i should live up to my url

perciver is great. au’s are great. have some perciver au’s.

  • coffeeshop au. i mean, duh. oliver’s position as reserve keeper for puddlemere probably isn’t enough to pay the bills and percy is the stressed ministry employee who routinely comes in every morning
  • friends-to-lovers “i’m so glad you exist because i really feel like you’re the only one who understands my obsession with quidditch/my (future) ministry carreer” au
  • “oops, my owl keeps delivering all my letters to you, silly owl, also i may or may not have written my best friend a rather detailed description of how hot i think you are” au
  • something involving a love potion ending up with the wrong person. just anything at all.
  • oliver keeps coming over to the burrow to play quidditch with the twins and then doesn’t actually play quidditch with the twins because he’s “busy talking to percy” au
  • “no percy you can’t use this broomcloset to hide from your ex girlfriend penny, i’m using this broomcloset to hide from my ex boyfriend flint, wait no this will never fit” au
  • muggle high school au where oliver’s captain of the lacrosse team and percy is probably head of the chess club and they make out under the bleachers a lot
  • death eater woods au?? i mean, idk, we know next to nothing about oliver’s family. he could even be to the woods what sirius was to the blacks.
  • actually, animagus au
  • or: orphan oliver who starts dating percy and suddenly has a family larger than he could ever have dreamt of au
  • if we’re going for angsty: au where percy needs some help picking up the pieces of his life and reconnecting with what’s left of his family after the battle and fred’s death (actually this one’s not even au. let’s not dwell on that for too long)
  • back to silliness because i’m a fluff person. au where percy is the boring ministry employee by day, wearing a cape and mask to save the wizarding world by night, and oliver keeps ending up in situations where he needs rescuing
  • “hi oliver could you please help me out with this ministry report on broom safety which would mean we’d have to spend long evenings together eating bad take out” au
  • also: “hi oliver could you please teach me exactly how to be better at quidditch so i can impress my brothers, no what do you mean i’m doing this wrong on purpose so you’ll have to correct me, i would never ever do such a thing” au
  • stuffy ministry office party that oliver attends for some stupid reason au (there are lots of people from the magical games and sports department at the party and he was the unlucky person whose name was drawn as puddlemere’s official representative), where they literally run into each other, spilling their drinks, and are then spotted exiting the men’s room while still in the process of buttoning up their robes (because of course percy keeps clean clothes at work and those always trump robes that are spelled dry, but that’s probably not the conclusion the office gossips arrive at)
  • hogwarts teachers au which i’ve mentioned before
  • what if oliver was a hufflepuff and percy a ravenclaw au (or, even better, the other way around!)
  • percy does like quidditch and is in fact puddlemere’s biggest fan and makes dorky signs to support the team (and especially the keeper) au
  • remember that post about little league quidditch? now imagine oliver as little league quidditch coach. percy is of course the recently divorced dad of two quidditch obsessed little devils (bonus points for molly and lucy trying out their matchmaking skills)

Well I was putting off making this post, but hey, anons decided today that they wanted to bitch me out over the direction my blog has been going lately, so here we go:

I’m probably going to start isolating myself from the SnK fandom.

I’ve been in this fandom since late 2013 - that’s almost four full years of my life that I’ve been blogging about SnK almost exclusively - I’ve been dragged into a few other fandoms in those four years, but SnK was always my main fandom. I’m one of the oldest Eremika blogs on this site. I’ve seen so many ups and downs in this fandom, and I’ve seen it grow from a tiny, hated little canoe to the community is has become today. I was instrumental in 2013 in the making Eremika grow by being the first blog truly dedicated to defending and analyzing it. It’s been a fun ride, but I don’t think I can do it anymore.

I’m not in love with it anymore. I will always love SnK and it’s characters and it’s had a huge impact on my life. Eremika will always be my OTP of OTPs and I’m going to see the series to the end, but I’ll be honest: I haven’t been interested in the plot for several months I don’t care about Marley, I don’t know if I like the direction the conflict is going. It has become less of a struggle for humanity’s survival and more a depressing story about the main characters failing to overcome odds that are looking more and more bleak and impossible with every single passing chapter.

Some people may like that, but it’s not for me. I always cared more about the characters than the story, and considering my favorite character has done almost nothing for going on two years, my interest is quickly waning.

I’m strongly considering giving my URL away to someone who will live up to it, because after those anons today, my already waning patience is hitting rock bottom. If my followers don’t think I should be an SnK blog, I won’t - it’s that simple. I won’t pretend that I’m happy with the series in its current form. I have never bit my tongue to make friends and I won’t start now. However, I might just leave because I’m not going to deal with toxicity from my own followers every single time I post my opinion on the Marley shit.

I’m just tired and drained. It’s been four fun years but I don’t think I can or even want to do it anymore.

me: there’s more to DC than just the batman franchise, there are so many good heroes and villains out there, DC should work on expanding those worlds in multimedia as well as batman

DC: [releases something even slightly batman related]

me: puts on my batman shirt, reblogs 5,000 gifsets, spams people about it for 20 hours and screams into the night


Ahhh. I’m so full of love and also suuuuper tired. But man what a weekend. I’m so glad I got to come out to chicago!! Seriously aside from being able to buy everything Check, Please and meet Ngozi, the highlight of my weekend was being able to meet up with @whoacanada briefly and hang out with @dangerousdare. I’m so happy. You guys are such cool people.

