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Mikey's Recent Injuries

I’ve been binge-watching the first four episodes of season five for the past few days, and I’ve noticed something: Mikey has become the prime target of serious injury.

As you can see above in these screenshots, Mikey’s been hurt badly in these last few episodes. But maybe the reason for singling him out is something deeper.

It’s no secret Mikey is the most childish of the four brothers. It’s also well-known that he symbolizes the team’s innocence. However, when that innocence is wounded, there is no going back. By injuring Mikey so severely, could TMNT 2012 finally be saying, “We’re becoming much more serious and darker than we’ve ever been, so be prepared”? But then again, this is just my opinion.

We’ve already seen this show cross lines before, with the deaths of Splinter and Shredder, as well as showing the bodies of those Kavaxas has murdered. Ultimately, I think these darker tones suit TMNT 2012. It’s a series that should always have its shadowed moments and serious issues. I just hope they stick with it.

Credit to @redworld96 for uploading Scroll of the Demodragon and posting the links to The Forgotten Swordsman, Heart of Evil, and End Times on her other blog (which I used to get these screenshots).

AU where sun and moon are warriors protecting their kingdom. I’m really not happy with this one, but I hope you like it anyways!

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Posting Short Fiction Online

Anonymous asked: “Is uploading short original works on the internet or on a blog okay? I’ve done it before and some works were reposted on other blogs without giving credit or my friends have found chunks of my stories inserted in fan fiction with the names changed. But this was the best way to keep evidence of them and make it harder for me to get bored and delete something I’ve spent hours on.”

I will never tell anyone they cannot or should not post their work online, but the reasons you’ve mentioned above, plus a few others, are the reasons why I don’t. When you post something online, while you can try to put your stamp of ownership on it, it is really just too easy for others to steal and for the most part, they can get away with it. There are laws in place against it, but most writers can’t really afford to do much about stolen work. Of course there are exceptions and I hear about lawsuits in this vein all the time, but for every time that happens, most of the time, legal action isn’t taken and the thief gets away. 

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One thing I think I should address is that, although this blog is hardcore about my fandoms, it’s also quite personal. The “bad thoughts” and “feelings” get dumped here sometimes because I just want to type them out and not talk about them.

Apparently some negative feelings I have about my stories rubbed someone the wrong way.

I thought I made it clear why I have problems reading other peoples’ fanfiction, but apparently not. I have like ZERO self esteem and I’m working hard on it. I no longer feel like throwing up over nervousness when I upload something, so that’s a little progress. When I read something that’s VASTLY superior to what I can do, that really gets me down and I feel like deleting everything. I know that’s very, very wrong, but that’s how it is. I have been slowly reading some of other peoples’ recently, so there’s that!

What’s funny is that the person who went off on me said “Reading fanfiction is what makes you a better writer!” in the same breath they bitched I should be more grateful because my stories got more attention than theirs. Er, considering how much they apparently read, maybe that’s not true at all?

Plus, I’m the sort of person who doesn’t realize what I’m doing wrong unless someone points it out. Just recently a friend commented that my writing is improving and it’s like “What? Really? How? It’s the same to me???”.

I appreciate everyone who leaves kudos/comments/bookmarks so freaking much you don’t even know! You people have made me cry before and I’m thrilled I’ve made friends just because I got the courage to put something I made out there.

I still wish this person had told me what was going on their head and had a discussion with me about it. Instead they were a huge bitch and blocked me to make sure they got the last word in.

So, I figured I’d get this out there so it doesn’t happen again. Oh, and they thought they’d hurt me soooo bad by making sure they pointed out they deleted their comments and were unsubscribing. The thing is… I can see my subscriber number and it didn’t go down. I kinda think they still read what I write but now just don’t leave kudos or a comment because of how petty they are. LOL.

@kurauamami replied to your post: That feeling when your work isn’t appreciated…

Your work is great and your guides are really appreciated because you take tour time to help others, people should know that but they always want things easy and cheap. I hate nexus mods but it seems you have to go in there to just let the people know that you mod, I had a blog to upload all my things but no one set a foot in there -.- . Don’t let the people make you feel that way because your mods are great and you work really hard for it.

Thanks for your kind words :3

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My dog knows how to do this too :3

I’m not giving up on my website. If I have to go out on the streets with a sign, then I’ll go (figuratively speaking of course xD).

Like a posted before, modding is the closest I’ll get to what I want to do. And I don’t need to be a part of a famous website to be recognized. It’s a silly notion that the website passes on, and the community helps it grow even more. It’s a good website as a tool. But that doesn’t mean I HAVE to use it. I chose not too. And neither me nor anyone who makes the same choice is a lesser being for it.

