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I'm sorry, did you mean to write 'it's hair' or was it a typo and that should have been 'it's here'? I can't make sense of it otherwise, tho.

No it’s not a typo, I just referred back to a previous post with the WIP of this where I hoped the soldier 76 skin showed a shaved head rather something that looked like a bathing cap. I was relieved when it did turn out to be a shaved head. 

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

I was just flipping through episodes on random and started laughing at this scene again because seen in a bigger context it’s just EVEN FUNNIER

since this after all ties directly into this line of thought that Yuuri has after opening up to Viktor on the beach, particularly about how people hugging him makes him uncomfortable (at least in certain situations) and about how he shields his emotions from other people from fear of appearing vulnerable and weak 




AND OBVIOUSLY IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL because Yuuri is not a character that can just hug things right with just about anyone, he NEEDS that special someone that makes him feel secure and comfortable, and the fact that he desperately tries to create a connection with people is just SO ENDEARING HE’S SO PRECIOUS AND HE’S TRYING SO HARD BUT TO NO AVAIL

it’s just a great scene because it shows Yuuri’s will to follow up on his promise in a way that becomes incredibly amusing while still maintaining key points in his personality and displaying the huge significance Viktor has in his life 

it just makes his relationship with Viktor even sweeter since Viktor becomes that special person in Yuuri’s life that can make Yuuri open up properly, in ways that leaves Yuuri content and comfortable and I just



Nanjolno (Eli’s Seiyuu) talking about μ’s Disbandment & Aqours’ Position

With Aqours’ First Love Live being over and the Rikyako incident, I felt that it was appropriate to post screen caps of this video~


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Imagine Tony don't liking to be close/being touched by Steve after CW but the guys keeps insisting until Natasha calls him out on it (Protective Natasha, please!)

Oh, I like it! I struggle a lot with Nat’s role in CW (to be fair, I struggle with everyone’s roles in CW), but I’m gonna try :) Here goes nothing: 

It doesn’t start in New York. By the time they finally get back to New York–it takes three months longer than Natasha initially expected–she’s already close to the end of her rope, only the merciless training of her childhood keeping her from completely losing it. Because Wakanda may be a nice place, a pleasant exile even, but she has to spend five months listening to Lang’s whining, Clint’s endless complaints, Steve’s tragically upset stares into nothingness–or at a phone that doesn’t ring, and really, she could’ve told him that from the start–and Wanda’s temper tantrums.

Also the amount of biting replies she swallows down ought to have killed her by now. They were poisonous enough for sure.

So getting back to New York, to their old compound, is a relief. It means Natasha can avoid the others for weeks if she tries–and boy does she try, she’s seen far too much of them lately. It helps. The lack of a golden cage helps all of them, eases some of the tension, but it doesn’t solve any of their problems.

And there are problems, and not just between Tony and the others, or her and the others either. There are a lot of issues that have never been resolved, arguments they couldn’t have when they were all scooped up in Wakanda and unable to stay out of each other’s way for long. Coming back, signing documents that are pointedly not called The Revised Accords, it’s like slapping a bandage on an inflamed wound so you don’t have to look at it anymore, and hope it will heal.

But every now and then they accidentally brush against said untreated wound and the pain flares up again, reminding everyone that it’s there and it’s staying.

Like when Clint calls Laura and she lets it go to voicemail. Or when Sam tries to ask about how Rhodey is doing without making it awkward, and fails spectacularly. Or when Tony flinches away from Steve.

It’s only the last one though that really gets Natasha’s blood boiling. It’s there right from the start, when Tony symbolically shakes Steve’s hand, and even though he’s smiling, his body is all tense muscles ready to jump. It doesn’t get better after that.

There are moments where Steve tries to reach out that are almost physically painful to watch. When he rests a hand on Tony’s shoulder and the poor man almost jumps out of his skin for example (they’ve lost a lot off cups to that particular move). Or when Steve always picks the seat closest to Tony, only to have Tony be tense and defensive thorough the whole meeting. The list goes on.

