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Hi! Love your D:M work! I was wondering ... what was Kise like when his beloved Senpai suprised him with a visit and what was he like when Senpai had to inevitably leave?

The best times are when Kise is not expecting Kasamatsu to visit. Because then it’s a delight he didn’t know he was going to experience that day, and that’s always the best kind of joy.

The planned visits are good too because it gives him something to look forward to, but those have their own drawbacks. If he can count down the days, the hours, the seconds, it’s a way of keeping sane (unless the visits are too far apart, like when Kasamatsu has exams. Then the numbers just mock him and everything is horrible). If he can say, just five more days, just four more, just hang in there—then the bad days are not so bad because it’s just a matter of surviving until relief.

But if Kasamatsu is late—or worse, if something comes up and he has to cancel (something that happened once before, because his brother got sick, and Kise hated that unknown boy so much for taking away Kasamatsu’s attention—he’d never experienced such agonizing jealousy until that day) then it was so much worse than not expecting him to come at all. So there’s that draw back.

The surprise visits have their own disadvantages because he hasn’t prepared for them. If Kasamatsu suddenly walks into the room and Kise is busy watching a soap opera with Momoi, then Kasamatsu says he should continue watching the soap opera with Momoi and that he doesn’t mind joining them on the couch and that isn’t what Kise wants at all.

(“You’re being so greedy, Kichan!” Momoi had hissed at him once. “I’m not trying to steal Kasa-senpai from you! I just want a friend!”

“You have your internet friends, leave mine alone!” Kise wailed. He got so little time with Kasamatsu, and he wants it all to himself, and he hates Momoi and Kuroko and occasionally even Midorima for trying to take some of that time. At least Murasakibara, Aomine and Akashi leave well enough alone).

“I’m glad you came, Senpai,” Kise says when he gets the chance, because he wants Kasamatsu to know how much it means to him but he’s terrified of scaring him off. “You’ll still come next week, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Kasamatsu says, and Kise wonders if he’s just agreeing to it or if he wants to or if he—

“Are—are you glad you came?”

“Yeah, I had fun,” Kasamatsu says. And he ruffles Kise’s hair like he might a younger brother (which is simultaneously frustrating and thrilling—he likes any contact with Kasamatsu but he really doesn’t want to be treated as a younger brother). “I like hanging out with you, even when you’re being a brat.”

“Senpai, I am always on my best behavior,” Kise pouts.

Kasamatsu just looks faintly amused when he says, “Yeah, I actually believe that. See you next week.”

And that’s the absolute worst part—watching Kasamatsu leave. It’s depressing because this moment marks the furthest time away from the next time he gets to see Kasamatsu, but it also always makes him wonder what Kasamatsu is thinking when he walks away.

Does he miss Kise, when he’s not around? Does he think about Kise at all? Or is this just an obligation, a box to check off as he moves on to the next responsibility.

“You know,” Youji says, “If you didn’t live on base you could probably see him more often. If you went to a high school, for example.”

“What would I do in a high school?” Kise demands, because that suggestion is just ridiculous.

Youji just shrugs. “Yukio plays basketball.”

It’s an absurd thing to think about, but maybe it’s the only possible solution, so that moments like this when he has to watch Kasamatsu walk away from him and not look back won’t exist.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! And thanks for the prompt! I am a big fan of poor pining!Kise =D (Who, of course, does end up happily in love with his senpai). Hope you enjoyed!

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GOM+Kagami+Takao+Kiyoshi having a really cute gf and their team mocking them w jealousy.

Kuroko: Chill as usual. Only gets really weirded out once Kagami starts doing it. “Kagami-kun, should I be worried?”
“Kuroko, what the hell are you talking about?”

Kise: Used to it, proud of it, uses every little mock and tease to exercise his bragging rights. Is just a little freaked out that his girl ends up getting along with his team a little too well while everyone keeps singing her praises.

Midorima: Gets really silent, really quiet and has that ‘I will murder you’ glare on his face, but on the inside he’s doing a little happy dance because their jealousy is so obvious.

Aomine: Relishes in it. He lives and breathes the mocking because obviously everyone is jealous of the fact his girl is the friggin best one out there.

Murasakibara: “Maaaaaybe I should flatten you to the ground now to get you to shut up?” *munches on chips* “Or kick you in the balls.”

Akashi: WTF, nobody mocks Akashi Legend Seijurou for anything. Ever. Except Mibuchi. Nobody knows how he gets away with it.

Kagami: Bright red face, tight fists, screams to the heavens that “this is not fair” and “just leave me alone” and “shut the fuck up Kuroko!”