Several of the mods I use can’t be on the Nexus because of their (sometimes) understandable copyright rules. People just shrug them off because “oh, look at that. It isn’t Nexus. Blah. Blah. Blah”.

My god. I complain too much D:. Sorry.

[TRANS; INTERVIEW] Haru Hana Vol. 25 (BTS)

—BTS’ second single, “Boy in Luv - Japanese Ver.” is a popular song in Korea. Just like the original song title, “real man” you can clearly see the wild side of seven people from this song.

JUNGKOOK: The theme (of the song) is about teenage boys who don’t know how to express their love to girls.

SUGA: This song (Boy in Luv), our debut song “No More Dream” and “N.O.” are parts of the trilogy. (Our) debut song is about being against the world, this song mentions about growth and experiencing what love means. If you listen to the trilogy, you should be able to feel the change.

—The main (dance) point of the choreography is…?

J-HOPE: All of my parts (laughs). Hahaha, (just) kidding. Since it’s a combination of many choreographs, whatever part can actually be its dance point.

V: In the beginning, all of us 7′s breathing are on sync. We were so handsome that when I watched the video I got goosebumps.

JIMIN: I like the dance during Suga hyung’s rap. We showed a motorcycle through actions.

SUGA: So that’s the reason why you guys were always the ones who were filmed during my part and not me (laughs).

RAPMON: Although it’s not a dance part, I like the part when I say, “Hold up!”

JIN: In Korean version (of the MV), there’s nothing that showed my wild side but it did in Japanese MV.

—You’ve also re-shoot the MV. In the Korean version, your scene with the girl trended.

JIN: The Japanese version didn’t show my locker scene (laughs). Because we wanted to show the dance so the MV is performance-oriented.

J-HOPE: We all have discussed if the girl should be in the MV as well. But finally, we decided to just use Jimin, Jungkook and my solo dance instead.

JUNGKOOK: The two of them danced in Freestyle, then I did my part at the end. In fact, I am not really good at Freestyle so I was super nervous. In the end, we used the choreography we’ve planned before. That part was in slow motion, and the clips made us handsome so I was satisfied.

JIMIN: Dancing for several hours is tiring but the Korean version is different. When we filmed the Japanese ver., I already graduated from high school so  I kinda miss school.

—During the related interview of “Boy in Luv” before, you’ve talked about the person who texts very slowly. Everyone said Jungkook doesn’t respond, even. Is it still the same now?

ALL: Yes!

SUGA: Yesterday, he didn’t answer my call.

RAPMON: (shocked) It’s absolutely intentional. Ha~ (sigh)

V: (He’s) like that everyday! I feel like he’s not going to change that soon. You don’t even need to carry a phone!

JIMIN: Just throw it if you’re not going to use it!

JUNGKOOK: It’s not like that, it’s because I’m afraid of catching trouble… ⊙﹏⊙ In fact, It’s not just to members. Even my mom and dad, I don’t contact them frequently. I just don’t do uninteresting things.

—How about the other members?

JIN: I’d answer immediately.

RAPMON: Me too.

J-HOPE: Me also.

SUGA: I reply fast. Only few people contact me so I don’t really have any reason as to why I don’t reply to them (laughs).

—Then, if “Boy in Luv” receives #1, what are you going to do for the fans for a day?

JUNGKOOK: Ah… (⊙_⊙) (Maybe) cover a Japanese song and upload in the blog… but… (continued distress)

SUGA: I should really think about this. When we were nominated in Korea for rookie award, we prepared a speech. And we actually got the award, but it was really hard… (laughs)

J-HOPE: How about doing a comic dance?

RAPMON: If we get #1 in Oricon charts (laughs).

JIMIN: Then I’ll do that martial arts move in the air and show my abs to everyone after!

JIN: Then I’ll go to Odaiba, carry a member on my back and do 10 laps (laughs).

V: Then I’ll go to Japan’s Universal Studios! I’m going to play happily and upload photos!

JIMIN: Eh? You’re not going with the fans? (laughs)

V: Ah. We’ll play secretly!

chinese trans. by K_WakeUp

english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

please do not take out without full credits.


Hi there!

A lot of you keep asking me if I can draw a one-continuous-line drawing of them. So yeah this is your chance! I’m currently working on my bachelor thesis and I need your participation.