Steve isn’t doing it out of cruelty, that much Natasha is willing to grant him. He’s honestly, desperately trying to fix things between them, bridge the unacknowledged gap in the team. He’s apologised multiple times–and he’s meant every word of it. But the thing is? Regret isn’t going to change the past.

And Steve, Steve is so focused on fixing, he doesn’t even seem to realise that all he really does when using force, is break. Because it’s so clear, written all over Tony’s face and body language, how uncomfortable he is, and yet Steve keeps pushing and pushing, for a resolution that can’t happen by backing Tony into a corner.

The issue comes to a head when Steve tries to hand Tony a plate with a piece of apple pie. It’s an innocent enough action on the surface, but Natasha can see Tony literally freezing in place. And really, it’s anything but innocent in every way that matters.

“Grow up, Stark!” Clint mutters from somewhere behind her, and really, that’s not helping. She’s going to kick his ass for that later. “Just take the damn plate!”

Tony doesn’t though. His wide eyes flicker back and forth between the plate Steve’s holding out with a pleading expression and the door he’s probably thinking of escaping. Being put on the spot like that only makes it worse, makes the slight tremble in his hands more visible and Natasha’s had enough.

“Give me that!” she snaps, rips the plate out of Steve’s hand and throws it onto the ground. The plate shatters. Steve gapes at her but she doesn’t even let him get the question out. “I’m sick of this shit you’re pulling here!” she continues in a righteous fury that’s been building up for six months. 

“You need to back up, Steve! I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to reach out to Tony, you don’t have a right towards his friendship or his trust and you’ve done fucking shit to earn it! You need to learn to respect his feelings instead of bulldozing past them just because they don’t happen to suit you! Because you know what happens when you push? This!” She points at the mess of pie and shards at her feet. “And you know what you do when you make a mess? You apologise and clean it up! And you don’t use force to do it!”

She’s breathing hard by the end of her rant, but when she turns around to face Tony, the hesitant smile on her face is genuine. “Let’s get out of here,” she says, and it’s a question filled with all the things she hasn’t been able to voice.

Tony doesn’t reach for her the way he used to, stays out of her reach, but he smiles, just as hesitantly, and nods. “Lead the way,” he says, and they’ve got a lot to talk about and even more to work through, but it’s a start.

“Aren’t you gonna clean that up?” Clint yells somewhere behind them. Natasha doesn’t even bother to turn around.

“I haven’t seen anyone else taking responsibility for the mess they’ve made,” she throws over her shoulder with all the sugary pleasantness of a Black Widow about to reveal her true face. “Why should I?”

There’s no answer but then she didn’t expect one anyways.

framing all social issues you’re discussing in the context of fandom is so weird and surreal. i just saw an all caps post by a well meaning white person with a video game ship blog that said “characters of colour don’t just exist for the consumption and enjoyment of white characters” and like. i guess. that’s true. but you can just replace “characters” with “people” there because, that’s just a larger societal issue and you can and should talk about that. one of the main reasons i think fandom political discussions are in any way valuable is that they can illuminate larger trends and problems through the lens of things people interact with on a day to day basis and understand, but to do that you need to….. actually expand the subject and just talk about the issues at play there in any real way

I just *clenches fist in anger* love all the anti-Tony post that have been showing up on my dash lately. You know the ones with all the reasons Tony is “evil” and “everyone” hated his role in CA: Civil War and how can anyone justify defending him? Especially after he was a “warmonger” and “ created Ultron” and so on and so forth.

But recently there was a post about how “everyone” who went and saw CA: Civil War left the theater Team Cap and that the only place Tony is defended is on Tumblr because basically the OP was saying the only place crazy enough to host the “crazy” members of the Tony Stark Defense Squad is Tumblr.

I mean it’s not like there are a bunch of people who’ve tagged posts on this site “went to see Civil War Team Cap and came out Team Ironman”, but I digress OP is obviously spouting alternative facts and should not be taken seriously, cause if you’re actually that delusional nothing I say will change your mind. Anyway, I was scrolling through the comments on this post, and thankfully most of them were calling the OP out on their BS, but the was one particular anti-Accords/Pro Team Cap/anti-Tony post that was listing all the reasons Steve had for not agreeing to put his life back in the hands of the government (and I just don’t have the patience to deal with this kind of shit) and why Tony was wrong to sign the Accords and all the good the Avengers’ had done up until this point.