Shoutout also to @ivegotrednmyledger (who Tumblr isn’t letting me tag but maybe you’ll still see this) and the others whose urls I didn’t get!!???

I’ve got to get on a train around noon today and I plan on getting the thumbnails for some commissions going on my ride home ! It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me to catch up and try to meet some deadlines but it should be good!

I’ve gotta catch a bus by myself for the first time in my life in like an hour, so uh…wish me luck? (I could never ever live in a city omg just getting around is exhausting!!)

people are so complex. like yeah i’m friends with most people here but it blows my fucken mind that each. url. has its own entire LIFE behind it with pain, promise, joy, sadness, family, possibly sons and daughters???? jobs. school! CAREERS! just so many lives intermingled with each other over a “kids” site.

fuckin…. wild man. anyways i made another acara just so i can draw her for the bc so i should shut the fuck up and go do that while my tired eyes don’t slam shut for the night

Top 15 Taylor Swift blogs as voted by my followers


So as you guys know it’s break time! (well at least for Australians). And when I don’t have essay or exams I get bored easily and come up with strange ideas. So these holidays I have decided to do a mini countdown. Of the blogs that my followers love the most. YES, THIS IS WHAT THE URLS WERE FOR!! *collective gasps* And while there are only 15 top spots I want to recognize all the other blogs that my tumblr followers think are truly special and their all time favourite blog. You guys should all be extremely humbled that you are someones favourite blog and have an impact on their lives. So these are all the blogs that were sent in by my followers: bold = 3 votes, italic = 2 votes and normal = 1 vote.

tswiftdaily // Colorsinautumn // soyouwereneverasaint // Feelingtwentytwo // holyground // ialmostdo // Knowyoubetter // Paintsabluesky // swiftnessly, // Taylorsvift // theswiftsource // aninnocent // Bemyoldselfagain // Dancinroundthekitchen //  everythinhaschanged // Everswift, Gettingsweptaways // Greeenlightgo //Hautned // Indesrecord // Ittookmeaway // Letterthatyouneveread //  Makingupforlostlove // Ohsoswiftly // Promisedroses // Sprarksfly, tellmeyouretheluckyone // Youkeepmyoldscarf //  Whenallthoseshadows // all-too-well // andwebothcried// Andyoucallmeupagain // Analysingtaylor // alinsontaylors // all-tooperfect // ascrewedup-mess // cametotheshowinsd //  Catshirtdays // Causeyouwerelookingoverme // Captureitrememberit // coldhardground // comesbacktomeburningred // dressuplikehipsters // drops-of-swift //  emmajeansstone // everyhtinghaschanged //  Fadedpicturebeautifulnight // Fortunesandfame // Fearless-tour // Flashbacksandechoes // Feelslikeaperfectnight // Firstkissflawless // Feariess // Fetusswift //  Gopickoutawhite-dress //  Grundleswizzle // Greeenlightgo // gayfortay // Hospitalgrey // Hazzaswiftie // itsathugstory // imparalyzedbyitt // Ifreakinlovetaylorswift // jump-thenfall // Julyninths // Knwyoubetter // Kingdomlightsshine13 // Kaleidoscopeofourmemories // Lovinghimwasbloodorange // Loversinthefoyers // Lightsglisten // Likepeicesintoplace // Longliveswiftsheeran // Lovedinshadesofwrong //  Myoldpartydress // Mockingjayswift // Missbeautyswift //  Mama-swift // nevereverlikeever // Neverevers // Nightmoons // Notfineatall // Onthefloorwearingyourclothees //  Ohmywideeyedgaze //  probablymindlessdreaming // Prisonerofazkban //  Polkadotswift // Passionateasin // screaminglonglives // screamingiminlovewithyou // swiftbirthdays // swiftworldwide //  Sweethirteens //  Scarletletterswift // Sweetimeerasingyou // Swiftie-sheerio // Soundsofineedyou //  Swiftpick // swlft // swiftscheshire // stryofus //  Swiftielifeissweeterthanfiction // socriminals // Sixteesqueen // Sogladyouwerearound //  taylorswiftisnotimpressed //treachreuos// tayswiftstyle// taylorswiftstyle // tsweezys // thinkingyourfutureisme // thelaststimefeelingtwentytwo // throughthedoorwithyou // Thingsyoucantspeakof // Theangelscity // Teardroponmygutairs // Taylorswiftdotcom // Thelifeofswift // taylorschickennuggets //Tayswiftaus // Thanksforsayingthat // Tayswayfanatic  // Taylour // Tayorswift // Taylorswiftordie13 // teylursweft // Taysways // Track5syndrome // Taylorswiftgetinmybed // Thelookonyourface // Taylorsalison // Vodkaswift // Voguetaylor // withtherains // whichversionofyou //Worth-the-drive //whatamarveloustune13 // Whiteshorse // Wouldtheywriteasongforyou //  Youarewordsaway // Youmakemecrazier // Youlovedmeintennessee // Youremeberitall // Xburningred

You all have amazing blogs and my followers think so too! Thankyou so much to everyone that sent in a url and the countdown will begin shortly!