All you have to do is submit

  1. a portrait of yourself (should resemble the poses I usually draw)
  2. a sentence (it can be a quote, a short poem or just a random sentence stuck in your head, something about or by you, not to long <20 words)
  3. and your name (full name, if you are uncomfortable with it I can take the initials)

                              » » »    SUBMIT HERE!    « « «

I am going to draw 50-100 portraits for my project. After my presentation in a couple of weeks I will upload every drawing to my blog so you can see the results. Please reblog this post so other people can take part in my project. Thank you all so much for appreciating and spreading my art. It means so much to me. - Boris

(the drawings shown above are “Gaze 46″, “Gaze 104″, “Gaze 172″ and “Gaze 213″)

anonymous asked:

Hey so I have a question... mainly about body acceptance... I wanna start a nsfw blog that'll include nude pics of other people and I kinda wanna upload some of myself but... I'm a little chubby and idk.. I feel like I should step out of my safe zone anyway because this is something I wanna do. I love it, if anything.. But I just don't know.. body shaming is still a thing with some... Is there any words of encouragement you could hand over to me? I'd really appreciate it

Listen bub, I was a bit skeptical about posting about myself but as I posted I grew to love myself more. I’m going to be honest I’m drunk replying to this but listen a lil chub is nothing to be ashamed about. I think every person on this entire earth is beautiful in their own way and you shouldn’t let people that shame you get to you. You deserve a nsfw blog and to be able to post pics about yourself as well. Be you anon and hit me up with your url soon. I’ll be glad to follow you and make sure you get all the loving you deserve.

I went home for a dentist appointment so I was able to get access to this drawing again. Haha… This is from like a month ago I drew it on my mom’s laptop and forgot to upload the file before going back to school.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


I guess it’s not surprising that I spent the rest of the day and the night alone not letting anyone into my house or answering the phonecalls. I only talked to Layla but just because I had to confirm a few things so she could do her job and… pick up the pieces of my personal life that was not out in the public.

I had never been the one being in or causing the drama and now that everyone in the world was talking about me… I didn’t like it and wished I could go back in time. I went through different stages. At first I thought the world ended. I was like a hopeless teenager who thought no one has bigger problem than her. I cried and screamed until I was finally able to calm down and think the whole thing through.

I couldn’t take anything back, the pictures were out and it was obvious what was going on. I couldn’t deny it because then I would be lying too. I didn’t want to get deeper in this shit, so I had to find another way to deal with it.

Layla tried to take all the photos down, but that’s almost impossible. It couldn’t be undone so all she could do was suing every site that didn’t take them down when she asked for it. I wasn’t stupid, I knew it would never disappear and I had a feeling that more was to come. Who knows where else they photographed us.

By the time I woke up in the morning (after about three hours of sleep) I decided what I should do. I will just go with the flow and not care about it. I will ignore the hate and just embrace the important things. That included doing my job, being focused on joyful things and not listening to the bitches barking at me for trying to look like someone I wasn’t.

I walked into the building in my sunglasses so people couldn’t see my eyes that had horrible bags under it from the lack of sleep, and this way they felt less like they had to communicate with me. Layla had been on the phone the whole morning still working on the photos, she was trying to stop anything else to get out, if there was more, and from what I heard, there was.

I just sat down to get my makeup done when Cameron came into the room. Unlike to anyone, he wasn’t up in my ass in the last 24 hours and didn’t try to get a hold on me. He only texted me once saying that if I needed him he was home and I could call him anytime. I didn’t.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked and it was refreshing that his first question wasn’t something in connection with the photos. Okay, he was involved in them, he knew what was going on between us and… Wait, what was going on between us? That wasn’t exactly clear to me, but never mind. Another thing I had to deal with later.

“I have had better mornings,” I said forcing myself to smile and then let the makeup artist take care of my horrible face.

“Did you sleep?” he asked concerned.

“Not much. It’s hard to rest when you have so many things to think about,” I sighed sadly. “I just wish people didn’t care that much about other people’s life. It’s insane.”

“Yeah,” he nodded and seemed like he was deep in his thoughts.

“How things are for you?” I asked. I was just one part of the story, Cameron was in it too even though he wasn’t getting the fake ass bitch name from people.

“Neutral,” he diplomatically answered. “My biggest problem mostly is that some fans can go crazy if I’m seen with someone. They go nuts from the thought of not being single, so…”

I understood and I wished I could do something, but I couldn’t. We had this long silence between us just taking in the shit we had to deal with, but it was broken by Layla’s shouting outside in the hallway.

“I don’t care who you are! I’m the representative of Zena Morland and are going to pay for the shit you did!” she screamed and I just closed my eyes feeling desperate to get some peace.

A minute later Layla came in looking at us like she could kill someone in any moment.

“I hate ignorant fuckasses,” she hissed stepping to her bag as she got her iPad out and then she walked out.