And their first reason, in an anti-Tony post, was “the Avengers’” stop New York from being nuked.

And I’m like bitch where?

Because last I checked ONE Avenger saved New York from being nuked. It sure as hell wasn’t a team effort.

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the hats with only dan and phil written in japanese make me so ugh. if it was in the direct aftermath of their trip or a direct mention of it ok but using japanese to make the caps seem more inconspicuous and aesthetic as if it isn't an actual normal language makes me 😑. i think it is kind of like tattoos in hindu or etc in white people's bodies who don't speak it. sorry ahah def being overdramatic and they are sweet beans, just not merch for me personally. hope you are well, miss your posts x

just because they are “sweet beans” doesn’t mean they should be exempt from criticism and i totally agree with yours. reducing a language down to an aesthetic is pretty fucking worthy of critique. it makes me cringe so much, especially knowing dnp cannot speak or read japanese themselves, have never lived there or studied the culture in any way beyond their obsession with anime and sushi. they’re pretty much living out the worst white weeb trash stereotype w this merch lol. it is def reminiscent of white ppl who get tattoos in arabic or hindi* and i am uncomfortable

Call for Submissions: wish i could stop

Call For Submissions: wish i could stop - an OCD zine

This is a call for submissions for a zine by and for people who have the chronic anxiety condition called OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). The zine’s tentatively called wish i could stop. Anyone with OCD is encouraged to submit if they want to, including folks who are self-diagnosed. People who may tend to get left-out because of race or ethnicity, additional disabilities, socioeconomic class, gender or lack thereof, sexuality or lack thereof, age, being locked up, using alternative methods to handle mental health, etc., are especially encouraged to submit if they want to. OCD is one of the hardest mental health issues I deal with personally, and I’d really like to connect with other people who have OCD as well.

Writing is great: journal entries, blog posts, poems, letters, articles, rants, lists, etc. To allow space for other people in the zine, a maximum of 4 pages is preferred. Written submissions should be typed, or neatly handwritten in print (not cursive, please, if you can avoid that) if possible, in size 12 or slightly above font. Also, please don’t write in all caps because that’s harder to read. You do not have to write about OCD - you just have to have OCD. If you need some potential writing topic ideas, just ask.

Artwork and video (except porn, please) are also super great. Artwork needs to be able to be emailed or photocopied, and fit on standard size printer paper (8.5 x 11”). Please either provide an image description, or keywords about the image (for me to write a description), if possible. Video submissions must include accurate captions.

Use trigger warnings and/or content warnings as needed at the top of the page, or in your submission email to me if you’re sending artwork.

If you want to include a short contributor bio (name/nickname/anonymous, age, pronouns, general location, hobbies, way for people to find more of your work) to go with your submission, feel free to do so.

Submissions Deadline: August 12, 2017

To send in submissions, or ask questions, email Jordan: feralismyheart(at)gmail(dot)com

Are there any post civil war fics where Wanda realizes that leaving with Clint was a bad idea and she should’ve just stayed at the compound? It be cool to see Wanda go off on Clint for dragging her into it. Maybe realizing that Tony might have been right and isn’t as horrible as she thinks he is?

steve and bucky having to pretend to be honeymooners instead of steve and nat tho. holding hands and leafing through brochures while peeking over the others shoulder, wearing matching caps, stealing kisses when they’re about to be caught but accidentally getting caught up in them (steve realizing bucky actually does feel that way about him and always have). the two of them being so convincing that another same sex couple congratulates them and bucky can’t stop grinning. steve has to tell him to tone it down because they’re going to attract attention & bucky tells him he’s not pretending. in the midst of this shady and risky operation he’s happy. he’s in love.

it’s very hard to focus on the task at hand after that but easier to let that (very real) love show.

are you impatient for voltron season two? do you want more kids fighting evil, space gays, or kids in space?

well, maybe you should check out: the legion of superheroes!

