i should have stopped watching it there

anyway, i haven’t watched a single ep since after 2x08 except 2x12 “luthors” and maybe you guys should too to stop giving them views and making them think we support this. i’m sorry but someone like my baby cousin watches this show and i’d hate for her to grow up and think that this kind of relationship is okay and that she should have to deal with fuckboys like man hell. no, just, no.

piratical-princess  asked:

You should know that I had a really terrible day. Like a day where I laughed because it was so stupid bad. Then I came home and saw your gif of Adam Driver smiling while eating pie and... see, I'm a baker and I get emotional when people eat and are happy. So watching Adam eat is a huge thing for me and I can't stop looking at it and you just turned my whole day around. Thanks.

You’re very welcome and you have an amazing job as a baker, making people happy from eating what you cooked for them. I hope it helps you to feel better and there for you a bonus gif of Adam’s smile, while enjoying eating his cupcake!

Dating Rocky/ Minhyuk

Rocky as your boyfriend:

  • dates and skinship would be super awkward when you first start dating, awkward hugs and moments of silence
  • he’d ask permission before your first kiss but it’s definitely more gentlemanly and cute than awkward
  • you can’t stop him from holding hands with you all the time once the two of you finally get more comfortable
  • his hands are warm, his smile is warm, his hugs are warm
  • he’s warm and comforting
  • he gives you his jacket whenever you’re cold no matter how windy it is outside, and insists on you wearing it so that you don’t get sick
  • “minhyuk you don’t have to, it’s so windy outside you should keep it on i don’t—” “I don’t want you to catch a cold y/n, i’ll be fine~”
  • watching him dance
  • him teaching you the choreography he’s just made even if you’re the clumsiest person ever
  • him falling asleep in your lap after tiring practices, you lightly massaging his back/ quietly running your fingers through his soft hair as he sleeps
  • he’d play the same game at the carnival twenty times just to make sure that you get the stuffed animal you wanted
  • he’d be super protective over you so that you wouldn’t get hurt or sick, i.e. insisting on carrying bags for you, carrying you to bed when you fall asleep and tucking you in, staying on the phone with you until you get inside anytime you’re walking alone so that he knows that you’re safe
  • he’d get flustered easily, and wouldn’t be able to hide his smiles around you
  • he’d force you to do face masks with him every day since moonbin refuses to
  • listening to music late at night, sometimes just chilling and other times dancing like crazy
  • likes to make you nice breakfasts in the morning
  • him hiding small notes around the house for you to find and read while he’s away, notes like “i love you” “i miss you” “you’re beautiful” “you make me happy”
  • talking about your day while cuddling, you sitting between his legs with your back against his chest, his arms around your waist
  • you’re the first person he turns to when he’s feeling down
  • soft, hesitant kisses at first
  • loves playing with the hem of your shirt, tracing shapes on your back, leaving trails of kisses up your jaw to your ear to your forehead
  • low, quiet growls when making out
  • after fights with you he’d come to you and apologize “y/n, i’m sorry. let’s not fight over this.” then he’d silently pull you close and just hold you and stroke the back of your head until the both of you calm down
❝ up there ❞ starter sentences
  • ❝ i've never felt like this about anyone before. ❞
  • ❝ time to get real. ❞
  • ❝ promise you'll remember me. ❞
  • ❝ i'm in trouble. ❞
  • ❝ god only knows it isn't fair! ❞
  • ❝ you don't want to watch me die. ❞
  • ❝ make me. ❞
  • ❝ i can't get hurt if i don't know. ❞
  • ❝ you have no idea how bad it gets. ❞
  • ❝ home is always here. ❞
  • ❝ we are fighting two different wars! ❞
  • ❝ we could have had — should have had — a life together. ❞
  • ❝ the truth is that i've tried to stop thinking about you — but i can't! ❞
  • ❝ come home. ❞
  • ❝ you're not always right! ❞
  • ❝ you've gone too far, now. ❞
  • ❝ one kiss, wrong time, and we are dead. ❞
  • ❝ i wish i didn't care. ❞
  • ❝ it's more than i can bear. ❞
  • ❝ i'm not jealous! ❞
  • ❝ living the lie is easier than facing up to the facts. ❞
  • ❝ [he/she] is your first love, but i intend to be your last. ❞
  • ❝ i can count the few fucking times, on my own hands, that we have been alone together. ❞
  • ❝ i am done running after you! ❞

