i should leave right now

Casual reminder that if you don’t like something that somebody else likes, you should probably just shut up and leave them be. You can just blacklist whatever it is you don’t like it or unfollow them; sending them anon hate isn’t going to solve anything and is just going to make you look like an ass. As long as they’re not doing something harmful (and I have seen people draw/write harmful things in this fandom), then why bother them? Let them have their fun, and retreat to your own corner and have yours. 

And even if they are doing something harmful, then point it out to them in a calm and polite manner, and explain why what they’re doing is harmful in a rational manner. Name calling, telling people to kill themselves or delete their blogs, making hate blogs, and just cursing up a storm in general isn’t going to solve anything, and again, is just going to make you look like an ass regardless of your intentions. Take some time to calm yourself down before messaging them. They’re not going to listen to you or react well if you’re being overly hostile. 

Treat other people how you’d like to be treated, always. There’s never a good reason to be a dick

but what if Vax’s whole Fate Touched gig isn’t directly related to his own actions but rather how he holds his family together


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.


Rivalshipping Headcanons: The Sequel.

2 Head 2 Canon.

  • As their relationship progresses, Yugi and Seto both begin to influence each other. Seto calms down substantially, while Yugi becomes an unrepentant sass-master.
  • Seto makes it abundantly clear that Yugi’s favorite snacks will always be stocked at the Kaiba Estate; absolutely no exceptions.
  • During the obligatory Meet the Parents™ dinner, Yugi’s father — largely thought to be a figure of myth and legend — asks Seto how he and Yugi met; Seto, being the supremely awkward nerd lord that he is in social situations, panics and blurts out: “The details are fuzzy but I’m pretty sure I threatened him I SHOULD LEAVE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Yugi likes to take Seto to Magic & Wizards tournaments, specifically to watch; they don’t play, they don’t heckle, they just watch the matches. “I’m going to quiz you later, so pay attention,” Yugi will say. “I want you to tell me everything they do right. None of this Negative Nancy stuff, you hear me?”
  • Yugi likes watching shows like Ghost Hunters, but eventually learns that he can’t enjoy himself if Seto is with him, because Seto spends the entire time questioning the science —

“Of course there are anomalies in your readings, you’re lugging around six tons of recording equipment!!”

“Seto …”

“Oh, come on! That’s a fucking coyote, not a creature of the night! The house is in the middle of fucking nowhere!”

“… You know what? Fine. We’ll watch Iron Chef.”

Thank you.”

  • Seto updates every computer system in the Mutous’ household, including the security cameras in the shop. Since the PCs in question are from Kaiba-Corp, they’re specifically built for gaming. Yugi protests, saying that neither his parents nor his grandfather play videogames; they use their computers for paying bills, checking email, and spreading weird joke posts around Facebook. It’s a waste.
  • Seto, scandalized, introduces Sugoroku and Natsumi Mutou to various games that he considers essential to survival.
  • Natsumi takes a liking to first-person shooters.
  • Sugoroku prefers MMORPGs.
  • Yugi insists that his folks are taking up gaming as a hobby just to humor Seto.
  • Yugi is absolutely wrong about this.

< Point of order for newcomers to my head-space: Natsumi is my name for Yugi’s mom >

waiting for an episode for Chloe and Ice Bear to be chilling together, a bully resurfaces, and Chloe tells Ice about the experience, and he goes full on beast and down right gives the bully a heart attack except it’s the wrong person and he’s all, “lol whoops wrong person”

Yep, maybe I should just leave right now, huh? I think it’s time for me to sleep, I’m thinking up bad ideas, haha.

I long to feel you beside me,
to listen to the music of your heartbeat,
to move with your every breath.
I long to feel your lips against mine
to be held in your arms,
to know everything will be okay.
—  Why aren’t you here?

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Aye Prettyface. I See you're having a Bit of a crisis right now. Should I come around? I wont leave anyone by themself if they have Problems. I bring Static, you remember her from the sleepover? A Bit distraction wont hurt, Huh pretty? Xo Death Spell

Death Spell? Thank the witch for a familiar voice. Please, feel free to drop in.

’M okay, just gettin’ irate at nothin’. Ya can come if ya want. Message me on the downlow any time.

P out x

Searching For You

A/N I wrote a thingy again, This is the thingy I wrote. Special thanks to thesassywitchofthenortheast and allons-y-to-hogwarts-713. You two are awesome and adorable and I love you. Constructive criticism and reviews are always welcome and appreciated! 

She searched for him in sleep. A worried, wrinkled crease forming on her forehead as she unconsciously realized he was no longer holding her. She reached out for him until her hand found the warmth of his flesh, cuddling in closer to him, the look dissipating into that which resembles comfort and peace.  

(He’s only been awake to see it once, even though at least one of them does it a couple nights a week).

She searches for him when she’s sick or in pain. When her initial resistance to the doting is abandoned, she gives in; let’s him cook for her and bring her whatever pills fit her current condition. He’ll hold her, sometimes sitting on the couch,  other times kneeling down and wrapping his arms around her, planting kisses on her head. Instead of a pillow, she reaches out for him, squeezes his left arm or hook to try and release some of the pain, head rested against his shoulder. On the really bad days, she tries to keep the moaning and complaints to an absolute minimal; when she can’t,  his body tenses under hers, but his determination always won out over her desire to not have him see her like this.

(She loved him for this - even if it always annoyed her at first.)

He was her anchor. (The irony of the nautical metaphors were never lost on her.) But he was her constant, never wavering.  When she was upset, she leaned on him, trying to let his presence be a reminder that no matter the circumstances,  she would always have him. He was her rock. When words wouldn’t come, she kissed him. And he always knew what she was trying to say, searching her expression or the intensity of her lips against his own.

She searched for him in the mornings, when she woke up to soft kisses on the back of her neck and curve of her shoulders. He had already been up for hours, prepared breakfast and brewed a fresh pot of coffee, coming back in the room around 8:30 to arouse her to consciousness.

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I Should Leave Right Now
The Dangerous Summer
I Should Leave Right Now

I am kneeling, distraught. I will always feel there’s something gone.
I’m belittled, but I find it wrong. I saw breaking day and I saw the current state of us.
I should leave right now. No one is keeping me on this ground.
Move out to somewhere south where the weather is warm and I feel less doubt.