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4 sasusaku please please

4. forced marriage au



They brought her bleeding and sobbing, ankles and wrists chained, dress dirtied and ragged, eyes as wild as those of a starving lioness.

“You found her,” the King, Uchiha Fugaku, grumbled as he rose from his throne. His hard, dark yes were fixed on her as she lay before him, her blood seeping into the red carpet of the corridor.

“Yes, my Lord,” one of the guards answered flatly, he and the others inhuman behind their masks.

“Where was she?”

“In a nearby village, my Lord,” another guard said. “We heard from the villagers that she did not live there. Apparently, she was a nomad. She never stayed more than two days in a single place.”

“Of course.” Fugaku walked down the steps and approached the girl bleeding on his floor. He watched her gasp and claw at her chains, weak, barely conscious. “She knew we were looking for her. She knew she had to hide. I suppose she was not clever enough.”

“Why is she so hurt?” the Queen, Uchiha Mikoto, questioned from her smaller throne besides her husband’s. She seemed more bewildered than concerned.

“She fought back,” a third guard replied. “She is strong, even if she does not look like she is. We had to tame her somehow.”

“It is fine.” Unceremoniously, Fugaku turned away and headed out of the grand room. “Take her with someone who can heal, wash, and redress her,” he ordered as he went. “Make her look presentable. She is, after all, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.”

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