i should have stuck with my original coloring i just

Recreational Sandsailing teaser in the Republic Reporter!

Snuck this in despite all my work! Hehe. Sorry couldn’t think of taglines with a proper call-to-action anymore because I already spent all my energy on the artwork. I’m not a copywriter!!! Anyway…

Remember that episode in Book 3? I’m thinking maybe Asami revisits the idea and with Varrick’s input, the sport becomes part of a desert tourist attraction. And since you need one airbender to move this thing, the Air Nation participates. A portion of the funds will go to their nation re-building :)

This commercial version is done catamaran style, as opposed to the makeshift one in 03x10 which is just a straightforward front sail. I’m sure Asami made it that way out of purely functional reasons that they just needed to get out of the desert. For recreation, the catamaran style is more aerodynamic and feels more dangerous and exciting as an extreme sport should be! :p Also, catamaran sailing just looks really cool in action. I replaced the rudders with wheels because a rudder is going to get stuck in the sand. They’re just for the roll-off and steering, but gravity from the downhill terrain plus airbending should do most of the work. A sky bison serves as spotter above.

PS. Here’s the original color version. My color theory needs more practice and I have a tendency to muddy the mid-value temperatures (you know what I mean if you have a keen eye; I had the same problem with my first Asami piece in which I muddied the pants), so I just desaturated it and turned it in to an ad. (I may not be the best technical artist but I find ways to entertain haha)