty about the whole thing
  • You thought he had this whole life outside of you
  • Somewhere in his mind he’d decided it would be a good idea to tell you what he really was (as if showing himself to you wasn’t illegal enough)
  • Little did he know, you had some big plans for the following night as well
  • So the next night, you’re both standing in your doorway as Taeil is about to leave
  • He’s going over how he’d practiced telling you in his head
  • But then you put your hand on his cheek
  • And his mind goes blank
  • And then you’re kissing him
  • And he’s kissing back
  • His lips are so soft and you’re smiling against them
  • !!! 
  • It doesn’t last too long, but when it’s over, all rational thought leaves Taeil’s mind and he just blurts out:
  • “I’m an angel.”
  • You just laugh, “I know you are.”
  • “No, I’m an angel.”
  • You lean back this time, trying to read the expression on his face
  • He’s being serious
  • “…..like…wings?”
  • Taeil nods, bracing himself for the worst
  • He doesn’t know what to expect, it’s not like other angels have shared their experiences of revealing themselves to someone
  • “Can I see them?”
  • He was not expecting that
  • “Wait, you’re not upset?”
  • “I mean, it kind of makes sense. For a while, I thought maybe you were stalking me since I’d never actually seen you around campus before and I still never found out how you were already there when-”
  • “Calm down! I don’t think that now. I just sort of did at first.”
  • “How could you have such poor judgment? You know, you’re making my job very difficult.”
  • “Wait, so are you my angel?”
  • He admits that he is, but reassures you that he doesn’t watch you sleep and he hasn’t seen you naked or anything, and he adamantly ignores you saying “do you want to?”
  • “I just try to protect you.”
  • While he’s explaining everything, he’s looking at you like you’re his world and it’s causing your cheeks to burn red
  • “So, can I see your wings now?”

  • fast-forward to the two of you actually dating
  • it’s really cute
  • I mean sure, sometimes he can be overprotective
  • And occasionally you have to tell him that you need your own space because he’s always been around you for so long, and you haven’t been around hardly anyone for a while
  • He tries his best to make you comfortable
  • And to make it seem like a normal relationship
  • Sometimes he feels guilty because you deserve a normal relationship
  • But he doesn’t know how he could go on without the feeling of you returning a hug or a kiss or just any sort of affection
  • It still gives him butterflies when you look at him
  • Still your #1 cheerleader
  • You once asked him if he could take you to the moon, but he told you no
  • “Just because I can fly, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t die in space.”
  • After pouting for like an hour, he went out and got you a second cat and named it moon
  • Oh yeah, and your cat loves Taeil since they’ve already known him for longer than you have
  • Now he’s able to give you flowers himself instead of throwing some on your doorstep
  • You meet some of his angel friends
  • They’re all part of the same sort of angel group
  • They help Taeil hide the fact that he’s dating you
  • Other cute details !!!!
  • His wings are really soft and when it gets cold, he’ll sometimes lay one over you like a blanket when you’re sleeping
  • If you kiss the spot on his back between where his wings protrude, it makes him shiver and it causes this cute little rustling noise
  • Since he knows you so well, he always gets you the perfect little gifts for holidays
  • There’s nothing that he really needs, but you refuse to not get him anything
  • So you buy him cute sweaters and basically style him the way that you want to 
  • You bought him a pair of fuzzy socks with little angels on them for Christmas one year and he wears them pretty much every day
  • You both are just so cute
  • ((plot holes? idk her))
  • ((this is just supposed to be a cute little scenario, pls forgive me))
  • end

pregnancy waddle is a cute thing ok..



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anonymous asked:

New reylo shipper here! can you recommend me blogs about reylo to follow? I want everything of that in my dash.

Hey dude! Welcome to the reylo void aka the reylo trash compactor :))) I’m very glad to have you on board, so get ready for this ride, it’s gonna be w i l d, and exciting and damn, so kriffing good. 

