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May I ask how you sanitize them or the likes? I'm just iffy with roadkill the only thing stopping me is the chance of disease and such.

Sorry it took me forever to write this out! There are some things I really want to say concerning the pictures I posted with my animal head. 

First and foremost, you should always wear gloves. In the picture I posted of me holding animal head with my bare hands, the animal came from my friend’s house. I have very little reason to believe it’s diseased as that house is an animal rescue and the animals there are taken to the vets regularly. Me handling that animal is very different from picking up strange roadkill, however. Please, please, always wear gloves! I care about you guys! 

I will try to be more responsible in posting future pictures, sometimes I forget that people learn from me. Do as I say, not as I do! Bahaha.

So. General precautions and procedures concerning roadkill… 

Gloves. I use latex or nitrile. These gloves should be used for physically picking up the roadkill. Just keep in mind that once the gloves touch the animal, these gloves are now “contaminated”. If you want to touch something “clean” then switch gloves. You can look up methods of de-gloving without getting contaminants on your hands.

Though, very often I think gloves are pretty unnecessary when you’re scooping up small, easy, solid roadkill. I’ll explain below. 

Bags. Just have a bunch of trash bags and grocery bags in your trunk/bed. Make sure your animal doesn’t come in contact with the outsides of any bags. You can do this by treating the animal like dog shit. Like, literal dog shit. Put your hand in the grocery bag (turn the bag inside out and make sure it has no holes or rips) , pick up the body, and turn the bag the right way. This way you can retrieve the body quickly and cleanly, without touching it barehanded and you won’t have to spend excessive money on gloves. 

For smaller animals, using the “dog shit” method with bags is fast and easy. For larger animals, I would recommend using plastic sheeting and gloves. I don’t really pick up large animals, though.

Once the bones don’t have any soft tissue on it, and doesn’t smell, then in my opinion the bones are pretty much clean. It is rare to get diseases from any kind of bone like this. Once the bones reach this state, you don’t need to continue wearing gloves when handling the bones.

If you want to fully sterilize your bones, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Just fill a container with one part water, and one part 3% hydrogen peroxide. (No bleach ever!) When you take out the bones, rinse them well in a bucket of cold water otherwise you will get white powder residue on the bones.

So yeah, tldr: The reason I handled the animal head without gloves is because I was cocky and I was in a closed situation with a “clean” animal who is mostly all bone. It’s been sitting in a rot pot that’s never been used before with fresh soil, so I was not in any contact with another “strange” animal. Any other time in any other situation, gloves or baggies should be used, as touching rotting flesh is not typically a pleasant or clean experience.

Once the bones are free from flesh, you are free from wearing gloves. 

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I was so tired of feeling like my friends didn't care about me even when to me they always came first so I cut everyone of them off. Then I had to break up with my boyfriend and now I don't speak to anyone at school besides my teachers. Why did they let me go so easily? One of my friends without any explanation or reason stopped talking to me, avoided me during school, but she still speaks with her friends. How come despite how nice I was to them they haven't tried working it out with me?

Some people are just massive assholes, and waste of your time. You should try associate with someone who has the same interest as you do and from there of you can built your friend group and trust me I know it’s easier said than done, but you seem really lovely and that’s a bonus!

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I started cutting last year and I managed to stop with out telling anyone. But earlier this school year I started again. My friends found out and they think I've stopped until recently. My other friend used to do it too and he is the person that I talk to about everything. Tonight I cut deeper than usual and I'm kind of scared. I'm also starting to catch feelings for this guy that I talk to about everything. I guess I just really need some advice? Please help

First It’s okay if people know you’re cutting or have a mental illness they can help you figure thing out and it’s always good to talk to someone who has selfharmed someone who can understand it, but selfharm is never a good thing it’s addictive and you are Worth more then that and I think you should try telling your friend about cutting deeper maybe he can help you about being scared cutting deeper is not a good, please trust me on that, second I really do suck at relationships so maybe try asking if he like anyone  he could have feeling for you to

i keep seeing comments/tags/post lately about how fic authors should always try to respond to comments to show love and appreciation to their fans, and i just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all those authors who can’t do that, whether due to other commitments, limited time online, or any number of mental or physical reasons that make it hard to reply. and i fucking hate this ‘it only takes two minutes’ and ‘it isn’t hard to reply to reviews’ mentality. you don’t have a clue HOW fucking difficult it can be for some people.

the great fandom secret is that no one is actually entitled to your time - and as much as we writers thrive on feedback and appreciation, please also remember to look after yourself, and put yourself first ♥

Random Karasuno headcanons

This is a little something I decided to do to have somthing to post while we work on the requests or there’s none to do, I hope you like it~

—Kageyama has broken at least a couple of windows. He’s not the only one to blame for it, though. I’m looking at you, Hinata.  

