i should just make cats

uuuuhhhh other than that i don’t think i’ve really got much to say? i got into loz after 95 years and also fire emblem echoes was Pretty Cool. i probably won’t log in after this unless it’s to respond to messages privately so see ya kids it’s been fun

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How come no one has done Alex/Cat yet? There's Kara/Cat, Astra/Cat, Astra/Alex, but Cat/Alex? Nope! Imagine they meet on a blind date and hit it off... Imagine Kara's reaction... Imagine the badassness of these two powerful ladies!

This isn’t exactllyyyy what you asked me to imagine… but I couldn’t imagine someone actually thinking it was a good idea to set these two up on a blind date. So here’s this trash instead (it’s still Alex/Cat, I promise).

“You know, jazz really is one of the most important music genres. I’d love to take you to a show sometime.” 

Alex just nodded, not really paying attention to the man in front of her anymore, just quietly sipping wine and trying not to say anything too inflammatory. It was the fourth blind date her mother had set her up on this year; needless to say, it was not going particularly well. It was one of those dates where he wouldn’t stop talking about himself and his achievements, which could actually describe most of the dates her mother pushed her into. 

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