Takao: Takes the opportunity to list all the stuff his girl does well and that shuts everyone up pretty quickly.

Kiyoshi: Just has that huge bear grin on his face and says, all chill, “Maybe I should introduce you.”

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GOM+KAGAMI+TAKAO accidentaly walking in on their crush in the shower pfft ?

Kuroko: He closed his eyes swiftly and calmly the moment he saw your completely naked form. He turned away from you so that you would feel a little less embarrassed. He was going to leave you in a moment, but he wanted to apologize to you first. “I’m sorry, I should have knocked first.”

You were completely caught off guard. Not only had he just randomly walked in on you, he was being totally nonchalant about it. It was a little upsetting, actually. “It’s alright,” you murmured. You couldn’t help but whisper a soft, “You can still peek if you want to…” which brought a small smirk to his lips.

Kagami: He froze the moment he realized you were naked. Everything but his eyes froze, that is. They trailed up and down your body as he began stiff with both embarrassment and excitement. “Having fun?” you asked him haughtily.

He tried to respond but all he could manage was a jumble of Japanese and English syllables. He closed the shower curtain swiftly and tried to run out of the bathroom, only he managed to slip on some of the water that sprayed out of the shower and fell to the floor. He eventually managed to crawl out into the hallway to give you privacy.

Kise: He smiled happily at the sight of you and began to take off his clothes in his excitement. “What are you doing?” you nearly screamed at him as you covered yourself. “You can’t just join me!”

He pouted as he paused in his stripping. “What? Why not?”

“Y-you just can’t, ok?” You pulled the curtains closed quickly and waited until you heard his disappointed footsteps before you continued.

Midorima: His face grew much redder much faster than yours—and you were the one who was naked. He wanted to look away and maybe spare the two of you from further embarrassment, but his body was completely frozen, as was yours. Eventually, you gathered the strength to close the curtain, but you knew he was still was still standing there, stiff as a statue.

Takao: He pretended to cover his eyes when he saw your naked…wet form all lathered in the shower. But he was totally peeking. And you knew he was. So you awkwardly closed the curtains as he remained frozen with his hands over his face.

Aomine: A smirk found its way onto his face as he looked up up and down. “Need any help?” he asked you smoothly. “I’d be happy to join—” A bar of soap hit him in the head seconds before you decided to cover yourself up. At least one of you had some sense of decency.

Akashi: “You really should lock the door when you’re in here naked,” he stated as his eyes locked with yours. With a hand on your hip, you used the other to flick some water at him.

“Last time I had the door locked you told me to leave it unlocked so you could get in if I slipped or fainted or whatever.” You turned your back to him, knowing that this wasn’t the first time he’d seen you naked. “If you’re going to call yourself ‘absolute’ please at least make up your mind.”

Murasakibara: “___-chin is cute,” he murmured sheepishly as he stared down at you. You were about to cover up when you saw him begin to remove his clothes. “I want to join~”

“No no no,” you said hastily as you pulled his shirt back down. “This is ___-chin’s private time. Please wait for me outside.” You swiftly pulled the curtain closed and leaned your forehead against the wall of the shower as you tried to regain your composure.

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GomxKagami -Whatever- trying Kagami's food for the first time.

It had been difficult, since everyone had their own plans and some of them even lived in different cities, buy finally they all got together. The whole Generation of Miracles was back to remember the old times and try to recover even a little part of the friendship they had. And, in the middle of them all, like if it was natural for him to be there, was Kagami.

“What’s this idiot doing here?” Aomine bawled the question, pointing at Kagami as he said it.

“Right, why is double eyebrows here?” Murasakibara continued, frowning a bit.

“Sorry” Kuroko apologized “It’s my miss. He discovered we were meeting…”

“Like I could pass the opportunity to play against all of you!” Kagami laughed, not caring about the glares that condemned him as a ‘non-invited’.