—Tsukki is ticklish. Noya knows. Need I say more?

 —Suga brings sweets for everyone from time to time  just like a good mom friend should do.  Hinata ends up eating at least half of them.

—Yamaguchi has managed to hit everyone on the team when trying to serve. Three people had to stop Kageyama when he hit him.  

—Tanaka knows tons of girl group choreos. Not that he’ll let anyone know.

 —Romantic movies and love novels are Daichi’s guilty pleasure. Yes, they make him cry.

 —Noya loves stealing Asahi’s hair tie. The first time it happened Asahi cried.

 Time for some Kagehina headcanons nobody asked for but I’ll write them anyway because I’m Kagehina trash.

—They tried to keep they relationship a secret. They failed miserably. It may or may not have involved Noya catching them making out behind the gym.  

—Sometimes during the practice Hinata slips out some of the many  pet names he has for Kageyama. He doesn’t really mind, though.

 —They tend to forget how to behave when they’re in public. Suga has had to get in between them more than once just like a good mom friend should do.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to do Nekoma next. Hope you enjoyed!

-Admin Eva

Turning 16

In all honesty I don’t want a sweet 16. I’m not a party person. I don’t want family that I barley talk to to come and wish me a happy birthday like it’s some big event. I don’t have fun with a lot of people around. I prefer and like small crowds of people I actually talk to and have fun with. Why do I have to make this a big day celebration when my other birthdays were just as fun as a small event with the people closest to me? I appreciate what my family is trying to do and I know I should be grateful. But truthfully (even though I know they’ll never read this) I think my opinion matter on what I do for my day of celebration. All my friends know I’m not a big partier and just because I’m turning 16 shouldn’t mean you get to use the line “your almost grown it’s time to stop acting like a kid.!” And then wonder why I read all the time and like to do things myself and don’t talk to you about everything. Because even though your older you don’t know everything and shouldn’t push what you think I should do and the view you want me to live as a teenager. I’m not girly but I’m not a tomboy and even if I was I don’t think it’s right to call me a dyke if I was one. If I was are you insinuating I’m not a person who deserve their own judgement? I enjoy hoodies and semi loose clothing. I don’t want to wear heels or frailty dresses, skirts, or even floral pants you think teenage girls should wear. I’m completely fine with not having a boyfriend and in my opinion I don’t really need one. I don’t care about being labeled anti-social or standoffish or even a b**ch because I’m my own person and who I choose to be shouldn’t be based on my appearance. I’m tired of the drama and the labels. Everyone who knows me know I’m comfortable being myself. I shouldn’t be labeled any type of way because of who I appear to be. Even if you say I’ll regret not having a sweet 16, I barley lived half my life in my opinion I should be able to choose what I do and don’t like. Usually I don’t go on rants but I’m just so past done.

Brace Yourself, Bite Your Lips

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title from I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me by Fall Out Boy (fob needs to chill)

Genre: Smut (college au, blow jobs, hand jobs, some body worship if you squint

Word Count: 2112

Warnings: swearing and use of alcohol

Side Note: i am so sorry i should’ve had this up like a week sooner i don’t even have a good excuse but i am v sorry. more smut (dirty talk ay) when i get back from visiting family next week

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im glad some people are finally trying to tell tumblr to realize that

our enemy is:

racists, not every white person
transphobes, not every cis person
homophobes, not every straight person, or any other sexual orientation AT ALL
and sexists, not all men

and regardless of of gender, orientation, and skin color, we should not be hating on anyone at all and we should be welcoming to all people who come to this site unless they are one of the bolded above

and we should not be assuming that just because someone is white, or cis, or straight, that they are the enemy

because i think it’s pretty sad that when my friend used to identify as cis they had to stop coming on this website because what everyone said about cisgenders made them feel worthless and suicidal

so let’s try to be kind.

PSA about a toxic rp u should avoid

hi so i’m gonna make a psa about the group degrassidivided-rp bc the mods are v v rude & problematic and it is not a good environment to be in. also let it be known that i would’ve considered myself p good friends with both of the mods up until i quit so it’s not even like i was just some random person in the group, either.

