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Roleplaying Icon Tutorial;;

I get asked a lot ‘how do you make your icons?’ and I figured it was about time I made a short (hopefully easy to follow) tutorial on making simple roleplaying icons in Photoshop. These are basic steps so they’ll work in Gimpshop too. 

Let’s get started!

Step #1

Crop and resize your icon into a 100 x 100 (or whatever size you prefer) square; as you can see the coloring in ouat is dark and hard to see so we’re going to move on to step 2. 

Step #2

Now duplicate that background layer twice and set the first to Multiply at 100% via the layer options (that little drop-down box in the image that says normal), repeat that with the third layer but set it to Screen 100%. I labeled mine so you can see how they should look. I like to add an additional brightness layer at 30% to bring out the colors. 

Your icon will probably look something like this; much better clarity and color. If it feels too dark still you can add another screen layer to it, or I sometimes add Softlight at 30%

Step #3

At this point, I add my own psd which is just some additional brightness, curves, and selective coloring. Maybe a texture or in this case (since it’s a base icon) I add Smart Sharpen at 60 - 75% to give it more definition. 

When you’re happy with how things look go ahead and merge your layers and save as a .png for better resolution and you’re done. I like to save my steps for this as an action so it simplifies the process and speeds up my time in the future. 

If enough people found this helpful I’ll make a series of icon tutorial, so likes are appreciated to let me know if that’s something I should do.

((A Tutorial thing))

@wallflowcr ; Here is the thing~

Do you struggle to keep the icon of your RP partner inside of the blockquote? Does that bother you? Are you unable to use xkit? If you said yes to any, then this is a tutorial that should also help you~

Look under the readmore for a tutorial thing on how to do this. My last one was a bit more messy so I wanted to fix it up.

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