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  • Akashi, looking troubled: I might've murdered someone in the past...
  • Kuroko, backs off: You should be telling that to the police, not me, Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi, sighing: I said "might've," meaning, it was a debatable question.
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: Tetsuya, why are you standing so far away? It's just a joke.
Baby Kuroko [Part 3]
  • Midorima: ....
  • Kuroko: Uuuu...
  • Midorima: Oi, Kuroko, shouldn't you be with Aomine-nanodayo?
  • Kuroko: ....
  • Midorima: ....
  • Kuroko: N-nanodayo!
  • Midorima: .... Come here-nodayo!
  • ----
  • Aomine: Crap, crap, crap, crap... What should I do?! What if Tetsu exit this place and went outside?!
  • Kise: You should have took a peek, you know-ssu!
  • Aomine: But that's not how you play the game!
  • Kise: Well, think about your situation with Kurokocchi!
  • Murasakibara: Kise-chin, what's up with that get-up?
  • Kise: Eh?
  • Aomine: Oh yeah, why were you suddenly died?!
  • Kise: Kurokocchi is far too cute!!
  • Aomine: I don't really understand you...
  • Murasakibara: Me too~
  • ----
  • Midorima: Here, Kuroko, candy-nanodayo.
  • Kuroko: ... staaaareeee...
  • Midorima: I'm not a bad person-nodayo. Oh, you should change your clothes. Hands up, Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: Ou...
  • Midorima: Also, whenever you get lost just shout, okay? Don't wander around. Do not leave someone's side-nanodayo.
  • Kuroko: uh-huh...
  • Midorima: Here... hot cocoa. Let me wipe the sweat on your forehead.
  • Kuroko: Shintarou-nii's hot cocoa is delicious.
  • Midorima: Of course it will-nodayo. Here's Kerosuke, play with him.
  • Kuroko: Kero-chan!!
  • Midorima: Don't move around too much-nodayo. You might hurt yourself.
  • Kise & Aomine: What are you, a mom?!
  • Midorima: Huh? You, Aomine, why did you let Kuroko all by himself?
  • Aomine: Where did you found him?!
  • Midorima: Near at the gate. I was about to head outside to buy some snacks-nodayo. I saw him and went back.
  • Murasakibara: Let me buy some snacks then~
  • Midorima: Alright, don't buy too much-nanodayo.
  • Kise: You act like a mom, Midorimacchi.
  • Midorima: I act whatever I want-nanodayo.
  • Aomine: Midorimama...
  • Midorima: Oi!

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Hello! May I please request a scenario? :) Midorima has just gotten married to his s/o but the rest of the GOM/close friends are shocked at how genuinely happy he is with his wife during the reception? Thank you :))

Hi! I tried soooo much here OMG. It’s been a long time since I’ve last written something and I guess my skills (if ever they actually exist) became rusty. I hope you still like it!

Piano music filled the hall where Midorima’s wedding reception was held. Laughter and tears of joy were all over the place. It was one happy day. Miodrima could remember how nervous he was during the beginning – he even thought about backing out! Luckily, Takao was there to calm his Shin-chan down. He could also reminisce that feeling of relief he experienced that moment the church doors opened and you walked inside with your dad accompanying you. God, you were so breathtakingly beautiful and Midorima swore to Oha-Asa that he was finally sure of this. He forgot all his anxieties from earlier and prepared himself to embrace the vows the both of you would be giving to each other in front of the altar.

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Gom+kagami+kiyoshi s/o playing a really rough sport, and then they try to convince them to stop Cuz they might get hurt, and the s/o takes it as there to weak and a female and they hella pissed ? Scenario it can end with the s/o storming off

I put these two requests together ^^ I hope you will like and thank you :3

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19 - I'll decide instead
Shuutoku Side

Audio Clip - Shouri E no Kiseki (Miracles Towards Victory), Shuutoku Side (3rd morning) - 19 - I’ll decide instead (Takao, Midorima) 

If there was an official scene sequence for all these Midorima-and-Takao scenes, I sure missed it, but man oh man, the MidoTaka (or TakaMido, depending on the scene and/or your POV) just never stops coming.  In this scene Takao tells Midorima to rely on others (like Takao) more.

(Missed previous translations/audio clips?  Here’s the masterlist.)

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Of Misunderstandings and Reality

Post-Winter Cup | Vorpal Swords | Reunions

Summary: It all started simple enough. But Kagami just had to add drama. It escalated when the Generation of Miracles got involved. Akashi is amused by it all. Kuroko is definitely not amused.

A/N: This turned out longer than I expected. The ending was a bit rushed ‘cause I don’t have any time left. I wanted to write more but tiiimmmeee

Also posted on FFN and AO3.

“What are you all doing?”

The Seirin team got startled in surprise and whirled around to Kagami who asked. Hyuuga and Koganei quickly dragged their ace down with Hyuuga covering Kagami’s mouth to muffle his protests. Even with his mouth covered, Kagami’s grumbles were still loud and Riko and Izuki shushed him like a child, their attention (plus the team) was solely focused onto something across the street.

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mosaku-san, how do you do your lineart? i suck at those tbh and yours is so *meow* ;w;

OH  I HATE LINEARTS TOO ESPECIALLY FOR BIG PICTURES that’s why sometimes there are periods I change my style because I’m too lazy to make a lineart (but if you do make a lineart, once you are half-way, you get a sense of accomplishment to keep going too so it’s not all bad though!).