  • they get mad at people for breaking their in-character clique rules but the mod’s characters can do w/e they want and nobody gets to say anything about it
  • the members themselves are cliquey like good luck w/ trying to plot lmao
  • the mods consistently talked shit about some members with other members (i’m not gonna say who tho cuz i’m not THAT petty, but…)
  • one of my friends stopped getting on her character during a low point in her life bc she had a lot of problems going on and they knew that but they kicked her out of the group regardless bc they “needed activity”
  • they also purposely said shit to that friend when she was going through a breakup to try and hurt her bc she was down & threw it in her face. like ok..
  • another person tried quitting & they made her cry and told her she was overreacting & invalidated her feelings. there’s more i could say on that whole thing it was so messy
  • one of the mods accepted a person i had a MAJOR personal problem with (they spent hours attacking me w/ their friends about my dying dog and about two of my grandparents being sick and close to death and told me to get over it, etc) and they knew of this problem and told me “well she’s going to tell you sorry” as if that was going to make me forget any of that happened like…. and i even offered to quit if they wanted her in the group, that i just wasn’t comfortable being anywhere around her bc it gave me anxiety
  • was also told by other members that i was overreacting because of ^
  • i just recently quit bc i was not happy there anymore (and i’ve been there since the beginning of BOTH rounds of it so like 2 years or something) and instead of accepting that as a reason, i got accused by one of the mods of quitting just bc i wasn’t getting a ship. you can read the whole convo here. it’s honestly ridiculous.
  • i was using the group as of late as a distraction from my grandma’s passing and tried explaining that it wasn’t a good distraction anymore and i didn’t want to be there but apparently that wasn’t a good enough reason to quit and was just a lie. ????
  • i got blamed for “not plotting” when i wasn’t online because my grandma was dying and i was in & out of the hospital daily with her and my family
  • my friend got bitched at for quitting, after me, instead of them just letting her quit too (you can read the texts here)
  • one of the mods tried to accuse me of talking shit about said friend while she was quitting. like who the fuck tries to ruin friendships over someone wanting to quit a rp? fucking petty.

basically don’t join this rp if u ever want to quit at any time bc they’ll just berate u. they don’t care about the members they just want characters filled (that’s why one of the mods is playing five characters when she’s hardly ever even on and the other is playing two, + multiple people doubling). they expect u to give more of a shit abt rping than ur real life lol

this group is just bad tbh and it shouldn’t have been revived after it died the first time, avoid it at all costs :)

okay but listen harry having nick over to his and louis’ place while louis’ out with some friends and louis coming home to them lying on the sofa completely wasted, laughing hysterically and shit-talking people together and nick’s like “TOMMO TOMMO YOU’VE GOT T’ HEAR THIS…” and starts talking shit about someone louis doesn’t even know and louis’ just nodding politely and trying not to laugh as harry struggles to stand up and lurch over to him, hooking his chin over louis’ shoulder from behind, wreaking of alcohol and giggling way too loudly in his ear at whatever it is nick’s saying and then he starts getting handsy and nick just stops abruptly like “alright well that’s my cue to leave” but obviously they won’t let nick leave in his state so louis sends harry off to bed and gets the guest room sorted for nick and nick flops down on the bed and points at louis, slurring out a “you’re a good man leeewwwis. good for ‘arry. ‘e doesn’t shut up about you.” and louis just chuckles and says goodnight before walking into his and harry’s room where harry’s flopped naked across the bed, drunkenly rambling and getting overly emotional about how wonderful louis always is to his friends and how he’s the best boyfriend ever and “lou’s just the best isn’t he?? ‘m the the luckiest i love ‘im so much he’s my favorite” and louis’ not sure if harry’s even aware he’s in the room and then his voice trails off into a snore and louis smiles fondly and climbs into bed and wraps himself around his boy and falls asleep thinking no, he’s definitely the luckiest

Okay so I don’t get something.

I REALLY don’t get what this is trying to say/prove.

Like what is your point? Yes some men are shitty. Just like some women are shitty.

What do you want me to do about it though? This poster seems to imply that we should either
1) avoid dating men completely
2) avoid men completely
3) destroy men completely

And none of those seem like good options to me. Like I hate rapists and abusers too! I’ve been raped for gods sake. But that doesn’t mean my boyfriend is a rapist. That doesn’t mean my father is an abuser. That doesn’t mean I will stop loving, working with, being friends with, and helping men because SOME of them are shitty people. And punishing all for the actions of a few is in itself pretty damn shitty.