Love Emily. x


Sometimes i think about what would have happened if i didn’t pick up the phone that day? What would have happened to us if i didn’t go to the station? Life is made of choices. Even in the worst times, you have to make a choice. Should i go straight ahead or take a turn? Or maybe should i just stop? After all, this moment i am living is a consequence of uncountable choices i made in the past. I picked up that phone, i went to the station and because i did, we’ve become what we are.

Please DO NOT rewrite the caption just to make your url look like the source.

tbh i have a lot of questions about the skeleton war. like, do we all have to become warriors or is it optional? are there any other career options? is there a career growth? who is the boss? if i don’t want to fight on a certain day, can i take a day off? so many questions, not enough answers

heyo, @blackbackedjackal here.

jackaldermy was deleted as I knew it would be eventually, and bbj is frozen due to unrelated reasons. I’ve already messaged tumblr about it but I have no idea when it’ll be back up (or if). Basically I can’t reblog or post on my main account anymore. It’s not even showing up when I type in the URL, but I still have access to the dash??? idk

All I know is I believe everyone in the VC is pretty sick and tired of living in fear of having their accounts deleted or actually having their blogs deleted simply for enjoying your hobby. Adding unnecessary disclaimers when it really should be understood the VC is an educational and artistic community who’s foundations are rooted in knowing the legalities in dealing with and trading in animal parts as well as safety when dealing with remains is extremely unfair and blah blah, [insert speech here]

Anyway, I know that a few ideas and things have been floating around the community of establishing a new online vulture settlement, or an independent vulture-run community. Our true issue from what I’ve seen is that we don’t have a fully functioning independent community basis. No matter where we go, we’re forced to utilize the resources of others and follow under the rules and guidelines of already established websites that will not cater to our group. I had even begun working on a project on the side, but without moderators or a more educated web designer then myself I haven’t been able to get far.

That being said, I’m 110% done with tumblr tyranny and will be stepping up to focus in on a independent blogging site. I’m currently getting in contact with a few web designers to get something basic up and running, and then allow it to evolve to community needs. I hope I’ll be able to get at least somewhere with the project, but my time and resources are limited at best between school and work.

Until then however, I’ve already sucked it up and am working on a new version of blackbackedjackal incase this all turns into one big shit storm. @honoramongjackals will be the URL of the main account I’ll be using until get everything resolved. At the end of the day, as long as I have a place to engage with the community and enjoy the VC, I don’t care how many times I’ll have to restart. I love the VC, warts and all, and will stand by this community so long as there is one. 

I am not by any means excusing Jason’s comments, they were wrong and disgusting.. however they were from years ago and every single one of us have said something problematic before and to attack Jason acting like he’s a horrible person for that is wrong especially considering people literally searched for a mess up so they could hate on him for being problematic which is gross too. We live & we learn, we move on..


Unabashedly taken from @thenightscircus. These are to over 7k people so yeah I promise when I do rates they help my people are super sweet


  • please reblog this post!! 
  • please tell me HOW MY BLOG NEEDS TO IMPROVE (for example, should i change my theme?? Sidebar pic?)
  • if this doesnt get reblogged i’m deleting and i’ll forever be concerned my blog isn’t living up to its potential

format is under the cut!

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My last botm of 2014! Whoa. (Graphic credit to whoever made it. I had saved the image a while ago and just added the text)


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this (likes don’t count)
  • Perhaps check out my November botm?  
  • Join my Supernatural Secret Santa project? (optional & closes Nov. 22)
  • Open until Nov 30th. Winners announced Dec. 1st.
  • Must reach at least 30 entries?
  • One winner, # of runner ups based on entries

Looking For:

  • An amazing Supernatural blog (can be multifandom as long as spn is a main one)
  • A great, kind blogger
  • Pretty and easy to use theme
  • Tagging system, updates tab, navi page (not required but a huge plus)
  • An awesome url and icon
  • Amazing posts
  • Relatively hate/wank free blog (with any wank tagged as such)

Winner Gets:

  • A follow from me if I don’t already
  • My eternal love and friendship (should you want it)
  • Group promo (with runner ups)
  • Promos throughout December upon request
  • A place in my updates tab for the month
  • A spot in my BOTM hall of fame
  • Help with whatever you want
  • Extra! Should you want it, I’ll give you a Christmas present (: If you live in the US and are willing to give out your address I’ll send you a little something. If you don’t want to give out your address or are outside the US, I’ll write you a small fic or send you something virtually (:

Runner Ups: 

  • A follow from me if I don’t already
  • My eternal love and friendship (should you want it)
  • Group promo (with the winner)
  • 3 promos throughout December upon request
  • A place in my updates tab for the month
  • Help with whatever you want (: 

That’s all for my last botm of the year! Next one will be for January 2015 :o