i should just give up on this whole giffing business

dudeguyman1  asked:

How and when did you get into photography??

Good question! Here’s a lil’ story.

My father’s always been a photographer, but growing up, I never had any real interest in going into the field. Photos were just a hobby to me.

…but then, I started winning art competitions, and figured maaaybe I should give this whole “photography’ thing a second look. 


It turned out I had a knack for it, especially on the PR/business photo side – y’know, website/social media pictures that make organizations look awesome.

I’m obsessive about details being perfect in editing, which is also why SDM’s pics & gifs look nicer than some of the source material. I’m like a Certified Scooby-Doo Restoration Specialist™

I make dog battering rams look better than ever before!

Despite learning the dry, business-y side of the craft, I’m still about about the art, though.

I never leave home without 2 cameras and 4 lenses. It’s a sickness, really.

Originally, I shot very standard stuff, like this:

…which took second place in a competition, because judges are weird.

Gradually though, I sorta, well…. went crazy, I guess.

Over several years, much studying, & 150,000+ photos, I became an obsessive street photog/surrealist. Now, I do stuff like this!

…oh yeah, and I take photos of cats, too.

That’s the most important part of all.