Originally posted by hufflesirius

Of course I can recommend you some blogs! *been waiting all my life for this moment jk* 

I’m gonna give you a full list of reylo blogs I follow so far that update in a regular basis and are awesome af. I’m sure I’m mising a lot of my lovely reylo fam out there so pls let me know if I’ve missed you!

@gwendy85, @incorrectreyloquotes, @kylosky, @perrydowning, @nsfwreylo, @my-reylo, @reylo-solo, @reylotechnician, @thefirstorder, @kylo-reylo-trash, @beauyega, @i-am-reylo, @heyoreylo, @reylolicious, @reyloeverafter, @reylo-sin-anthology, @force-bond, @pro-reylo, @reyloforce, @theknightsjedi, @reylo-trash-can, @kyloshipsreylo, @nonibear11, @reylo17, @reylo-junkyard, @forcebondedreylo, @extrakyloren, @sanctuarytrin, @reylooo, @terapid, @kylorenvevo, @reylosource, @pixelrey, @the-reylo-void, @reylo, @reylosmut, @reyloart, @knights-of-ben-solo, @lilithsaur, @reyloislife, @panda-capuccino, @reylo-is-canon, @starwarsnonsense, @bastila-bae, @reylo-ren, @hardyness, @reylo-is-my-halo, @whyreylowhy, @vulnerablewarlord, @mixtapemasterjipc, @i-am-thesenate, @starwarsreylo, @could-reylo-be-canon-today, @holocroning, @unapologeticreylotrash, @reyxkylo, @maytheforceormaynot, @manyymedia, @balanceofgray, @bentages, @darkkylos, @reyloheylo, @knightsofreyloren, @kylo-x-rey-trash, @trash-for-reylo, @reylotrashcompactor, @reyloporn, @fyreyandben, @corariley, @kylorenbabe, @reylo-trash-love, @voicesofreylo, @trashy-knight-of-reylo, @reyloedit, @alwaysreylo, @daily-reylo, @kenobody, @apolloisburning, @psy-kylo-gy, @onlyreylo, @clockwork-cameo, @dearmisskitty, @these-are-the-first-steps, @scavengertrash, @kylosjedi, @mika4eyed, @reylo-trash-lives-here, @force-bonds, @theauraki, @reylogarbagechute, @renpressrey, @mssedated, @pissbabysithlord, @reyloiscanon21, @frozenmusings, @boomdafunk, @secret-jedi, @reymous, @hesgotmewishiniwas17, @obi-wan-ken00b, @cevemo, @reylorobyn2011, @sansacat, @kylo-please, @red-applesith, @theboywhocan11, @xdramionereylox, @kylo-rey-trash, @adamdriiverr, @reylotrashfromecuador, @cobwebbing, @loyal-to-reylo, @coupdefoudrey, @obva-rin, @sylviasnow89, @shwtlee4reylo, @myflairway, @reylospacebear, @reybenrose, @foxesdance, @thesovereignempress, @korpssw, @fettuccine-alfreylo, @once-upon-a-reylo@kylotrash, @ladydepurple, @reyxkylo-reylo, @thereyloawakens, @returnofthereylo, @sionis, @mummiesandlightsabers, @palimpsestheart, @f0rcebonded, @lefirststeps, @lightsaberwaltz, @uncleanakin, @the-goldberg, @captain-cassian, @haikoui, @reyren, @ashla-bogan, @hothmess, @ohtze

well, I hope I’ve helped you, and let me tell you that your ask made my day! so  that’s a tiny bunch of them hehe. Fam, feel free to tag fellow reylo shippers pls. I would love to meet them too. //bolded ones - I enjoy their content so much, they either make stunning edits or write wonderful fanfics, or make mind-blowing fanart, or write so precious meta or even if they don’t all this blogs are so interesting and you should totally check them out.// and anon, i could show you the ways of the Force reylo

*Love, Alison* :DD