I think the key point to making line arts look better are the “stronger/thicker” lines or the varied “thickness” of the line art. 

(I’m still in AkaKuro repentance)

I edited this for the example.

Green circle: I usually put those “thicker lines” on those parts where shadow usually casts on the forehead. The other times, I don’t. But if you feel like it, you can put those thicker lines where the “curves” or “corners/turning area?” are. 

Blue circle: I also make thicker lines for those parts I want to show different depth. Like for example, for the ERI (the collar). To kind of show it’s inverted, I cast a shadow on the parts to show that it’s standing up and not flat on the wearer. Same as the other blue circles. I put them to show how the clothing actually bends (where they go to).

Purple circle: I just get bored so easily so I also sometimes shade in those little parts with dark shadows. 

Brown circle: To pop out an object, you can thicken the lineart of the said object like so. 

Aaaaahhh anyway, I think looking at the picture will be better to understand than my description (。┰ω┰。). But anyway, the point is, to vary the thickness! At edges, at separate objects and at partitions (for example to separate the obi from the rest of the kimono, etc.). Oh but be careful too because you might make one object pop out too much. You should balance them out, don’t put too much thickness only on one side or one part (it might look like a cut-out). 

Oh, I’m using the Pen Tool at around 89% opacity at the above picture. 

If it’s a manga-esque thing like the Rakuzan + Kuroko one I’ve done when I started Tumblr, I go ahead and shade everything in the line art itself to make it more interesting. For the shading, I didn’t just slab the pen to make a flat shade, instead, I scribbled with a small brush. Sometimes I cheat and slab a big part, but I still leave some parts to be left for the small brush to scribble on. 

I used 100% Pen Opacity here. 

Lowering the opacity can make your line art look “softer”. One hundred percent makes it sharper.

My personal taste in line art is actually the not-so uniform one. So I do not practice “carefulness” when drawing line art, I just draw away and not care about it being perfect. I almost always draw above it anyway (when editing- and you can too- and if you make a mistake, you can always erase around it). This also lets me avoid the stress of having to draw perfect lines because I can never draw perfect lines. My hands shake like the ones holding the sushi in TV shows. 

However, I care about it being “understandable* in a sense that you can tell one object apart from the other, and that’s where the line thickness will come in handy!

I also color my line arts to make them appear *softer*. 

I color the line art of the eyebrows, jaw, eyelid, eyes most often. You can also see that in Kurokocchi above.

Ah, if you can see Akashi above, some linearts are drawn on a different layer. Sometimes, I add things after I’ve finished the picture and I just put them above the whole thing instead of erasing the previous lineart. It makes it easier for me to color that way because I’ll just select the outer side of the lineart and Inverse the selection to get the small objects. It also allows me to reposition the small objects however I want later on if I change my mind where I want them. This is also why sometimes I separate the layers for two characters standing side by side in case I get the wrong height difference. For the Aomine - Akashi picture, I separated Aomine and Akashi into two Groups where the lineart and the colors are all under their respective group. 

Depending on the art, if I want to make the line art stand out more, I duplicate the layer and merge them together. That always works for me (in SAI) to make the line art darker and more prominent :D. Instant fix. I still color the line art after to pick out the parts I want to look “softer”. 

Sometimes, I delete parts of the line art when I’m coloring like the fold lines, once I know how I want the fold to look. :D

If you want to make your life easier when you color, you can separate the layer you’ll put the shadows (in the lineart) so it will be easier to select the parts later on. I don’t do that because I hate having many layers (^w^;; ) ← makes life harder for self

These are the ones I can think of!


(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ (Don’t tell yourself you suck) ε=ε=┏(゚ロ゚;)┛

*Chases around*

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Hello there T-chan!! My 18th birthday is tomorrow and I just want to request a birthday date with Akashi. Can you pls add a little angst to it?? Thanks!! 😘😘

Why hello there~ I hope I am not too late, but I wissh you a happy birthday with lots of laughter, for you to be healthy and just to enjoy your life :D

I hope I didn’t write it too angsty asdfghjkl

A sigh escaped your lips as you stared at the cup in your hands. Time was slowly passing by as your thoughts wondered to the certain red haired teen that you haven’t seen in a while.

Ever since you moved to Tokyo, you only heard his voice over the phone or saw him over the Skype when he had time – which was every month – but only for few minutes before he had to leave to do his work.

Yet for the last few months, his calls were rare. If anything he only sent you a message every other day or none at all for whole week. You understood he was busy, but there was still that tingling feeling that he has forgotten about you. And it didn’t go away especially when you were alone with your thoughts.

