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BTS Reacts to Their Girlfriend Being Short


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All you wanted was a kiss. One kiss, that’s it. Of course your boyfriend had to make even that difficult for you. You huffed and blew your hair that escaped from your pony tail out of your face. 

“What’s wrong jagiya?” He asked while looking down. You rolled your eyes and decided what you’d put this played out joke to bed. 

“My boyfriend wont let me kiss him. I think I should go find someone else to kiss.” 

His eyes stared into yours for a moment before he rolled them and turned away. You grabbed his arm and yanked him to you, wrapping the other hand around his neck and pulled his head down. You finally got your kiss. 

He pulled away and covered his blushing with his hand, “Yah! jagiya!”


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This was a bad idea from the start and you knew it but just didn’t care. You cursed yourself for buying this damn heels, someone should have stopped you. Of course you’ve walked in heels before but never this high. Praying as you strapped them to your ankle, you stood up. 

You walked into the living room of you and your boyfriend’s apartment. You tripped and clung to the door way. Jin looked over at you and chuckled while looking at your feet. 

Straightening yourself out, you tried to look seductive. 

“Hey baby.” You purred as you twirled a strand of your hair between your fingers. 

“Hi jagiya, what are you wearing?” He asked, lowering his voice. 

“Do you like?” You twirled around. 

“I’d like it more if you were in front of me.” 

You slowly walked over, trying to be seductive but of course whats happens. You fell. Right in front of him. He laughed but quickly stopped when you shot him a glare. 

He leaned down and looked at your fallen form, “Oh honey, I like your shortness. No more heels, you’re gonna kill yourself.” 


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Tae loved to terrorize you because of your height. He’d often pat your head or use your shoulder as his arm rest. Today he decided that he wanted to try something different, he wanted to see you struggle in the cutest way possible. 

Your boyfriend had asked you to make him something to drink. You looked over at him from your spot on the couch, “Why can’t you make your own drink?” you asked

He pouted and pointed at his feet, “I’ve been working so hard to impress you jagi! Aish, my feet hurt so bad jagiya! Please? For oppa?”

Pouty Tae was the most adorable thing and you just couldn’t say no, looking at his bottom lip poking out once more you sighed as you got up from the couch. 

Making your way into the kitchen you opened the cabinet. 

“Jagi! can you get the blue cup?! Its my favorite!” He shouted from the living room. You rolled your eyes and went to grab it.. it was on the top shelf. 

After standing on your tippy toes and stretching like you were apart of the Fantastic Four you opted on standing on a chair. 

You finally got the cup down and hard clapping and giggling. You snapped your head towards the direction of the sound to see your boyfriend standing at the door way. 

“You’re so cute jagiya! I can’t take it!”


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You were spending a day with the love of your life and nothing could make you happier. You loved days like this. It was the type of date that you craved since he was always working. 

You were snuggled into his side as you guys watched tv, a commercial came on and a beautiful, tall model came on the screen. You looked at his face through hooded eyes and saw his eyes. 

Okay so you might have made more connections than what was actually there. Yes she was beautiful but kookie loved you right… right? 

You pulled away from his grasp and faced him, “I’m sorry Jungkook.” You said as you bowed your head. He looked at you like you had 4 heads. 

Lifting your head up with his hand, he stared in your eyes, “First, I am never to be called Jungkook from you ever again, do you hear me? My name is a variety of affectionate terms and I will only answer to such names. Second, don’t ever bow to me. I am not your higher up, stop it. Third, I don’t care that your short baby, I don’t want those other girls, I want you, all of you. All (insert your height here) inches of you.” He said as he leaned in and kissed you. 

“Plus, you’re like my own little teddy bear that I can hold and hug and squeeze all night and day!”


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You were swimming with your boyfriend, Jimin. You both decided to have a race to the end of the pool and of course you had won. You were a better swimmer than he was and he hated it. 

“It’s only because you’re not tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool!” He shouted as he stuck his tongue out at you. You splashed him and flicked him off, “Why do I need to touch the bottom when I can kick your ass in racing?” You taught back. 

“You are so mean to your oppa!” He said, acting shocked. “Seriously though, come try to touch the bottom babe.” 

You swam over to the deep end and tried to touch the bottom and the water completely covered your head. Jimin laughed and did a little dance before pulling you up and towards him. “You’re so short! It’s so cute!!”


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All of the public knew that you and J-Hope were dating and surprisingly they took it pretty well. BTS and your girl group would be versing Got7 and Red Velvet on a variety show. 