Okay, but WHAT IF…?  ^_~

I’ve been slowly rewatching Yuri On Ice these last couple of weeks (the English dub this time so I don’t have to read subtitles while drawing).  I’ll watch on a separate window while sketching some of my favorite key moments. 

I stopped at episode 7, as you can see… Should I draw some more from the later episodes?  I’ve gotten kind of addicted to drawing “Yurie” and “Viktoria.”  XD  Also, asymmetrical bobs are the BOMB.

I wonder if YOI would have gotten as popular as it has if the main characters had been female.  I hope so!


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

Fluffy & Cuddly {Sentence Starters}
  • "Hey, scoot over. You're squishing me!"
  • "I didn't say you could stop hugging me."
  • "Stop hogging all the blankets!"
  • "You make a good pillow."
  • "How long can we stay like this? Because I don't want to move."
  • "Are you falling asleep on me?"
  • "You weren't watching. You missed the best part!"
  • "Don't stop playing with my hair."
  • "Would you mind handing me the remote?"
  • "Stop, your feet are cold!"
  • "Look, if you want food, you have to let me get up."
  • "You're warm. I'm cold. Let's cuddle."
  • "You fell asleep on me. Maybe you should go to bed?"
  • "Well, my arm's asleep, but I'm glad you're comfortable."
  • "Stop changing the channel, you jerk!"
  • "You're getting crumbs all over the blankets."
  • "I see you eyeing that pillow. Don't you dare."
  • "Don't move. I finally got comfy."
  • "Would you stop wiggling?"
  • "Hey, are you still awake?"
the signs at a sleepover
  • aries: "let's go outside and throw eggs at people's houses."
  • taurus: "can we eat first?"
  • gemini: "oh my god aries. we should totally do that."
  • cancer: "can we just watch a scary movie or something?"
  • leo: "SELFIEEE!"
  • virgo: "oh my god, leo. stop with your fucking selfies. i agree with cancer though. let's watch a movie."
  • libra: "shut up, virgo. SELFIE!"
  • scorpio: "anyone wanna have sex with me?"
  • sagittarius: ";)"
  • capricorn: "y'all nasty."
  • aquarius: "can y'all shut up i'M TRYNA SLEEP oVeR HERE."
  • pisces: *is sleeping*

i hate how im not doing anything w my life like im young and i should be having fun but instead im always on this website or watching movies on netflix and it just gives me such a bad feeling bc i know that one day ill look back and ill be like, “why the fuck did i waste my youth just moping around when i couldve done so many cool things” but fuCk i just don’t know how to stop being like this

The Internet Is Here Lyrics
  • Phil: Whenever I’m alone, or if I’m feeling gray there’s one place I can go to brighten up my day. It makes me want to sing. That's how the show should end. But wouldn't it be good if I could sing it with a friend?
  • Dan: Phil, I think you should have asked before putting me on the spot like this.
  • Okay. Fine. Whatever. I'll join in too.
  • Phil: I might go outside and feel more alive. Without twitter where would I be?
  • Dan: I guess I'd be fit. I'd stop posting shi
  • Phil: -rubbish
  • Dan: But tumblr's a part of me.
  • Phil: So many websites and so little time. There's one or two you should avoid.
  • Dan: Just don't stop watching youtube, or we'll be unemployed.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate? We might be antisocial, but these days, that is fine.
  • Dan: Because life is so much better when you spend it all online.
  • Phil: A place where you can be yourself, no matter if you're geeky.
  • Dan: Find friends that share your hobbies, even if they're creepy.
  • Phil: Where any question in your head is answered in an instant.
  • Dan: Who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers, who needs a real mate?
  • Phil: We'd never be here on a stage, doing things we might regret.
  • Dan: Dance break.
  • Phil: Who cares if you're a loser, and everybody knows it?
  • Dan: Or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses?
  • Phil: Even if your chances of getting tan are slim.
  • Dan: Or if you live vicariously through the life of a sim.
  • Dil: Chiltay zombo
  • Both: *music gets intense and beautiful* The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate?
  • We might be antisocial, but these days that is fine.
  • Because life is so much better, life is so much better, life is so much better
  • When you spend
  • it
  • all
  • online