Someone who I was friends with on Facebook (who promptly got blocked) shared this and I commented on it and said that I gladly would. And one of my better friends who is biracial and who’s mom is a (White) cop commented and said “or you could call my mom but…” And I truly was so just so fucking mad because she missed the point completely. This shirt is about as ignorant as ignorant can get. It’s not a crackheads job to protect me. It is a police officers job. Just because y'all are under fire for being a trash ass organization doesn’t mean you get to stop doing your fucking job. There are so many people who get shit for just trying to do their jobs every single day but they don’t throw a fucking hissy fit and say they’re not gonna do their job anymore (like idk maybe our president??? Really he should lock some of y'all white people up for good) but YOU mother fuckers think y'all are entitled to never be scrutinized regardless of the fact that you murder innocent people every day. That shit doesn’t even make any sense.

Why are yall so mean about “beeb language” and “beeb culture” like just block posts or blacklist shit you dont wanna see and move on lol why do you have to be so bitter like these kids are just trying to have fun and when you make posts about “kill beeb culture” or whatever youre hurting the feelings of so many sweet sweet kind harmless kids and making them feel like they should never have fun or open their mouths or participate in things they enjoy ever again like lmfao shut up and leave these people alone. I dont even participate in that kind of “speak” on my blog too often im not even very active on my blog anymore but i take this shit very personally because im friends with a lot of these people/kids who talk like that and even originated and created some of this shit and theyre the sweetest loveliest people in the world. Just stop being so petty and bitter lol of all the things you could be pissy about you choose to be pissy about cute words and phrases and kids having fun with their language and speech

Diary 001

Maybe this should be a bit of a diary. 

I met up with my friend Tim yesterday. He was having a rough day because he took too many drugs and ended up stuck on scruff/grindr in this awful cycle. I told him I’d come over for some cigarettes, tea and a chat, and we could also play with his flatmates cat George. Afterwards he sent me a message saying I’d probably saved his life and just in time for his birthday. Its awful when people are having a rough time. 

I slept at the Russians house again. I am starting to suspect there is something weird going on. He sends me these sweet messages saying he can’t stop thinking about me but he’s always kicking me out of his house and trying to feed me weird Russian food.

I’ve sort of fallen in love with this man in a couple. He was speaking to me when I was trying to find a flat and really helping me, and I told him we should meet once I’d found a flat so I could properly say thank you (which sounds heavily sexual by hey why not) then he invited me over. When I got there he was there with his boyfriend and they wanted a threesome. I was like oh okay but weird and then we just had the threesome. Anyway, I met up with him again the other day without the boyfriend and he told me the boyfriend didn’t like me because he thought that the guy liked me more than him. And then he said it was sort of true. Anyway we had sex and now I’m in a sticky situation. Why can’t my sexual encounters just be simple. I mean I am feeling much more attractive to myself and I’m having a great time but also I just want a nice boyfriend like the dj who just wants to go to the park with me and talk about music. SO MANY BOYS! 

Now that I’m settled in a new house I feel like I am ready to explore whatever this year has to bring. I tried to send a message to my mum and she responded with a vicious message. She sent a message unloading all her problems on me and i just sent a message back saying “you haven’t even asked if I’ve found a flat yet, like I was homeless and you wouldn’t even help me out..” and she just went off it and started saying i was up my own arse and the fuck off and all this stuff and how she shouldn’t be made to feel guilty. All I responded was “Go away - i’m doing perfectly fine - i have two jobs, i have a new flat. I asked you to help me out because i was homeless and sometimes parents like to help their children. If you feel guilty and angry maybe that says something about the choices you’ve made regarding this situation.” - We haven’t spoken since and I guess we wont for a while. Shes not a nice woman. Sometimes shes fun and interesting but has never been a help in my life. 

What I want from the rest of the year is to enjoy my independence, enjoy my sexuality, enjoy my work and the friends I’ve made and just stop thinking about how much and think more about how much fun! 

Okay, thats all for now!

Thanks for reading.

Reuben x

What I think about the signs (Capricorn POV)

Aries: Stop changing what you say it’s annoying people don’t want to be around that
Taurus: Most of you I hate simply because you won’t let me be right for once
Gemini: You’re super chill and fun to be around 10/10 would recommend
Cancer: At first you’re okay and then it turns out you hate me wtf
Leo: I love you guys the vest friends I’ve ever had so sweet
Virgo: Why are you so clingy please give me space to breathe
Libra: You should stop trying to fix things that aren’t yours to fix
Scorpio: Hey there lil mama you remind me of me let me whisper the quadratic formula in your eye 😉😉
Sagittarius: I wanna like you but you have to put me first sometimes
Capricorn: You’re just like me hey but actually you get a little annoying (same)
Aquarius: You’re a goofball I love it you’re the missing piece
Pisces: You’re the cutest little thing I wanna protect you forever