Another sigh escaped your lips the moment you raised the cup and lead it to your mouth, taking a sip of the drink. Maybe I should just go home. You thought. Why did Kuroko even tell me to come here in the first place? You wondered, remembering when he sent you a message to go to the nearby cake shop and wait there. What for? You had no idea.

Just as you stood up, taking your belongings with you and turned around, your eyes widened, seeing a small box right in front of you. You looked at the box before your eyes slowly went higher until you met with pair of red eyes. You were startled as realization hit you.

“I apologize for being late, [Name].” It was his voice. The voice of a guy you were missing.

“A-Akashi?” you stammered his name.

His lips formed a small smile. He was Akashi, yet he wasn’t. He felt different, calmer. The Akashi you knew had heterochromatic eyes.

“[Name]?” he called your name and held your hand. His touch was still the same. “Are you feeling okay?” He asked gently caressing your cheek.

That made you snap out of your thinking. “W-what are you doing in Tokyo?” You stuttered.

Akashi blinked few times before he smiled. “Can’t I wish my partner happy birthday?” he asked.

Your eyes widened, blush slowly creeping on your cheeks only to make his smile wider. He held your hand and seated you back down on your chair before he opened the small box he was holding. You didn’t have time to respond or say a word until you felt a necklace on your neck. You raised your hand and touched, feeling a heart shape. Taking it, you saw a golden heart and small words on it. They were initials of your and Akashi’s names and a date. You looked at your boyfriend, who was now sitting in front of you.

“I knew it will look great on you.” He spoke before turning to the waitress that approached you.

Quietly observing him, you saw it was still the Akashi you knew. The only difference was his eye and personality. But you didn’t mind. Your lips turned up in a smile. “I missed you.” You admitted, not minding if anyone else heard you or not.

Akashi’s eyes slightly widened before he took your hands and kissed your knuckles, his eyes closed. “I missed you too.” He replied, making your smile wider. He looked into your eyes. “Happy birthday, [Name].” he added.

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The GoM holding a sleepover :D

Awh, this is cuute~ I assume this means them having a sleepover together? : D If I’m wrong, then feel free to tell me and I’ll rewrite^^

None of the Miracles were willing to ask why on earth Akashi had invited them to a “pleasant get-together” at his household. Sure, he was a friend to them all, as well as a fellow team mate, however the sheer fact that this was Akashi Seijuurou left the group more than puzzled. 

Despite this, everyone somehow wound up stood at the porch of Akashi’s huge house on the following Saturday, all of them, even Murasakibara, thinking of the better things they could have been doing that day.

“I was actually expecting this.” Kise remarked, eyeing the grand door before them.
“I bet he has servants.” Aomine added, supporting the blonde’s words.
“Why’s the knocker a lion~?” Murasakibara drawled, completely changing the subject.
“Idiot, it’s not a real lion.” Midorima snapped, leaning forward to knock on the door. The group had only just noticed that they had been stood at the porch for over a minute, not one of them even thinking to knock.
“But it looks like a lion." 
"It looks more like a cat!”
“They’re the same damn thing, Kise.”
“No, they’re a differen-

"You’re on time.”

At the same time, everyone turned to notice Akashi standing proudly at his porch, almost as if he was looking down at the other Miracles, which he really wasn’t. Besides Tetsuya, of course.

Greeting each of them individually, Akashi lead the group of males into the hallway, carefully observing them as they removed their shoes. 

“I am satisfied that you were all able to make it today.” The red-head stated in a plain tone, putting on a smile. “I am sure that we will all have a pleasurable night.”

A regretful snort escaped from Aomine, earning numerous glances and an extreme death-glare from Akashi. 
“Daiki, is anything the matter?”
“Nothing, nothing.” The tanned male replied, scratching the back of his head. “Just the way you said that.”
“Leave your childish thoughts for later, please. I have prepared a number of games that I feel shall satisfy us all.” This, of course meant Akashi, having no idea what went on at sleepovers, had Googled ways for the teenagers to have fun.

“I shall now lead you to the front parlour where I will depart to retrieve beverages and small supplements.”

Though they had only been in the Akashi household for an extremely short while, the Miracles were already dreading what was to come. Due to this, they had each made excuses to not be part of the games which their red-headed captain had planned for them that night. Well, apart from twister, which Murasakibara had won at by literally crushing each and every one of them with his unbearable weight.

In fact, the most mature game Akashi had planned was Monopoly, which even Midorima did not wish to participate in. The red-head had taken into account that his friends were not quite as mentally superior compared to himself, so planned games such as “musical chairs” and “pin the tail on the donkey”. This, however, simply made his “friends” feel patronized, as it would do to any other teenager. 

