i should hopefully be posting some new stuff there soon

Hiatus Update

So I got another burst of inspiration to work on my pages today!! :P Took a few tries, but I think I have a layout now that I’m happy with for the about pages for each of my muses!!! :D Now the pages aren’t done, but I’m getting there!

For those who didn’t see yet, I’ve already gotten myself a new theme, and re-did my rules page! :D Hiatus should be ending soon, hopefully, cause man oh man did my muses wake up today!! D: D:

I’m going to start posting updates about my hiatus whenever I have some. I wanted to re-work everything on here before I came back, as it was VERY needed! Really all that’s left, I think, is the about pages and pages to show off all muses and each Time Lord’s lives! So wish me luck on that!


Edit: P.S. Although I’m not posting much here besides stuff from my queue, I can be found over on my rpg, @torchwoodhq, which you are all, of course, welcome to join/check out!! :D :D