“I feel bad that she is stressing out, she had enough work without this shit,” I said looking after Layla.

“I’m sorry the photos got out. I didn’t think someone was there at that hour,” Cam said, but I shook my head.

“It’s not your fault. I should have been more careful,” I sighed closing my eyes so the makeup artist could do my eyeliner. I heard him mumble a ‘yeah’ and then the closing of the door.

Walking through the set was like that awkward walk you had in high school after something really embarrassing happened to you. Like, your boyfriend dumped you and everyone wanted to know the juicy details, or someone took a photo of you in the dressing room after practice and uploaded it to the school blog. All eyes were on you, but no one really wanted to speak to you scared of the reaction. I felt the same.

As I took my seat next to Cam and tried to look as carefree as I could he looked over at me.

“You okay?” he asked and God, I would have given anything to just have him hug me, but I didn’t want to fuel the rumors.

“Yeah, I just want to get this over so I would be able to go home and sleep,” I chuckled.

“It’s going to be alright,” he smiled at me encouragingly and I wanted to believe him so badly.

The shooting somehow took my mind away from the madness that was going on around me and I could focus on the topic and actually act like a host. Cam’s help also made it easier for me to keep my shit together.

Only a few minutes were left from the filming and we had to say goodbye, but kicking off the rules Cam spoke up before I could start my usual goodbye talk.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have something to say,” he said turning to one of the cameras. I looked at him confused, but he didn’t react. In the meanwhile half of the audience took their phones out and started to record it in case his speech wouldn’t make it into the show after the cutting. “The past day was quite hectic about these photos of Zena leaving my place and I wanted to clear things out.”

I didn’t understand why they didn’t stop filming, I guess they wanted drama. In the meanwhile I didn’t know if I wanted to kill him or laugh. He cleared his throat and continued.

“So, I think that everyone should care about their own life and not bitch about what others do. It’s none of anyone’s business that what she does and with who she does that. Even if it’s me. But on the other hand, I have a message to y’all who thinks what is going on.”

I sucked on my breath keeping my eyes focused on the floor as I waited for him to finish.

“I find this woman next to me extremely beautiful and I love spending time with her. I may not be dating her officially, but I would die to change that. Upload that to your pity blogs,” he said and then like a real rebel he stood up, tore the mic off him and throwing in to the couch he walked off the set.

look look! A new commission sheet! @7@

sadly, only Sketch & Line art commissions are open for now, but u should get’em while they’re hot!

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& yes I only accept payment through PAYPAL so if u’d like to commission me or have ANY questions as to what I’ll draw, then send me a message through fanmail :>


Since I did this last year, I figured I’d go ahead and provide you with the top 10 ecards of 2014! Something great happened this year - I moved away from using someecards and similar websites, and created my very own template for my ecards! As I said at the end of 2013, most of these are inspired by life as a crocheter, and they’re supposed to be just fun and silly. Hopefully you can relate to them (and some, I sure hope not!)

So, here’s the ecards that got the most notes* in 2014. Shout out to all of you who liked and reblogged them - this couldn’t happen without you!

Top 10 Ecards of 2014:
1. 331 Notes “Crocheting is the answer to everything. Need a gift? Crochet! Cold feet? Crochet! Keep yourself from killing your coworkers? CROCHET!”
2. 277 Notes "I don’t care if your stash is 3 skeins or 300 skeins; full of cheap acrylic or expensive cashmere! As long as you enjoy your craft, that’s all that matters!“
3. 228 Notes "Go ahead and call me a ‘grandma’ because I crochet. Have you SEEN the work those ladies can do? I can only dream to be so talented.”
4. 219 Notes "I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m following a crochet pattern.“
5. 198 Notes "They say money can’t buy happiness, but this shipment of yarn I ordered online tells a whole different story!”
6. 196 Notes "Don’t let me forget my crochet bag on Thanksgiving. I’ll need something to do while everyone else watches football.“
7. 181 Notes "I’m having one of those days where everything annoys me. So I think I’ll just spend time with my yarn.”
8. 163 Notes "Just because you tried crochet and didn’t enjoy it doesn’t give you the right to say it’s a waste of time.“
9. 160 Notes "I love luxury yarn, I just don’t have the money to prove it.”
10. 157 Notes "Yes, crochet and knitting both are hobbies that use yarn. Basketball and football are both sports that use balls, so does that make them the “same thing”, too?“

*I know there’s a handful of ecards that probably should have been up on this list, but due to uploads from other bloggers, they were not included. I can only provide stats from my own blog, so I always appreciate the likes and reblogs!