i should have written this as a haiku

frslas  asked:

why are you upset about trials of apollo? (just curious)

  • He’s just literally doing a mortal high school au and I don’t understand why??? 
  • BoO proved he’s not great at writing more than one book at a time, let alone in one year increments
  • if he wanted to tie up the pjo books he should have just written a god damn epilogue instead of dragging this shit out over like another few book series
  • I’m not convinced he won’t just make Apollo some weird variation of the characters we already know or make him some douche who speaks in shitty haikus half of the time 
  • I’m exhausted by the idea of Apollo just interacting with all the characters we know as fan service and so we can see what they’re doing without making the story technically about them (this is related to bullet 3) 
  • if Apollo is mortal how is he going to be able to help get the oracle back?? 
  • is getting the oracle back even going to be part of the story?? and if it is, does that mean the sequels will be about a quest with another crop of side characters?? 
  • just why