Your team was winning of course and of course Jackson was not happy about it, making these little attempts to sabotage you but the only thing it did was make you laugh. 

The challenge was which girl could climb a rope the fastest. Everyone thought that the other girl would have an advantage because she was shorter but honestly it didn’t matter. You were going to beat her and win for your team. 

You took your spots in front of the knotted rope hanging from the ceiling and waited for the MC to tell you to start. You heard the air horn blow and took off climbing. 

Jimin cheered for you from the side lines “Go Jagi! Use your short legs to push you faster! I love you!”

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Namjoon was in the middle of an interview when they had asked him about you. He was telling them about he would tease you for your height and make you jump for things. He also told them how you would stand on his shoes when you would slow dance because you were afraid that your tiny feet would get in his way. 

He finished by telling them that all of the members loved you and that they missed you. 

The Interviewer decided to ask the boys about your relationship and they all had to give little actions that you would do that they thought was cute. Namjoon objected to this because he didn’t want any members thinking of you in that way so when Jimin decided to show the interviewer how you get Namjoon to do anything, he was annoyed. 

“Okay first, she’s so much prettier than you. Two, she does that way better than you. Three, don’t find my girlfriend cute, she’s not cute for you guys, she’s cute for me. Fourth, don’t ever do that again.” He laughed out. 

The interviewer asked why Jimin crouched so low and Tae went on to explain how short you were compared to Namjoon. 

Jin talked about how Joonie would make go get something off the highest shelf just so he could help you. 

Blushing, Namjoon finished off this part of the interview by laughing and saying, “Yes she’s short but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s so tiny and it makes me feel like a good boyfriend when she needs my help!”

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What would kit be like when you go into labour headcanon xx

*cries* too cute

  • Him being in more of a panic state than you
  • Him driving recklessly to get you to the hospital
  • You think you’re gonna die right there and then
  • Him rushing out of the car and practically screaming for a nurse or a doctor to help you
  • Him holding your hand as they bring you to a room to do some checks
  • You calming him down because he hates hospitals
  • “No love, I should be taking care of you
  • Him pressing a firm kiss on your lips
  • “I’m gonna be fine, Kit”
  • You scream, because you are in a horrible pain
  • Him panicking some more
  • “No no no Kit, it’s okay. It’s nothing.”
  • You are covered in sweat and he wipes off some with a paper towel
  • Him kissing you as the nurses come in to take you with them
  • “I love you, Y/N. You’re gonna be fine!”

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2 + 41 with charles xavier

2. Stay with me. | 41. When did you get so badass? Prompt idea list here

Charles wheeled back and forth about the room in his chair as you explained where you were going. “We’re getting some of the X-Men together,” you clarified. “Hank picked up a distress signal from a group of mutants who are trapped in a laboratory in Colorado. I’m going with to rescue them.”

“But do they really need you?” He pressed. “I could use some help around the mansion if you stay with me.

You shook your head. “I should be there. They’ll need abilities like mine to free the trapped mutants. I have to go save them.”

He sighed. “Alright. I understand. When did you get so badass?” he joked. He reached out his arm invitingly and you leaned down to kiss him, his hand cradling your cheek.

“I should get going.” You straightened. “But I’ll be back as soon as I can, promise.”

Charles looked at you with those gentle eyes of his. “I’ll be waiting for you, (y/n). Stay safe.”

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theres this guy I've been into for a whole year. We used to talk & out of nowhere he ditched me for his ex, after spending everyday with me & us spending time with each other and his family. We're completely comfortable with each other but we're opposites. He came back into my life just to tell me he misses me & thinks of me, says I'm better than his "ex gf " I went to see him & we talked & we kissed. I haven't heard from him since. Should I just ignore him if he tries to come back?

Honestly he sounds like he ain’t shit and I would ignore him and find someone better.

Good Morning

Mm…” I could feel Rafael’s lips on my neck. “G’mornin.” I could hardly speak as he trailed his fingers up and down my body.

“Buenos días, mi amor,” he hummed. I giggled and turned to kiss him.

“You are perfect.” I mumbled feeling his warm lips against mine. I could feel him smiling as he kissed me. His stubble felt scratchy against my face, but he looked incredibly sexy.

“I should probably get dressed.” He broke the kiss.

“No.” I grabbed him. I had his neck in my arms and wrapped my leg around him. “Cariño, I have to work.” He chuckled. “And, so do you.” He added.

“We’ll be late!” I giggled. “Come on!”

“Yes, I’ll call in telling them I’ll be late.” He chuckled.