tonsils are a vestigial organ meant for preventing disease from entering the body, and we never noticed how sick we made each other in the winter; our pillows covered in germs that meant really well, and for a week my throat is covered in scabs i have to learn how to swallow. For a week, I throw up all of the painkillers; I send pictures to my friends of all the progress. Sometimes, the body wants you to feel everything and then show it off.

but maybe i’ve been thinking of the wrong organ. maybe love is a vestigial organ, something we should have grown out of a long time ago, something we all have anyway. something that makes us gasp for air in the middle of the night, something that always hurts us on the way out.

cannot stop watching this.


“Are they ever going to figure out that we know?” Penelope laughed as she watched you awkwardly leaning into Spencer, trying not to make the moment look as intimate as it felt to the two of you. Morgan and Penelope watched from across the bullpen, slightly above in front of the team room.

“I’m not sure. Boy genius I figured would have caught on by now but maybe not,” Morgan laughed back, his eyes trailing on Spencer as he started to reach to grab your hand but stopped himself short when he saw the rest of the people around. 

“Why don’t they just kiss already. They both should know better seeing as they are constantly surrounded by profilers,” Penelope pointed out as Hotchner came out from the room, peering from behind them as he two watched you and Spencer.

“Maybe they aren’t as smart as we thought they were.”

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skam season three

here is season three! im posting this link while it is still processing the videos, so they may not work right away, but they should soon! you can watch season one here and season two here

please message me if you have issues with any of the links, or if they stop working, i will fix them! 

you can also message me if you just want to ramble about skam because i love talking about it and i need friends tbh

Hayden Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is underrated

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and something that I finally need to get around to sharing with other people. I should have done this immediately after re-watching the first three episodes with Nannette while things were still fresh, but instead, I’m doing it almost a year later. I don’t remember exactly all the details or specific examples, but I’ll try my best. Maybe I’ll come back and edit this after I watch them again. Anyway…

Hayden Christensen did an incredible job with Anakin Skywalker. Before you stop reading because there’s no possible way I could be right, hear me out; maybe I’ll change the way you see his acting performance in Star Wars: Episodes II and III.

The biggest complaint I hear about Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is that he is stiff, delivering his lines awkwardly and playing his role mostly devoid of emotion. It just doesn’t seem good enough or realistic. I think that this could have been a deliberate choice by Christensen because of who Anakin is and because of what life and circumstance has shaped Anakin into being.

Anakin is an incredibly emotional character. He thinks with his heart instead of logic, often following through on impulsive actions brought on by those emotions. Anakin’s intense feelings are prevalent in many scenes: he is worried about and seeks power to protect his mom and Padme, he murders an entire Tusken village after learning about the death of Shmi, he is angered and upset that the council won’t make him a Jedi master, and pretty much any other scene involving Padme, like when Padme falls out of the gunship in Episode II and Anakin almost risks expulsion from the Jedi Council by going after her instead of working to end the war. This emotion is heavily contrasted by Obi-wan’s desire to adhere to their duty and think logically.

In fact, it’s this emotional driving force Anakin possesses that makes most of the Jedi Council worried about him. Anakin is out of place among the Jedi. The literal first line of the Jedi code is: “There is no emotion, there is peace.” This is where Christensen’s acting comes into play. Anakin is uncomfortable under this restriction, and that’s why he seems so robotic at times. Anakin is an incredibly emotional person under serious pressure by everyone in his life (except Padme) to stop being emotional. His humor even evolves into the monotone, deadpan sarcasm that is seen with Obi-wan. He’s working so hard at suppressing his emotions that he’s forcibly correcting his speech tones and gestures. This is incredibly in character and a wonderful performance given by Christensen.

