i should have referenced my roses

shanecdotes  asked:

Hello 😁 Recent EXO convert here. Trying to find people to follow but still feel out of the loop. I feel like every day all the people I do follow will be talking about the same thing, but I can't find the source post/news that everyone is referencing 🙃 So do you have any essential EXO blogs I should follow that are good at keeping everyone in the know? Thanks in advance 😊

heyyy so these are the people i usually see most on my dash n i check their blogs if i think i’ve missed anything so they should keep u in the loop!

@deararchimedes @chansoosluv @angelksoo @saintksoo @fyeahchanyeol @305heaux @ksooup @rose-byun @lawlliets @curlyheaux @peachysuho