As Akashi left the room to prepare for the next game, all the Miracles could do was exchange awkward glances. 
“…I wonder if there’s a pool here.” Kise eventually piped up, killing the silence. 
“I don’t see why they would’t have one.” Kuroko replied in a polite tone; one of the few things he had actually said that night. 

“….So, what do you think he has in plan for us?” Aomine groaned, rubbing his head. “I don’t think I can stand another second in this creepy atmosphere, it’s as if Akashi’s trying to force himself into us or something.”
“Don’t be so rude.” Midorima scolded, crossing his arms. Although he hated to admit it , even Midorima did not wish to be there.

Slowly, Murasakibara stood up, earning confused looks from the rest of the Miracles. 
“Where are you going, Murasakibara-kun?” Kuroko asked with a slight frown,  almost fearful that the childish giant was going to go home without Akashi’s consent. 
“Ah, m’gonna get something to eat…” The purple-haired male announced, sluggishly making his way out of the room. “I bet Aka-chin has a huuuge refrigerator….” He added.
“Well, that just happened.” Aomine remarked.

“What if Akashicchi makes us play Shogi?” 
"I wouldn’t be surprised, Kise.”
“I think I wanna go home…”
“Can we just respect the fact that Akashi hasn’t brought up the subject of winning, please.”
“Of course he has, what do you think all of those games are for?”
“You should see the movies he has.”
“I think I saw Garfield.”
“No, that’s Murasakibara’s.”

“Right, well I’m going to look for Akashi’s stash.” Aomine announced, preparing to exit the room. 
“What do you mean?” Kise almost whined. “Don’t leave me with Midorimacchi!”
"I’m here too, Kise.” Kuroko announced. 

“Come on, don’t you want to know what kinda material Akashi’s into? I bet he’s into S&M.”
“M&M?” Murasakibara chimed, returning to the room with an armful of snacks. “Where’s the M&Ms?" 
"S&M.” Aomine corrected the taller male, going to leave again. 
“What’s that, mm~?” The giant responded, assuming the letters were some kind of new snack.

Making sure Akashi wasn’t going to return any time soon, Aomine carefully made his way upstairs the huge house. Much to his surprise, the male managed to find Akashi’s room pretty easily; spying the red-head’s spare blazer hung up on his door. 

The room was, as expected, completely spotless. One would think that the room was a guest room judging by the lack of trinkets or personal items. Maybe Akashi kept everything tidied away? 

Chuckling darkly to himself, Aomine carelessly pulled open a draw, immediately hitting the jackpot. There were numerous magazines neatly placed inside the draw, only to be demolished and pulled out by Aomine, who wanted to see what kind of material the captain was reading. 

“Horse & Rider - Prepare for cross-country and bad behaviour boot camp!" 

Aomine was surprised; he was right. Akashi was into S&M, judging by the choice of words in the magazine, regarding “bad behaviour boot camp”. Riding, as well. 

Though it made no sense why the front illustration featured a man riding some horse in the middle of a field, unless of course the magazine was in fact not a porn mag, and instead an innocent thing regarding pony club or whatever the hell Akashi’s hobbies consisted of. It was only then that Aomine remembered the red-head owned a horse. 

"May I ask what you are doing in my bedroom?”

Almost having a heart attack, Aomine quickly spun himself around. The male feared that Akashi would assume he was trying to steal his precious pony magazine or something and kick him out of the basketball club. 

“I was just…Looking for the bathroom.” The light lied, clenching his fists before quickly stuffing the magazine back into the draw.
“I am no fool, Daiki. What do you wish from me?”

The tanned male sighed, finally deciding to pop the question everyone that night had been thinking. “Akashi, why did you invite us here tonight?”

“…My father believes I have no friends.”
“Why didn’t you just lie to him and pretend you had friends round. He’s not home, right?”
“…Lies are bad, Daiki.”

Day 21- Ugly (Embarrassing) Sweaters

(Who leaves things to the last minute?! ME!! Sorry guys! Hopefully I can make up for it with the last few drabbles tonight!)

“Did you get one?”
“Yeah, I got one, did you?”
“Ah yeah. You gonna give it to me or what?”
“Yeah yeah, here. Give me mine.”
“What the fuck is this?”
“I could ask you the same Aho. How am I supposed to wear this to the party?!”
“At least yours isn’t fuckin embarrassing.”
“How the fuck is this not embarrassing?!”