the legion of superheroes is a cartoon that ran from 2006-2008, two seasons and 26 episodes. it’s set in the 31st century, centering around a team of kid superheroes called the ‘legion of superheroes’. inspired by superman’s example in the past, kids with powers from dozens of different planets have come together to form a team, fight evil, and protect the galaxy.

unfortunately, their most powerful enemy, the fatal five, has broken out of prison while the legion is stretched thin. they need help… and who better to get it from than the person who started it all? time to go to the past and retrieve young superman to help them!

it’s a very cute show, with a wide variety of characters, and lots of girls, to boot! triplicate girl, phantom girl, saturn girl, shrinking violet, dream girl…  which is a nice change from voltron. the plot and all the characters are really well-done, and the show tackles the fact that there’s a ton of characters very well - not every single character appears in every episode!

one of the characters, bouncing boy, is chubby like hunk, and he has WAYYY less fat jokes than him, which is really nice to see. really, the one place that the legion falls short in regards to voltron is racial diversity - there’s a lot more white characters in legion than voltron. it’s not entirely white: star boy, karate kid, triplicate girl are some, but it falls majorly short in regards to voltron.

however, one thing that it WINS at is gay characters. yes, you heard that right, CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT STRAIGHT APPEAR IN THIS SHOW. i don’t mean like “this character is canon [insert sexuality] in the comics”, though that does happen.

shrinking violet is my favorite bi lady right here, man.

but no, we’re talking actual gay content in the show. brainiac 5 is one of the main characters, and he’s canonically interested in multiple genders in the comics, which is expressed in the show. this kid has the BIGGEST god damn crush on superman in the WORLD.

if the show had continued into the third season, there was going to be a “love triangle” between superman, brainiac 5, and supergirl. while they’re still very much referred to as “friends”, and there was a Shrug of God in regards to brainy’s feelings towards superman, like… it’s canon, guys. just watch it.

legion of superheroes is a show filled with beautiful crafted, unique characters (one of the main character’s superpower is to TURN INTO A BOUNCING BALL. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.) rife with cheesy superhero code names, ladies, plots that will make you both LAUGH and cry (seriously, get your tissues ready, i weep folks), and a really gay robot who is my absolute favorite. if you want another show, you should definitely check it out. the characters are all super fantastic, and the show is extremely underrated. 

long live the legion!

Random Thoughts: Secret Empire and Wakanda Vs. The World

At the time of me writing about the content of this post in another forum, I just read Secret Empire #0. I immediately thought of season 1 of the main BP book and felt that the “world left Wakanda to die” angle from Jonathan Hickman’s “Time Runs Out” story arc should’ve been the heart of the story of “Black Panther: A Nation Under our Feet.” After reading Secret Empire #1 and #2, I’m doubling down on that stance.

Not only would season 1 have directly touched on one of the most important plot points in Black Panther publication history (the destruction of Wakanda), it would’ve been a great story that could touch on (and challenge) Shuri’s nationalism and beliefs. As the former queen of Wakanda who was killed soon after Wakanda’s apparent destruction by a foreign force, would she seek retribution of some kind, or choose another path?

Shuri has a history of enacting retribution throughout her reign. When the Desturi committed their coup on Wakandan soil (temporarily ousting the Wakandan monarchy from power), Shuri ultimately ordered her troops to kill them all. When Namor and Atlantian forces attacked Wakanda, she soon ordered Wakandan forces to retaliate. How would she respond to the world giving up Wakanda to the Black Order? And how would T’Challa react to Wakanda and it’s people willing to head towards a dangerous collision course with the outside world?

In my scenario, Wakanda ditches the isolationist policy and begins asserting itself as a world power and expand it’s sphere of influence. Add that with Wakandan xenophobia being at an all-time high due to previous events (Doomwar, AvX, Infinity, and Time Runs Out), and this results in conflict with other world powers.

The interesting thing about Secret Empire is that Steve Rodgers genuinely believes in his ideal and actions (which makes him such a compelling villain in Secret Empire). He strongly believes that it is the best way to bring peace and prosperity (in his mind) to the world. To Shuri, pushing Wakanda to pivot towards a more assertive foreign policy can be what she genuinely feels is the best way to protect her people. Her people and her nation just got wiped out not long ago by alien forces, and the outside world was complicit in that end. Why should she ever trust the world governments to not repeat such an act again?