I fucking hate SO MANY Clexa and Bellarke shippers, you guys are pathetic children fighting on the internet. The way you talk makes me die of second hand embarrassment, GROW UP, go outside, make some friends and stop confusing your cringe inducing arguments with actual activism for POC or LGBT+ people. Its a fucking TV show and not even a realistic one. You honestly make it so hard to enjoy this show or be part of the fandom. Every time I search the 100 on tumblr there’s never any discourse about the show or theories about season four its just a bunch of very sad humans throwing shit at each other. Before you start on me, I AM a member of the LGBT+ community and understand the importance of having queer female relationships in the media. But instead of trying to get a show cancelled and thus putting all the actors you claim to love out of a job maybe try doing something that will actually be beneficial to ACTUAL, REAL LGBT+ people. Instead of arguing about which couple should receive a fucking teen choice award for chemistry maybe look at shows like OITNB whose latest season was racist, lesphobic and problematic AF. As someone who has been an audience member when one of the lead actors got booed for talking about another lead actor, I’m so sick of bratty shippers ruining this fandom and cons for others. How can I possibly enjoy seeing the 100 cast at a con knowing they must HATE it because they constantly have to apologise, get booed, tip toe around people and then get their words twisted later online. Please keep in mind that I am not talking about ALL Clexa or ALL Bellarke shippers, just the ones that are destroying and running people out of this fandom because you think your OPINIONS are worth a lot more than they are. GROW UP.

hi taylorswift
I was thinking of needing some advice since you have be giving me some for the last 6 years and you have given me some of the best. so I was recently listing to the mean speech from the red tour a lot since I have had a really bad day. Taylor, people are being so mean to me. and they say they are my friends. they’ve been ignoring me, spreading rumors and talking behind my back and making fun of me. and it hurts. they keep trying to tell my friends that they should stop hanging out with me for my personality and I just can’t take it. they’ve been hacking some of my accounts and have even been saying bullshit to some of my closest friends of family and if for example I’m doing projects, they make me do all the work. why do people lie Taylor? why. I just feel like your one of my only friends,that only cheers me up when I feel down. I just can’t take it anymore. they have been judging me for months now, and I don’t know what to do. please help me or give me some advice. it would make me so much happier and much braver and fearless. you’ve given me the courage but I still can’t do it.
I love you so much and thank you for everything . I love you more than you’ll ever know.
your friend,

windrider127 submitted: 

 I’m a 27 year old woman who has only just realized that asexual is an option. As soon as I read the description of it I was like “OMG THAT’S ME!” and it was like I finally could stop waiting to be normal and worrying that there was something wrong with me that I hadn’t had (or wanted) a serious relationship. I was really happy and felt so good about it, but as soon as I started trying to share this with my friends that feeling evaporated. I got some deeply disappointing responses. I was expecting a bunch of “oh, that makes sense” but instead I got I wide variety of ignorance and just plan hurtfulness. People who I love and have supported for years (through plenty of relationships, heartbreaks, and horrible life decisions that I didn’t understand) have told me that they don’t believe it’s real, that they think I should see a doctor, that I just haven’t met the right guy, etc. They also assume they know what it means and say things like “Yeah, for a while I wasn’t attracted to my girlfriend at all because she gained weight” or “Yeah, I had NO sex drive while I was on BC.” OR, my personal favorite, “You’re obviously just damaged from some past trauma.” One of them actually asked me if I was “just saying that” because I was “some kind of pedophile of something”!!! It’s really gotten to me and I find it really difficult to cope. These negative responses have left me feeling really alone and have made my pre-existing depression worse. I want to be out and have people understand and accept me, because I find pretending (as I’ve done in the past) really exhausting, but I’m afraid of further negative responses. Even seeing the horrible things people say online to other Aces who I don’t know makes me really upset and depressed. How do other people cope with the ignorance and negativity? How do you keep it from getting to you so deeply that it keeps you up at night, you know?

Personally, I’ve cut ties with anyone who responded that way. If they aren’t willing to be open minded and educate themselves, then I don’t have time for them. No one deserves to be accused of the types of things they’re accusing you of, and they wouldn’t say those things to anyone of any other sexuality, so why do they need to say them to you? 

I understand that you might not be in a place where cutting them out is an option, so maybe try explaining to them how offensive and hurtful their comments and assumptions are. Offer to educate them if they’re willing and inform them that asexuality is a valid orientation with an entire community of people. If they’re good friends, they’ll listen to you.