The stiffness and awkwardness with which Christensen delivers some lines and acts some scenes is no mistake. It’s deliberate, and it’s incredibly well done. This is obvious when contrasted with Anakin’s emotional scenes where Christensen acts with passion. It’s even further evidenced as Anakin stops his efforts to smother his emotions and becomes Darth Vader. From his appointment to Lord Vader until his famous duel with Obi-wan he is free from the constraints on his emotions. We see a harrowed man who hasn’t quite realized the extent of his actions wipe out the younglings. We see a caring, concerned and loving man check on Padme to make sure she’s safe and that she isn’t aware of what he has done to protect her. We see an angry man confront his brother and teacher in a blinding rage. We see the emotion that he’s been hiding the rest of the time.

Christensen’s performance is resonating and undeniably impactful during the final moments leading up to the conclusion of Episode III. It doesn’t make any sense that that same conviction and heart wouldn’t appear throughout all of Episode II and III unless there was a reason that Anakin would be forcing himself to hide it. The Jedi Order itself was that reason, and the stiffness and awkwardness that is Anakin (barring the emotional scenes where his feelings come out) has some deep meaning to it. Next time you want to drag Christensen for his performance, take a moment to think why the character would be portrayed that way. Christensen did a wonderful, incredibly underrated job with his role as Anakin Skywalker.

TL;DR: Anakin is an incredibly emotional character forced into hiding and suppressing those emotions by the Jedi Order and Code. This is why Hayden Christensen’s performance may seem stiff and awkward at times. The awkwardness is purposeful and his performance is incredibly underrated.

Disclaimer: Anakin is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so this may just be me grasping at straws trying to justify what people say is a subpar performance from Hayden Christensen. However, I feel like I’ve given this analysis objective treatment and truly believe that he deserves more praise for what I consider to be an incredible job portraying such an interesting and deep character.

I used to hate fucking up.

Well, who doesn’t. Failure sucks. Making mistakes sucks. I would work myself into a hideous state trying to avoid it. And then when it inevitably happened anyway, either because perfectionist self-sabotage kicked in or because sometimes your best isn’t good enough, I would hate myself.

Anyway I was thinking about this because I was teaching a lesson last week and the kids I was teaching spotted a mistake in how I’d graded their work. It was a big, embarrassing, obvious error, and I’d made it several times. They showed me where I’d gone wrong, and the bit of the textbook that they’d all read and I clearly hadn’t, and it should have been super embarrassing.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

It was so good watching them be confident enough to correct their teacher. They clearly thought it was weird I wasn’t bothered. But I was so proud of them! And if they hadn’t corrected me, I would have gone on being wrong!

‘I love making mistakes,’ I told them without thinking about it, still grinning. ‘It means I learned a thing.’

They stared a bit, but then they were like: huh. Okay. The lesson kept going. And they were a little less cautious about saying what they thought than usual. After all, making mistakes is fine.

Sure, part of me was thinking stuff from teacher training - every part of a lesson is teaching, not just the parts where you’re talking about your subject; you’re a Functional Adult role model as well as a source of specialist knowledge; if you don’t demonstrate how to handle errors and setbacks then the kids will not learn how to do it -

but like. It wasn’t an act. I genuinely was super happy I made that mistake, and made it in front of them, and learned from it. Once I wouldn’t have been. But I spent enough time faking ‘failure is not a big deal’ for Role Model purposes that it turned out to be true.

Sure, fucking up sucks. But it’s also kind of great. It means you learned a thing.

  • yuuri: can you please stop calling me pig, i have a name
  • yuri: yeah sure
  • yuuri: my name is yuuri nikiforov
  • yuri: no
  • yuuri: and you should call me mom
  • yuri: fuck
  • victor: yuri, watch your language. your dad does not approve