*one hour later*

“Kise-kun, can you grab the door?”
Nodding, Kise made his way through the mass of bodies to the front door, laughing as he saw sweater after sweater as he went, all of them ugly, hilarious, or downright dirty. This was the best idea he had ever had, and he was happily surprised his boyfriend had agreed to it. Even more surprised when all their friends and their partners decided the same thing and actually showed up. Of course there were two large members missing, the blonde wondering where Aomine and Kagami were.
Pulling the door open, Kise grinned at the two men at the entrance, “Ah! Kagamicchi, Aominecchi, I was just wondering where you were! Come in!”
Both men stepped into the brightly lit room, immediately feeling the warmth from the fireplace, the heat seeping into their bones. They eyed each other warily, both gripping their coats a bit tighter.
“Here, I’ll take your coats. It’s probably super-hot in them now.”
Kagami smiled and shook his hand, Aomine waving the blonde off shakily.
“No it’s ok Kise, we’re fine.”
“What? It’s so warm in here though, are you sure?”
As Kise was frowning, a shorter male appeared next to him, making Aomine and Kagami jump slightly.
“Kagami-kun, Aomine-kun, take your coats off. It’s the rules.”
Aomine turned his head, his face bored, but he still didn’t remove his coat, “Those are stupid rules. We wore the sweaters and that was the only condition on coming.”
Kagami nodded, for once staying silent in agreement with his boyfriend. He certainly didn’t want everyone to see the embarrassing article of clothing he was wearing. It was bad enough that he was actually wearing the stupid thing, let alone have everyone else see it.
“Kagami-kun, Aomine-kun, I don’t want to make you take the coats off. It’s Christmas Eve,” Kuroko’s monotone voice didn’t change, but the intense look in his eyes did, the sight making the larger men internally shiver.
“Ahh Kurokocchi, it’s not a big deal. They can keep them on if they want too. At least they’re here,” Kise patted Kuroko’s shoulder and left to the kitchen, quickly returning with two cups full of eggnog.
“Here, both of you must be thirsty.”
Just as Kise was about to hand them over, Kuroko casually leaned into his boyfriend’s side, the action startling the blonde, the cups tilting forward, the liquid spilling all over the larger men’s coats.
“Are you fuckin serious Kise?!”
Kise set the cups down and ran to the kitchen, Kuroko standing to the side with a slightly smug expression as he watched his boyfriend try to help Aomine and Kagami wipe the stain away.
“Ahhh I’m so sorry!! I’ll have these cleaned for you both! Kurokocchi!!” Kise whined in his boyfriend’s direction, knowing what the shorter male had done.
Kagami didn’t say anything as he sighed, closing his eyes and staring at up at the ceiling. Of course this wasn’t an accident, Kuroko was just being his true self.
Mumbling, he pushed Kise’s hands away, unbuttoning his jacket, “Fuck it.”
“Ahh Kagamicchi, I’ll definitely have this cleaned by…” Kise’s words trailed off as Kagami shrugged his jacket off, shaking it a bit before tossing it over his arm.
Aomine grinned at the sight of his boyfriend. The deal to going to the party was ugly sweaters, and to make it interesting he had suggested that Kagami and him should buy each other a sweater to wear as a surprise. As soon as he had saw the bright red and black sweater in the store, he had immediately bought it. It was more something he would wear, but he knew it would make his boyfriend’s ears turn red with embarrassment. In bold black print, the sweater read “I can get you on the naughty list” and it was framed by snowflakes. It was also a size too small, something Aomine had done deliberately, so it hugged the redhead’s shoulders and chest perfectly. Aomine couldn’t help but laugh as he saw his boyfriend standing in the bright room, their friend’s staring at him in surprise. Kagami’s ears were definitely red as he glared at him.
“Aomine, take your stupid coat off.”
The mention of his own sweater wiped the grin off his face quickly, “Ahh I think I’m ok, the stain isn’t that bad.”
Strong hands pulled the zipper down with ease and precision, hands that had preformed the action multiple times before, Kagami’s face directly in front of his now.
“Take off your fucking coat, Daiki. I’m not the only one that’s gonna be embarrassed tonight,” with that the redhead pushed the coat off his boyfriend’s shoulders and took it into his arms, leaving Aomine standing awkwardly.
Kuroko was the first to say something as everyone else was busy trying to keep their laughter under control at the two men.
“Aomine-kun, I didn’t realize that’s what you wanted for Christmas. Maybe I should take your gift back.”
Aomine glared at his friend, “Shut the fuck up Tetsu. I didn’t pick it out.”
Kise giggled loudly, his body bent forward, his hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder for support, “We all should’ve just pitched in for a big bow for Kagamicchi if you felt that strongly.”
Aomine growled and looked over at his boyfriend who was grinning. The sweater Aomine wore was a mixture of white, green and red, the pattern fairly classical as far as Christmas sweaters. But in big white print it said “All I want for Christmas” and a bold arrow pointing to the side, which just so happened to be directed at Kagami. It wasn’t that the sweater was untrue, quite the opposite. Aomine just wasn’t overly open around his friends and the sweater brought forth his exact feelings, his embarrassing feelings, something that made his cheeks turn slightly pink as he glared at Kagami.
“You fucking suck, Taiga.”
Kagami slung his arm over his boyfriend’s shoulders and whispered into his ear, teasingly, “Don’t be like that or you won’t get your present, Daiki.”

anonymous asked:

can we hear the explanation for hanamiya's blender, toilet, weed, and dog?

