i should have put a crown on her!

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        His attention is drawn somewhere else entirely, even after the words fall from his lips. There’s a drink in his hand, but he’s lost count of which number he’s on by now. Instead he’s just staring out with a glazed look at the others in the Cottage, all smiles. Normaly, Eliot would be blending into the scenery by now, but instead something else has caught up with him and he’s feeling far more vindictive than he should, mainly directed at himself. 

        The feeling of Margo’s hands on his cheeks certainly brings him about though and he blinks several times as though to put himself back into the present and listen to her attentively. He can’t help the grin that grows on his face, laughing quietly. 

        “First off, thanks mom.” He laughs, seeming to have sobered up a bit in the moment. He leans down and presses his lips to the crown of her head, grin spreading over his entire face. “But seriously, I’d love to see you punch someone in the dick. I’ve heard stories.” He shudders dramatically, exhaling and pursing his lips as he turns his attention back to the Cottage. 

        “What the fuck was I going on about anyway? Jesus, no wonder nobody can handle us.” He licks his lips and stares back to Margo. “You sure you don’t sometimes want to punch me in the dick? I probably deserve it. Not that… I want you to actually do that. Please don’t. For the record.” 

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10

There is poisoning in historical drama standards. And then there is Lee Jun Ki standards. Did you see those veins in his neck? Where they even veins? Muscles? I am not sure what the hell that was but DAMN.

Someone please explain to me why Queen Yoo hates her middle son so much? I think the show should have explained better to us why she feels so much hatred towards him at this point because it can’t be just the scar. Right? I keep feeling I am missing a part of the story between these two characters.

I have to give her credit for her devious ways, though. Making a minister propose So as an alternative for Crown Prince, in case the current one is deposed, was a brilliant move. Putting the palace and those loyal to the crown against So or actually considering him for succession, even forcing the hand of the King and making him send So away again. Bravo, Queen Yoo. My hat is off to you.

And lookie here, who was helping her? Prince Wang Won. I remember the actor saying his character was really twisted and knew his way around the court, so I have been waiting for the story to show me that aspect of him. I am appalled and pleased at the same time. I have seen him taking Prince Yo’s side but I thought he was going to be swayed into working with him rather than already be on his side.

Also joining Queen Yoo’s ranks is Princess Yeon-hwa, whose ambition and desperation for security inside the palace was as palpable as what she was feeling while watching So drinking that tea. It’s clear to me the show has chosen to take creative license in her part of the story (historically she married Wang So) and I’m pretty sure whatever chances she got before are six feet under now.

Joke is on them because Wang So always does as Wang So pleases. And So very well damn pleases to drink the poison instead of the Crown Prince and save, not only his brother, but Hae Soo in the process. Or did he? I’m unsure of it. And isn’t all food supposed to be tested before anyone could even take it to the Crown Prince? How did the tea pass the examination?

The entire tea scene was excruciating to watch. Between Wang So purposely drinking the poison, the Crown Prince and Soo unknowingly pouring it, Yeon-hwa holding back and Queen Yoo’s poker face, I was holding my breath. I could not believe what was happening. I was expecting someone to say something but not a peep from the present crowd. How could they even if they wanted to? They would be admitting to aiding in the murder attempt of the Crown Prince.

I knew Wang Wook was standing in a crossroads last week, and that also some doubts and worries about where he stands regarding the crown were burning deep inside him. Today’s conversation with Wang Yo was the last drop in my opinion and despite the conversation he had with his mother and sister, after this episode things won’t be the same for his character.

Whatever Wook’s fate is, I think it was sealed with that arrow. I keep on worrying and feeling sad for him, because I’m sure he will set out to do the right thing and end up becoming the antagonist of the story. Even when, in a way, he already is but from now on in a much bigger way.

Hae Soo’s logic drove me crazy tonight. Why is she comparing Wook to So while thinking about accepting his marriage proposal? It seems to me, basing myself on he own words, that the only reason she will accept Wook is because he won’t change his views regarding the crown. What about her so-called love for him? Isn’t that a factor? And what if she didn’t know that So is the one who will become King? Does that mean she would have other considerations in her mind and heart? What gives?

Honestly, I don’t think she has any romantic feelings for So yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think she truly cares for him but she’s not in the same place he is right now. After today, there will be a second shift to the story (the first one being Lady Hae’s death) and it will finally start to make Soo reconsider all her relationships inside the palace. Of course, she won’t be the only one affected: Wook too will be making some decisions, not to mention the Crown Prince’s days seem to be numbered.

Honestly, Lady Oh is the only one giving sincere advice and thinking straight. She sees through the feelings of the other characters which makes her a great character but at the same time a threat. I’m afraid she won’t last much longer in the story… THIS IS GONNA BE SO SAD.

Mopey Wang Eun is sad sight, although his interactions with Soon-duk still makes me want to smack him. Rude much? I get he is heartbroken but he could be a little more nice to the person he will be spending the rest of his life with. I guess he still doesn’t care enough to actually consider being nice, so here is hoping he will see the light soon. I like she lets him know it’s not okay to speak to her like that with just looking at him. What I like even more? He gets her looks. LOL! They are so married.

I always look forward to Baek-ah’s storyline with Lady Woo-hee. Their bicker is really funny and I love he gave her a nickname already. When she got busted from lying about her name? Priceless.

Also, can we appreciate how invested Baek-ah is in his bromance with So? And also his brother relationship with Soo! Wingman extraordinaire? I say yes.

On this episode I started to worry about Wang Jung. The entire conversation with Soo about his family dynamics, his brother So and how he missed the past gave me melancholic and impending doom vibes. Was it because of what is going to happen to Soo after the poisoning incident? Or is it something else? GAH! I just feel he is too innocent to be inside that family of snakes and perhaps will become collateral damage in Queen Yoo’s seek for power. Which might me the only thing that can actually crush her.

What do you think it’s going to happen next?