Some may argue that Wakanda would become the villains of the story and it may not be a good look, especially as far as T’Challa is concerned (I somewhat disagree with this but I def understand the sentiment of those who would see otherwise).Shuri, in my opinion, is a great fit for such a story. She’s not a hero, never pretended to be one, and has no desire to be one. The welfare of her people is all she cares about. She even has done villainous acts before (her appearance in Waid’s Daredevil, in which she sends Wakandan agents to apprehend nuns who found out about a clandestine plan involving Wakanda and a rogue U.S. general).

Crossing fingers that we get such a story line (or something similar to it) involving Wakanda at some point in the future.

Side note: For those that haven’t already, def read Secret Empire. Excellent story.

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I don't get why people are targeting you. All you wanna do is just make some markiplier quotes. So what if there's someone like that on Twitter. They shouldn't be bothering you cause it's your blog not theirs . So they should just shut up about it.

I know right. Just because there’s a Twitter account of ALL CAPS MARKIPLIER doesn’t mean I can’t make one on Tumblr. (the same goes for the ALL CAPS JACKSEPTICEYE and ALL CAPS CRANKGAMEPLAYS) Plus I love posting quotes so why stop me?

But thank you that you understand me.


I have only had 1 request come through. if I don’t get any more I will just go through the episodes I have only partially capped and finish those up.

I am working on the capped episode tag list, should be up in a few days.

I am also going to go back through and tag reblogs as best I can, idk why I don’t do it when I reblog…

Next episode capped starting tomorrow: 703 - Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do

im starting my first semester of (real) college in the fall, and tuition prices are, well, woof. im better off than the average bear, but there’s no way i can Pursue My Dreams™ on my current income, so im opening MAJJALE’S “holy shit that cannot be an actual number” WRITING COMMISSIONS!!

do you want a fic of your very specific thing? do you have an idea for a fic and are absolutely floored that no one has written it yet, its just so good?? do you want someone to write that perfect fic with everything you ever wanted in it??? of course you do, and that’s where i come in!


  • fluff!
  • not-so-fluff!
  • an array of kinks that i know too many of my followers irl to post (we’ll talk)
  • self-inserts/reader fics!
  • OCs!
  • AUs!
  • and many more!!!


  • gore (im ok with violence/conflicts that get bloody, just… :/ we can discuss)
  • SOME dark themes, there are some im willing to work with, so this’ll be case-by-case!
  • incest
  • some kinds of NSFW, again case-by-case! (HARD no to underage/watersports tho)
  • and of course i reserve the right to veto a commission for any reason! (if i agree to the commission then i WILL finish it, this is only if the initial idea isn’t something im comfortable with!)


  • voltron
  • steven universe
  • mystic messenger
  • overwatch
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • dragon age: inquisition
  • miraculous ladybug
  • if i’ve reblogged it, chances are i’ll write for it, and im willing to do some homework on others!! come ask me!!
  • OCs will require references from you, and i’ll ask a lot of questions as i go to make sure im staying in character!

  • …and i could do some homestuck… if u gotta… if u rly gotta. like if you wanna fork over your money right now immediately


  • drabbles (100 words) are fast, easy, and fun, so each of these are priced at $1, and there’s currently no limit to how many i’ll take!! wow!! a steal!!
  • every 250 words is $3.50 until 3000 words (1000 = $14, what a bargain!!)
  • every 250 over 3000 is $4 ($42 for 3000 + 500 = $50 for 3500 words)
  • there is one (1) slot open for something longer than 5000 words, and that starts at $75! depending on how much longer than 5000 words it is the price goes up in 250 = $5, and i cap it at 6000 for $100!

here are some examples of my work! should you choose to commission me, i won’t share it, post it, or use it as an example unless you would like to have others know of the fantastic ideas you’ve helped bring to life (all that may just be my bias to showing off). if you’re interested in getting some quality writing, message me here on tumblr or shoot an email to rosiliahgs.tuch@gmail.com and we’ll have a lovely chat about what i can do for you fantastic fic readers and needers!!!

i look forward to working with you!!