There is no tfln that can do this any justice, so I made something up. We should hear it from the man responsible.

“To be fair, he left me alone in his house with a cellar full of wine and not-so-strategically hidden pot. Why Hanamiya would do that to himself is beyond me.”

“So, Hanamiya’s got this shitty little - I mean cute little dog, right? And it just starts barking at me. And by this time, I’ve already cracked open a bottle of wine, so I’m kind of tipsy. Maybe my judgement is slightly impaired when I decide to see if the dog can get high on pot fumes.”

"So, I’m lighting up the weed and it works - the dog is completely chill. Except now, I have to smoke all this weed or let it go to waste. Not realizing that this crap is laced, I smoke all of it.”

"Next thing I know, I’m hugging the dog crying because I’m hungry and I forgot how making food works. But then I see some bananas and a blender. I figure I’m not too gone to make a smoothie or something. I was wrong.”

“I put the bananas in whole, without pealing them. Then I kind of just throw some other shit in. Whatever looks like it’d be good in that frame of mind - orange juice, strawberries, potato chips, frozen yogurt, the normal stuff.”

“Then when I turn the blender on, I make two big mistakes: not only did I turn it on high, I also forgot to put the lid on. So this thing is jumping around and spitting stuff out. And just so gone by now that when I unplug it and realize that it’s battery-powered, all I’m doing is crying.”

“And now the dog is upset again, but it doesn’t last long because it just starts eating all the crap that gets on the floor. I can’t pay too much attention to that because I am freaking out. What does a person do in this situation?”

“So, I thought: if I put the blender face-down somewhere that could harmlessly catch all the stuff, problem solved! So, I ran into into the bathroom and shoved the blender into the toilet, except that was a terrible idea because even if it’s battery-powered, it’s still technically electronic, so it completely shuts down.”

“I didn’t realize this was a bad thing until I came down enough to realize that the blender was now completely broken and not going to ever work again. My bad on that one.”

“So, then I decided to flush all the stuff that had been left down the toilet, except it’s kind of a bad idea to flush too much down a toilet, so it came back up and started overflowing. And it wouldn’t stop. I was not dealing with that, so I just sort of left the bathroom and pretended I hadn’t seen it happen.”

"I go back into the kitchen and the dog is covered in the stuff that had gotten on the floor. It also smells like pot. So, instead of bathing it like I should have, I shaved it.”

“And that is why Hanamiya has no weed, no blender, an overflowing toilet, and a shaved dog: because he had the poor judgement of leaving me alone for a few hours in his house.”

… … …There you have it.

Magic Mirror

 A fanfiction for the canon this week’s end-card~! Based on Len and Rin Kagamine’s Magic Mirror

Warning: X

Pairings: Akashi and Kuroko (Akakuro) 

Once upon a time, there was a very lonely boy. His name was Kuroko Tetsuya. Sadly, the boy was ill. His sickness made his legs very weak, causing him pain when he walked.  His father and mother rarely saw him, because of the war that was going on outside the kingdom. That caused the boy much pain. He dreamed of the day he and his family could finally be able to play with him. He dreamed of happiness in his empty world.

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AoKise Drabble

The two of them are taking a break on a bench off to the side of the court when Aomine holds his hand up and asks, “Hey, Kise, how big’s your hand?”

Kise blinks and presses his hand against the other boy’s to compare. “It can’t be much smaller than yours, Aominecchi. We’re about the same height after all.”

“Huh,” Aomine mutters, lacing their fingers together.

“A-Aominecchi?” Kise stutters. But when he looks over, he sees that Aomine’s turned away, his ears and neck flushed. Then he glances down at their hands on the bench and quickly turns the other way, feeling his own face heating up. “If you wanted to hold hands, you could’ve just said…”

“Shut up!”

“We should probably leave,” Kagami says from the other side of the court where he’s been completely forgotten by the two.

“Just one second, please. I need to send a picture of this to Akashi-kun,” Kuroko says, taking his phone out to snap a picture. “Alright, I’m done. Let’s go, Kagami-kun.”