i should just make an nhl gifs tumblr

Yesterday it was going to be May. Today it is! Here’s what was trending this week on Tumblr:

  • In the news: As protests continue in Baltimore and around the country over the shady death of Freddie Gray—and, really, centuries of injustice—murder and manslaughter charges have been brought against the officers involved. Also, an earthquake leveled buildings across Kathmandu, Nepal and the surrounding areas. Thousands are dead, tens of thousands more are without food, water, or shelter. Please donate to any of these charities

  • In things of absolutely no consequence: Pepe the Frog was trending because, oh, who the hell knows?

  • In things of great consequence: According to Stephen Hawking, there’s a parallel universe in which Zayn is still in One Direction, and another where they all live together—just like in your fanfic. And Cheese.

  • In bravery: Olympian, reality TV star, and father Bruce Jenner talked to Diane Sawyer about himself—who he’s always been, and who he’s proud to be. 

  • In sports: The first round of the NHL playoffs. The easy thing to do would be make fun of the Montreal Canadiens for spelling it wrong. We should really try harder than that. 

  • On Broadway: Glee’s Darren Criss is pulling his wig and tiny leather shorts down from the shelf. And Tumblr staff’s resident Broadway superfan calls the Tony Award nominees “I dunno.”

  • In entertainment: Sexy surgeon Shepherd sliced his last scalp on Grey’s Anatomy. Was it… merder?! No. Car crash. 

  • In politics: Senior citizen, junior senator, and leftwing counterweight to Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for President. 

  • At school: A finals week pro-tip: Find a seat in the library next to someone else with a 40 oz. coffee. You can watch each other’s stuff when you get up to pee. 

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Image by amzingblinx2 via pepe-leaker