i should have posted this weeks ago but i forgot


Uhh so this was in my drafts which I havent checked in weeks and totally forgot about? Anyway seeing as the fic I was supposed to be posting today got deleted,,, yall can have this one from like 5 months ago instead lmao.

Tony really should have noticed sooner.

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong. Steve was fine. A little ragged, maybe, but fine. He acted in the same way, smiled at Tony no differently, scolded Clint no less.


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I completely forgot about Miracusona week, but not to waste a drawing, here’s my akumasona! Should have posted it three days ago but… better late than never? :D

I’d be akumatised thanks to having something spoiled for me, and the book would be my possessed object! (I imagine the book is what was spoilt?)

Thinking about my power makes me feel bad… I hope Ladybug can reverse memories!

Akumasona/Miracusona week by @akumasonas :)

Slow moment.

My pc has been having issues. Lot of issues for a long time. Eventually drivers gave out and i lost sound maybe 2 weeks ago. And on top of that, this most likely caused my tablet to stop working properly last week. No previously working fixes or people helping have managed to fix this issue.

Hence there hasn’t been art and commissions are on hold.

Luckily i ordered a new pc and it should arrive soon. Before that, if people are interested in art they can visit my Twitter for daily sketchbook updates. I forgot how fun ballpoint pen and markers are!

(On mobile and no idea how to add a link. Twitter link in About or in in blog couple posts ago.)

oh yeah i should have mentioned this like some weeks ago, ok so my tablet kind of broke. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, and you cant draw because it would stop working in the middle of drawing. So in the main time i cant draw :(

im looking at new tablets at the moment so while im at it mod nyaa-chan will have to draw stuff if he can, so kind of like being in charge. but not really im still here?

sorry for the inconvenience