i should have saved the psd i did for this ; ;

How To Make Gifs!

Just wanted to make this tutorial on how to make Gifs. I know some people from the fandom wanted to know how to make gifs & this is how I make mines and I hope it helps. :)

The program I’m using is Photoshop CS4. Okay lets get started!! :D

1. Open Photoshop

2. Go to windows click animation. 

Now that you have that this is how it should look like now.

4. Now go to file > script > load files into stack… This should pop up. Then click browse & pick the frames you want. 

Now that you picked the frames you wanted it should look like think. Then just press okay. 

Okay you should have something like this now.

6. Now click where the arrow is pointing. 

7. Click where it says “Make Frames From Layers”. Now you have this, it shows all the frames below.

Resize the gif if needed ALT+CTRL+I.

8. Now add a PSD if you want to. I did so it looks like this.

9. Again click where the arrow is pointing. Then click ”Reverse Frames”.

10.  Now go to File > Save for web devices. This should pop up. Than click the play button to see if it’s moving. Then just save it in the folder you want.


Let me know if you need any help with anything.

I hope this tutorial helps.

P.S. If your gif/gifs don’t move you might need to resize them or take out a couple of frames.