i should invest in some therapy

✌🏾️ Two quick ways to shift into a calm, chill, better, higher vibrational mood are:

1. GO OUTSIDE Near Plants/Flowers/Trees

»Plants elevate our mood, they help us to breathe deeper (which calms the nervous system), they give us cleaner-high frequency oxygen and they raise our vibration all around
»Sunlight feeds your melanin and brain their main happy nutrient ‘Vitamin D’, it cleanses the energy field, heightens spiritual awareness and raises our vibration

The great news is that you don’t have to be in the rain forest, mountains, the beach, the botanical gardens or travel, to benefit from all nature has to offer. You can simply go and sit by a tree or plants in your home or local community and benefit greatly. The other great news is yes, all the places I mentioned are necessary and should be invested in at some point on your journey yearly- or as often as you can. But for practicality purposes, your nearest tree, park, plants, flower bush/tree, garden and clear open skies, will do.
»Outdoor/Nature therapy is everything. And free! 👈🏾

—  Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily

Anonymous asked you: Pestering Anon! *gets comfortable* So… Wait, am I allowed to just flounce in and get comfortable…? In my perusal of the OB tag, I came across some comments about clones and their differences, particularly Cosima’s sexuality. That such things should not be possible because of the nature of clones; they’re identical copies. If one is gay then all should be, no? Well. WELL. Here to tell you why this is both a profound statement on one side and a little bit of scientific dorking in another.

Let’s start with the former. Not so long ago in our history, homosexuality was considered a disease. It was removed from the American list of Psychiatric Diseases in 1973. Until then, everything was done to control homosexuality. Where it could not be controlled, it was punished. While I could not prove it, I should imagine there are places in the world, likely closer than anyone would be comfortable with, where that mind-set still exists.

Treatments back in the day included the stuff of nightmares; electrotherapy, deprogramming and use of drugs such as apomorphine. It’s a sad thing that some of these therapies are still abused in today’s society. But that’s a different story time all together. What goes along with this and is more relevant, is that medical science invested a great deal in getting to the root of the ‘gay problem’.

Do you know what they found…? There was no single identifiable gene that coded for sexual deviancy. Poor genetics were not the culprit (at least not solely) for non-heterosexual inclinations. As with many things, nature and nurture go together. So for OB to make one of the clones not heterosexual is a profound thing to say, as it flies in the face of everything some people wish could be said about gay people. That our tendencies could be bred out of us. That it’s a sickness.

It’s enforcing a view that sexuality is a multifactorial trait. That we are not predestined by our DNA. That exposure to homosexuality does not predispose us to a similar lifestyle. Homosexuality (sexuality in general) is a naturally occurring thing. I mean, Delphine said it wonderfully; a spectrum of activity that has been corrupted by social bias. That Cosima is potentially gay (or whatever preference) is an amazing thing. I wish that message were more widely received and accepted.

The other part of this is straight up science. See, even organisms that are genetically identical, are still subjected to environmental pressures. So… In all of us, we have two copies of our genes. One set is paternally derived and the other maternally. In any individual these genes are either switched ‘on’ or ‘off’. What arises is a complicated mix of inactivated and activated genes that arise from our fathers or mothers, culminating in our genetic phenotype (visible characteristics).

So, if you cloned an individual, they would be challenged by different environmental factors. Their genes would be activated differently, if you like. It would therefore be entirely possible to get two identical individuals that developed very differently, because their copied genes activated from different parents. Often these effects are limited because twins grow up in the same environment but in twins that don’t, they can be very different.

These two arguments help to explain why the clones are all different. Why Cosima needs glasses and is at least open to homosexual romance. Why Sarah is more prone to losing her temper. Why Alison is susceptible to addiction. Why any clone is the way they are, rather than exact duplicates. It’s all nature and nurture, working together.

I hope this has helped those that were concerned Cosima/OB were misrepresenting the queer community.

I’ll leave now. Back to my dark cave. *runs away screaming*

You are brilliant. I don’t even have anything coherent to add to this, as I’ve only slept a few hours, and I’m pretty zonked. But this is definitely fascinating stuff, and I invite whatever scientific insights (and general thoughts) you have to continue hitting my blog. This is the kind of stuff that makes OB such an amazing show. They aren’t afraid in the least of turning social concepts on their heads.